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  1. Are you trying to say his missus is a cow 😂🤣😂
  2. I’m certain I read somewhere that BR hates players that wave their arms & sulk when the ball isn’t passed to them. So that’s Zaha, richarlison & deulofeu all in the bin!!
  3. Let’s hope so mate, happy birthday & I hope Youri gives some gifts for vards
  4. Sarr for Watford, Trossard for Brighton, Pepe for Arsenal, Haller for West Ham. Keane for Everton. Cancelo for Man City. In my opinion Tielemans for us beats them all
  5. @Ashley can u dm me the names please, promise I won’t tell everyone 😇😇......... 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  6. Wasn’t David Oldfield an Aussie?
  7. I think he’d b a good signing myself, am sure we were interested before he went to Watford too. Not sure what he’d cost tho, maybe £18/20m??
  8. Anyone else think @SecretPro mis-read what @Dahnsouff wrote?? Bowen?? Or is it just me clutching at straws!!?
  9. So Utd are taking a hard stance & want £90m for Lukaku & £180m for Pogba, but lil ol’ Leicester should be happy to accept £65m for Harry. Laughable!!
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