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  1. So Utd are taking a hard stance & want £90m for Lukaku & £180m for Pogba, but lil ol’ Leicester should be happy to accept £65m for Harry. Laughable!!
  2. Manc Fox

    Andy King

    If he wants to go play football then i'd have no problem with it but when he retires playing we should offer him a role at the club. Guy is class & will always be apart of our history. IMHO he is a club legend & should be respected as one.
  3. Just give me your address & I’ll re-use yours!!
  4. Soz Babs but this seems like one of those moments that come back to bite you!! We'll all have such a laugh about it in a couple of years!!(here's hoping anyway!!)
  5. This would be the signing of the summer #believe
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