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  1. Was he a centre back? I am basing this entirely off of FA Premier League manager 2002 but I think I’ve got the right guy. Edit - no he was a keeper 😂 LMA 2003 I’m guessing he was from. Who was the centre back I’m in about? 10 points to anyone who tells me
  2. I just don’t understand why nobody at Sky remembered what Fuchsntf wanted and catered solely for that 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. We have two cars. Quite often me and my partner have to travel to different, non work related places. Be a bitch without 2 cars. (‘I have a car easily could have 3 or 4’) is a terrific quote by the way.
  4. You seem to think work is the only place people need or want to travel and that’s a really odd mentality. Can’t comment on the parking thing.
  5. Why should where you work define how many cars you have? Really weird.
  6. Worse than that, apparently they are using the Haller money to pay for the original Haller purchase 😂
  7. Did you er...not read the rest of the post?
  8. Of course there will be plenty of women gambling, but I imagine a large chunk of this will be people signing up for a second/third account.
  9. I haven’t seen an offer like this for a long long time, £250?! The stuff dreams are made of, free money.
  10. Op: Respect our manager!! Also OP: *spells his name wrong*
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