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  1. Lovely little handshake between him and Chilwell.
  2. Has anyone quoted this yet, I assume the foxestalk world is raging tonight right
  3. Is that what Dele has done? I was under the impression he did it after he scored on Saturday and that was the first time
  4. What do you mean before the goal was scored?
  5. I assume the World had also gone mad when Roger Milla's celebration was the talk of town in 1990, or Klinsmann's dive celebration, or...
  6. Most of you moaning about Dele having a bit of fun would think it was amazing if Vardy did it.
  7. lildave3

    Strange neutral venues

    You know this is UEFA Super Cup tonight right?
  8. lildave3

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Get yourself a fillet and then come back.
  9. I would imagine the 10(?) year deal signed with the NFL was worth a fair bit so I can understand why it's heavily involved in plans. It's going to be very nice either way.
  10. lildave3

    FIFA 19

    F me Alex Hunter has had more clubs than Trevor Benjamin.
  11. lildave3

    North American Sports Quiz

    I was delighted when I saw the quiz...not so delighted after the questions!
  12. lildave3

    North American Sports Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 135 seconds  
  13. lildave3

    Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    I get an invoice every 6 months, I pay it. Never been an issue.