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  1. Not making it harder though is it, if anything VAR making the correct decisions actually reduces the variables involved.
  2. Does it? Why are crosses a good thing? Literally the least efficient method of passing/creating chances.
  3. Nothing bland about how they have played this season, surely that’s all that matters.
  4. I was thinking this earlier, I only really follow golf when the major’s come around, and Dustin Johnson must be amazing in every other tournament because he’s always favourite yet never seems to perform and Koepka is usually a fairly big price based on his previous major record. I am on Bryson so hopefully he carries on his first day form...
  5. Probably way too high on them, but I’ve got the Thunder going to the Western Conference finals against the Warriors. Probably get beat there, but 50/1 at William Hill for the championship right now - it certainly won’t be that if they get that far and could be laid off at that point. East looks a little more tricky to predict. I’m still hoping the Celtics show up and give the Bucks a real series if they both get to that point as expected.
  6. Rockets/Thunder series could be special if it happens.
  7. It felt like Payet scored about 12 free kicks for West Ham in our title winning season, how many did he actually get?
  8. Even for trolling this is a bad post.
  9. Not at all but the state of the premier league is hardly on its arse because nobody can watch it is it... Plenty of people have Sky or access to it.
  10. F1 is included in the full sports package.
  11. You guys know it’s on Sky and not some secret exclusive platform right? No different to almost all football, almost all decent sport in fact.
  12. Just a shame his name isn’t god damn Wesley
  13. Not misleading is it, it literally says directly from a free kick.
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