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  1. Gonna look for a second place market next time.
  2. I'm on Kucher £5 e/w at 55's. Can't believe it's level for many reasons. I was on Stenson last year and Rose at the Masters so I know full well how this ends for me. Apologies to the guy above also on Kuch.
  3. Is it pathetic because it's different?
  4. £2 on at 1000 after I saw you mention him. I'm expecting that to be 100 after a day.
  5. All on Alexander Bjork then yeah?
  6. West Ham lacked creativity and talent last year. Arnautovic helps that + makes a team close to them last year worse. Not the worst signing they could make.
  7. I don't get the uproar about this. They are two completely different tournaments, why would the men be mentioned when talking about the women? Nobody gets upset that the Bryan brothers don't get mentioned in these stats, still Wimbledon.
  8. I wouldn't touch the Reading bet. They had a hell of a lot of fortune last year and the Championship is always unpredictable.
  9. National Embarrassment Lewis Hamilton shamed by National Treasure surrifox
  10. Tisbutadream just won at Sandown.
  11. Really can't see them giving out such an extreme punishment, rightly or wrongly.
  12. Where has this come from? Can't find anything reliable... hopefully true though.
  13. Jizzfest over Bournemouth continues I see.
  14. @col you're shit
  15. Ukraine were a force in the World Cup weren't they? I'm still just concentrating on a top four finish.