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  1. Are people jerking themselves off over Hagi because of 1 or 2 games at under 21 level or is he a known ‘wonder kid’?
  2. He’s not exactly a big man in the old fashioned sense though is he, unbelievable defender who can somehow defend the wing and the paint, shoot from inside and out. Giving away Lonzo (who I like but due to the fact he can’t shoot and needs the ball - he doesn’t fit in with LeBron, Davis definitely does) is fine, Hart is nothing so the only one I’m bothered about losing is Ingram...but if you have Davis/Kuzma/James he isn’t really needed.
  3. Both teams win for me in this trade, now let’s go and get Kemba and all of a sudden Lakers are ready for a run 🙏🏼🙌🏼
  4. Why does this matter? I’m sure there’s plenty of people on this planet who would envy the lives of many on this forum...yet the depression thread has many pages.
  5. These two posts next to each other is a lot funnier Han it should be
  6. Perhaps got lucky with all the Warriors injuries but terrific from Toronto. Kawhi was amazing throughout and the role players came up big.
  7. What does this even mean? I’m sure we are all desperate to watch Burnley vs Southampton...
  8. It’s there money, they can literally do what they want with it. I’m obviously not negative to them helping out 😂 I’m just saying it’s not really their problem and they shouldn’t be slated if they didn’t.
  9. I have both the NFL/NBA packages which means you can watch every single game whenever you want, plus a lot more content - both of these are under £200. The Premier League also has a package like this, just not in this country.
  10. Of course it would be a nice gesture, but don’t moan at them for not going out of their way to do it. As for your last part, why should people who earn 6 or 7 figure salaries be expected to help people in financial difficulties? Makes no sense.
  11. Never understood why it’s bigger clubs fault that smaller clubs go bust and that they should help out...
  12. I hope it’s us again. I’ve enjoyed opening the season the last few years.
  13. Raptors definitely thought they had won it up 6. Curry and Klay just brilliant. Bring on game 6 and I’m praying for 7.
  14. Kawhi Leonard really is a unique human. The viral videos of him in this playoff run have basically elevated him to god status. I always thought that the Dirk 2011 run was the best I’ve ever seen but this will run it close, legendary from Leonard. I’ll be honest I’m still hoping the Warriors come back to win it and I think they will. Scrape game 4 with Klay back, then win 5 and 6 with Durant back - KD’s legend grows and more ringssss for Curry/Klay/Green/Iggy.
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