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  1. That’s @Fez of Mahrez I think
  2. @Joe. Not to be confused with JoeB. I can’t see him in any of these photos?
  3. lildave3


    Other family moved out Wednesday and still no keys so we’ve given up and gone to the pub while we wait. It couldn’t have ended any other way...
  4. No other choice, Barnes young player and goal of the season were fairly obvious to me too. Deserved.
  5. Not sure what Finners has been drinking but yeah pretty much. Only difference is I’d probably have taken 5th at the start of the season but I fully expected Spurs to be third and us and Wolves and maybe even Everton to be battling with Man United/Chelsea to be 4th. I thought we were a lock months ago for champions league and I was confused when people wanted the season halted because I thought there wasn’t a chance we didn’t make it if we finished the season. But it’s still in our hands despite being absolutely garbage for months, which in a weird way shows that we are more than capable of winning against United and making the top 4. End of the day europe is a fantastic achievement but let’s just finish in the top 4 and make everyone who’s been wanking off Man United since the restart look like a twat.
  6. lildave3


    It’s only taken 7 months but we may finally be moving next week. Still nothing official though 😅
  7. Just wingers and midfielders, Kelechi was first at the time with Vardy second.
  8. Let’s face it a real striker would have had 60 with those chances Howard put on a plate...
  9. Everyone wearing a captains armband, mind games.
  10. This sums it up, for some reason English football fans love people who run around and look like they’re doing a lot, when in actual fact the stuff they’re doing is mostly pointless and potentially a hindrance...kind of like how people are mulling over voting for Soyuncu here.
  11. Arseholes the lot of them
  12. Haha I think a lot of the shit ones over the last 10 years have moved on to. Apologies for not reading the thread quick enough though, I’ll do better next time.
  13. 1. I literally don’t know what you’re basing this on, I find it highly unlikely you know them personally and have had such conversations. 2. The phrase ‘this is what’s wrong with our club’ would probably feel a little smoother if we weren’t fourth in the ****ing country.
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