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  1. This is the first season for about 6 years I haven’t had it. It’s a great product but yeah the pricing is crazy. Hoping to just get a playoff deal this year.
  2. What a game this has been, Lakers v Celtics at a good time on a Sunday evening = perfect.
  3. He’s literally been punched in the ear until it bleeds it’s fair to say I’m impressed he’s still standing based on how dizzy he will be.
  4. FoxesTalk 5 a side with DavieG drawing it in live chat...the golden years. Is there even a live chat anymore?
  5. 1. We didn’t invent being a surprise team in Europe. 2. How are Wolves finding it difficult?
  6. Would be quite interested in where they are getting NBA League Pass for £10 a month from...
  7. It’s been known for teams to do that even when they’re losing...
  8. Maybe because...it is? What a weird thing to say. Surely that’s every fans own personal preference and circumstances?
  9. Good post and agree 100%. All star MVP trophy being named after him would perhaps be a nice touch, nobody has won it more times than him.
  10. Ajax won the league the cup and the super cup in 2019 so I guess yeah they’re complete bottle jobs as well. People tend to say stupid things.
  11. Must have been watching a different game as he was constantly wanting the ball and trying to make things happen. Can’t do a lot if the keeper makes saves like tonight.
  12. So you don’t think they will make the final so they shouldn’t try? Why should they try and win the FA Cup then? I really don’t understand why people are so annoyed by this, especially non Liverpool fans.
  13. Imagine what you’d think of them if they hadn’t already made back to back Champions League finals 😂
  14. Just been reading back through this thread, I never realised @Koke was Kareem 🥰
  15. Not really his fault if the league told him to send his players on holiday is it.
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