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  1. This is terrific, I love shit like this. I have no traditions but I love just having it on constantly over the weekend, either in the background or not. I’m hoping Rose doesn’t hold on to be honest as I’m not on him this year, Spieth or Kim would be a lovely result.
  2. Man U home is poor but the away is magic. Barca shirt is awful. Arsenal always seem to have nice kits.
  3. Yeah I’m not a huge lover of it normally but remember in Belgium it went down a treat, same with Jupiler hence my obsession.
  4. You got one too? May have mentioned it already I don’t always read the thread. Struggling with my pint pouring ability but it still tastes good 😂
  5. It came with a Stella bundle so that to start with but the main reason I wanted one was to have Jupiler so will get a few kegs of that. Also heard rave reviews on Lowenbrau so will try that at some point.
  6. After 6 months of debating it, I finally bought myself a perfect draft machine. Dangerous but boy is it a good bit of kit.
  7. They closed my account last year, at the time I was fuming as it was the real moneymaker thanks to their offers. Looking back they closed it at the perfect time for me as it started going downhill from then on and could have lost a fair bit.
  8. You’d be better off trading the market on the exchange than doing this though.
  9. It’s happening to me at Aberdeen. Jason Cummings has rejected big moves to Stoke and Palace and is unhappy I’m trying to sell him. Won’t sign a new contract but won’t leave, yet is considering his future. Seems odd.
  10. You were offside just let it go 👀
  11. It told me my drivers were upto date, but now I’ve done something else and it’s let me download an update. Will see how it goes. But my laptop probably is a bag of shite, I’ve had it a fair few years now...
  12. Anyone have any experience with dxgi_error_device_hung error message? Tried everyone google has told me and still driving me mad, crashing almost every match. Do I just need to live with it and one day get a new laptop or is there anything I can turn off in game? I don’t even use 3D highlights if there’s an option to remove it completely 😂
  13. Chiefs are just too good I fear. I’d rather the Bucs win and I can talk myself into them making it close, but Chiefs just have too much for me. Obviously as a Chargers fan I hope if the Chiefs do win, Mahomes decides to retire and go and play baseball or something.
  14. Genuinely one of my favourite aways ever.
  15. I am completely happy with the hire. If Herby can do what he did with Lynn around he can do it with anybody. When everyone is healthy that d is super talented and if Staley can sort them out then next year could be a good one 🙏🏼
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