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  1. hamptonfox

    Puel- Neck out!!

    Who is Top going to want to keep? Kaspar or Claude? If keeping Claude means Kasper will leave, then I reckon that's another reason that we will have a new Manager.
  2. hamptonfox

    Hamza Choudhury the Trailblazer

    Hamza is the best Centre Midfield player we have, he is an absolute star. Lord knows why the Manager plays Mendy and Ndidi in front of him. Scandalous.
  3. hamptonfox

    So, what's your plan Puel?

    He will focus on our "Kwaliteee". And on our Slow Starts. Not sure how well the focus is going on the same problems he mentions that we have in every home game.
  4. hamptonfox


    Agreed Simpson-Morgan was an appalling display. Any opposition watching us can easily see how to get around them, or Ndidi-Mendy, or behind Chillwell when he bombs on. We could get picked to pieces in the next three games against the top 6.
  5. hamptonfox


    Always Hamza over Ndidi and Mendy. He is more mobile and uses the ball better. Mendy is out of his depth, getting stretched when not in possession and creates nothing when in possession. Ndidi is terrible in possession of the ball seems incapable of picking a pass of any merit. Looked like a headless chicken today. What was the point on playing two non-creative midfielders if they can't even cover the opposition's counter attack. It was exactly the same vs Southampton and Mendy got pulled at halftime. Why is he in the side the next week while Hamza gets splinters on the bench again. Team selection is absolutely nuts.
  6. Claude Puel Premier League Manager Southampton 2016/17. Home Record. Won 6 Drew 6 Lost 7 Points 24 Home Game record 17th best that season, one place off relegation. Southampton Away Form 6-4-9, 7th best in the Division. This is near identical to what he has done at Leicester over the last calendar year. Question: DOES CLAUDE PUEL KNOW HOW TO PLAY HOME GAMES IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE? Two years Stats for two different clubs, says NO he doesn't and he consistently produces near relegation form at Home. That, in a nutshell, is why the majority of fans of both clubs have never grown to like his football The diehard home and away fans probably give him more credit, because they see 6 or 7 away wins a year, which on its own is top 8 form.
  7. As a Season Ticket holder, like many others, the way to our hearts is firstly good HOME performances, and results. If you perform poorly in front of your biggest audiences of Foxes fans (10x more Foxes fans at home, than away) you are going to p@ss off the majority very quickly. Unfortunately for Claude Puel he doesn't have a plan that gives the Home fans anything other than generally relegation performances and results. It's only the Away results that are stopping us freefalling to the bottom three, and out of the Premier League. Our last 19 HOME League games (Feb 18 to date), our results are: Won 5 Drew 6 Lost 8 Points 21 Looking at the last 5 Home/Away Premier League Final Tables shows a stark warning to Puel, and his need to turnaround Home form. 2017/18 - Only the relegated bottom three won 5 Home games, or fewer. 2016/17 - Only the relegated bottom two won 5 Home games or fewer. 2015/16 - Only the relegated bottom two won less than 5 Home games (Chelsea were the 3rd worst Home team, winning 5 Home games, finishing in 13th). 2014/15 - Only the relegated bottom three gained less than 21 Home points. 2013/14 - Only the relegated bottom three gained less than 21 Home points. Sort out the Home form, or you will never have the majority wanting you to manage our club.
  8. hamptonfox

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    The back up players looked hopeless., that’s never a good thing for a football club.
  9. hamptonfox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Ive never been Pearson out, but am keen on Puel going.
  10. hamptonfox

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    If Iheanacho and Shinji can’t cut it anymore, don’t we have anyone to promote from the under 23s that can play up front? Or do we play without forwards who can score throughout the club (Vardy accepted, of course). if we aren’t signing any forwards (please please let us sign someone and let Iheanacho go) I would rather see someone from our development squad on the bench instead of Iheanacho.
  11. hamptonfox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Surely we have to buy a striker this month. If this Muppet doesn’t demand that from the board, then what’s the point in him being here?
  12. hamptonfox

    Everton Away Match Thread

    When we recruit players, do we assess if they can look up b4 they receive the ball, so they know what’s going on around them?
  13. hamptonfox

    Everton Away Match Thread

    Mendy is becoming more and more garbage, as the season progresses. Bin him off, and leave Hamza in the team please. Mendy off and Maddison on, and stop being scared of Everton, for goodness sake.
  14. hamptonfox

    Everton Away Match Thread

    We seem to be playing like Cardiff today. Any plan to try and score today?
  15. hamptonfox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Could anyone trying impose their own view as the only true view, on the “can criticise/cannot criticise” view of * Puel In/Out * Booing at Games * Players that aren’t good enough Perleeeeease stop being so VEGAN and forcing it down everyone’s throats, as the right way to be a Foxes fan. All views are personal views, and can have merit. So let all Leicester fans be heard, positive and negative, in this New Year.