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  1. If Burnley are looking at Dael Fry, maybe we could outbid them. They seem to base their team on good strong defence, and signed Tarkowski and Keane, before selling the latter for £30M. Maybe Ginger Mourinho is good at spotting a decent Centre Half and we should take Fry for £10M rather than Tarkowski for £40M/£50M.
  2. Lascelles or Ake please, if you are buying into this inflated market you need to buy someone of the best quality that you can afford.
  3. With our last pre-season game in two days we must be mighty close to having reached our deadline to sell Maguire already. Any replacement for him now will have an inflated cost and no chance to integrate the player before the Prem starts.
  4. Lascelles would be my preference if we let Harry go.
  5. Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent - Gwen Guthrie. Only one week to report back for training no and we have done no business in or out.
  6. Benkovic is injured again, so selling Harry would leave only three fit centre backs. So some funds may need to be used to buy a fourth.
  7. We have got our club back, and players and fans distress at the weird world of Claude Puel are now free to enjoy their home games again. i have never understood fans saying that other city fans should shut up rather than criticise things when they are clearly wrong. Where would the world be if people didn’t push for change when it was needed? Probably still in caves and using clubs to catch dinner. The need for change is victorious and those that wanted Puel to stay can enjoy the benefits too now. One big happy Foxes family.
  8. CP is doing nowhere enough good things. The midfield is useless under his rule. No goals, and No creativity for the striker. He didn't buy a forward, he didn't recognise the weaknesses in the options to Vardy, he doesn't have a clue how to solve his home problems after 2andahalf years of rubbish relegation home form in his two Prem League jobs. He is useless.
  9. Who is Top going to want to keep? Kaspar or Claude? If keeping Claude means Kasper will leave, then I reckon that's another reason that we will have a new Manager.
  10. Hamza is the best Centre Midfield player we have, he is an absolute star. Lord knows why the Manager plays Mendy and Ndidi in front of him. Scandalous.
  11. Our Centre Midfield area has been dismal from a creativity point of view, this season, Ndidi seems to have peaked, and looks limited now. They must have been decent protection for the defence though, ehich has been consistently keeping us in games.
  12. Love to have Charlie Austin at the club this week.
  13. He will focus on our "Kwaliteee". And on our Slow Starts. Not sure how well the focus is going on the same problems he mentions that we have in every home game.
  14. Agreed Simpson-Morgan was an appalling display. Any opposition watching us can easily see how to get around them, or Ndidi-Mendy, or behind Chillwell when he bombs on. We could get picked to pieces in the next three games against the top 6.
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