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  1. It is kind of crazy we've spent £50m+ (and way + if you include Musa) on strikers and as soon as Okazaki isn't there there's absolutely no relationship between any of them and Vardy. Meanwhile we've got King strolling about in midfield still because we can't send a fax on time
  2. We are decent, but we're really inconsistent even across 90 mins at the moment. For like a third of that game we were really good, then the rest of it varies between alright and then spells of being absolute shit. Weird. I don't really blame Maguire for the third but even as a fan of Ndidi in general that really pissed me off the way he let half their team run past him. Maguire takes risks but he doesn't actually lose it that much, occasionally it is gonna happen but you can't just give up on the half way line. The last two subs really didn't help us. Why on earth did we end the game with Vardy playing wide right? He scores all our goals! We suddenly ended up with 3 central strikers and no one to give them the ball. At one point we literally had four men in a line outside their box and it was so easy for them, every loose ball in the middle of the pitch went to a red shirt cos we had no one there. I didn't like the Mahrez sub either really, I hate taking our best players off when we need a goal. But tbf Gray again made stuff happen, great effort that led to the second and should've created a second penalty for the handball after he dumped one of their defenders on their arse by the corner flag. I still think there's a good team there, but it's worrying that we've basically blown two games in the Arsenal & Liverpool ones and then put in a stinker at Huddersfield. And the constant messing up of the subs is a concern as well
  3. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    The Fuchs pace thing would make sense if we were leaving loads of space in behind, but we all know we're gonna be lining up with 8 strung along the edge of our own box. but if his eye is still buggered why would he be on the bench?
  4. The Iborra Thread

    With the fairly major caveat that if you ignore his actual play, he looks a bit like Matic on the pitch with the way he moves around. He was ok, some of the passing was legit terrible but I enjoyed his missed overhead kick in his own box so I'm giving him 9/10 for entertainment
  5. I don't really buy this because it doesn't make any sense to play Wes/Ndidi/Albrighton if we weren't bothered about winning. I actually believe him saying we're trying to win it. In the last round we started Maguire, Ndidi & Fuchs as well. Apart from Ulloa in both games his team selection has seemed fair enough, a decent mix of starters and still using the squad, which is much better depth wise than we've had for ages.
  6. The thing about Gray is yeah, he obviously needs to make better decisions, but it's a different game when he gets the ball compared to anyone else on the pitch tonight. He's direct, he takes people on, he's quick, even the way he controlled that ball that went about 100 feet in the air was really good. Stuff happens when he gets the ball and it makes a huge difference when the rest of our play is so beige. He definitely benefitted from Shinji's work too cos he actually got the ball to feet more. Albrighton is good and when he's on it he's absolutely everywhere. Just sometimes he's part of the reason our game completely breaks down because every time he gets it it's just a hoof up the line or over the top. Tonight we clearly didn't have people up front to do that. And he doesn't really have the ability to beat people. He should play Saturday imo because we'll probably need him in a game like that, but we shouldn't be afraid to go with Gray and Mahrez against other teams.
  7. Would still probably take him up top here
  8. Everyone apart from Gray sucks monkey balls. Pass it on
  9. Chelsea post match 1-2

    I'm pretty sure there's a good team in there somewhere but we haven't found it yet. But tbf we've played some decent teams. Even if Chelsea were missing a few in attack they're very good defensively and they kind of shut us down. The half time subs were fine imo, just conceding that dumb second killed us. It's just frustrating that every big game is basically the same
  10. Chelsea (H) pre-match

    FAO the Spurs forum
  11. Chelsea (H) pre-match

    Atletico have never won the European Cup/Champions League. FAKE NEWS
  12. Chelsea (H) pre-match

    Look forward to our all new strengthened central midfield getting a run out tomorrow
  13. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Well yeah it should be. The only way I can see this getting changed is if there's some extenuating circumstances about why we missed it, like the carrier pigeon being shot out of the sky or something. The no losers thing isn't really true either is it? What about all the other teams who weren't allowed to sign players after 11pm? I'm sure there were teams who ran out of time. It's not fair to let one team do it and not the others. I do agree that they should let him actually play, I just don't really understand why he can't go back and play for Sporting. The registering thing is odd, either we signed him or we didn't, the fact it seems like we signed him but can't actually use him doesn't make much sense.
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    The problem then is where's the cut off. What if the next time it happens a team is 2 minutes late? What about 5? Or an hour? Really if we didn't get the transfer done he should still be able to play for Sporting. Weird if he can't
  15. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    It's clearly annoying but you really don't have a leg to stand on if you miss the deadline. You're a massive business with millions riding on these decisions, what the utter **** are you doing waiting until the last second to do this stuff. Get it done, I have no time for this ****ing about. Either don't sell DD or sign the replacement first, this was the one thing they had to not do and they've managed to do it