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  1. And of how to get relegated
  2. 14 is a striker number. Just sayin' Musa has got banged there Gray
  3. DD started 43 games, James 28. James was better in the great escape year though.
  4. Spurs fans convincing themselves that Trippier is the bestest RB in the world now is lovely to see
  5. Fair enough. I feel like my abiding memory of him is him limping off after 20 minutes on a MNF game. He definitely missed a fair few games at United. He's not at Upson levels but still
  6. Has Zouma played much since he blew up his knee? Would be a bit of a worry. Although that said Evans is an absolute sicknote as well
  7. Agree with this. Vardy seems to work well with Nugent/Okazaki type strikers, but we just can't find anyone else to play with him and then the new guys end up getting benched. Which is a worry with Iheanacho too.
  8. Fair points. I think buying from here is more likely to get players who can come in and play straight away, whereas it might take longer for players from abroad to adjust. But I feel like there's far more potential buying from abroad (or from the lower leagues to be honest) than buying 'proven' PL players who can be a bit limited. Clearly we messed up last season but it felt like we gave up on players very quickly. Do we really need to dump them all? Is the team genuinely gonna be better having Ulloa and King on the bench than Slimani and Mendy? I dunno. Imo there's far more potential in the latter two to actually become good PL players, which is surely what we want if the aim is top 8 or something.
  9. It always seems weird to me that buying from the PL is held up as some sort of magic formula. Like...is trying to sign Sigurdsson for £40m a better decision than signing someone from abroad? Just because he's played here before that doesn't make him a better player than someone we could get elsewhere. Just looking at Everton as an example, they've spent a staggering amount on players from here and don't seem to have improved the team at all. I quite like Slimani and would've kept Kapustka around, not particularly bothered about the others. But they haven't had that much of a chance in the grand scheme of things.
  10. It's not really pointless to have a reserve keeper tbf. He was just rubbish
  11. Prepare to witness history The third Sydney FC kit, a truly seminal event. I don't really like black kits
  12. Add us to that tbf There won't be a good first touch in the tournament
  13. These 3 at the back teams are so uncreative We will never score