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  1. Wdywd

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Puel is personally responsible for the targetting, negotiating and signing of second choice keepers imo, right down to the last penny
  2. Wdywd

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    This 100%. Who knows if this guy is it, but Jakupovic clearly wasn't.
  3. Wdywd

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Not sure I'll ever understand that but he's surely nailed on in there now Even if he wasn't better at football than James (which he obviously is) from corners alone he's vital at both ends
  4. Feel like Kapustka and Mendy might both actually have a chance under Puel Musa is obviously the worst of all but the Hernandez thing was so weird. The only defensive reinforcement to a defence that clearly needed help, and we then binned him in January to sign Molla Wague on loan.
  5. It still amazes me that after all this time people still underrate Mahrez. Even our own fans who see him every week.
  6. One thing this ridiculous situation highlights is that without Mahrez and having sold half our strikers, we don't actually have many options wide and up front. Diabate has only just turned up, Gray isn't playing great at the moment. So our wide options are: Albrighton and errrrrr one of them. We'd have more money if we'd let Mahrez go but we'd still have this problem. At least this way we will (I assume) eventually be able to play Mahrez again
  7. Wdywd

    Everton (A) pre-match

    Might be completely irrational but I ****ing hate playing against him.
  8. Although the corners were obviously not that good their keeper did look really solid tbf. He absolutely dominated every time a cross came in
  9. Thought we were really good second half, on another day that's an absolute battering and they're a side with a great away record. Shame we couldn't bury the game and give a few people a rest since we have so many games coming up is all. Claude
  10. Wdywd

    Iborra - Key Player?

    To be fair to Esteban it must've been a bit of a culture shock to go from Real Madrid and Inter Milan to being asked to spring the counter attack with 50 yard crossfield balls to Jeffrey Schlupp
  11. Wdywd

    Burnley (H).. Up next.. Thoughts?

    PLAY THEM ALL 7-0 Leicester. A literal pound note bangs in the 7th and celebrates in Dyche's face
  12. Wdywd

    Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    We were very good first half, second I thought we lapsed into some bad habits where we just smash it to Vardy and end up inviting pressure instead of keeping the ball. but that was the most enjoyable win since the CL probably
  13. Wdywd

    Tottenham (H) pre-match

    I went to Spurs's game at the weekend because I hate myself, they weren't that good. If it wasn't for Kane's vendetta against us I'd fancy a win Instead he'll probably bang in 5
  14. Wdywd

    West Ham post match 1-1

    Vardy specifically isn't the problem but the strikers in general are I think. Just the fact we have a load, none of whom's strengths seem to fit our team at all. Or, at least, they never get a run in the team so they look crap in the 20 minute cameos they get when we're chasing a game. The Iheanacho signing looks completely weird now, even Shakespeare never played him and now we don't start two strikers much. Friday wasn't great, especially second half but Puel is clearly still working us out. We just have a bizarre squad that doesn't really suit any style of play. It's not fast any more, it's not technically good enough, it's not really creative, but it's not physical either. We're kind of fine at stuff and that's it.
  15. Wdywd

    Stoke (A) Match Thread

    I think we sacked Shakespeare for not winning any games