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  1. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    I think we sacked Shakespeare for not winning any games
  2. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Word on the street was that he was impressive in the interview because of how much he knew the squad tbf. I still cannot believe how long we stuck with the exact same players in the exact same formation before this weekend though. It's amazing. Puel comes in, only actually makes like two changes and it feels like he's some off the wall maverick
  3. He's significantly better dressed than the last manager and that's good enough for me
  4. Pascal Plancque He looks like Jay Spearing in 30 years
  5. I'm fine with Puel but this is spot on imo. His honeymoon is gonna be VERY short if we have a couple of boring losses early.
  6. I do find it weird that we gave both him and Shakey 3 year deals. Not as if either was in massive demand was it This stuff about him being boring seems such an overreaction to me but we'll see. And I keep saying it but we were shite and boring anyway!
  7. Claude Puel - Contender

    This is a silly argument. He can speak English ffs I've literally heard him. Players are able to cope with people from other countries without their heads exploding. And in the important news of the day Taylor Swift is the GOAT, deal with it
  8. Claude Puel - Contender

    I kind of assumed they played that diamond thing because they had so many CMs. Davis, Clasie, Hojberg, JWP, Tadic, Romeu. We have 2 at best so might have to mix it up
  9. Leeds Post Match Thread

    We are utter shit without Mahrez in real games for the most part. We can be shit with him too but he's clearly the most dangerous player. Yesterday was a little bit like the Brighton game where he rolled on and absolutely mugged them off with ease
  10. Claude Puel - Contender

    Worth saying that Fonte has been absolute shit at West Ham so he wasn't exactly wrong to get rid there
  11. Pointless

    Did Dodoo play in the league at all? I thought he only played in the cup which might not have counted
  12. Claude Puel - Contender

    I consulted a real Southampton fan, his thoughts: We're gonna win the league again imo
  13. Hamer meanwhile is dreadful the commentator said earlier he’s the social secretary of the team which at least explains his mysterious renaissance as soon as Shakey turned up
  14. Still kinda worry about Iborra in a two in the PL but he is so much calmer than every other midfielder we have on the ball.
  15. Big Slim slaps the haters with his giant cup slaying boot again