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  1. That part of it is one that's a bit of an unknown without Vichai now I think. He was always happy to fight to keep players but we'll see if that stays the same.
  2. Eddie Howe is the most horrifically overrated manager south of Sean Dyche That interview was good though, not surprised he's eventually got frustrated by the ridiculous atmosphere around him
  3. I think facilities are important too, if you're showing someone round a state of the art training ground that helps compared to dragging them into the local park for a kickabout
  4. Also the basic fact is the whole thing is a process, Babylon's kept making the Pearson comparison which is fair. Managers rarely come in and are brilliant from day one. Unless the entire plan is to get a series of new manager bumps to propel us to mid table every year I'm not sure what it is exactly the anti-Puel extremists want. Some of the more moderate complaints I get, but the visceral hatred is just weird. By all means be absolutely raging about losing some cup games but what do you get out of it? I think the football stuff is overblown but that seems to be the main issue, people harp back to this mythical time when were brilliant to watch but that was bound to happen after the title win. It ain't great sometimes but we've also put in some brilliant performances. And if your problem is you don't know who the assistant manager is now because he doesn't hold a couple of big bouncy balls under his arms before every game I'm not sure how to help you.
  5. It's more a "direction of the club" thread than just about Puel now really
  6. It's even just the absolute basic complaints where people feel the need to just make stuff up that annoy me as well. Like he hasn't had 3 transfer windows, he's had 2 and 9 days. He isn't the transfer guru, no one buys anyone in January because it's shit value and tough to get anyone good. The combined Premier League signings this window are Samir Nasri on a free and Pulisic who cost £58m and was loaned back to Dortmund Plus what Lionator posted above
  7. Please list the games where we have lost 1-0 with 0 shots on target We have played sexy attacking football in the Premier League for a grand total of about 10 games in our entire history
  8. lol The sexy football that had us win 1 in 8, drawing to Huddersfield, Bournemouth and West Brom and averaging a goal a game
  9. Thing is I basically agree with this, although I still want to finish 7th as well. Well, I want to finish higher than 7th but being realistic that has to be the aim. I don't think we should have to give up on the league to succeed in the cups. I want to aim for being successful but I think that's what we are doing. I was fine with what we did in both cups this year, the team in both games we lost was alright. In fact playing Hamza in that first game against Man City turned out to be a huge benefit cos it's broken him into the first team. I want to be able to make a few changes and still win. And really I don't think we were very far off winning both, we should've beaten Newport obviously and the league cup game came down to some shit penalties. The problem with the 'anything can happen in a one-off game' argument is it works both ways, as we saw on Sunday. If you put your whole season on the line where success relies on coming through 5 or 6 of those you're taking a huge chance.
  10. I saw him play for Mansfield a few years ago, tripped up trying to take a corner. Really makes you think.
  11. But what are you saying we should do instead? You are literally just describing every team that doesn't have £250m to spend every summer at the moment
  12. Etebo was odd as they signed him just before the World Cup as like a pre-emptive overreaction to him looking decent there
  13. Only need a point a game from here. Easeh easeh easeh
  14. Er, I don't see what the point is here. We should want to come lower than 7th so we don't get in the Europa League? But we don't want to come mid table either?
  15. We're just going round and round but this sort of thing kinda gets to the crux of why this argument is so odd to me. For him you've listed a load of relevant stuff, like being good at football, having a plan, playing the youth and sorting out the squad. Against him we have the atmosphere in the stadium, his interviews not revealing all his deepest darkest secrets to the world and a weird point about disgruntled players which isn't backed up by any evidence at all.
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