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  1. between 7th-10th at least QF of Europa possibly a domestic cup semi
  2. definitely positives and negatives. without 30,000 on their back if something goes wrong a lot more of the creative and entertaining players have flourished
  3. they should probably deal out fairer punishments in the first place then if every single one is over turned
  4. can we afford to sack him after his big contract sign? Very clear that he has no idea how to stop this rot. I thought we'd stumble over the line when Chelsea lost yesterday - now I'm not so sure
  5. so its just variance evening it out then?
  6. so in summary, we come out at worst break even in terms of luck. Doesn't suit the narrative though we only remember the extreme bad luck we never remember slight bumps of good fortune we might encounter
  7. those are essential though. football isn't. We would do well to remember that if and when this thing properly blows up I've already seen Liverpool fans on social media threatening the bloody Department of Health for potentially having their title sealing game behind closed doors and no official parade
  8. should have been no goal and direct free kick awarded to us
  9. agree with that. The 1-0 at the back end of last season at their place we made it really tough for them and was 10x the performance of today. I'd also have gone with Choudhury, think he could have done a job on de Bruyne we were too open. Maybe BRod's first mistake as gaffer?
  10. I think we should all remove the respective chips off our shoulders and enjoy the ride no point getting worked up over stuff like this
  11. really fancy Port Vale away proper football ground and atmosphere was one of my first ever away games, we've not played them in over 20 years
  12. some "proper football men" in here
  13. Hodgson can't last beyond August surely
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