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  1. not sure any of these versions scan
  2. barely had a shot Aintree tomorrow. I fancy Pentland Hills, think he should be favourite
  3. whats the full words to that Liverpool or Manchester chant?
  4. great points there. So it isn't enough just to be entertained, you have to win a bit as well?
  5. https://en.as.com/resultados/futbol/inglaterra/2018_2019/ranking/jugadores/faltas_recibidas/ 2nd most fouled player in the league.
  6. can't agree with this. He definitely does get harsh treatment, he gets booted up and down the pitch every game ffs. The Southampton stuff was the eventual denouement to how he is treated, it was a foul that wasn't given he does dive a bit and that's obviously cost him long term as refs don't believe it when he has got a genuine case but we can't moralise over players diving when we've had players do it this season
  7. Seeing a lot of discussion from other teams fans that we are "entitled" after our title win in 2016. But what does that mean exactly? What do we feel entitled to be experiencing from our football club and matches? A run in a cup once in a while? Attacking intent, expansive football? To at least be entertained at home matches that we pay hundreds of pounds for each season? or none of the above?
  8. seems a bit daft if there's no plan, 2 days before a game. Surely this could have waited?
  9. well done mate. With a team 10x worse than ours
  10. Wagner would sort our defence right out if he was done with his little break from football
  11. Kasper should be helping to organise that tbf
  12. yes, but you would like to think we could offer a tempting alternative than warming the bench under de Gea for the next few years and certainly we should be at the top end of clubs who could offer him a way out
  13. Butland has regressed massively If we are looking at a young keeper I would be trying to sign Dean Henderson, who looks the real deal and will be making England squads in the not so near future
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