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  1. yes, but you would like to think we could offer a tempting alternative than warming the bench under de Gea for the next few years and certainly we should be at the top end of clubs who could offer him a way out
  2. Butland has regressed massively If we are looking at a young keeper I would be trying to sign Dean Henderson, who looks the real deal and will be making England squads in the not so near future
  3. whilst they are a dickhead for doing it I couldn't believe when I read that they had been nicked for doing it
  4. I go home and away and I'm firmly in the "we should be careful what we wish for" camp
  5. Ghezzal shouldn't be starting ever again for me. Not even against the likes of Newport
  6. agree with this, I thought the Son "dive" was a penalty to be honest
  7. Club is what you want unless you've got mega money and can get in a box. Club just means you can go pretty much everywhere and anywhere, whereas the cheap seats you are restricted into what you can and can't do
  8. can't justify going any more last time I went, we went for 2 days, the Tues and the Weds. Did my bollocks on accommodation, ticket, we watched the first race on the Tuesday down by the last fence then stood in the Centaur for the rest of the day, and the entire of the second day. So if I'm gonna do that may as well just stay home and watch it with a few beers or go down the pub. And I'm not the only one that does that. You are hamstrung at the festival, there are usually about 5 things that most punters want to do in the 30-35 mins or so between races. Have a bet, have a beer, have a piss, view the horses parading, find a good spot to watch the race from. At Cheltenham you are lucky if you can fit 2 of those luxuries in between races
  9. not going, have been going for quite a few years but the crowds are too much now, and staying down there has got too expensive not really a stand out year for jumps racing but Paisley Park put in a stunning performance at the weekend I thought
  10. Ian Nacho at least had potential and had potential resale value Silva was supposed to be signed as a ready package and his value was only going to depreciate. An awful signing with hindsight Zieler could be up there
  11. agree with this 100%. Maddison is pretty much our sole creative outlet, we are so much better when he plays, his footballing brain is incredible and he sees things many others don't. He should be the first name on the team sheet, every game
  12. absolutely embarrassing. Absolutely no reason why we couldn't have gone for the cups this season. We're in no danger of relegation or threatening the top 4. Why we couldn't have gone full strength today when its a week until the next game, **** knows I'm not Claude out but he's let a lot of people down today with that team selection
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