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  1. Hodgson can't last beyond August surely
  2. quite a lazy opinion to say Potter imo, basically saying "I've never heard of him, so him" they did their homework on him and would probably even give him a shout at bringing them back up if they went down
  3. we're losing a massive presence in Maguire. Ake couldn't dream of replacing that kind of physical presence
  4. isn't that chant just the one England fans have for Maguire with a bit changed? quite funny that its got people's backs up in here, its just a chant
  5. cringe massively yeah but think social media amplifies this a few years ago before twitter etc these people existed but didn't have a mouthpiece, the demographic that views the team through FIFA statistics and trying to one-up each other in the playground wouldn't ring radio phone-ins etc, where as now every kid has a twitter or facebook and can post their view
  6. I trust Brendan, if Dunk is number 1 on his list then we go and get Dunk I'd like to wave a bit of money at Stoke for Butland, think he could be good competition for Kasper maybe Rebic or Kostic from Frankfurt if they'd come
  7. exactly this. And Bournemouth's defensive record is a joke
  8. lets go and get Lewis Dunk then. Try not to spend 45 million though we should have waited to announce the Maguire stuff as late as possible, now we're going to get rinsed on any deal I don't trust Benkovic. Soyuncu looks alright but still feel we are one light in that area now would love to use the money like so - 40m ish on a really good defender, someone who is going to come in and be solid from day 1 and doesn't have to get used to the league, then 20 mill on Butland, can learn under Schmeichel for a year, is Brexit proof. Good competition. Bank the other 20 mill for a rainy day and beers and donuts
  9. can't believe Ake has so many votes. Maguire's presence would be a big loss we need someone with physicality and stature, especially when defending set pieces Bournemouth's defensive record is atrocious
  10. I'd have jumped in front of Brighton for Webster from Bristol City looks like an absolute rolls royce of a defender
  11. if Brighton are signing a defender for 25m then everything must be a lot further on than we expect. We're deluding ourselves United sign Harry we sign Dunk Brighton have their man.
  12. better goals per minute ratio than Josh King or Redmond. Don't think 10m for either of those would be a bad investment and Mousset is younger
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