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  1. Just about the worst thing you can do to a side like Burnley is gift them a goal...well done Hamza!
  2. Here we go, losing our heads (well, Cags at least). Anyone remember that game against Bournemouth? Just hope this doesn't affect us too much. Rodgers has said we're stronger mentally...after tonight I need to see something going forward to prove that...and I can't say I'm hopeful.
  3. Fair play to Slavia. We've been out thought and out fought. And we should try and sign that Sima lad.
  4. Well deserved equaliser! These are fvcking awful, dire, anti football...playing like this at home. Embarrassing! Come on Leicester, let's grab a winner now!
  5. Needed something from this, as I doubt we'll get anything from Spurs or Man Utd. Piss poor performance.
  6. Top class shithousing from Richarlison. I hate him, but I'd love it if he played for us!
  7. That would be too easy for Madders! Back to trying Match of the Day shots.
  8. Leipzig playing some lovely stuff. Nagelsmann really is an excellent coach, whereas Ole, erm, isn't. 😃
  9. Not even laid a glove on them tonight. Disappointing.
  10. Best player on the pitch tonight. When he's ticking and on form, he's a class above.
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