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  1. Nice to see that Forest vs Derby is now considered such a Mickey Mouse fixture that Newport are selected for live tv coverage instead.
  2. His BMI is slightly less than Luke Shaw's.
  3. Harry Maguire, Harry Maguire, We've had your pants down, You've bought a fat clown, His arse is f****** massive Fixed it for them.
  4. No, he is getting right on my nerves......
  5. And Heskey hated it himself.....
  6. Mahrez is getting hammered on the Blue Moon forum this morning: "Woefully short on confidence, teammates don't trust him, and so far away from the quality of the rest of the team that it's bordering on ridiculous. If we'd spent £20m on him I'd say that we'd wasted our money, but £60m? Christ". "You can see why, like everyone else can , he is shit. Never gets a dirty shirt, never breaks out in sweat, never a hair out of place when he leaves the field. He is a lazy bastard". "You needn't worry about him tracking back or defending well hes shite at that as well. The cowardly streak is the deal breaker for me. A poor mans peter beagrie." A poor man's Peter Beagrie? Wow!
  7. It was a thing of great beauty......
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 82 seconds  
  9. Excellent tonight. Very comfortable on the ball and reads the game very well. High hopes for him.
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