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  1. Us old uns will remember when all of our midweek fixtures kicked off at 7.30. Think it changed to 7.45 in the late 70s or early 80s but no idea why.............
  2. Time to revive a 2016 classic: We're on our way, We're on our way, To the Champions League, We're on our way, How do we get there I don't know, Follow Brendan and Kolo, Pack your bags cos Leicester's on their way.
  3. Nice to see that Forest vs Derby is now considered such a Mickey Mouse fixture that Newport are selected for live tv coverage instead.
  4. His BMI is slightly less than Luke Shaw's.
  5. Think he is currently playing for Getafe in a friendly vs Mallorca.......
  6. Harry Maguire, Harry Maguire, We've had your pants down, You've bought a fat clown, His arse is f****** massive Fixed it for them.
  7. Well in that case Manu are negotiating like the UK Government. They think they hold all the cards but in fact hold none.
  8. No, he is getting right on my nerves......
  9. floz


    The Brighton Bill Anderson says not so..........
  10. floz


    Those desperate Manu fans replying are a bit irritating to be honest......
  11. floz

    A. Perez

    PTSD from Southampton away in January 2017. Ouch.
  12. But he has proved himself to be at a level not to need another stepping stone. Our selling point to him is we are going to break in to the top 6 and look for European qualification. Otherwise he can join a top 6 club now.
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