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  1. It's a no from me on the basis he would get called Abrahams in the same annoying way Chris Wood was known as Woods to so many people NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU CORRECTED THEM. 😡
  2. This! Could be a Sliding Doors moment for our season and their careers.
  3. Should be more than 1-0. Hope they don't regret it later.....
  4. I can remember being about 7 years old and sitting on the wall at the front of the Kop for a midweek game at home to Leeds. The atmosphere under the lights was unbelievable especially at that age. I haven't looked it up but my memory is we won 2-1 having been 1 down with Wortho getting the winner with a thumping left foot shot in front of the Kop. The song of the evening was " what's it like to be outclassed Leeds United."
  5. My boyhood hero. R.I.P. legend 😓
  6. Would have been playing Rangers. Oh well.......
  7. Very similar to his one for us vs Chelsea 👍
  8. Game totally ruined for 1 in 12 male viewers. The PL have been told about this so many times 🙄
  9. Sky will go on a minute before KO. Better for my blood pressure.
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