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  1. Would have been playing Rangers. Oh well.......
  2. Very similar to his one for us vs Chelsea 👍
  3. Game totally ruined for 1 in 12 male viewers. The PL have been told about this so many times 🙄
  4. Sky will go on a minute before KO. Better for my blood pressure.
  5. No worries, thanks for replying 👍
  6. Are there any codes left for existing Sky TV customers @Haywood_6? Thanks. 😊
  7. Me neither. Switch on 5 minutes before KO. Cup of tea at HT and straight off at the end. 👍
  8. Whole back 4 and Ndidi missing. Any team would struggle with that injury list.
  9. Looks like a diamond. Why is the team news this early?
  10. Should have been a second yellow for Fernandes.
  11. The Facebook groups are as bad. Where can I watch the city game tonight? Replies with absolute certainty: It's on the LCFC website. It's on YouTube. It's on BBC red button. It's on Sky. FFS.
  12. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but where is Wilf? 🤔
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