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  1. No, he is getting right on my nerves......
  2. floz


    The Brighton Bill Anderson says not so..........
  3. floz


    Those desperate Manu fans replying are a bit irritating to be honest......
  4. floz

    A. Perez

    PTSD from Southampton away in January 2017. Ouch.
  5. But he has proved himself to be at a level not to need another stepping stone. Our selling point to him is we are going to break in to the top 6 and look for European qualification. Otherwise he can join a top 6 club now.
  6. Also, the correct comparison with VVD is his market value now not what Liverpool paid for him when he had hardly kicked a ball for Southampton for months. He would cost £150m+ now which makes £80m+ for Harry seem far more reasonable.
  7. Wait for his contract to expire then he will be a Free Loader
  8. floz


    So do you think Maguire will go then?
  9. A Mirror journalist with only 78 followers? Hmmmm......
  10. floz

    James Maddison

    So that's Maddison, Tielmans, Chillwell and Maguire all on Man City's radar this summer. If they target the other 7 they might get 9th next season.
  11. And Heskey hated it himself.....
  12. Disturbing number of people seem happy for Harry to be sold. To break into the top 6 you keep your best players and add to them. Or you become Southampton.
  13. Mahrez is getting hammered on the Blue Moon forum this morning: "Woefully short on confidence, teammates don't trust him, and so far away from the quality of the rest of the team that it's bordering on ridiculous. If we'd spent £20m on him I'd say that we'd wasted our money, but £60m? Christ". "You can see why, like everyone else can , he is shit. Never gets a dirty shirt, never breaks out in sweat, never a hair out of place when he leaves the field. He is a lazy bastard". "You needn't worry about him tracking back or defending well hes shite at that as well. The cowardly streak is the deal breaker for me. A poor mans peter beagrie." A poor man's Peter Beagrie? Wow!
  14. It was a thing of great beauty......
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