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  1. I'm really torn on this, I want all the best players at our club and on his day he's one of those but his form was so poor this season, I think some our tactics in some games hung him out to dry which may have him looking at other clubs but in that he may not suit what BR is trying to do, in Brendan we trust
  2. as i understand it when a player is low in confidence, that's a time when they need to work harder, now watching Demaria play, I may be wrong but not only was he poor but he also seemed to be playing at less than 100%. This maybe my perception and i maybe wrong though
  3. 5496 minutes played, that's an equivalent of 61 full games over those 3 seasons.
  4. Definately this, he has tremendous ability when inside the box, lightening quick feet with an instinct in front of goal. I think he's a forward/striker and his ability on the right is limited, I think the plan was for Ricardo to take up the balk of that work and ayoze to play inside, if Ricardo is busy at the back though watching ayoze pushed out wide is frustrating, I can't help but feel for this we need another option if Albrighton isn't it.
  5. £18m would be great for Demaria, I think most fans wanted him to succeed here but for some reason he didn't so needs to move on. I understand players drop form/confidence but you want to see a players work rate raised as they try to regain form but it seemed Demaria rarely gave 100%
  6. One of my favourite players to watch, some of his cross field passes and over the top balls to Vardy were sublime, would love him to play a part at the club.
  7. It's only natural when teams chasing us look good and we only just scraped through against a poor championship side, unless there's a complete transformation in the side I'd say he has a point
  8. When thinking about offering him a new contract, I guess it depends what money he's on, if hes happy being a squad player then he gets a contract to reflect that, for himself though he needs to move on
  9. Schmeichel Bennett, Evans, Soyuncu Ricardo, Praet, Ndidi, Chilwell Tielemens Vardy, Iheanacho
  10. He was 7, we all know why baby was the best and I'm not sure it's what 7 year old are looking at 😂
  11. If there was no recall clause in his loan he made obviously made someone important at the club very angry and as a result the club have no intention of ever seeing him in a Leicester shirt again. The signs were there when he publicly said he wanted to sign for Newcastle before playing a single match
  12. Would love to know his work rate stats, for someone who should be covering every blade of grass his movement looked limited to me
  13. why don't we have a season ticket waiting list so the club have some idea of who would want one?
  14. Why do you care if there's some fans that just want to go see the big matches? I cannot see what problem some fans have if there's a couple of thousand seats empty, does it ruin there enjoyment of the match?
  15. Obviously I did this on purpose 😂
  16. I think United will win comfortably today, they look a different team with Bruno I'm afraid
  17. Seeing United play since signing Bruno Fernandes and seeing us play on Friday I just can't see us hanging on, I kniw we have it in us to hang on but not knowing the reason behind our demise I can only assume the worst
  18. Not a winger, more of a striker for me, would have been good if we'd have put him central with nacho with Albrighton on the wing in a 442, his close control in the box is pretty good
  19. All he had to do in the second half was move Perez to the centre to hold the ball up, bring on Albrighton for hamza and told them to attack Norwich as they were there for the taking, we looked like we were playing for the point
  20. Norwich were awful first half, we could have moved Perez to support nacho and bought Albrighton on for hamza and gone 442 but no, we go sideways sideways until they get a break, and then they sit behind the ball and we play with more urgency, ridiculous tactics from Rogers
  21. I often refer to us as the mighty Leicester as well but not so often at present
  22. Strange that because when me and my dad chat football we always refer to leicester as City, as I do when I chat football to my customers
  23. Majority of highlights show our chances on goal and with commentator saying Kasper has had little to do until the penalty and goal - Keown says man City smothered Leicester and are on a different level, didn't even discuss kelechi foul and sat on the fence with Du Bruyne handball, I wouldn't miss motd or the BBC
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