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  1. This is Riyad, buzzing because its more important to play the odd game for Pep whilst looking like a tequila sunrise rather than be part of something special for a team that's 2nd in the league. Wonder if Riyad knows that 10 years ago Man City were nothing. Enjoy the bench Riyad.
  2. Alan Smith, embarrassing commentary tonight, you'd have thought he'd never have played for us
  3. It kind of depends who you're having sex with but from my point of view I agree 👍
  4. Palace was a big test imo, they were up for it but we were better, same again this week, think it'll be a great game with both sides knowing the importance of it but we'll be at home and on form, keep the faith 😊
  5. when Puel was on the brink i wanted Lampard when he was at Derby, I had a feeling he was going to be a decent future manager in the mould of some of the younger up and coming managers, i was surprised he got a big ass job like Chelsea but I'm happy with Brendan as I would have been with Rafa. Rafa would have been my last choice though, many objected to him coming here for his defensive set up at Newcastle but I think he's a cleverer manager than that and would have done a similarly decent job here as BR has. I think when this job was on offer you only had to look at our players to realise we were going to do well, I do think BR see's us a stepping stone though, we need a few consecutive seasons of top 6 at least before we'll be referred to as a big club, it's a momentous task.
  6. i was a that one (leeds), i think we started singing we want 7 and giving the ole, ole if i remember right, was better than walking out i suppose.
  7. The pressure looks too much to keep Ole at the wheel, will they come for Brendan i wonder?
  8. Wouldn't want any players to leave. think this team has the foundations to win trophies, agreed though that Ben hasn't been to his best but like another poster said he's still learning his trade and could be one the best.
  9. I've never liked Klopp but his words today are infuriating, all he does is stoke up anger towards Hamza, the only problem i have with it is i think Cagler should have made that challenge before Hamza, it was a professional foul at pace and it's embarrassing he's made it out to be anything more
  10. not many supporting you, are you really a Liverpool fan?
  11. no it wasn't, were you listening on the radio ffs?
  12. Isn't it a little worrying that a highly paid manager didn't see this and most of us fans did? Even at Chelsea the only reason we got back into it is the leash was let off in the second half so to speak.
  13. But onside by the time gazzaniga spilled it, thought this would be second phase of play, obviously I need to brush up on the rules.
  14. He needs a new contract top, immediately
  15. Please tweet this to motd, the show needs shutting down, get rid of Lineker and his millions wage packet, give the over 75's their free licence back, the show is garbage.
  16. Is it the players are better suited to 4-1-4-1 or was it just the right system for that perticular game do you think?
  17. Is there any hope in us keeping him for a few seasons do you think?
  18. Can someone explain why our goal was disallowed as at first they said it was off side then they said ayoze was hindering the keeper.
  19. You can see how much he wants it as well, he was absolutely gutted against United
  20. I was really impressed with Praet contribution, I'd like to See him start
  21. I like Maddison comments at the end that Leicester are a big club, it gives me hope he won't be off anytime soon, c'mon Top, get your chequebook out and give him a new contract
  22. I've subbed chillwell for neves just for this reason, think it may be a goal fest, hope I'm wrong and it's 1 nil as I still have Ricardo in there
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