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  1. That was one of the most bizarre penalties I've ever seen. Strachan walked up, bent down and pretended to re-spot the ball, then with his fingers about an inch from the ball jabbed out a leg and toe-poked it into the corner of the net. Can't believe it's 30 years ago.
  2. That's the game that springs to mind for me, when Mark Venus won it with that last minute screamer from about 30 yards out. 2-0 down after 82 mins and won it 3-2.
  3. A got a copy of Shinji's book about our title win. I can't read it but I got someone Japanese to read it for me and then tell me about it. https://www.amazon.co.jp/未到-奇跡の一年-ベスト新書-岡崎-慎司/dp/4584125244/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465590034&sr=8-1&keywords=未到 The main message that comes across was his frustration with having to play the in the deep-lying position, but that he was willing to sacrifice his personal preferences for the benefit of the team. It's also clear that Gokhan Inler was important for Shinji, helping him to settle, and was his best friend in the squad. Good luck to Shinji. One of my favourite players ever and, whilst not technically one of the best players in out 2015-16 team, was the one that seemed most to encapsulate the spirit of it.
  4. It wasn't announced at half time, and any announcement in the stadium pre-match must have been at least 20 mins before kick off because otherwise I would have heard it. Apparently it was announced in the days before on the clubs social media (which I don't use), and on the website which I hadn't had reason to use prior to that game, so as far as I was concerned I was completly unaware. Several people who I asked were also unaware. It was ridiculous of the club to move it from the traditional last game of the season and not announce it within the stadium just prior to kick off, or during half time, or towards the end of the game, or just after the final whistle.
  5. I've always thought it would be a good idea. Replace the League Cup with an Anglo Scottish Cup, regionalise it in the early stages into 4 groups (South, Midlands, North and Scotland), and then mix it up in the last 16 or last 32.
  6. I'd imagine against the better teams we'll go 433 with him in an advanced midfield position, in front of Ndidi and Mendy. Against the weaker teams that sit deep he'll replace Mendy (probably) in a 4231.
  7. Should have played against Cardiff when they were sitting deep and we needed somebody to create something in small pockets of pace. Completely unsuited to today where we're sitting deep and trying to counter attack. Puel's got his selections for both games the wrong way round, and it's not doing Ghezzal any favours.
  8. I quite like Ghezzal. Yes he's slow, one-footed, and is yet to adapt to the physicality of the Premier League (although that will improve with game time), he's technically good, and suited to Puel's 4231. For home games against weaker teams that sit deep, where the creative players are expected to create something in a congested area, he's far better suited than Albrighton and especially Gray. I would have preferred him to have started against Cardiff instead of Gray. I like Adrien Silva too, technically good, always looking for the quick forward pass, and playing those little triangle passes with the likes of Maddison and Ricardo that'll open teams up. I still think our best performance, not result, of the season was Man Utd away and Silva was central to that. He just needs a run of games to get his fitness up and adapt to the league. To me he seems a player that would fit Puel's system perfectly, but hasn't had a look in. Very strange.
  9. That would be my team except I'd replace Gray with Ghezzal. If the club opts to persist with Puel that the majority of games will be 4231. With the width coming from the fullbacks, playing with orthodox wingers squeezed narrow isn't working. It needs 3 creative attacking midfielders that can potentially interchange if required, capable of playing intricate one touch football. Maddison, Ghezzal and Barnes could possibly do that, Albrighton struggles with that at times, Gray is nowhere near good enough. Not much pace there but it doesn't need pace against teams sitting deep. The club desperately needs to spend some of that Mahrez cash on a quality player to fit that role to slot in instead of Ghezzal or Barnes, in that line up. I'd also bring in Silva for Mendy depending on the opposition, although clearly that won't happen with Puel. Also, for 4231 to work properly, it needs the option of a target man to hold the ball or be available for the attacking midfielders to play one-twos off, and also to attack the crosses the full backs are getting in, like the role Giroud does for France. Rondon would have been ideal. Ulloa could have done a job if given a chance when we need to try and alternative to Vardy. If it was up to me, I'd get whatever I can for Gray and Iheanacho in January, see if Rondon's reported £15m release clause can be activated even though he's on loan, or try a cheeky bid for Giroud or someone else of that style, and then pay whatever we need to to get a decent upgrade that can slot in to one of those attacking midfield spots. We should be targeting 7th spot and Europa league, and this is the year to go for it, because there's no world Cup or euros to get in the way of the Europa qualifiers like this season, or the season after next...
  10. The capacity there is 7800. That leaves 1800 with presumably some segregation which will probably make it around 1500, which is more than I was expecting.
  11. I've been checking this forum almost constantly since the crash happened, but haven't posted anything up until now. I've just felt numb all week. All those emotions of winning the league a couple of years ago have come back to me, but this time they are the polar opposites, and it feels like a part of the joy of that season has been lost forever. What has been uplifting this week though is the response of people throughout football, which has been wonderful, and the way the club has handled the situation, which has been impeccable throughout. I went to the stadium a few days ago to pay my respects, and I was at the game in Cardiff, and what I've seen over the last week or so has made me immensely proud of this football club. I never met Khun Vichai, and up until the last few days I was I was unaware of many of the things he did for the club and the city. It's clear that he was a lovely man. The only contact I had with him was in Bruges, before the Champions League game. I went for a wander on my own away from the main square, looking for a historic old pub I'd read about on the fringes of the old town. I was strolling along an empty street, alongside one of the canals, looking down at a map, when I looked up and saw some instantly recognisable faces. Vichai, Top and a group of friends and family were on a small, open top boat, doing a canal tour. I stopped walking, and as I saw them they all made eye contact with me. I gave a little wave and they all instantly waved back. What struck me was the smile on Vichai's face, it was the same smile I'd seen thousands of times already that day, of a football supporter buzzing with anticipation of a first journey in the Champions League, and it's a smile I'll always remember.
  12. I've said it before, but if Puel goes I'd love to see Jorge Sampaoli. Aggressive pressing, fast transitions and high energy attacking football, just want we want to see. He's got a temper too which would suit those that want a bit of passion, and he's currently available as far as I know after leaving the Argentina job. Did well with numerous club sides in South America, as well as Sevilla and the Chile national team. Iborra was his captain at Sevilla so there's a link there. Only negative is I doubt he speaks any English.
  13. Yes, it's a bit of a pain to get it but for anyone that needs to know, then there is a way of doing it. The points built up before that start of last season are added in bulk so it's only a case of adding the points since then which only takes a few seconds. I wasn't aware that info drops off the bottom of the list, I don't have anyone on my family unit, i just add them temporarily when i need to check. I don't know why they don't just add the 2 numbers (home priority points and away priority points) next to the person's name anyway. For any website developer it would take about 2 minutes.
  14. You can get their points total, as follows: Log in to lcfc.com Go to the Tickets tab Hover over your name in the top-right and click Personal Details, taking you to you Welcome tab. Under your 'My friends and family' list, click 'Manage my relationships' Select Edit on the person whose points you want to check Tick 'This person shares my family unit', and click OK Go to your Away Priority Points tab. The points for person you added to your 'family unit' will now appear there, but you'll have to add them up. One thing I'd be cautious of is that I'm sure I read somewhere that someone can only belong to one users' family unit, therefore if the person you add to yours already belongs to another, they may be removed from their original one. Therefore I'd only do it if you know the other person is aware your doing it, just in case.
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