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  1. Organised chaos. Like up to 12/ 15. God bless Ranners when he shored us up and won the big one, but tonight's style got us up there and is our strength. Glorious abandonment.
  2. /giphy giddy
  3. I'm not Mexican but I wave sometimes.
  4. Oh yeah
  5. Hedgehog or plain Nige?
  6. Long may it continue. He's Gary and he's ours, and whilst he no doubt winds up every other club with his obvious Leicester bias, it would be a shame if he hid that along with his opinions on things Leicester, No one's going to be right all the time, but the world would be a very dull place if we all had to hide our opinions for fear of upsetting others. With Gary it doesn't matter cos he'll charm those he's offended anyway. See Nigel and tax gate last season.