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  1. Your our man stay with us and see what you can achieve. This year FA cup. Next year who knows what.
  2. We know Liverpool don't deserve the place after their poor season, bug at the end of the day if we don't make it..I would not not be too upset as winning the fa cup makes this season very special. Ltid
  3. I'm proud of Leicester what ever the league or situation we are in at any moment in time. Win lose or draw, this is your team and your city. Over here in Japan ,I remember it when I was young, only the famous players are taken about and other not so in the. Was are mentioned. Now that we are `maybe` at our peak, Enjoy it, love it, be proud of it and above most, if we become crap again, stick with us. Then you can say IAm a LOYAL supporter LTID
  4. Pure class from our No1 today. From start to finish and what a man to bring Top onto the celebrations.
  5. Isn't everyone partying in the expectation that we'll win? Sorry, I forgot its the wrong time zone.... Well I'll have to start the party early . Come on Leicester This cup is ours.
  6. All I know is `He's magic you know: That man u home game win and the emotion. (Plus everything else) makes him a Legend. Imo
  7. Who voted for Chelsea need to be.... I'll let you decide..... Anyways always keep the faith.
  8. Does anyone else think that Vardy will find his magic feet again? We can win this .... Blue Army or Maroon army
  9. It's just the type of confidence builder we need for the cup. Come on Leicester we're gonna win the cup
  10. After the Newcastle game, we can't put in a worse performance. The lads will be playing for their place at Wembley. Up the city. Blue army 2-1 Leicester
  11. Let's hope it's a good one. Signing off here so I can get up at 4 am for the kick off.
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