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  1. I know it's hard, but think positive lads....Come Leicester boys. You know we'll bounce back. our form will change...
  2. I know we've not been the dogs b"****ks, but I'm keeping the faith..... And we have a good record there . 2-1 Leicester. 🙏
  3. Yes,. That's exactly it. Just like we used to sing. Getin to I'm and fxxc them up. Good old days......
  4. Great,. Someone remind me who we've got,. As it's been so bloody long without footy that we'll u in o 4 got
  5. Know how you feel. The sheer feeling of adrenaline rush ING through your body when we got back to 3-3. Then.......that was the biggest downer but it didn't hit under after hours due to the high of getting back to 3-3. The others after the Blackburn and Swindon were great, but for me that Swindon play off final for sheer emotional roller coaster of emotions. Well that sticks on my memory by far.
  6. Me too! The commitment, the knowledge on the ball. The influence he must have had on our players. Shane he wasn't there to be apart of that season. Still he's magic you know......
  7. Agreed anyone in THAT season, but it doesn't half put the shine off liking him after the disrespect. If he'd gone and not been a dxxk. Then he would have had my best wishes. It's the after sxxt that shoots him down from legendary status in my book
  8. No way cambiasso. 1season,. No disrespect media talk. He's magic you know! That's a Leicester legend As well as Walsh y Lennon muzzy and all before MON. 🤗
  9. That Mazzy kid. Is also saying that Liverpool wanted him. I another news story I read. He was great for us. Agreed. But I will not give him the title of legend due to his disrespect.
  10. I guess it would take one hell of a owner to beat ours. https://www.againstleague3.co.uk/2020/02/02/2019-english-footballs-best-owners/
  11. Well I'm over in Japan. Even though I can't attend regularly, am missing football so much. I'm guessing that when this virus is eventually died out or is cured, the atmosphere from everyone that has been stuck indoors will create the best atmosphere at stadiums all over the UK. Stay safe my FB friends 🙏
  12. Can you be can bi assed to buy a store produced version?
  13. LKnew it would come,. Top you are a top man.👣 Your footprint and legacy will be in our hearts forever. Well done to our owners for giving us all a little joy in these times .
  14. I like your thinking. Any club that goes under with all the money that we big clubs make is sickening. For me that would be a plus out if these times of worry.
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