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  1. Yeah it is very concerning now. Not just our form but seemingly Rodgers doesn't know how to fix it. Think top 4 will be a real effort now
  2. I'll start smashing plates if they do
  3. That massive club Celtic are crashing out of Europe
  4. How long did that VAR take in the United game
  5. Started to slip back into my old habits. Really makes me feel shit about myself even though I'm not betting mega money
  6. Just finished Uncut Gems. Wow! Incredible performance by Sandler. Proper bummed out by it but really enjoyed it
  7. Can the OP add kings Lynn to the list please. Special night out that
  8. Do you think he thinks he's got any chance? He looked completely shell shocked from the first bell when Tyson sprinted over to him. He's have to pray that he connects with the biggest shot of his career and that Fury stays down
  9. Any remaining respect I had for Wilder has gone. Take your loss like a man and get yourself back in training so you can slapped up for the third time in a row
  10. The fact its an ex arsenal keeper makes that even funnier. My arsenal supporting mates are the only reason I wouldn't mind seeing Liverpool go unbeaten this season
  11. Nerves? What have they got to be nervous about?
  12. Yeah they place some nice stuff. Delofeu is class
  13. Isn't the whole trilogy contracted to the states?
  14. Watford might nick a draw but not sure Norwich will
  15. How come neither of the 2pm games are on TV?
  16. I don't think so either. Like he say he's just superior in everything other than shot power and even that was decent last night
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