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  1. Some players look like they were born to play football and he's one of them. Makes the game look so easy. You see people saying about the physical demands of the Premier league but his talent outweighs any physical disadvantages he has
  2. She also got loads of overtime when he was with us for all of the times he went to sit in airports
  3. Negative? Nah mate you're a ray of sunshine
  4. Good knock Stokes. Tall order to win this
  5. Did well to restrict them to that total in the end
  6. Ranieri interested in the Newcastle job. Love the guy but he'd take them down imo
  7. Ahhh I get it..... Because he plays for Everton
  8. Technically they're still paying Pardew for another year so might as well let him take them down
  9. Is he? Done really well to keep that dross up the last couple of seasons. His football isn't entertaining but he was worth a fair few points for them last season
  10. If they don't get bought out now I don't see how they stay up next season
  11. Anybody else considered that it's their money to do with what they want. Another case of football fans thinking they own everybody associated with their club
  12. Yeah I agree with this. He hasn't hurt anybody, just made himself look more of a bellend than he usually does
  13. Wasn't it wassup or the floss? As you say its been a while
  14. This just smacks of a flop signing if true
  15. Well if you will go into bushes with other men you're bound to get a little pr*ck or two
  16. Yeah so long as you're clued up they can't do anything. Unfortunately I've seen examples of the police assisting the bailiffs and not really understanding their role as peace keepers
  17. Even Holloway has come out and said he should be transfer listed. Maybe I just don't see it as a big deal after some of the scandals our club has had over the years As I said, no rim jobs, no racism, no rape allegations and no fire extinguishers
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