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  1. He'd be perfectly within his rights to call them out. Stupid having that kind of attack with that sad excuse of a defence
  2. Yeah. I'm guessing the first two series are still on Netflix. Enjoy
  3. Arthur Shelby has completely gone
  4. I doubt it. Hasn't worked for a number of games but he persists with it still
  5. I get your point but it just annoys me more if anything. Seen Rodgers and a few players talking up our top 6 ambitions and then go and bottle it with performances like yesterdays
  6. I don't think either has a prayer to be honest. As you say, both horribly inconsistent
  7. I know we moan but just for a second imagine supporting Everton
  8. Could do with Bournemouth and Watford wins today
  9. Finished it last night. Superb series. Made such a difference stretching it over 10 episodes rather than the usual 4
  10. No it didn't. We could've been 3 or 4 nil down after 20 minutes. We played well when Barnes came on
  11. We've just become a bit of a 'nothingy' side the past couple of years. Obviously the way we won the title wasn't completely sustainable but at least we had a clear identity. At times we play some beautiful stuff but I can't remember the last time we played a quality 90 minutes of football
  12. Think people are just admiring their courage to stick to their guns
  13. As in a single result, quite possibly. The gulf between top and bottom teams is bigger than it used to be and Norwich's injury list is huge
  14. Yeah, treat them as a free hit and express yourselves. Whereas we decide to dominate possession for media kudos
  15. He does have a real tendency to overcomplicate things it seems. 3 opportunities missed so far this season with the Wolves, Chelsea and United games. We have extremely talented players so let them play!!
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