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  1. It's not something I'm going to get used to!
  2. I don't think Foxxed is very keen on Brexit. And yet some opposed to Brexit will willingly vote for a guy who'd facilitate a £10 an hour minimum wage, never mind what that would do for inflation and never mind the truism that it's not how many £'s an hour you earn so much as what those pounds will buy - and for how many people - given that a whole lot of employees would be shed if businesses became unprofitable. I notice the gloom merchants have nothing to say about the economic impact of being able to tap billions of founds worth of shale and other gas both onshore and off, once we come to our senses and start getting on with the job of getting at it.. And even some of the "negatives" mentioned actually offer opportunities for our existing residents, who should never have been neglected or disadvantaged in the first place. If anyone seriously believes people are not going to be keen to trade with the UK, they're bad-dreaming. I said little or nothing about economic upsides after the Brexit decision because I knew there'd be swings and roundabouts, some with UK dimensions and others related much more to other events. But will Brexit actually happen. I'm still not convinced. There are so many cancers eating against the idea but it has to happen for me. Britain needs to be a leader instead of a follower again even a leader only of itself - and I hope France is starting to feel the same. Maybe a new form of European co-operation will evolve because it needs to and quickly if anything is to remain in 10 years time. But there'll need to be some radical re-thinking and I don't mean Corbynism and that kind of road to ruin although that doesn't mean there doesn't need to be a whole lot more incentive for the advancement of lower income people and improved aspirational opportunities for those people and their families. And that should centre on an emphasis of responsibility involving everyone. The nation for its citizens (their health, fitness, education, opportunities etc), the people for their families and those they work for and employers for their staff and their local communities to quote a few examples. As I've always said about human rights - it's a flawed concept without human responsibility. And right now too many responsibilities for our communities are being neglected all round. We can set an example to others but can only be responsible for our own communities because the wider responsibilities become the more the system is stretched and the weaker it becomes, resulting in the demise of many an empire throughout history and now blatantly apparent in the creaking of the EU. . ..
  3. Bright move by LePen to stand as an Independent. She'll do well despite all the assumptions about Macron. Strikes me that France needs to get her identity back and that won't happen under Macro who will likely be sucked into the unyielding whirlpool of Junckerisation.
  4. The definition of an enemy is: "a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something". There are all sorts on here who actively oppose and are hostile to things I say. Can't imagine it changing. As for your being right or wrong it depends on your outlook. Me, I think a debating forum depends on argument, disagreement and controversy rather as the body needs blood and oxygen. As soon as everyone agrees the forum dies. .
  5. ALL down to the people responsible for her? How's that? Might it not be down to whoever abducted, harmed, sold or killed her if any of those things happened? And more expecially if they shouldn't have been free to roam in the first place. The McCanns might have been stupid, some might say negligent. But that doesn't in any way excuse what others might have done in relation to Madeleine. Nor does it excuse "if, but and maybe" speculation.
  6. If anyone else had anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine the parents are not "100%" responsible at all. And everything you say or quote is speculation. "Apparently" crying, "may have been" awoken, "theory has it that", "snatched or ran over or something of that nature".....what on earth is convincing about any of it?
  7. I'd imagine at least half the world would have "issues" with your level of "issues" criteria but then, when I read the papers, listen to the news and add in my experiences on Leicester market and one or two other areas, you could well be right.
  8. Their appealing, cajoling and constant whinging to the officlals all but guarantees them some advantage, especially at home. One-one's the best we can expect providing Was' is nowhere near the place and we come up with Champions :League style commitment.
  9. And speaking for every parent in the land .....
  10. Macron will doubtless be sucked into the vacuum of misguided EU Junckerisation, nice guy or not. .
  11. What's the optimum time? My wife and I lost our youngest three times having taken our eyes off him for less than a minute each time. Worst feeling in the world and, if anything criminal had happened to him, I'd have welcomed the authorities shooting me once I'd dealt with anyone who'd harmed him because I certainly wouldn't trust the authorities to handle that aspect. i know what some of the bad guys are like and any idiot pretending they're going to change is just kidding himself and everyone else.
  12. So pleased for the guy. Has earned success and respect just by being himself.
  13. That's a sad, but so accurate, commentary on our country today. It's an appalling place and I could give chapter and verse were i so inclined. But while drugs dealers get a rap on the knuckles for potentially ruining "only" half a dozen lives, while paedos are hostelled less than half a mile from a big school in Leicester and murderers are welcomed to our land as immigrants, it's clear to me that the authorities' attitudes to protecting people are pathetic. You've only got to gauge opinion on here to realise we haven't got the will for it - and that's not calling you folk out specifically, it's the norm and some in my own family are no different. We're educated to believe in the Brotherhood of Man for all that there's never been one - only lots of smaller "brotherhoods" supporting particular legal or illegal outlooks as a means of advancement, survival and/or self/collective protection.
  14. Absolutely., except I'd say Drinkwater's waning too and lacks too much of what we need from a midfielder complimenting N'didi. It's not that he just needs a break either, he's just not sharp enough, creative enough or a good enough marksman to take us further. Yes, he'd still serve adequately as a squad player but I'd doubt he'd want that any more than James, Mendy or Amartey. I don't know about Kingy. He seems to accept being a squad member and. as such, is competently reliable for no other reason than he moves the ball quickly and accurately on the floor, without any undue risk of losing it. But really we need much more than that now, to keep pace with the big boys. Somehow we need to move forward from having a first team squad and adequate reserves to having a first team squad and equal or very nearly equal replacements.