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  1. Because Shakespeare would already know what he could do, would have monitored his performance in training and perhaps considered that other people were more deserving of the shirt. That might have been to do with Gray's footballing form, assessment of his demeanour, commitment or all sorts of other reasons. Lots of squad members get left out of a team who probably want to be playing as well. Albrighton at times, King, Amartey, Musa, Slimani, Benalouane. Chilwell. Why all this touting of Gray? Has he done more in his time on the pitch than the others? Not from what I've watched. In terms of situation Chilwell's the closest to Gray and, like Gray, he doubtless wants as much game time as he can get. Yet he's keeping his head down, developing his game and improving people's trust in him with every opportunity he gets. Both these young players have made mistakes. Gray's responded by disappearing a lot of the time. Chilwell's responded by continuing to stay involved and to give all the support for his colleagues that he can. Gray should learn from that. .
  2. To what positive end?
  3. It wouldn't be my approach, I'd have told Mahrez the figure required was £40,000 and until such a bid was submitted in writing we wouldn't even answer the phone. If there's no transfer and Mahrez does his best wearing our shirt, no problem. If not, he could stay at home til he shows he appreciates the responsibilities he committed to in his contract. Leicester City is a football club according to the Cambridge Dictionary a club is defined thus: "an organization of people with a common purpose or interest, who meet regularly and take part in shared activities." Leicester City is not a Riyad Mahrez benevolent society. But I don't see that Mahrez has a "common purpose". His purpose these days doesn't seem to be Leicester City. but Riyad Mahrez, Yet I'd bet he's still happy to take his wages..
  4. You can't go round thinking like that! The thought police dictate who you should like. You should like everyone and that's the end of it.
  5. People like Ronaldo would respond to that positively. There's a big difference between the two. Ronaldo demands a lot of people but starts with himself. Gray makes demands while sitting on a sand dune instead of a mountain.
  6. We'll see how it pans out but I'd be bringing in some insurance pdq. It's interesting you talk of subtle differences. There's Morgan - an absolute giant in terms of achievement - saying how he welcomes competition and considers it healthy for the team while Gray's effectively saying "play me or else". The problem for Shakespeare is that if he lets one player hold a gun to his head there's little but integrity to stop other players doing the same, and I know which attitude I prefer for all that I understand the sometimes justified frustrations of people who think they're being overlooked. Bottom line? It's team spirit won us The Premiership. And we should never forget it.
  7. What disappoints me more than Mahrez's disappointing season was Gray's failure to make a case for more game time. Like a Catherine Wheel, he usually came in with a whoosh but very soon there was just a flickering flame and then nothing. When Albrighton made mistakes he was like a man possessed trying to remedy the situation. If he delivered a bad cross, he tried again and again. His head never dropped an inch nor his demeanour. Like so many others who perfectly fit the character of our team he dared to be bad, he dared to keep trying things, he dared to run himself to a standstill and to believe that he'd get through it and and finally help us in whatever way to achieve something.It really does take guts to stay involved in a game where things are going wrong both for you and for others and the crowd are getting uppity. But we have so many players who do keep trying and believing. And if Gray needs a hero to look to he could so easily turn to Ronaldo who sets a shining example for constantly improving his game and persisting with this, that and anything else he can think of to make things happen and to make defenders uncomfortable. Wingers don't win every battle but they need to develop an outlook which refuses to give defenders a moment's peace whatever they say and do to make life difficult. Gray's not like that at all as yet. Let him know you're there, torment him some, get tight enough to keep his head down and he soon quietens down But the greats lose the ball once, twice, however many times and still come at you again til they force a mistake and finally unhinge even organised defences.
  8. Mahrez is out of the equation for me and I see less than 1 chance in 20 that Gray has the ability to replace him. Even what you've set casts doubt on the lad because 1 good decision out of three for 20/25 minutes a game is poor reward for the faith so many seem to show in him. I'd want a lot better decision-making, much quicker seeing of the pictures before making those decisions, lots more involvement in games even when he's up against it and a much greater end product in terms of goals, assists and other positive contributions. Finally I'll like to be convinced he actually wants to play in our team in the way that so many clearly do. Because right now all I'm convinced of is a lad that wants to earn lots of money on the back of flamboyant but limited-input football. Shakespeare seems to disagree with me and to greatly value the lad so I'll emphasise here and now that I would love to be wrong and will happily say so should the case be made. But I don't mean a one-off game, praiseworthy though that would be. But significant contributions game after game whether he's the star or not.
  9. And it will be a worse one this season if we don't replace Mahrez properly.
  10. Whatever happens with Gray I can see this being our big problem area when Mahrez leaves.
  11. The kamikaze boys eh - what a sight as they flew at the target from all angles.
  12. Two falls, two submissions or a knockout and with slide tackles longer than Demarai's face when he's not been selected....can't wait. .
  13. Sounds like he'd certainly fit the "King Power Para's" hardcase theory I believe our team might well be based on this season. And there a ready made "spiritual" song which can be adapted every which way... .Chorus Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen (Sing it over) Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen And any kind of adapted verses.... eg. Awesome when he blocks a goal, Amen, Faces the ball and swallows it whole, Amen, Amen, Amen. Etc, etc, down any path that's appropriate. Just in fun this - I've no idea if he's any good.
  14. He might not have been comfortable but he was competent enough to help us win a title and more...playing in every game. Much of this is just FT members wanting to see their new toys in action. Morgan's better than some Premiership centre-halves with a bad back, blindfold and standing on one leg. Year on year he's given absolutely everything for our cause. I remember Hernandez, a few months before his unlamented departure ducking out when someone whacked the ball fiercely towards him, threatening to part his immaculately groomed hair. Then there was Benny getting climbed all over by Benteke and looking like a schoolboy among stormtroopers as we were whacked by Kane. Benny had good days too and I don't doubt Hernandez as well in the warmer and gentler surrounds of Spain but I've never seen Morgan bullied once. He's put his body on the line time and again for our club and often as the last man standing. Morgan's never been quick but he's been there, big, strong and immovable like our very own rock of Gibraltar when the bullets were flying. This isn't a promotional exercise. I don't know Morgan's current state but am happy to let Shakespeare decide who should play where and when, according to everyone's merits when the time comes. Morgan and Huth have already proved themselves heroes - any new centre-back has got to make their name to make and I see no sense in pre-judging anything.
  15. Maguire might be from Aymen Corners.