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  1. Key difference being Thauvin will frustrate us after being brought in for for nothing, whereas Under would cost us 25 million pieces of paper with the queens picture on to frustrate us. With the football brains of Britain having already seen what Under can do, Thauvin is already infinitely better
  2. You can enter the ballot for a season ticket as a member regardless. The ballot prioritises on membership points I believe, so the more points you have, the more chance you have of being successful in the ballot. I think two seasons ago people were getting selected with around 40 points. You start with 0, get one point per match ticket purchased, then 10 points for renewing. Its a slow process, though I was handicapped by thinking I could only move my S/T a set amount of times a season, turns out I could move for every game as the club understood the reasoning behind it
  3. Bought Pokemon Shield at the beginning of the month. Safe to say it has taken over all my gaming hours and is still very much like the games on the old gameboy
  4. Friend of mine had this issue as well. They have a cut off point for selling them since last season which I can only put down to having too many members now
  5. Get them on the membership scheme without delay. Even if you don't get them to a game, renewing every year gives you 10 points per season per membership. My two are 3 and 6 and before the outbreak we were going every game. After three seasons with my daughter having a membership, she's within range of the season ticket points requirement. My lad is some way off still as I was stupid enough to not get him a membership at birth
  6. I'm hoping they release an optimized patch for RDR. Still haven't played it properly and would buy it if this happened
  7. I'm losing this generation to my kids at the minute! Every time I pick the controller up my 3 year old either wants to play Power Rangers or Capcom vs Marvel. I got 20 minutes with Halo: Master Chief Collection over the weekend and he took the rest! Certainly good value when the household is using gamepass as well, even my daughter gets involved with the fighting games, wants me to download the Disneyland game now though!
  8. This was pretty much my reaction to it as well. Usually I've always gone for the PS at launch and picked and Xbox up later. Definitely feel I've gone the right route this generation
  9. I've started watching all or nothing with Man City. Last night was the episode where they beat us 5-1 at the Etihad and the were focussing on Aguerro after the match. His lad had asked him to get Jamie Vardy's shirt. We're talking about a child who's dad is Sergio Aguerro, his godfather is Lionel Messi, grandfather was Diego Maradona, but the shirt he wanted was Jamie Vardy! I had to laugh. Even Aguerro said with the shirt, "he's a phenomenon".
  10. Sheff Utd and WBA are gone for me. The final place is anybody's but this year I just feel Brighton's luck may be out
  11. Do we know if the arena is still part of the plans? I thought a read on here it had been dropped
  12. Based on that timeline it wouldn't surprise me if this will be an Xbox exclusive
  13. Nuts to waiting. As much as I want to be there and experience it all, just take the win and the silverware. We're in a tremendous position at the minute but we need to turn it into silverware to keep players interested in coming to us and expanding the fanbase. I think a trophy is very important in the next 2-3 years or else we could be looked upon as just another nearly club. Besides, I've already watched us climb Everest, it aint getting any better than what happened in that season even if we do ever pull it off again!
  14. Yeah he is awful. I got as far as the last of his missions to save Catwoman and gave up, he can have her. Annoying as I really wanted to hit him
  15. Received WatchDogs Legion for Christmas. Don't get as much time with my games like I used to but I'd say I'm about 10 hours in and so far very enjoyable. Some of the characters you play as are a bit annoying though, and far too keen to help and divulge information to random strangers for a secret online hacking group for my liking
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