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  1. From what I've seen of Ziyech so far in the premier league, it would seem our scouting team were right to not go in heavily on him. Chelsea will try recouping as much as they can from him, not sold on either player either way
  2. Doubtful. My mate joined the queue 20 minutes ago and there was over 4k ahead of him
  3. Which with the low threshold on away points is the club trying to appease everyone and putting us all in a "default" ballot. Absolute shambles
  4. Fixed at £67.50 for a return and do not for a second think it will be discounted. We'll still have to pay the price EMT set regardless. Currently, that's the cheapest price for the train.
  5. Didn't Robertson join Hull from Scotland? Sure he was at Motherwell
  6. Are Barca likely to let this happen with the news that they might be offloading Coutihno to Everton?
  7. How goods your pancreas?
  8. Fired up Battlefield 1 through gamepass last night. Left it at starting to take the tank through the fog. For a game that was released in 2016, it looks superb still running on the series X. Has it had any sort of upgrade with the new consoles?
  9. Not just me, Sky have said its the Italian Grand Prix next 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Quite right. Getting mixed up with all the naming! Regardless, another unforgiving track
  11. Enjoyed that. Max will have the bit between his teeth now and with one of my favourite tracks in racing next at Mugello it hopefully should be a good one. Mugello in general last year was absolute chaos, good track where mistakes are properly punished
  12. As much as I'm happy it looks like there's an actual fight for the title this year, I'd rather it not be Red Bull. Can't stand Horner at all! No problem at all with Max
  13. Didn't think he had a bad game yesterday to be honest. Some nice play at times, got at them in the high press, just lacked a goal
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