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  1. I think stop overthinking it. He doesn't look like someone edging for the exit to me. The owners at Arsenal and Manchester United would be so much harder to work for.
  2. Yep you play to the whistle. Schoolboy stuff. They should be embarrassed if they truly stopped defending because the flag was up.
  3. Inspired. Absolutely inspired. To see we needed Iheanacho on the field, I bet no-one at home was calling for it. Unbelievable manager.
  4. We've got a Wenger'esque trait of trying to score the perfect goal at the moment, we were the same against Brighton. Smash it.
  5. Hope we ****ing smash their ***** in now.
  6. Get ****ed shithouses. CHuffed for Nacho.
  7. Who is this ref? He's in way over his head, total encouragement of Everton to butcher us.
  8. Dive from Chilwell that tbh. The second one on Perez is stonewall and should be given by VAR.
  9. Think that's a pen honestly, don't know what Carragher's on about. Perez is about to shoot and he's barged off the ball.
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