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  1. Bryn

    Why can't we score

    We don't move the ball quickly enough, the movement off the ball is predictable, we tend get funneled wide and either deliver poor crosses or even when they're good we have absolutely no-one in the team who can get onto them. Our main attacking threat, in fact our only one, is Vardy and he's not suited at all to the system we play.
  2. Bryn

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    We don't deserve that, we've been dreadful and I think Fulham have looked good. Take it though.
  3. Bryn

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    What the **** has he gone to ground for ?
  4. Bryn

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 152 seconds  
  5. Didn't stand out but looks very comfortable at that level, no errors, some good runs forward and one delightful ball into the box that ought to have been used better. I think he might be first choice. I'm optimistic that he was subbed last night because he's starting on Sunday.
  6. Just read this, what a crock of shit. There is no compromise on leaving the EU that suits 48% of British people who voted to remain. Whatever agreement is struck is unlikely to suit more than that many people who voted leave. We shouldn't be leaving.
  7. Still don't think this will happen. British public didn't give informed consent for any of this, no doubt in my mind a second referendum would reject Brexit.
  8. I reckon he nails down England's left back spot this season. He looks a hell of a player and he's consistent and reliable. Why try and work around Shaw's fitness and whether or not Rose is in the first team when Chilwell is outplaying them both anyway?
  9. Bryn

    Kasper Speaks

    I said when he went through his period of poor form, we could sign a better keeper technically if we were prepared to throw enough money at it, but the loss of the man would be enormous. I think he's settled as well, be very surprised if he didn't have a long future ahead of him at Leicester.
  10. Bryn

    Red Dead 3

    One hundred percent you can just sit and play the missions and progress rapidly. If you deviate from missions it will because you're enjoying doing something else.
  11. Aye, and I think a huge part of the KP strategy is having King Power all over the world wherever the PL is shown. There will be plenty of room for sentiment but Top will know part of his father's vision was that alongside the community, family, warmth and generosity, there is a business empire to grow. The training ground would be a great thing I think. And perhaps a stand at the ground, we could do with some more personalisation of the stands. Expand one of them and call that double decker the Khun Vichai stand.
  12. Think we all knew, I imagine there were all sorts of things that needed dealing with, notifying next of kin, probably liaising with the Thai authorities etc. Incredibly sad news.
  13. Bryn

    Helicopter crash

    What awful news for the people and family involved first and foremost but also for anyone associated with the club. Utter tragedy whatever way you look at it.
  14. Bryn

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    We need more of a focal point in attack to make this system work. Vardy is ill suited to it, and in many ways you have to fault Puel for designing a system that fails to extract the best from his star player. We'd do better with a fully fit Slimani up top.