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  1. I'm out the loop, what's happened with Vardy?
  2. Twice Iheanacho has fallen over and stayed down for no reason. Dick.
  3. Look at that replay, neither Mendy nor Ndidi have anyone to pick up and they still both stood off the midfielder.
  4. Absence of pressure on the second ball also a major issue.
  5. Gonna be a lot like the Everton game this. We're bad but they might be worse.
  6. Is anyone else getting a hint of an attitude problem with Chilwell?
  7. I think I would dispense with Puel at this point. The style of play is pedestrian, predictable and poorly suited to our players.
  8. They're wrecking Danny Simpson. Usually so solid but not today.
  9. Not sure why Evans has been dropped the last few games. Thought we looked better with him in the team. Think Albrighton is unfortunate as well.
  10. Feels like he's been around forever. Amazing he's only 29. He's a good player and I think will still be a good squad player at the end of this deal.
  11. The lack of a respectable Opposition is really costing this country at the moment, I think even most Tories must crave someone to properly hold the Government to account. I wish Corbyn would **** off.
  12. Unbelievable. What a useless set of ****ing *****.
  13. A couple disagreed with me last time I said this but I'll say it again, you can make a very strong argument that he's the best single signing we've ever made, in terms of price and the impact he had. He came into a defence that simply wasn't quite good enough to keep us up, despite how hard the team worked and actually the quality throughout the team, and took it to another level, a level capable of winning us the league and taking us to the quarter final of the CL.
  14. Get him straight in the team.
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