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  1. They're still in the early 2000s.
  2. Grealish and Maddison are both good. I prefer Maddison because he's "ours", but Grealish would probably have a similar impact in our side. I have a feeling Maddison is perhaps the technically better footballer and Grealish the stronger competitor.
  3. I think Tielemans is taking too hard a beating. He's definitely off-form, he looks knackered to me and you can see it in his decision making and reaction times, they're just a step off the rest of the team. But he's still keeping things ticking over in a side succeeding on all fronts and he's still getting up and down the pitch. I think it should be mandatory for Leicester fans to watch a game from earlier this millenium once a week. Go watch that game where we threw Jason Jarrett in and got excited, or where Ritchie Wellens was the pinnacle of creativity, or where we had to use Harry Worley in centre-mid and went down.
  4. I think this is a real watershed moment for Leicester City. It would take us a good few years of sustained success to really push ourselves to a higher plane but I think it is possible. We're one of the best run clubs in the country. Arsenal, Man Utd and to a degree Spurs are a shitshow and Chelsea aren't exactly stable either. Qualifying for the CL this season is huge. I think we're going to have to really dig our heels in on players leaving, which gets a lot easier if we make the CL, and then push on with some seriously ambitious signings. If we can make consecutive CL seasons, our ability to offer big wages (200k+) really kicks on. New training ground, probably a stadium expansion, and suddenly you've got a club that can certainly compete with some of Europe's top clubs. We'll never have the financial power of a Man Utd but suddenly we have adequate finances and far better administration.
  5. Load of whingey little sh1ts in the match thread as per. Villa defended like Spartans but we kept going and got the goal. Fancy we do them in the return, they've got bigger fish to fry. I don't like Chilwell at wingback and Tielemans surely needs a rest.
  6. Yeah Chilwell at left wing back isn't for me. Doesn't have enough in his all round game, needs to be in tandem with a quality winger.
  7. Think we're being a bit harsh, Villa are parking the bus and doing it well. Their keepers has a blinder.
  8. I'd take Fuchs off and bring on Iheanacho for extra presence in the box.
  9. Chilwell has got to start making things happen. Take your man on ffs
  10. Not a yellow for Vardy and no foul by Pereira, ref needs to get a grip.
  11. They can fck off, crap midtable team with crap midtable players.
  12. Yep happy to keep them on, they don't let us down when they play, but don't expect to play and are obviously massive behind the scenes.
  13. We'll find out what went wrong for Drinkwater one day. There's something that's happened behind the scenes.
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