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  1. The debt has grown under Tory government. You can tart around bigging them up all you want, they promised they'd reduced the deficit and it's grown, how can you excuse that? Every single aspect of public life is worse and they haven't even managed to improve the economy, it's lose lose under further Tory rule.
  2. I don't consider it negative or regression to think that. Some people seem to think we are destined for a run at the top and entitled to have top managers and top players sign for the club and that has never been the case for Leicester City. It's not regression; this season was regression. We still have an opportunity to build something great at Leicester; get some of the academy kids coming through, re-establish our scouting and sports medicines departments as world leaders, find a manager who can develop an ethos at the club and find the right players to fit into that and become a perennial, competitive Premier League side. But I don't think that's going to come of sniping Borussia Dortmund's manager.
  3. Some of you really are in for a shock next season. Tuchel, Blanc, Mancini, de Boer, give me strength. We've wasted our opportunity as top dogs by making poor signings and allowing our manager to go batshit and ruin everything. We're not a top Premier League club anymore and I think some of you are yet to realise that that bump you felt was us coming back down to Earth, I still love this club and the players for what they've done and respect Shakespeare for his tenure here but I really think some of you need to get some perspective, or you're going to feel very disappointed next season.
  4. If we gave him time and resources I think he'd do a brilliant job, the squad needs refreshing anyway. I don't think he will leave Celtic though, certainly not for us. He will rebuild his stock and look for a top European job.
  5. He's right though. Simpson is a round peg in a round hole and King is a loyal servant but neither are top class players. Fuchs, Morgan and Huth have declined as footballers in the last 12 months. Mahrez, Schmeichel and possibly (although I agree least likely) Vardy may well be off. Most of our signings since Ranieri arrived have not been good enough for a variety of reasons; see Slimani, Musa, Mendy, Hernandez, Inler, Kapustka, Amartey, Wague. I think a huge overhaul is needed, the current team and tactic will not deliver sustained success, great as they have been.
  6. Why are the crowd singing for Esteban Cambiasso?
  7. Some proper tits on here like.
  9. I really like Craig Shakespeare and I consider the Spurs result an anomaly. My feeling is he represents a Leicester side that is approaching its end. There's no point in dwelling on the Pearson/Ranieri era, the net result of which is an established Premier League side with reason to look up at the top 7. Shakespeare is the right man to get the most out of the existing squad and system, but my feeling is the squad and tactical approach needs an overhaul and I don't think Shakespeare is the man to do that. I felt that before his appointment and I still think it and to be honest I don't think he could have changed my mind.
  10. I think part of the problem is no one sees the value in with taxes they pay. For all we complain, we do have a country where the roads are viable, the health service will fix you for free, the police are relatively impervious to corruption, the politicians do have to make a vague attempt at justifying their actions, our armed forces do deter aggression and are capable of influencing other nations, the bins are taken, fires are put out and so on. We have it pretty good in this country and I think lifting the minimum standard of living can only benefit middle income families in the long run.
  11. That strikes me as a good policy. Stings the employer (bank, let's be honest) rather than the employee but is a small percentage of the actual bonus. So companies that are profitable and want to reward that still probably will give the bonuses and the Treasury takes a cut, or they'll decide actually that employee doesn't warrant the bonus in the first place and hopefully discourage their use.
  12. Quite.
  13. I haven't got a bloody clue who to vote for in this Election, I really don't. For me it's going to be based primarily on the health service. I think it's one of the most important things anyway, and of course being employed by it makes it all the more relevant. There's no doubt in my mind that the Tories deliberately undermine the NHS, which cannot be tolerated. If they were honest about their intentions and wanted a proper debate about the future of the NHS and how to pay for it, I could get on board with that, but they won't, they will just run it down until it collapses. I also don't believe they generally have the welfare of the majority of the people at heart, I think they want a status quo where the prosperous continue to prosper and the less well-off stagnate. I saw the plans for the NHS from Labour this morning. Just looks like chucking more money into the black hole for me. And more nonsensical arbritrary targets; in addition to the dreaded four hour window which causes emergency departments to abandon proper triage and treatment in favour of simple firing off patients in every direction to get them out before the window closes, they now want a one-hour window for the "most urgent" cases (and to reiterate, the window is to see them, treat them AND move them, not just resuscitate them). How can that be a good thing? Surely you want a system where the most critically unwell patients are seen immediately and thereafter the nurses and doctors have the resources and confidence to triage, treat and transfer as appropriate? And how do you define urgent? Some heart attacks and strokes are small and/or do not necessitate emergency treatment, others require an immediate action to preserve life and function. How do you legislate for that? You need your clinicians to do that. I don't even know what the Lib Dems stand for, and I feel like a vote for anyone else is just handing the Tories an even larger majority. There seems to be no centre-ground anymore. Time for PR I think, invariably in these elections you end up with a situation in which 50.5% of the population get what they want and the other 49.5% are horrified. That can't be right.
  14. I don't think he's quite there defensively and positionally but the raw attributes are all there. I think he needs first team football to progress and I hope it's with us.