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  1. I suspect that this guy is going to need a significant settling period.
  2. That's a gorgeous finish, immense composure. That's atypical of him. Looks confident, making his England debut has maybe given him a shot of belief.
  3. If Tielemans, Praet and Maddison are the players we think they are, we should create chances tonight, irrespective of who plays up top.
  4. Let them. This would be so ****ing boring, same teams playing each other every week, every year. It'd collapse on itself. Then I'd have them right back to the lowest tier of English football imaginable when it does.
  5. Grealish being better isn't to say Maddison is shit by the way.
  6. I think Grealish is quite clearly better than Maddison.
  7. Both those penalties, Christ, zero contact for both.
  8. I honestly just want these clubs to leave the English game at this stage. Make no mistake, the quality and wealth of the rest of English football would diminish for the loss of Manchester United and Liverpool, but I would really rather watch a poorer, lower quality but more honest, united English top flight. Let them go have their super league and let the shitty YouTube generation and foreign fans have it.
  9. I think I am doing to dispense with my interest in football. This is the future of it. They are going to use the current economic crisis to cement their total control over the game and eliminate any prospect of smaller teams competing with them. Be thankful you got to watch our club win the league when it was still a competition, and find new hobbies I reckon.
  10. Inb4 our owners wanted to charge £20.
  11. They can **** off at £15. I don't care if the game is suffering, they should have put money away for a rainy day, same as the rest of us.
  12. It is a truly dreadful Wales side, hard to draw any real conclusions.
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