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  1. It's absolutely a must win in the sense that the harm a defeat will cause, on the points board, psychologically, would be absolutely devastating. Any other interpretation is semantics, if you want to be a pedant and say there's X amount of points left fine, but defeat tomorrow is absolutely inconceivable if this team wants to be playing CL football next season.
  2. Hope the players aren't approaching it like that.
  3. It's the absolute definition of must win.
  4. If that's true they want docking the rest of their wages for the season and lose every single bonus they stood to earn from the season.
  5. A new promoted club would have a punt on him I think if he's fit, mentally and physically.
  6. Whiney little c'nt, he'd be absolutely nothing if it wasn't for us and he'd have faded back to nothing if he'd joined that sinking ship. Look where they are now.
  7. Kevin de Bruyne has been unbelievable. No shame in struggling to get a touch against a player of that calibre, he's an all time great.
  8. I would take Perez off here. Its not a criticism of him, I just don't think he has a role to play in this game. I'd bring in another centre mid.
  9. Bollocks this, he's trying to be all style and no substance. Good finish though.
  10. Yep that's the right call. He's not done enough. No hard feelings.
  11. Off you **** Man United, vastly superior side won. It's some side this. Can take anyone when it wants to.
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