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  1. Crikey, I'm amazed he's actually done it. No chance Kane is fit.
  3. Really poor. Rice and Phillips non-existent, sloppy play from Sterling, Foden and Mount, and Kane just clearly isn't fit, he looks like he's wading through treacle. Pickford, Mings, Shaw have done alright, rest very underwhelming.
  4. We can't vaccinate against and prevent the spread of cancer in the manner we do with COVID-19, it's chalk and cheese. I'm not even saying I'm currently pro-lockdown but you can't just say these things without thinking.
  5. An estimated 979 000 (95% confidence interval 954 000 to 1 001 000) excess deaths occurred in 2020 in the 29 high income countries analysed. All countries had excess deaths in 2020, except New Zealand, Norway, and Denmark. The five countries with the highest absolute number of excess deaths were the US (458 000, 454 000 to 461 000), Italy (89 100, 87 500 to 90 700), England and Wales (85 400, 83 900 to 86 800), Spain (84 100, 82 800 to 85 300), and Poland (60 100, 58 800 to 61 300). New Zealand had lower overall mortality than expected (−2500, −2900 to −2100). In many countries, the estimated
  6. Oh, you're pro lockdown I see.
  7. We don't ration life saving treatment based on age in this country. I don't care if you're 33 or 133, if I think the treatment will benefit you I will offer it to you. We rationalise the treatment available to patients, for the most part, based on what the likely outcome is. It's the easiest thing in the world to pump a 90 year old full of chemo, but it is highly unlikely to work and merely tortures the person to death and deprives them of a chance to spend their final days at home with their family. I think early in the pandemic there may have been a higher threshold to admit pati
  8. Think it's less to do with the virus itself, per se, and more the state the NHS is in. >95% capacity and hardly any of that is COVID, it's just all the other shit that's suddenly appeared out the woodwork. Think they just want another month of vaccinating, especially in areas that are really struggling. Don't think this will rumble on, if anything I think they'll open up sooner than they've said.
  9. Was just thinking that, tubby little **** he was for us.
  10. Not sure I'd want a Leicester defender organising the defence when it comes to corners after this season
  11. Fancy Caglar to have a banging tournament.
  12. I agree with that really. I think this is just paper talk, we've been linked every year. But I like him and would be happy to sign him, especially at a cut price if his contract is winding down.
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