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  1. Absolute ****ing mess.
  2. Bryn

    England Squad Announced

    This is ****ing brilliant, this is Bob Mortimer isn't it? What's it from?
  3. Bryn

    Dragovic countdown thread..

    Agreed, I'd add to this we can probably find a better centreback for the price.
  4. Bryn

    Halfords Autocentre (Tigers Way)

    The way I feel about going to a mechanic makes me understand why people are skeptical about doctors and why it's so critical that we're monitored so aggressively. I know **** all about cars and could be so easily ripped off because I don't know how to refute their claims and just want to be safe. I hate taking my car in.
  5. Bryn

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    I like Slimani. I think if we had a systrm that suited him he'd have done well. His injury record now is concerning though. Why did we spend £30m on a player who we weren't planning on playing?
  6. Bryn

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    I'd ****ing love to be a scout. Fly around the world on the clubs dollar, watching football? Yes please. I appreciate it won't all be fun and games, like any job, there'll be presentations and a shitton of reports to write and for every good report you get through you probably have to sift through a whole bunch of chaff, but still.
  7. Did he play against us for Porto? Either way if he did that's the only time I've seen him play but what I've read is immensely promising. Getting him and a centre-back in early would be delightful.
  8. One of the better kits we've had to look at. Its completely fine. Reckon the colour will look different in reality.
  9. Bryn

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 72 seconds  
  10. Bryn

    Jamie Vardy

    Literally mentioned 3 posts above mine
  11. Bryn

    Jamie Vardy

    Here's something I was pondering and haven't seen mentioned (I haven't looked that hard); with there being a genuine prospect of Schmeichel and Morgan losing their place in the first XI, does Vardy take the armband?
  12. Bryn

    Puel 'sounded out" by St Etienne.

    Possibly a good outcome for all.
  13. Bryn

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    No question. None of the others come even close.
  14. Bryn

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Jamie Vardy is some player.
  15. Bryn

    Best Puma kit?

    16/17 is by far the nicest kit but 15/16 will be the one that comes with the memories.