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  1. That ChangeUK party is embarrassing, 2% of the vote so far. Literally haven't heard a peep out of them since they were formed, do they even have any policies? So disappointing, we desperately need a centre ground. Laura Kuenssberg is looking quite fit.
  2. Oh good, we're going to get a thick racist Prime Minister to go with our thick racist Brexit-loving populace.
  3. It's a not from me on the basis that I'm quite sure he'd want at least 100k a week absolute minimum.
  4. I always say this when people try to take the piss out of us for the Deeney Watford defeat in the play-offs. Both clubs were better for the outcome of that match, in hindsight.
  5. Doubt he will play that much, I think it makes sense for them to register him to play as he is good enough for that league but I think he'll want to take a step back if he's going to manage. Good player to have around if they need him though.
  6. I also think Man City are impressed with the way Zinchenko has stepped up and will give him another season to stake his claim.
  7. Don't see him going. Think he stays for at least another year. I don't think he's angling for a move and we won't want to sell him.
  8. Danny Simpson looks emotional, he did in that shot of arriving in at the dressing room as well. He loved it here.
  9. I think there'd be a considerably larger majority for Farage to be put on a lifeboat and cast into the North Sea than for Brexit.
  10. Far too much pessimism about. Performance dropped off second half because the players were absolutely knackered. They went toe to toe with one of the best domestic sides this country has ever seen and it took an absolute worldy from an unlikely source to see us off. Brave and incredibly promising performance at this level.
  11. Christ that's some finishing. Why is there no pressure on him though?
  12. Just me or is Tielemans not on it? Maddison on the otherhand is godlike.
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