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  1. I think Vardy has improved since we won the league and is one of the few that have. His all round game is better. We don't supply him as well and he's marked/teams play deeper so he scores fewer goals but as an individual player I think he's still improving. His touch, vision and passing are better.
  2. That's a great example of a bigger economy not being better by default. I'd imagine having an foreign people buy your houses increases the overall amount of wealth in New Zealand, but what's the point if your population is less happy and can't afford to buy somewhere to live?
  3. I'd need to look at the evidence (which is the sensible answer to any such discussion) but as a point of principle regarding the little lad if he's having thousands of seizures a year despite optimal antiepileptic medication clearly someone needs to start thinking outside the box and if there's evidence cannabis oil will help and the benefit outweighs the risk, it would seem worth discussing with the parents. With drugs in general I don't agree that there's "no evidence of harm" associated with them, as people seem to like to boldly proclaim, but I'm not in favour of criminalisation and it really does seem the government's attitude is overly rigid and not in keeping with the evidence available.
  4. What a silly thing to say.
  5. V The Blades - Match thread

    Their left back basically thumps Simpson every time they come up against one another, do they have history?
  6. V The Blades - Match thread

    Ruined that for myself my stream is miles behind. Vardy is in great form. Good finish.
  7. V The Blades - Match thread

    I think we're doing ok here, Sheff Utd are defending very well.
  8. another school shooting

    This is one of the more reasoned arguments against banning guns outright, they're so common in the States and a full amnesty would be so unlikely to happen. The law abiding gun owners are probably right in saying they'd give their weapons up and be left in a country which still has hundreds of thousands of firearms still in the hands of bad people. I think it's a bit of a case of where there's a will there's a way though.
  9. We should be improving food quality and more importantly animal welfare. Honestly, what is wrong with people? Everyone is so hateful and disinterested with anything outside of their own needs.
  10. I don't disagree but there are too many young people being told their only option is University and they're being charged a lot of money for something which ultimately they're not benefiting from and I think it would be for the greater good if there was a reduction in the overall number of degrees courses and a focus on widening access to higher quality training and education in general. As I've said I wouldn't slash everything non-vocational but the status quo is benefiting the universities and noone else. In principle I think higher education of all kinds should be free and ubiquitous but in practical terms thats very challenging to provide and it's a major issue that so many people are feeling compelled to pay thousands and have little to show for it afterwards.
  11. Of course they are of value, to certain standards and with limits on numbers. It's not right that there are graduates of good institutions in those kinds of fields with good degrees who struggle to find work because the value of their degree has been diluted. Pulling back on thrusting every young person into highest education without aim would of course need to be associated with an increase in their options in general and better investment into inclusive and diverse education at younger ages too. We need better access to employment outside of university too, those 16 to 18 year olds who want to get out of education and into work and training should also receive support and encouragement.
  12. Free or subsidised tuition for industries we lack graduates in seems utterly logically. I can't genuinely believe the amount of vloggers, bloggers and app designers we're producing is really helping society.
  13. I'd want a review of all degree courses and a demonstration of their direct link to revelant employment, and axing of any courses not contributing anything to its graduates beyond parties and debt, before I went anywhere near nursing training. But more students means more money for universities, presumably this means a bigger economy with no tangible improvement in the quality of life of the population as a whole.
  14. Depression

    I read the latter article. That's a disgustingly clickbaity title and I'm left wondering if the authors chose it because I'm not sure that's what they're arguing for. I definitely agree that we need to pull back from blanket use of SSRIs as the weapon of choice for depression as the evidence isn't as conclusive as was thought. They're very useful for some people and counterproductive in others. I think part of the problem is what we label depression is actually a very homogenous condition. It's often multifactorial and could be viewed as a spectrum with people who have a very behaviour-centred illness and those who have very tangible chemical imbalances. Then you have those who have a reactive illness which in some cases it might be dismissive to describe them as a disorder; is it a disorder to suffer low mood, anxiety and sleep disturbance after a profound bereavement, is that necessarily pathological or is it a natural process through which society has become extremely poor at supporting people? Decriminalisation of recreational drugs is a separate issue in many ways and one which needs far more research but I very much agree that restricting research because of personal views about drug taking is wrong, if evidence is needed and there is a chance of benefit then it must be pursued. I'd be incredibly wary of carpet bombing people with a load of other chemicals and I certainly don't like the notion that opioids are an effective treatment for anxiety.