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  1. Nailed on to go this summer. He might even have gone if we got CL. I think he wants a long career at the very top and Leicester will never offer that. I think he will respect our need to maximise the fee though. I think Chilwell is a very good leftback but selling him will allow us to keep everyone else and strengthen and essentially that's what our business model is going to be from now on.
  2. I thought he looked garbage, no idea what anyone was watching that first game he came on and people thought he looked good.
  3. Still a really great position for our club to be in. I know it's gutting but there's players coming back from injury, there's money in the pot, there's very clear deficiencies that can be worked on in the transfer market and on the training ground rather than rot through the club. I think we will do well again next season.
  4. Really hard to know how to setup. We have to win but I don't think we can just play our normal game and expect to do so with so many players out. I think we have to try and stay compact and force United wide. I think we can manage to deal with balls into the box. They're dangerous in the penalty area both in terms of getting a shot off and also running at defenders and drawing a penalty so we really have to try and prevent them attacking the box. They're also threatening from range but I think you have to trust in Kasper to handle that. I expect we will play 3-4-3 again and against United I think this is probably our best bet. United use a fairly rigid double pivot and I'd like to see Vardy and whoever the other striker is, I'd go with Iheanacho, sit on Matic and Pogba. That lets Ndidi deal with Fernandes and means we don't need to play a second defensive midfielder, especially as Morgan likes to step out of the defensive line to close down. If we can throttle them in midfield and force the wide attackers to the touchline we might negate them. Then we would need to move the ball purposefully to try and get at their weak areas. Wan-Bissaka tends to sit tight to the centre backs so I don't think we'd get as much joy in that channel but Brandon Williams looks a weak link at left back and I'd really like to see dangerous balls played into that channel for Vardy and the third attacker (which has been Perez but I think maybe I'd play Gray) to chase. It's going be a tough one.
  5. Been looking into them extensively. Skoda Karoq is a lot of car for the money, real bargain. Seat Ateca if you can't face owning a Skoda. Ford Puma if you want a smaller, more agile one. Peugeot 3008 if you want cutting edge looks. Range Rover Evoque or one of the Volvos or maybe a Jag if you want more premium.
  6. I'm not a fan. Bang average. Versatile I guess as a squad player.
  7. No, not necessarily. You have two branches of your immune system. The innate immune system is the 24 hour patrol that deals with things right off the bat. It uses readymade, generic defences to eliminate threats. Your adaptive immune system is the antibody-mediated, tailored response to a sustained or severe attack from a pathogen. It is possible to become unwell and have an innate response and even an early adaptive response which does not generate antibodies which last before the threat is eliminated. That's before we even discuss the fact that we don't know how long COVID antibodies last and the limitations of COVID antibody testing.
  8. All about performance today I feel. Whatever happens we still have to beat Man Utd.
  9. I quite like Cantwell and he would undoubtedly improve under our coaching but I'm not convinced he's quite what we need. I think we need to invest on the wings and up front.
  10. Schmeichel 7 - Little to do but did what was needed effectively. Justin 7 - I feel he gets a little better each game. Still very rough around the edges. Bennett 7 - Capable in these circumstances, with a deeper line and lot more protection. Morgan 8 - Fantastic performance. Calm, composed and authoritative. Even his distribution was good (I have to say I’ve never thought he was bad on the ball). For a man his age to come in having barely played and play that well is just phenomenal. Evans 7 - Still a few more uncharacteristic mistakes to his game last night than normal but settled and played his part in the clean sheet. Stepped out of defence nicely to start some of our more dangerous attacks. Thomas 8 - Incredible debut for a player who, whatever Brendan says, has come out of nowhere. Not as quick as Chilwell and perhaps not as good a dribbler but clearly an extremely intelligent player who can cross and pass very well. I watched him closely and what I thought was interesting is that senior players around him barely said a word to him, in a good way, they just didn’t need to, he knew where to be and what to do. In fact it was him pointing and telling Barnes where he wanted him to provide cover. Richly deserves his chance to stake a claim for the LB position. Ndidi and Tielemans 9 - I’m rating these two together because they were sensational in tandem, they totally bossed the game. I don’t think Sheff Utd played particularly badly, rather these two just didn’t let them play. Tackle after tackle, it wasn’t that the opposition were wasteful with the ball, they just kept being dispossessed by these two. Tielemans was the creative spark for the side and you do wonder if perhaps being the main playmaker in Maddison’s absence suits him. Perez 7 - Better in a central role without reaching the consistency and quality of Maddison. A finely taken goal and worked hard. Barnes 7 - Yes his finishing was wayward but he never stopped moving and being ready to finish when you’ve just hurtled into the area is a skill learned with time. He reminds me of Raheem Sterling about two years ago when he couldn’t finish his dinner and look at him now. Vardy 9 - The man is turning into the complete striker. I’m so glad MOTD highlighted it. He played like a trequartista; in the channels, in behind, dropping deep, balls over the top, he looked like Del Piero or Totti. I don’t think you will find a player who has improved their all round game this much at this stage of their career.
  11. We've needed leadership on the pitch and he brought it in spades. We can't play the way Brendan wants us to with Morgan at the back, but what a man to step in in such difficult circumstances. I just felt confident in him tonight.
  12. I only just heard that we're guaranteed European football and got a real swell of joy from it.
  13. They may or may not leave the club but there's no chance they're refusing to play because they're injured.
  14. What an incredibly mature, composed and accomplished display. Rodgers deserves massive credit for marshaling the resources he had so effectively, I thought we had the answer to everything a good Sheffield United side had to offer.
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