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  1. Looks their most dangerous player so far. It is a good signing for them, the way he drifts inside against tight defences.
  2. Nah I disagree, I feel like I can enjoy it. I had a long time to accept that Mahrez was leaving, he's gone to the best and we've made some decent signings with the money. I actually feel like I'm going to enjoy watching him and Walker down that side. They look lethal so far already.
  3. This will always limit his progress I think, he's a good midfielder with great understanding of the game and a phenomenal engine but his technique isn't good enough.
  4. Bryn

    Jamie Vardy ● Legend

    We're incredibly lucky to have him. You think back on cult hero English strikers who actually won silverware in the Premier League era and the list is short.
  5. Bryn

    Danny Drinkwater

    I'd take him on a loan, on reduced wages, with a view to a permanent move he proves his motivation and fitness.
  6. Bryn

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I'm expecting him to be 25 times better than Mahrez.
  7. Bryn

    Third Kit Released

    Not keen at all. Looks like a cheap macron Leeds shirt.
  8. Bryn

    Corrupt Qatar

    Aye if the FA wants to genuinely root out the corruption they need to not use it as an opportunity to take the WC on. We should categorically state that we do not want the 2022 WC and will support the investigation instead, else it's too easily smeared.
  9. Bryn

    jamaal lascelles

    This would represent remarkable business as I think Lascelles is quite possibly better than Maguire but I do not think Lascelles would come to us.
  10. Bryn

    Udinese Match Thread

    Think the idea is you kind of keep them running at a low intensity through the remaining summer break, never quite letting them come down from peak fitness but still allowing them some recovery from the World Cup, and ease them back into the new season slowly. Sports science is pretty sophisticated now and most clubs are in the same boat, it's not worth worrying about.
  11. Bryn

    Ramsay joins

    Tbh I think these players often get signed to make up the dev squas numbers.
  12. I'd have him if he's 100% fit. Anything less and it's a no from me.
  13. Bryn

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    I'm not averse to signing a new left back but this guy really isn't anything special.
  14. Have we not pulled the plug on this ****ing farce yet? Back out and do our ****ing homework next time. If Brexit means Brexit based on two ****ing cvnt percent then fine, but let's not do it to the ruin of all hey?
  15. Bryn

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Mark Bunn! This is great.