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  1. Kasper

    I think so many of our top players are out of form, you have to start looking at the coaching staff.
  2. Who do you want for Right back

    He's an immaculate defender. Id sooner we improved offensively in other areas.
  3. I would have if we nicked a win playing like that, we were very poor. Liverpool were also poor and if we got anything out of that game it'd have a lot to do with their errors.
  4. Players worked hard but I just don't get what the gameplan is. Never been in favour of CS as manager and I'm still unconvinced. I maintain that Ndidi looks like he needs a rest.
  5. Wilfred Ndidi

    He's ****ed like, look at him, blowing.
  6. Wilfred Ndidi

    He's gonna get slammed after the game so I'm going to get in early. He's knackered. Absolutely exhausted. Easy to forget how young he is and how many games he's playing in a midfield two with subpar players.
  7. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Ndidi is exhausted.
  8. Is he going to be good enough to get on the bench for the first team this season? I can't watch the games because the official site won't send me the confirm your email email for some reason.
  9. What's the deal with this George Thomas then?
  10. Demarai Gray

    He wouldn't need to. Beckham couldn't beat a man, he just crossed from deep. I don't think Albrighton couldn't have improved on his dribbling with us, he's much quicker and stronger than he used to be. But we've adapted him so he's not really had the chance. I'm not saying he'd be a top tier right winger, just that that would be his best position in terms of getting his chance creation stats up.
  11. Demarai Gray

    I think those blaming Albrighton for playing defensively need to take into account that he's probably being asked to play like that. He balances Mahrez. Albrighton's best position offensively would clearly be as an AMR.
  12. 3atb.

    I'm not saying we should go three at the back but I don't agree that we don't have the personnel for it. I think we could play that shape but it wouldn't be the bombastic, fluid, high intensity way the big teams play it. It'd would be quite defensive minded. Kasper Dragovic Morgan Maguire Albrighton ------------------------------------ Chilwell Iborra Ndidi Okazaki Vardy Iheanacho I'm not saying that's how I'd have us playing but it's not so terrible that I'd be starting a thread saying it's illogical. The limitations would be that our middle centreback Morgan wouldn't step into midfield well like Luiz or Fernandinho do and Morgan can't play as the wide centreback, our wingbacks wouldn't be as much of a force as bigger teams and it'd put a huge amount ofpressure on Vardy and Iheanacho to create and score chances.
  13. You're sort of both wrong, they are private entreprises but they have to operate within an NHS framework so probably more comparable to franchises in a way. They are free to generate income outside of their NHS contracts though, provided the NHS care isn't jeopardised.
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I'm inclined to think it's true. I don't think FIFA gives a **** about Leicester but having an innocent player effectively banned from football for almost 4 months is unpalatable for all involved.
  15. Could have had Silva in the summer.