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  1. Bryn

    Corona Virus

    I've always said I'm fine with the grotesque wealth in the Premier League as long as they're paying their taxes and that. They generate the wealth from all over the world and the taxation on that is surely a boon for the UK economy, so as long as they make a massive net contribution to the economy I'm absolutely fine with the numbers. Premier League clubs using the furlough scheme is a joke, taking money right from every one of us for nothing in return, and it is completely unacceptable. I will not pay another penny towards professional football in this country.
  2. Bryn

    Corona Virus

    Doubt there is any specific guidance. You could see if your local area has any restrictions on pollution but best bet is probably just to ask them politely if they could move the burner further away from your garden or something?
  3. Sensational performance from Barnes. Think Albrighton has had an effective game.
  4. GET IN! Beautiful take from Barnes, lovely ball from Albrighton. Richly deserved.
  5. So so much better, keep with it. Can see the confidence coming, the ball is suddenly going through the lines again.
  6. Christ. It's coming though, this is much better. Variety in the attack.
  7. Only caught the last 20. Appalling. I've been pretty reluctant to criticise us in our sticky patch but they were shocking, can tell the confidence has completely eroded.
  8. To be fair this is absolutely atrocious, the lack of composure is astounding. Where's the leadership out there?
  9. It's a bad rule that, for me. Neither in the spirit not the letter of a deliberate handball law. But it is the current interpretation of the rule and its rightly ruled out.
  10. Tielemans was either knackered or not trying at the end. Either way, shouldn't be on the pitch. I don't know how it goes missed every week.
  11. Iheanacho going off ruined our game plan. Vardy too isolated up top without him, he's having to drop deep to influence the game and that leaves noone in the box.
  12. Ah well, dead rubber game anyway, basically a friendly. Only one of the two sides will be in the UCL next season.
  13. ****ing joke. It's a penalty but so was the KDB one, exactly the kind of inconsistency VAR is meant to prevent. Man City disgust me. I'm not normally one for violence but I'd quite like to see a hard but fair tackle leave Mahrez on the deck.
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