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  1. Did Chris Weale ever get that cap?
  2. This system where the Government are giving out money they can't recoup is tosh as well. Thousands on grants and bursaries and loans to a student doing a weak course who then goes off travelling? What a waste of money. Lower tuition, higher guaranteed percentage repaid is surely more sensibly economically?
  3. Universities are absolutely raking it in like, there's absolutely no justification for saddling our entire skilled population with insurmountable debt. I'd reduce their expenditure on tuition and I'd probably have them doing some sort of work in exchange for money so they can actually start saving at Uni and buy houses and stuff when they graduate. For example, no reason I couldn't have offset my tuition as a medical student by going in and taking bloods and putting cannulas in for minimum wage, a day or two a week.
  4. Over 9k a year for higher education is way too ****ing high like, I dunno if I'd have it free and I certainly wouldn't have millions of people doing shit courses for free, but it's way too high.
  5. I don't think that's what he's said.
  6. I didn't take it as a dig, broadly speaking I agree with your sentiment.
  7. Well I completely agree, but the point is an angioplasty unblocks the vessel and if you do it quickly enough, recovery can be exceptional. And cardiac rehab post massive heart attacks is getting better and better. I'm all about quality of life over longevity, believe me, we have the ability to not only prevent death in ischaemic heart disease but prevent impairment as well, that's massive. The idea of cutting cardiac catheterisation services is utterly bizarre, they're amongst the most successful services we've got. That's very difficult for me. As a principle I'm for euthanisia; I'm sure I'm not the only person on here who has witnessed that there are fates worse than death. But could I actually physically administed a lethal dose of medication? I really don't know if I could.
  8. The context is that coronary heart disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide but nowadays in the UK 70% of people now survive what was previously almost universally fatal (that is to say, acute myocardial infarction). The context is also that your posts make you come across incredibly small minded, unpleasant and part of the reason this country feels like a bit of a pit at the moment.
  9. Have that you shithouses.
  10. You are right, although again it has to be put into the context of our outcomes aren't "bad" as such, just lagging behind other countries and not improving like they should. I remember the last time this study was published was my first year as a doctor. Most of my seniors discussing it don't like it because it's misleading when taken at face value. We don't have the best health service in the world by most measures, it's just that ours is free and universal which of course is hugely important, but it skews the impression of the headline. What it's saying and most would agree, is that the NHS delivers pretty good outcomes, which are applicable and affordable to the whole population. But it could do a whole lot better on most tangible measures.
  11. Have you really? Or are my posts on these matters actually filled with context, and is that just your way of dismissing the argument because you haven't got any particular substance to it and don't really know what you're arguing about?
  12. And like any study it needs to be put into context, and that context is that the NHS continues to succeed in the areas it is fundamentally designed to (its free at the point of care to all) but outcomes are not improving when given the resources thus country has and the state of technology and research they should be, and in the wider context that it is hemorrhaging the staff that keep it going and having its equitable nature threatened by Tory policy.
  13. Yeah they're in there everyday with sleeves rolled up pitching in.
  14. Would you care to elaborate on your viewpoint? Edit: having now read the article I understand this is a flippant remark in response to what the study actually says.
  15. Kisnoobo.