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  1. Wish all parents and people in same circumstances Would be so responsible much respect to you my friend your lad has a great pops
  2. and Maddison .... the squad is weak beyond our best 11
  3. Shit squad mate over rated players sold Harry Maguire never replaced him Mahrez was never replaced The players have been found out ! So many bottled it tonight so many need replacing in Brendan we trust
  4. What problems buddy ? my team are 4th in the worlds toughest top flight league with 3 games to play ! where are your team ??? odds on to still play in Europe I don’t see many problems mate we are still flying high ! The team is on holidays this issue existed long before Rodgers !
  5. You are a Moron.... everything that’s wrong with modern “fans”
  6. Shocking defence ! Let’s be proper here Harry Maguire wouldn’t have had this carry on !
  7. Really , who is worse ? Think he is pants as we are !
  8. Sol Campbell isn’t really a pundit is he ?
  9. Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣 once spent £3000 in the Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo ! Drinking Japanese Ice teas , I haven’t a clue what one is now ! the Burger King for 2 people was bones of £50
  10. Vichai sold most of his shareholding in 2018 ! He could see aviation struggling , has only 4% in the end
  11. Covid isn’t a short term issue and estimates are travel will take a decade to recover, Covid will hopefully become seasonal but it’s not going anywhere ! their personal wealth is only one Military Coup in Thailand away from disappearing im not sure how cash rich they are, who borrows 1/4 of billion if they don’t have to , the Loans to LCFC maybe be ledgered as from Kingpower but KP borrowed the money off an Australian Bank they are heavily hedged into retail shopping and shopping malls ! And that’s an industry collapsing by the day I’m not sure they are here for the long term especially if we continue to cost them lots of money , if the Thai authorities decree they remain they remain but if that changes they will be out of here
  12. He is a legend in ireland on equal footing to the pope ! Never been to a major tournament till he came along and he got them three ! remember Scotland had never progressed beyond the group stages yet Charlton got Ireland out of the groups 3 times , Inc twice in World Cup finals and to get them to the 1/4 finals of Italia90 Was a huge achievement. interesting side story I heard about Italia90, that the morning after losing the 1/4 final to Italy Big Jack heard that Harry Redknapp was very very poorly in hospital after a horror crash on his way to his hotel after the Ireland v Italy match , Charlton Went to the hospital, had been given a medal by the Pope while in Rome at the hospital got a nurse to put the medal under Redknapps (who was in a coma) pillow, I heard Harry telling the story at an after dinner at Cheltenham races he Told us his wallet, watch rings everything was robbed off him but the the Medal wasn’t, he travelled north when he was well enough and returned it to Jack. what a man Big Jack was
  13. What a man , what a leader on and off the Field For a mother to produce two World Cup winners is special but to also produce two amazing men is just as special RIP : JACK “JACKIE” CHARLTON OBE
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