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  1. Chaps I met an 81 year old man from Ibstock today in the pub in st Ives , Kevin I think he name was , he was a totally sound gent , was a builder before he retired , was lovely to chat and share the cud with this elderly fox
  2. Game will become more and more technical now , the beauty is gone forever
  3. Wouldn’t be asking for a stream but if you didn’t want to share one for the golf then please feel free to DM me what I’m not looking for , please , FORE
  4. I wouldn’t want an stream either , please DM me how to avoid a stream
  5. Seems Team Sky took their Drugs home with them
  6. Have met Steve Walsh abroad a couple of time and he had full city training clobber on , very strange
  7. Dislike how he has disposed people in his career and life on a whim, flakey fella to say the least looks like he is going to fail on the 18th to make the cut which is good for me as I had a little bet Wednesday that he wouldn’t
  8. Horrid fella would be nice to see him fail
  9. Has a very well paid job now as a host in the exec areas of the club , he is regimented that man He marches even when walking up the corridor , if I was in a trench of war I’d want Ally beside me , absolute warrior
  10. I’m sure it was thought out fully and was done as a mark of respect and support , we are not an ordinary club these days we do special things
  11. So many of us Unwashed in st Ives Cornwall this last week !!!! dozens of blue bellys out on the lash here since last Friday
  12. Come on man , we are a family club and we look after our own , was a great thing for club to do
  13. No one had ever been to the moon what a load of rubbish
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