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  1. All makes sense now government is planning a “seat out to be out” deal ! offering cut price tickets to events !!! LCFC and EPL would all have been told so that’s why they are saying Full price tickets for all ! because the government will discount them for us ! Clever
  2. I gave £200 to it Davie (£197) and now getting stung for another £200 for little or nothing in return, doesn’t sit well with me to be honest 😕
  3. I have just paid £200 for 2 adults and 2 u16 last year my Bill for the whole season was a grand so I have paid a 20% of that bill for basically the right to keep my tickets im a little shocked at the greed here ! The club take millions from the TV people and looking to skim money off loyal fans ! i might never get to a game and will have paid £200 for the right ! if we get to 8 games at full price it’s Basically the full cost of my season ticket for half the games ! it’s a shocking poor system and a total rip off
  4. I beginning to think we will be forsale soon !!!!! Why would a supposedly cash rich family borrow money and pay away interest ?? things aren’t all that they seem with King Power I fear Covid 19 is destroying their business
  5. They signed Rob Mackenzie As well ! That’s a cracker of a signing , Rob will do amazing as their head of recruitment He is the man that brought Esteban Cambiasso, Heung-Min Son and Riyad Mahrez to the Premier League
  6. They will block those on same payment process , if your paying individually and not from the one direct debit you won’t be guaranteed but I have 5 ST’s on my direct debit so if we were at bramwell lane then we would get to go to a game with all 5 seats he said it works our everyone should Get 6-9 games depending on ground configuration no away fans seems to be a give for the whole of next season
  7. I have been told by a mate who works for Sheff United ticket dept that he thinks all clubs will follow the same process they are developing Which will simple be done on a rotating seats that are allowed in stadium a simple computer program will allocate us our seats for certain games the rotation will ensure all holders get a chance to attend and ensure clubs keep the fan base entact and they can then enforce social distancing
  8. With money saved on Season Tickets not being charged I have splashed out on these for the kids, seriously expensive but
  9. Fantastic personal achievement but it’s a team sport and reality is since January he has been very poor at times for the team club legend , inspirational man but he will not be happy today when he wakes up he knows he is unlikely to play in The champions league again given his age and given this was a golden chance , we are highly unlikely to finish above that top 4 for a while to come 😢 But for him personally it’s a wonderful personal crowning Moment in the twilight of his career , and he deserves that so so much
  10. Getting an average squad to 5th in league hats off to him
  11. Piss poor squad , he has made a miracle to get this lot to 5th
  12. 18 point swing With United since January 1st is that the worst collapse in our history ?
  13. Seems cheap this !!! He needs a new agent Manure would have laid him £130+ all day long If these figures are true that’s an outstanding piece of business
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