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  1. Crawford is the number one US boxer right boy Conlon again controls a fight but not very exciting
  2. Side step , cash payment, and a nice PPV fight
  3. Ultimate Boxxer fat lads banging each other wonderful
  4. But that’s theft 🧐 you are stealing content that others are having to pay for
  5. I agree Pulev will be next then if Tyson wins in February the whole thing ramps up to a wembley showdown With all the organisations happy to get $1m each to sanction that
  6. Cash payment to Usyk coming up
  7. £5m a year extra he negotiated, wow he is a savvy business man ! Good on him
  8. Joshua couldn’t finish of a slobbering fat fella with a BMI of 50 ! A man who’s belly is bigger than his reach !!!! A man so unfit that the corner stool had to be specially flown in to fit is fat disgusting ass Joshua spent 12 rounds trying to Jab at Jabba The Hutt and Joshua was so frightened that the Fat mess might actually knock him out he ran away all night Joshua is really a manufactured fraud hyped up by Sky and the likes , listening to the commentary last night was sickening so one sided and all gushing to be on the Joshua Gravy train for life Joshua will fight some fat useless Russian next and then after that a beaten Wilder or a wank stain Whyte .... he won’t want to face the one man that will truly end his career The Fists of Fury will rain down on that A Force Joshua (see the fraud link) and knock his sorry ass into oblivion feel dirty today looking at my bank statement showing I spent £25 on that muck last night
  9. Shit boxer AJ really is , he lands and is more open than a hookers labia ! Tyson or Wilder whoop his ass easy white might even now
  10. Ruiz looking like colon cancer and Heart failure are just days away Nigerian and Mexican anthems sound good but well the Mexican did !
  11. Hummmm some of the old not so good Brendan seeping in now , let’s hope he keeps focused and doesn’t tinker too much things exploded in Liverpool after he switched it up in his mind, we have a glorious chance to really build something special
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