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  1. Report it then , it’s your duty they have a massive fraud prevention team and it’s all done without need to name yourself
  2. Not likely very very strict procurement rules now , infact they have a whole fraud team on procurement this project is also having military overview, it won’t be happening here
  3. Mate the the place was fcuking shut down and was going to be the whole of the outbreak it’s BLATANT profiteering
  4. Same man owns Man City and the Excel ! absolutely disgusting
  5. IT GETS WORSE owners of Manchester City are charging the NHS £2-3m a month to open up a hospital a the Excel centre in london ! the most despised club in Britain just got more hated cheats and liars is all they are
  6. Owned by billionaires using the tax money Take from people earning minimum wage to pay their staff despite some of their employees getting paid millions and millions this is the moment that football died ! we need to take our game back or it’s going to be toxic for generations I’ll be selling on my season tickets if city do this ! And I’ll have no issues cashing in on them cos I’ll donate the money to ITU staff at the LRI ! the day that football lost the last of its soul
  7. FFS Liverpool et al applying to the government for state aid to pay furloughed staff is disgraceful they are owned by billionaires and earn £200m a year from TV payments and pay out 100m to 40 over payed idiots boris Johnson needs to sort this mess out NOW ! The NHS need the money not LCFC ! The British public will not stand for this muck
  8. Are these clubs letting the government pay thier wage bills actually gaining an advantage over the rest !??? surely there should be penalties because it’s administration by the back door the government need to step and say NO premier league clubs to get hand outs
  9. I have no issue them taking the furlough but it should be after they slash playing costs fcuk their contracts !!!! UEFA should rule on this and ensure they can’t walk out of clubs owing to a salary cut ! premier league players could end up being more hated than the Chinese after this is over !
  10. PFA trying to save it’s very existence tonight the players will all be accepting deferred payments , and that’s disgusting , no sacrifice no payment to help the country Let’s see how clever footballers actually are
  11. Can see the government insisting on this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52142267
  12. I hope this happens because the premier league will be resolved to go it alone in UK if that occurs ! We will finally Be able to pay to watch what we want when we want it
  13. The PFA have made me sick today I’m very close to jacking In the premier league I won’t be the only one that walks away and cancels sky/bt to take up watching non-league stuff It’s a tier one national crisis and The PFA are trying to ensure cvunts like Jack Grealish gets their full whack !
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