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  1. I would expect Bangkok to be bet on the day and ill lay him if gets to 5/1 or under , I’ll be laying the place at 6/5
  2. Dam has already bred a mile and half horse who won over hurdles and that was by a stallion that is no where near as stout as Australia , I actually think Broome is a ledger winner in making my fear on his fractions is he needs 14f and not 12f
  3. They aren’t going to be in it for years , it’s being wound down , they have stopped buying
  4. No one makes money being an owner breeder unless connected to coolmore or have developed a family of mares over decades , no horses bought by kingpower since the Crash as I read it the dad and other son were racing people , even in the racingpost there was a piece that they are unlike to buy anymore , they have lost millions on this racing Carry on conservative figures around 30m now that’s nothing to billionaires but they certainly haven’t had much success , it’s been good this season but still there is little value left in the colts and the mares will need time to recoup any investment , honestly it’s been a huge financial disaster , Top will be too focused on City to be too involved in racing he may keep a few from the mares his dad bought but the millions down the drain has stopped
  5. I fear it’s a side show and one that can cause distraction being a big owner is really really time consuming , they have not bought any new horses in 6 months now so I suspect he will race this group and then any they breed but will slowly drop the numbers as they finish up racing
  6. Broome will win yeh derby Bangkok will be in first 4 , Telecaster could have won the derby if he hadn’t run in Dante , Telecaster has improved passed Bangkok on form now , will be a good race but Broome will win it for me
  7. City 80m is the talk today , Someone quick wake him up and put him in a Taxi to Manchester
  8. Hardly a classic , how many German classic winners can you name , sooner TOP gets out of racing the Better
  9. They are no bigger than us , just a rich owner
  10. I suspect Oscar found out about Father Christmas when he was 3 years of age
  11. Made our dreams come true , to overcome a broken home , fractured family , booze and being a small fella to go and be a record breaking champion who played for his country is phenomenal Arise Sir Jamie
  12. Amazing game , Lampard has done well with a very average squad
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