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  1. I think the answer is in the new variants, particularly the South African variant, for which most vaccines have limited effect. This is reason for surge testing wherever this variant is discovered. You say you can't go on shifting the goal posts _ I would agree if the Sars 2 variant did not keep mutating - isn't this to blame for goalposts changing? Vaccinations continue to be important because they decrease Covid circulation making it easier to keep on top of new variants - although it does seem everyone will need to be re-vaccinated in the autumn/winter. T
  2. Just keeping up with this thread, and amazed to see Morgan is likely to have been the fifth person. His playing career is as good as over; he is (was) likely to become an executive director at the club, as well as currently being a leading voice in in BLM issues. He was on the players’ steering group who meet with the chair of the Football Association’s inclusion and advisory board, to devise an Equality In Football Leadership code. He clearly has ambitions in football beyond his playing days If it is true he is he fifth player, I am deeply disappointed - and for himse
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/video/2021/apr/12/he-hasnt-scored-that-glentoran-score-40-yard-header-past-roy-carroll-video Amazing! How does he generate the power?
  4. Vardy's season has been one of two halves - before and after his operation. Ok, he was struggling at times before the op, but still threatened and scored. Ever since, a shadow of himself; I wouldn't be surprised if he has more surgery close season. Having said that he is still a valuable member of team because off space he creates, particularly for Iheanacho.
  5. The turning point was Josh Knight's straight red - Wycombe would very likely have won otherwise, or at least avoided defeat for a 5th successive game, Given it was not until their 8th game they didn't lose ( a draw v Watford) they may well have stayed up if subsequent form had been replicated throughout.
  6. Oxford win 6-0; the second time this season they have scored at least 5 away from home. Has any other club managed this?
  7. A good move to hibernate for a day . You may wish to do the same next Saturday when we have the funeral. It was not only the BBC but across other channels too that decided there was no other news. I presume it was decided that listeners of other programmes could not re-tune if they needed to know over many hours Philip had died. It will be worse when the Queen dies (or abdicates) as she must at sometime over the next few years.. Gogglebox was most popular tv programme on Friday, as most viewers turned off blanket coverage Says it all...
  8. I visited to Ireland (north & south) a few years ago, including Belfast. I want to the Falls and Shankhill roads, as wels as the Peace Garden and Peace Wall - where there was violence yesterday. I find it so sad - after all these years of peace - there could be violence between Protestants & Catholics, which now seems a possibility. I do hope common sense (in my mind) prevails. I am sure the vast majority of Irish people - north & south - want to live peacefully - but there does seem to be a prospect of escalation. I hope it does not happen; there will be no benefit to anyone.
  9. On a more general note, it must be an incentive for young players signing for the City development squad that it they do well there is a very good chance of being involved with the fist team.. Apart from Leshabela and Tavares, there is Daley Campbell & now Suengchitthawon this season. It's also testament to those responsible for training and development of the development squad - and hopefully others may join Barnes next season in being in team, or regularly in first team squad (Dewsbury Hall having the greatest chance).
  10. I presume this is due to the reluctance of the ethnic groups ie majority in Leicester to take up vaccine? Have the faith leaders become involved - surely this would help. For example, in Oxford I understand there is a higher take up rate as there is encouragement at mosques (mainly muslim minority). Perhaps a quicker 'hit' would be to encourage the leaders/preachers in mosques & mandirs to ask their congregation to get vaccinated - for the health and well-being of everyone.
  11. Get rid of VAR? Probably the same amount of controversial incidents but A) the flow of game would be improved and B) players can celebrate instantaneously when they score - as can fans when we are back in stadiums. A shorter time per half but the clock stopping and starting every time it is out of play, or an injury. This would need to be displayed - would have the advantage of ending referee's decision of 'injury time' to be added.
  12. A pity we will never see the likes of Frank again. His talent was a joy to watch - he had a great partnership with the other brilliant W - Weller). As has been said, the City video tribute is very well done; it does bring back some great memories,. There is one interview he gave just after he had turned 30 when he said "I used to get about a bit, but I'm quieter these days. Instead of going out 7 nights a week I keep it to 6". A showman on and off the pitch; RIP Frank.
  13. I have previously posted I'd prefer to win FA Cup than finish top 4, so agree with first point. Not so sure about the second: I wasn't too disappointed when we were beaten at home to get knocked out, given the injuries we have in the club and - moreover - the extra time players have to between games and to work together in training. No doubt we played very well v Man Utd but having a whole week without a game must have helped considerably. The Europa League is, to me, very much a second rate competition - with too many games - highlighted by the fact that the majority of finals have had a team
  14. There would be more money for club in finishing top 4, but it is 58 years since took the record for the club playing most cup finals without winning. Losing for a forth time 5 years later made this unenviable record even harder to break. There is no glory in finishing 2, 3 or 4 in PL, but there certainly is in winning FA Cup before 20,000 fans in May. Far better for morale of Leicester generally too!
  15. i quite agree. However, there would have been a rest anyway as the week without a game would have been next week.
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