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  1. An interesting idea for celebrating a goal now:
  2. Yes, but watching football played in empty stadiums sat at home via tv is just not the same compared to when crowds are there. The emotion is missing - watching tributes of Gerry Marsden with Liverpool supporters singing You'll Never Walk Alone, emphasised that point to me. Any sporting event is better when there are spectators, and unfortunately, it seems a distant memory for UK events.
  3. An astute observation! This was Oxford's 4th consecutive win, unbeaten in 7. (I think there biggest win since putting 6 past at Lincoln, which came immediately after Appleton's appointment as manager) After a dreadful start, now 12th - I think they could make the play-offs now. Elliott Moore is now a key player in defence; he has become more dominant and vocal this season
  4. Comment has been made of shortage (or not) of Pfizer vaccine. It's the lack of supply of the Oxford vaccine (in which the government had backed to the greatest extent) that is shambolic. In May 100million doses were ordered, with 30m promised by the end of the autumn. By November, this had changed to 4m doses by year end. This vaccine will start to be administered on Monday, but only 530,000 dosed aes available. The Times reports that in a fortnight 2m doses will be available every week; we'll see whether this happens. I have seen no explanation for the lack of supply; did no-one in governmen
  5. I am not sure I follow this - if he left on a free now, why would he get a better deal if he left 6 months later? Of course, if no club is willing to match his current wages, he may not want to leave (but that is a different point)..
  6. If there is no club willing to pay a fee for him, there is logic in the suggestion - I am guessing but if he is contracted until 30 June and he is paid £50k a week, that is £1.3 million that could be better spent.
  7. This from the Guardian worth a read: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/11/ben-chilwell-chelsea-frank-lampard Pity he thought he had to go to Chelsea to win trophies. Hopefully Thomas will be challenging him for an England place in another 12 months or so - with City winning more than Chelsea
  8. He looked as though he was back to his best last night. His hair was also back to normal. Hopefully, no more dying hair blond!
  9. No doubt the Oxford vaccine will be rolled out very soon - makes particular sense in more isolated areas (because of typical vaccine refrigeration requirements) whist there is till the Pfizer vaccine available. The difficulty for regulators is whether to authorise the two full doses or a half dose (far more effective) followed by a full dose (where far fewer of volunteers received this). Perhaps those receiving it could have a choice, knowing both are safe; I'd choose the half dose to begin with even if there are fewer numbers to show its effectiveness. The great news is that there
  10. That is one of the best post i have ever seen. Concise and balanced. Brilliant mate. I agree, taking the knee has now lost all meaning but has become a ritual before a game can start. BLM is a political movement with a wider agenda than equal treatment for black /individuals/players; itself an aim I fully agree with. In registering with the Financial Conduct Authority,BLM stated "The society’s purpose is listed as a “national campaigning organisation which supports black African and black Caribbean communities in the UK”.
  11. Public Health officials have told Brighton & Harlequins (where there were test events allowing fans into grounds) that there were no Covid outbreaks attributed to either. The Belgian national team (outbreak worse in Belgium) had been allowed to sell 11000 tickets for friendly v Ivory Coast last night (although attendance was less.) Arsenal are planning to sell 368 tickets for fans to for away game v Man City inside executive lounges. Yet indoors is where virus is more likely to be transmitted. Fans are even banned from National League North & South; my nearest team (Oxford City) would
  12. Oxford's alcoholic travel problems!: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/26/anti-covid-alcohol-spray-causes-oxford-united-coach-driver-breath-test-chaos
  13. Even more important is more encouragement for young people to realise training in a vocational subject, which will include all essential services to the home (plumbing, electrics, construction etc) are likely to be far more valuable than a non-vocational subject. There seem to be far too many of these courses offered, with graduates often struggling to find employment after completion..
  14. Kasper has, no doubt. many strengths. His main weaknesses are - at times - indecisiveness in coming for a ball at set pieces and - for me, the main one - his distribution in trying to build from the back. Perhaps understandable to a certain extent as this has only recently become part of the keeper's game, but too often we back under pressure because of a poor decision on who to pass to. Opponents like Man City, our next league game, can particularly take advantage with their high pressing and speed in their forward line.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/19/timothy-castagne-rodgers-has-given-me-the-confidence-to-go-faster Well worth a read
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