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  1. oxford blue

    Patrick Roberts

    I can see this deal happening. Man City want Mahrez; he wants to leave. Roberts wants PL football which he won't get at Man C. He has represented England at each level from U16 to U20. I guess he may only have just recovered from injury when this deal was previously discussed, but if we've seen him play recently and are satisfied with his performance, I'd be happy. (Well, as much as possible as it wouldbe diasppointing ot see Mahrez leave)
  2. Next season Sunderland will receive a parachute payment of £35m. This is probably more than time times Wycombe's turnover and even more compared to Accrington, two promoted clubs. Is there justification for payments beyond the first season?
  3. oxford blue

    David Wagner

    Interesting comment from Tony Cascarino in the Times that H'field have taken 'parking the bus' to a new level through their exceptional work rate (fine) and sitting extremely deep. He states they are winning no new fans by their negative approach and that H'field can get away with it because they were a newly promoted team. He considers players would not enjoy playing like that. Although they were promoted last season they were only the 10th highest scorers in the division. I recognise a manger can only work with what the players he has got, but his preferred style seems to be a long way from his friend Jurgen Klopp.
  4. It's important the owners make a final decision on whether Peul will be replaced as soon as possible after the Spurs game. If he is replaced, they need to make the correct choice this time. Apart from Watford, who seem to finish a similar mid-lower table position despite at last 1 new manager a season, it usually ends in a team struggling (like Southampton). Assuming the owners will want someone with PL - or similar abroad - experience, there seem to be few alternative. It seems Wagner has ruled himself out, and if Rafa leaves Newcastle, I can't see him being interested in Leicester. Dyche may be ready for a new challenge (as he he has taken Burnley as high as reasonably possible given their budget and ground capacity). If Brendan Rogers has tired of winning nearly every game with little opposition, I guess he would like another opportunity in the PL - hopefully with Leicester.
  5. oxford blue


    If Puel remains after the end of the season, it will be difficult to attract new players, which are evidently needed. Without a managerial change, we would (justifiably) be one of the favourites for relegation. I'm fairly certain we will see one; the lap of at the end to a nearly empty stadium sends a clear message to the owners who realise the importance of fans support
  6. oxford blue

    EFL to stop printing programmes?.

    As programmes are generally overpriced for the reading in them, it's unsurprising they don't sell well. A cheaper format (ie less glossy), with material/interviews not available on the club website, would help. Currently all programmes seem to be a similar format which show little thought or innovation to make them more profitable for clubs
  7. oxford blue


    You are. He was found guilty of assault. However, Relevance into his competence as a fullback? He might not be the attacking fullback Puel wants but he should have played Saturday against a team with the attacking ability of Zaha, Townsend, Loftus-Cheek. Albrighton demonstrated earlier in the season he is not a defender.
  8. we would be the least inept team in the PL https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/apr/27/the-premier-league-teams-ineptitude-index-2017-18 In the Guardian’s fourth annual index of ineptitude Watford are runaway champions. Given WBA's relegation, you can only agree with the commentary on their position in this league "How come a team who, by this measure, appear to have had a decent season are about to go down? For that new level of ineptitude, let’s just give thanks to Tony Pulis and Alan Pardew. Top work, chaps"
  9. oxford blue

    Kate expecting another royal sprog - It's a boy.

    I'm sure the family are pleased, but I can't get enthusiastic that a woman has a baby...
  10. oxford blue

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Ok, the first time 2 different players with surname beginning with I have scored from the same side in PL (and I think in all top flight football)...
  11. oxford blue

    Crazy Stat Time!

    The goals of Iheanacho and Iborra v WBA was the first time goals scored in same match with players with surnames beginning with I - certainly in PL and I think in all top flight football.
  12. oxford blue

    Why do people love to hate our manager?

    Generally to answer, it's the manager who decides who plays and the formation adopted. Specifically, Puel has accepted he got tactics wrong on Saturday, and against Man C when we changed formation for second half. It seemed in the first few games he was in charge we had a good balance between a more direct style and a more patient build up. There seems to be too much passing for the sake of it...highlighted with Kasper v Man C, but generally insufficient penetration with passes. Against Stoke it seemed it was only the last 15 minutes we played with any urgency, although this was improved v B'mouth. Trouble was Vardy was isolated without Okazaki. Puel had said we had we has too many strikers; true, but loaning both Ulloa & Slimani seriously cut down on options. Unfortunately Vardy & Iheanacho have not combined well as a partnership. However, does anyone 'hate' Puel at this stage. There are signs we will be stronger in the future - and judging by Mahrez's reaction On Saturday he has played a huge part in reconciling him back in the team (for now!)
  13. oxford blue


    This seems to the usual Mirror story - based on speculation with no source at all- particularly as the second half is that Allardyce might be replaced. (I presume the manager has some say in who is signed.) It is suggested Walsh would be keen on Vardy, but then most other clubs would also like to sign him. Given the money Everton have spent since Walsh moved, with little return in terms of points/success, it would seem more likely he will get fired. Are there any signings that have ben really successful? Re Vardy - I don't think we are getting the best out of him when Okazakii isn't playing. - he is too often isolated or running down the wing trying to cross the ball to no-one likely to score. It's not evident Iheanacho will fulfil the role; I think it's evident a new striker will need to signed for next season. Deeney would fit the role, or possibly Rondon of PL strikers that we may be able to buy.
  14. oxford blue


    Not sure I understand this post...but as this followed my post for a book title (the purpose of which is to sell books), and in case the post was wanting an answer from me to a point unrelated to the topic...visiting grounds I never thought I would go to when I started following City.
  15. oxford blue


    With inspiration from Kate Bush: "Blue Army Dreamers" (...and sometimes dreams come true...)