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  2. Kasper Schmeichel

    I agree his form has dropped significantly this season - seems a long time ago but we were worried Man Utd might be trying to sign him if De Gea left for R Madrid. No chance of utd wanting him on current form. In the Autumn of 2014 he was also amking mistakes, when he got injured playing for Denmark. He came back from that even better - was that because Hamer was doing well. I think that considering his experience and strength he should be able to dominate his box more - this part of his game has not improved over the past 6 seasons. This season he has been at fault with poor positioning on free kicks and his distribution is now as bad as the other keepers. Could Stowell be doing more? Probably yes
  3. Benefit Payments

    If HB have ended entitlement, the maximum period for a backdate is 1 month, but I rather think it has just been suspended. Regarding overpayments - if you are not working the maximum weekly deduction is £11.10, more if you are working If you still have an entitlement to HB, you can apply for a DHP - directly to the local authority, not the CAB. A DHP is a short term payment & will often hace conditiions attached eg find cheaper accommodation If there is an overpayment, underlying entitlement should be used to reduce the overpayment. Therefore, your actual (reduced) income for the period of the overpayment will be taken into account for purposes of o/p calculation. You must let the LA know when your child reaches 18, depending on his circumstances there will be a "non-dependant" deduction
  4. Benefit Payments

    There is insufficient info in your post to understand exactly why your benefits have stopped. With regard to HB, if your son still lives with you the amount of rent (local Housing Allowance) on which your HB is based will be unchanged (ie the bedroom requirement remains the same). The letter you will have received from the HB section will have calculations on showing why it has stopped. It can only be because your "applicable amount" has decreased as the calculation will be based on 2 children, and not 3. (I assume payments have not just been suspended - if so, contact them on Monday.) There is a benefits calculator here: https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators For your child tax credits to have stopped, you can only have been receiving the family element, as explained here: https://www.gov.uk/tax-credits-overpayments/repay-your-tax-credits There is no reason for child benefit to have sopped. For an overpayment, you will be asked to pay it back ina lump sum, but if not deductions will be made. It should not be stopped. Further info is here: https://www.gov.uk/repay-child-benefit-overpayments If your income is such that you are no longer entitled to HB or tax credits then you need to gt some budgeting advice as a priority. The CAB are the best organisation to provide this. You can find some online help here: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/budgeting/ As a general rule, your rent should be as much a priority as possible. If you start falling behind with your rent, your landlord is likely to issue a s21 notice. Your local authority will have a advisory service on aspects of this. From 3.4.18, a s21 will mean you are threatened with homelessness (currently only 28 days before expiry) and you will be owed a "prevention" duty. It might be you will need to look for somewhere that is cheaper to rent, which I know is easier said than done.
  5. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Explained here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/01/west-ham-suspend-tony-henry-racism-claim-sign-african-players
  6. Watford sack Silva

    Javi Gracia to be the next manager, an underwhelming appointment I expect for Watford fans. Watford will regret not accepting Everton's approach, as their form has dropped. Silva did not commit himself to watford at the time and in hindsight, perhaps the cracks in his relationship with the owners (Pozzo family) had already started. Silva did not like working with owners who dictated who came and who went. Amrabat had been allowed to leave, Holebas given a new contract both against Silva's wishes. I expect Silva will be the favourite as manager for next PL team needing a manager Just another comment - Silva had to cope with many players injured. Same as last season for Mazzari which makes me wonder whether training or medical facilities are partly o blame
  7. Chelsea's Submit Application For New Stadium

    I don't understand why Chelsea offer at least £2m for the property holding up the development. Delays in building the stadium will soon be worth more than that - especially as there are 17,000 'hospitality' seats. I expect many of these will be marketed to tourists. Notsure if they intend to encourage younger fans or just maximise income in the short term...
  8. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    We were poor today and, as said before, dominated in midfield. I was surprised Watford started without Okaka or Grey because it meant Richarlison was not on left hand side where he causes most problems, particularly with a third choice right back. Unfortunately, Dragovic showed just why he is that; poor defensively and too many passes backwards. Chilwell's defensive abilities were exposed, but was good going forward; first half he often combined well with Albrighton - our best player. Gomes played better than he has played for some time, but was not sufficiently tested. Even when Vardy was through first half he wasn't required to make a save. Slimani did ok after he came on but I'd be surprised if Watford made a bid , assuming they are interested as has been reported. Hopefully Iborra will play v Liverpool and Amartey will be able to play - hopefully showing more responsibility than he did 3 days ago.
  9. Watford (A) pre-match

    Watford's amin threat is usually down LHS - with Richarlison in particular. I'm not sure Albrighton and Mahrez are the best options on RHS. Ndidi might be a better option on right midfield if Albrighton plays RB
  10. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Seems rather pessimistic with Watford (1 point from 5 games) on Boxing Day
  11. Housing crisis

    The most interesting point about the graph of constructions is the huge fall in social housing constructions over the past 35 years. If this had continued at 1980 levels - itself one of the lowest of post war years - there would not be a housing crisis. There would be many more affordable homes to rent which in turn would have meant there would not be the homelessness crisis that exists - particularly in the south-east and some large metropolitan towns. However, one huge problem is one not addressed by building more homes where the demand currently is the need to encourage employers to offer employment opportunities across the country. Building more homes in the already crowded south east exacerbates the problem long term. The need to distribute wealth across the country has not been addressed by any government over many years - whether it can be done is another issue...
  12. Hatem Ben Arfa under Claude Puel

    He might be a good player who wants to be re-united with Puel, but is he really needed? In the team suggested at the top of the post, Silva has been omitted but he will be playing. Provided we keep Mahrez, better to spend on a striker or defender; positions where we need to strengthen
  13. Fellaini says his boots have affected his performance and wants £2m: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/nov/24/marouane-fellaini-suing-new-balance-boots-manchester-united Sad thing is it does not surprise me a footballer wants more than most of us will ever earn over a lifetime because his feet hurt. Did his pretyy average performances really drop off when he was wearing New Balance boots?
  14. Musa - Opinions so far

    Clearly overpriced, but I think he would have been better with a Championship club. First touch is not quite so important and his pace would trouble defences. Furthermore, he would be more likely to get game time which would build confidence. I can't see a future at Leicester,but I could see him resurrecting his career if he's prepared to work hard at a Championship club. (if we had signed Vardy as a PL club, it's unlikely he would be the player he is now. There were many on this forum who wanted to him sold after the first season or so. He always had the pace but - yes - his first touch often let him down. Ok, I'm not saying a direct comparison but the point is signing with a PL club the player has to be the 'finished article', unless aplayer is signed for development squad.)
  15. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Probably could be a separate thread as controversial. Having defenders on posts means two less to attack the ball and mark other players.Could this lead to more goals being conceded over a season? Is it easier to stop a header/shot coming in with more men in active positions? Also, if the ball is half cleared it's harder to bring up the defensive line. Very few teams have players on posts - some on far post but the near post should be defenders/goalkeeper to stop (as Kasper did in last seconds).