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  1. I'm puzzled by the logic of this statement. Three have not started and Mendy has played in 4 games. I doubt any will be here next season. Not for me; Lallana's injury record suggests he wouldn't be fit enough to justify the salary he would want. A one year contract may be worth a risk, but i can't see him accepting that.
  2. city's v Forest takes some beating...original game (in league Cup) abandoned after Charles Clarke had heart attack with Forest leading 1-0
  3. It's a pity Barnes didn't score with that superb ball into him just before Vardy went off in Chelsea game; I'm sure it would have helped confidence. I've no doubt sure he will score soon and he will be back to his best. I also think he is better when City are breaking more quickly (than current laborious build ups) as he seems to run into positions from which hw will score.
  4. I've previously posted about the difficulties of being exact with offside as there are not sufficient frames per second. In this instance, there is less room for argument as it was at a much slower speed than a player breaking free of a defensive line when he may be close to his top speed. Having said that, City were very lucky to have that goal ruled out; there has to be a greater margin in these decisions. VAR can be helpful, but it needs to be reviewed - as it will be - for next season. It can't have many advocated currently.
  5. There's also a thread on general football and sport - is this where this topic belongs?
  6. Sure to be appealed to CAS. This article from yesterday is background: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/12/manchester-city-fury-ffp-case-leaks-court-documents-uefa-cas
  7. Thanks, I enjoyed the article. I think RDL has the unique record of winning PL and winning promotion from Championship in same season, as he played sufficient games for City & M.boro.
  8. Unfotunately it's not too difficult to see a closed European 'super league'. From the article: "Thrashings of the scale the wealthiest clubs now dole out – Manchester City beating Watford 8-0 used to be so much rarer" - which makes City's 9-0 win v Southampton even more remarkable.
  9. The one where Wood scored after the Watford goalkeeper hit the ball straight at him and it rebounded into the net (from around edge of the penalty area as I recall). One of the most bizarre goals I have seen
  10. Unfotunately, the Pearson bounce seems to be a distant memory; I cannot see Watford staying up. 1 point from 9, and all games after taking the lead. Defensively Watford are poor, midfield players are not consistent enough and Sarr (an attacking talent) is too frequently injured. NP seemed to low to change team in second half when it was evident Watford were struggling,
  11. For Leicestershire important in getting brexit done a national law is enshrined to replace the PDO/PDI status that Stilton and Melton Mowbray pork pies currently have .
  12. Not surprising. Firstly, it would have been a major rejection of their local MP if they did not support his nomination. Secondly, Starmer represents the London/metropolitan Labour party, which presumably Islington are no different to other London (Labour) constituencies
  13. Although the USA may be out largest trading partner by individual country, the EU as a bloc is by far the largest. From a Commons briefing paper "Taken as a bloc, the EU is the UK's largest trading partner. In 2018 the EU accounted for 45% of UK exports and 53% imports and 7 of the UK's 10 largest export markets and sources of imports."
  14. Iversen is regular goalkeeper at Rotherham (who are top of div 1) and (I understand) is doing reasonably well - although his distribution may not be better than Kasper's. It will be interesting to see if he is back up keeper next season; I can't see an immediate replacement being bought as Kasper had been doing well until Christmas or thereabouts. He is not only player to have a dip in form.
  15. Richard Masters, the chief executive of PL is committed to a review of how the system is working (at the end of season)) to improve the system. My top 5: VAR replays to be shown in stadium More margin for offside decisions (as 'armpit decisions' cannot be totally accurate as the flm does not have sufficient frames per second) Referee's call if it is not clear and obvious. if a decision takes longer than a minute it is not clear and obvious Consistency amongst VAR's - this should be easier than for a ref making an instant decision, as is evident for penalty handball's. All VAR's should discuss every week (they ought to that now, but I presume they don't given inconsistencies).
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