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  1. oxford blue

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Although he did not score on WBA's 7-1 win v QPR, reporter on BBC Football said 'special mention for Harvey Barnes, a very gifted player'. I just hope he continues his form...
  2. Of no great significance other than to demonstrate the demise of many northern clubs: 10 seasons ago Liverpool were in the southerly half of the 20 PL clubs. This season Watford are in the northern half..
  3. Reported in the Times that PL and FA disagree about work permits for EU players after Brexit (as there won't be free movement without a specific agreement). PL wants any foreign player given a contract to be eligible for a work permit - allowing non-EU nationals easier access to play in PL. FA wants the rules applied to non-EU players to be extended to EU players. I understand rules would have to be the same. So for example if FA had their way, we could not have signed Mahrez, Kante, Diabate. However, it would give British players a greater chance to play in the top divisions. The FA argue there are too many 'journeyman' players from EU currently playing - which would be exacerbated if the PL have their proposals accepted. The PL say they wuld be at a disadvantage if restrictions placed on work permit eligibility. On balance I prefer the FA proposals. PL clubs could still sign the better (established) players from around the world but would probably have to play more UK players, benefiting the national teams. Given the success of English teams in the various age restricted tournaments there is a wealth of talent who may not get the chance to establish themselves (particularly at the 'top' clubs.) In the Championship half of the players are foreign; isn't this too high? Perhaps there is a middle ground - perhaps by some relaxation of work permit rules?
  4. oxford blue

    Danny Amartey

    I agree. Question is why was he picked at right back in the first place? We have sufficient midfielders to play Ricardo at right back; I think most thought that was going to be his main position. For me it was a strange decision by Puel to pick Amartey in starting line up. Amartey has shown himself capable of playing in several positions but is always likely to make a mistake that can cost us. Unless he becomes more consistent over this season, there is little point in having a versatile player as back up. There is sufficient scope in a 25 man squad to allow more than one consistently reliable player in every position.
  5. oxford blue


    Like every fan, I'm pleased he has not moved. It's a pity Man Utd have not signed a centre back as speculation about a move will begin again in a few months time. However, we should be in better position in January if he does move as we have signed Benkovic and Soyuncu ) = &Johnson a new contract
  6. oxford blue

    Prospects for new season

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/06/premier-league-2018-19-preview-leicester Very good article. It highlights that the main problems of last season (isolation of Vardy & poor defence) have not been adequately remedied. Man U without Vardy or Maguire is a game we will do very well to get anything from.
  7. oxford blue

    Modou Barrow

    I don't know what was said in commentary as it was a game I went to see and he was impressive
  8. oxford blue

    Modou Barrow

    He was the best player on the pitch at the Madejski on Friday. Very quick, two footed and his crosses very good (including the one that Reading scored from). However, having said that his previous record at PL is not good..
  9. oxford blue

    Diabate - What should we do?

    I agree with those who say a loan deal would be best. It highlights the expectations of PL fans whose club sign anyone (who does not go directly to development squad) who is a raw talent. I think it likely there would have been similar posts about Mahrez, Vardy (& Knockaert) had we signed them when in PL.. Most certainly for Vardy as many wanted to sell him when he was not a consistent goalscorer in Championship. I think Diabate has potential to become a regular. Regarding - "Riyad still had that balance and body shape to somehow get it onto his right foot," True, but not when he signed; isn't this a skill he has developed?
  10. oxford blue

    Ben Gibson - Burnley

    So if we have #25m to spend on a centre back, we could have two (Evans and Gibson)for the price of one. Sounds like a good deal...
  11. oxford blue


    The merit of high protein shakes is discussed in the Times today. Dr Porter says they "can guarantee an adequate intake (of protein) and deliver the protein when most needed (soon after a workout. However, milk works as well and contains other nutrients as well." He sugges semi or skimmed milk as being as effective - and much cheaper.
  12. oxford blue


    Unlikely Ibiza - any decent agent will be able to afford a more exclusive destination...
  13. oxford blue

    Patrick Roberts

    I can see this deal happening. Man City want Mahrez; he wants to leave. Roberts wants PL football which he won't get at Man C. He has represented England at each level from U16 to U20. I guess he may only have just recovered from injury when this deal was previously discussed, but if we've seen him play recently and are satisfied with his performance, I'd be happy. (Well, as much as possible as it wouldbe diasppointing ot see Mahrez leave)
  14. Next season Sunderland will receive a parachute payment of £35m. This is probably more than time times Wycombe's turnover and even more compared to Accrington, two promoted clubs. Is there justification for payments beyond the first season?
  15. oxford blue

    David Wagner

    Interesting comment from Tony Cascarino in the Times that H'field have taken 'parking the bus' to a new level through their exceptional work rate (fine) and sitting extremely deep. He states they are winning no new fans by their negative approach and that H'field can get away with it because they were a newly promoted team. He considers players would not enjoy playing like that. Although they were promoted last season they were only the 10th highest scorers in the division. I recognise a manger can only work with what the players he has got, but his preferred style seems to be a long way from his friend Jurgen Klopp.