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  1. Thomas and Iheanacho to add to your 'fit' list? Nevertheless, the quality of players out will mean we will struggle for all, or nearly all, of the season
  2. Yes, last weekend when it was bright and sunny. Considering the rainfall over the winter, I will soon be wanting some more rain; ground drying up very quickly and as March arrives, that's very early.
  3. You are right, but it is very unlikely to lead to an increase in CV infections, provided everyone stays outside. For example, there is nothing to suggest the busy beaches during the first lockdown led to an increase in infections. It appears ventilation is key, and schools will be encouraged to keep classrooms well ventilated. I am not suggesting all events outdoors are safe - as the Cheltenham festival last year showed, but crowds were very close together including congregating in bars etc. Part empty football stadiums would seem to me to be safe, provided there was staggered entry/exit and l
  4. My vote has now tipped voting in finishing top 4. We have strong enough team/squad to continue to pick up sufficient points compared to rivals who could overtake us. I think that BR will prioritise Champions League football next season, and possibly the FA Cup.compared to Europa League, which for me, does no have the same interest as it might usually do played in front a few officials and players. I still think there is a possibility fans will be allowed at Wembley: it only need the government to shift the date for fans to return to stadia by moving the date by 2 days - which I hope they can
  5. Flu can only circulate if there is social contact, and it it is far less virulent in terms of spreading compared to CV, so it is unsurprising little flu this year. It would seem to me the flu vaccine is likely to be less effective next winter (as scientists will not have data regarding likely prevalent virus), and that there will be more flu, unless another lockdown. The flu vaccine is usually based upon the strain circulating In Australia, which again is very low: From Department of Health: Impact – Given low case numbers of laboratory-confirmed notifications for influenz
  6. I am sure you will agree that the UK (outside the EU) has got the vaccine rollout right. Even a country like Germany, at the hart of the EU, is expressing frustration at the handling on behalf of the bloc by the European Commission with the pitiful shortage of supply of vaccine.. Whatever short term disadvantages there may be outside the EU, the main issue for nearly everyone in Europe is collective lockdown and the country that has left will be the one ablet o allow citizens a sort of normality first. (Not relevant to this thread, but I have been critical of much of what has happened over pa
  7. And just broadening further, there are some great video clips on youtube of games at Filbert Street, which takes you back when there packed terraces to celebrate goals. Just picking a couple, this was another win against Liverpool (1986) q=leicester+city+home+games+filbert+street+youtube&&view=detail&mid=5389FE154A570F34FC7E5389FE154A570F34FC7E&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dleicester%2Bcity%2Bhome%2Bgames%2Bfilbert%2Bstreet%2Byoutube%26FORM%3DVDRESM and the last game q=leicester+city+home+games+filbert+street+y
  8. Interesting viewpoint from Zaha. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9256639/Crystal-Palace-star-Wilfried-Zaha-says-degrading-knee-kick-off.html If Zaha's opinion is more widespread, which I suspect it to be for him to speak out in this way, how does it end? Would probably need an agreement between clubs/players that it has made its point,. I don't understand any recent on-line abuse some players have had recently, unless it is from those with no interest in game. Every club throughout the football pyramid is dependent upon non-white players. Social media must
  9. In 2015-6 we often won games whilst having far less possession than opponents. Today mirrored that; Liverpool had far more possession but City had the best chances. Apart from the goal, Schmeicel hardly and a meaningful save to make ( there was a superb save from an offside position). Vardy's goal could have been his hat trick goal with the chances he had first half. As it happens he so nearly got a second, but for the superb save save from Allison at 2-1 What an enjoyable game! As has been said before Ndidi was superb throughout, he is an incredibly good player that I just hope w
  10. I think a few points need to be made regarding this research (How accurate/impartial have CEBR previously been?): 1. It is stated in report it's based upon previous research from 2018, so not recent. 2. It assumes the UK will continue to pay around 25% of previous contributions - is this correct? 3. It ignores any positive impact on trade with the remainder of the world - one of the key points of Brexit. 4. No account is taken of the new (points based)skill based immigration system on the economy. 4 It's final paragraph states "there remains a considerable amount of u
  11. Re flu - it was almost certain flu would be at a low level this year given the lack of social interaction. This was noticed in Australia where there were very few - there are concerns it will be much harder to produce an effective vaccine for Nov/Dec this year as the variants found in Australia are usually used to help formulate UK version.
  12. I think one of the reasons he signed a permanent deal was the appreciation of his abilities shown by fans at KP during loan spell. It's a pity he can't associate with fans in the same way now as it would be that little bit easier to get a new deal signed. Nevertheless, I am hopeful he will, particularly given the progress City have built in building a squad that can seriously challenge for honours.
  13. I think we have different likes in movies. For me, apart from Ladybird, the best film in the past decade! For me, nearly all movies much over two hours are overrated - Schindler's List a particular exception. Of recent films, Greed is, for me, underrated (this isn't the story of Sir Philip Green(!))
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/02/emma-hayes-rejects-claims-efl-upgrade-on-chelsea-women-afc-wimbledon-insult A more considered article than most; she makes a fair point. Would she really want to go from leading a club capable of winning several trophies this season, and managing many international players to a team struggling to avoid relegation? Furthermore last season Chelsea home attendance at over 6,500 is considerably more than Wimbledon. She may have an interest in managing an EFL club, but she will no doubt be very careful on the team chosen, particularly if
  15. Now up to 8 consecutive wins, the form team throughout the leagues. The win against Fleetwood means Oxford have beaten every team throughout the leagues they have played - except L'pool & Spurs.
  16. Firstly, thank you for volunteering to be a vaccinator. I am sure many more will be needed with mass vaccination centres opening around the country. The government (apparently)simplified procedures a few weeks ago; the number of courses you have to do appears to be bureaucratic nonsense. It should be the minimum necessary given there will always be a qualified medical professional available/around Equality/diversity - anyone at a vaccination centre will have to vaccinate whose ever turn it is. Safeguarding seems pointless given vaccinations take a minute or so at most - and no chil
  17. Yes, but it's his ability to draw away defenders that opens up space for others.
  18. If this stat from the Guardian is correct, it is nearly 13 months since City, playing without Vardy, won a game against a PL side. Can any other player be so crucial to City maintaining their current position?
  19. An interesting idea for celebrating a goal now:
  20. Yes, but watching football played in empty stadiums sat at home via tv is just not the same compared to when crowds are there. The emotion is missing - watching tributes of Gerry Marsden with Liverpool supporters singing You'll Never Walk Alone, emphasised that point to me. Any sporting event is better when there are spectators, and unfortunately, it seems a distant memory for UK events.
  21. An astute observation! This was Oxford's 4th consecutive win, unbeaten in 7. (I think there biggest win since putting 6 past at Lincoln, which came immediately after Appleton's appointment as manager) After a dreadful start, now 12th - I think they could make the play-offs now. Elliott Moore is now a key player in defence; he has become more dominant and vocal this season
  22. Comment has been made of shortage (or not) of Pfizer vaccine. It's the lack of supply of the Oxford vaccine (in which the government had backed to the greatest extent) that is shambolic. In May 100million doses were ordered, with 30m promised by the end of the autumn. By November, this had changed to 4m doses by year end. This vaccine will start to be administered on Monday, but only 530,000 dosed aes available. The Times reports that in a fortnight 2m doses will be available every week; we'll see whether this happens. I have seen no explanation for the lack of supply; did no-one in governmen
  23. I am not sure I follow this - if he left on a free now, why would he get a better deal if he left 6 months later? Of course, if no club is willing to match his current wages, he may not want to leave (but that is a different point)..
  24. If there is no club willing to pay a fee for him, there is logic in the suggestion - I am guessing but if he is contracted until 30 June and he is paid £50k a week, that is £1.3 million that could be better spent.
  25. This from the Guardian worth a read: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/11/ben-chilwell-chelsea-frank-lampard Pity he thought he had to go to Chelsea to win trophies. Hopefully Thomas will be challenging him for an England place in another 12 months or so - with City winning more than Chelsea
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