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  1. Long Eaton Fox

    George Hirst

    Is he actually a decent prospect?
  2. Long Eaton Fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Has their been any actual talk between the two clubs as I've seen nothing on any media. Maybe he is staying hence the transfer request withdrawal. Wishful thinking I know
  3. Long Eaton Fox

    Jack Wilshere

    He is one of the few players around that could hit the through balls that Vardy loves So it's a yes from me
  4. Long Eaton Fox

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Saw a comment from a cov fan laughing saying how we were funding their promotion push. I laughed back thinking how an ex cov player is helping our european push
  5. Long Eaton Fox

    James Maddison Confirmed

    I'm so excited. Just seen the vid, wow!!!!! He's so talented and he's ours!!!!!
  6. Long Eaton Fox

    James Maddison

    + Kapuska
  7. Long Eaton Fox

    Stefano Sturaro

    Actually he may well suit the premier league style of football. Fast and furious. Him and Ndidi could be very destructive in front of the defence and enable the fullbacks to attack freely.
  8. Long Eaton Fox

    Stefano Sturaro

    Think I'll poo poo that idea.
  9. Long Eaton Fox

    James Maddison

    From what I can deduce based on everyone's input, the clubs have agreed a fee, the player has agreed terms, just waiting now for his injury to improve so he will pass a medical. Well that's what I hope.
  10. Long Eaton Fox

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

  11. Long Eaton Fox

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    Imagine him and Pereira on the right. Him cutting in onto his left with Pereira overlapping down the right
  12. Long Eaton Fox

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    Just seen his highlights on youtube. Please sign him asap
  13. Long Eaton Fox

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    Yesterday their president said the opposite but if a bid came in for that amount though they would accept it.
  14. Long Eaton Fox

    James Maddison

    Replacement for GTF
  15. Long Eaton Fox

    Es-tu une autruche

    I think Claude is heading in the right direction but let's face it, he's a bit dull. Would love him to combine some of Nigel's classics with his french accent. Any ideas