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  1. He certainly looks like he can motor
  2. Well he can talk to De Bruyne about it. He seems about ready to play again after a similar injury
  3. I've had enough. I'm going out to get plastered
  4. Wood be nice if it stopped now
  5. He's more of a toolbox to toolbox type of player I think
  6. Its the chemical reaction between the sand and cement
  7. Thanks. To be honest I'm bricking it at the thought of him leaving.
  8. does anyone have any concrete news
  9. Doesn't score enough goals. 3 in 42 games last season although not many starts. We need more goals from our forwards as Soumare doesn't score either.
  10. In my naivety I thought Bertrand, Soumare and Edouard would be presented to the audience at 11am as our first 3 signings. Just wishful thinking I guess. July 1st seems to be the earliest for Soumare and Edouard but I thought Bertrand could be here today as he's a free agent.
  11. Turkey think he's fit enough
  12. My first game live with my dad. My last game seeing us win the FA cup but my dad did manage to hang on for the Premier league triumph.
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