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  1. If I had the wings of an Eagle If I had the arse of a Crow I'd fly over nottingham forest And shit on the bastards below below
  2. We do need a fast start in this game not sitting back and conceding after 5 minutes like the last two.
  3. People like you I hate. Selfish, inconsiderate and so many others words I can't say. It's the reason why the corona virus is killing so many more people in this second phase. WASH HANDS KEEP SPACE WEAR MASKS
  4. Don't know about the strength of the league but the national team is amazing and thanks for Campagne, Tielemans and Praet
  5. Saint-√Čtienne have lost every game since Fofana left
  6. That is the job of the players standing in front of the goalie, to interfere with his line of sight. Normally their are defenders on the goal line keeping the opposition onside. In this case justice prevailed.
  7. According to the BBC we are second as it stands so it's for us to lose. Zorya bottom of course.
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