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  1. Is that Caglar bringing Cengiz over from france
  2. Think Wesley prefers his shirts blue
  3. Wake up man it's lunch time!
  4. Can you all just shut up about BLM for now and support Leicester
  5. I've inadvertently just contributed to it
  6. Just been on all of the threads and every one is talking about Ricardo
  7. Didn't we sell schlupp for £12m
  8. Think Castagne coming in will give us great options at fullback with him, Ricardo, Thomas, JJ and Fuchs all slightly different in their skill sets.
  9. For his mate Madders backpack
  10. Cabbage? more like Asparagus now
  11. Think we're lucky to have davieG at the club. Factual, informative and a full on Leicester Fan
  12. If their was a Leicester Ladies site, this is what it would be called right?
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