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  1. Liverpool seem to have made 5 substitutions at 4 different times.(BBC timings) If this is the case then they have broken the new covid rules when 5 substitutions can only be made at 3 different times. If they have broken these rules will they be punished and points deducted. Have they still won the Premiership?
  2. You cannot talk to the player unless the clubs have an agreement so this player agrees terms is rubbish
  3. In the summer of 2020 I want someone with vision!
  4. Part of the reason Albrighton played was to give extra protection to Justin on his right back prem debut
  5. Seem to remember them beating us later at Leicester. Would they sign any of our players?
  6. If we could combine Nicolás Tagliafico with Alex Telles we would have Tagliatelle. I'd be pasta caring about signing anyone else
  7. Thought it was a Peaky blinder
  8. Rodgers saying all the right things to lure him here. Not worked out at barca or bayern for him. Big clubs don't always fit great players. Lets go for it.
  9. I'd call him an over achiever not an Under
  10. You do really come across as a very fair football fan
  11. It's him or N'Didi as the defensive midfielder. N'Didi first without question. Can't see him wanting to warm the bench or rotate now and again. Plus he doesn't score goals and would replace a goal scorer if we played 2 defensive mids. It's no from me.
  12. IO IO we are the Leicester boys IO IO we are the Leicester boys It doesn't matter who we play We will pay them all We wont furlough the City
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