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  1. I know that this season we are going to finish anywhere between 11th and 7th but next season 4th to 6th can be possible after seeing the state of chelsea, manure and arsoles.
  2. Never any guarantee he'll score goals in the prem though. Barnes for example. Not yet made the step up, although looks like he will, Maddison has.
  3. Everybody doing everything to give us 7th. Does anyone want it?
  4. Maybe a silly question but as Vardy won and scored the penalty, does he get an assist as well?
  5. Think he saw Maddison drink water and lost the plot
  6. If it comes down to us or spurs, it could be a choice between 7th and 5th with both being in the europa league. if he chose us it would be hilarious seeing the spurs reaction.
  7. I'm pretty sure Tielemans won't sign for us if we sell Maguire and Chilwell.
  8. What did Thomas cost £450,000. Expensive gamble.
  9. Any other summer targets spring to mind for the coming season?
  10. spurs have one chance left to win something this season, the the champions league. Failing that they could slip to 4th/5th. Would Botchatino stay then. Will kane and ali and ericson leave. Will they fill their new stadium. I don't want to become the new spurs. I want to be part of an exciting foxes team challenging for europe.
  11. Want to be safe asap and start to prepare for next season. Europe has passed us by this season.
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