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  1. His name is not pronounced Huawei
  2. To be fair to him he had no support from the left hand side and had no passing options. I think the obsession with playing out from the back all the time needs to be more flexible as we constantly gave the ball away in dangerous situations. Better to lose it in their half from a long ball at times I think.
  3. Just had a look at the table from 2014 onwards and I think the minimum amount of points we'll need to finish top 4 is 75. So 37 from 22. Having already got 38 from 16 this is possible.
  4. I hope they play in their canary colours as I'm fed up with seeing bland away kits
  5. Song for Dennis Praet to the tune Robin Hood(Monty Python style, Dennis Moore) Dennis Praet, Dennis Praet riding through the Prem Dennis Praet, Dennis Praet with his band of men Takes points from the rich Doesn't give them back Dennis Praet... Dennis Praet ... Dennis Praet
  6. Just needs to control his impulsion to jump in to get the ball and he will be amazing.
  7. They have been scraping through games lately with a little bit of luck and last minute goals. Lose two and we win those two and it's 2 points difference. Heavy work load over the next two months. Every things possible
  8. Well if anyone's got a bus pass, pellegrino has
  9. I don't understand the difference between players and managers contracts. A fee has to be paid to buy a player but a manager can just leave like Rodgers(with compensation)
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