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  1. I started the "Come back soon Matty James" thread and I am very pleased to see that he has. From all accounts he's made a good start to the pre season stuff. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to come back from such a serious injury. Lets give him a chance because I think he can be a major player for us.
  2. I quite like the idea of a back 4 with 2 from 3 protecting it (Ndidi, Iborro or Drinky) and a front 4 of Iheanacho, Sigurdsson and Mahrez with Vardy up front. I may be dreaming.
  3. Looking at your photo, gonorrhea will be the least of your STD's
  4. 6th
  5. To be able to make an offer to Sigurdsson we must have had an offer accepted by swansea that's why I think this is crap.
  6. I'm not sure how Sigurdsson would fit into the team if we sign Iheanacho as surely we would then play only one up front with him just behind like Okazaki did. We will only play 2 from 3 out of Vardy, Sigurdsson and Iheanacho.
  7. He's leaving Swansea, Clement has as good as admitted now. To us?
  8. I'm sure Leicester knew about this possible scenario and will have plans in place to deal with it. No seriously Just relax
  9. I don't want know any of Cheeks movements thank you very much.
  10. He's deadly in night games.
  11. I think Danny Drinkwater will be the most important midfield player for us next season. Matty James next I hope.
  12. Think you're living in a different age. He was the best midfielder in England in 2015/2016 but Woy ignored him. You cannot compare players directly from period to period. He is class and that is never lost.
  13. If the owners have done their sums and with the sale of a few players to balance it up then why not. If they are gambling on us being top 4 then i'd think it's too risky. Europe would be a bonus but not at the expense of the whole club
  14. We have to sell now while he's got value unless we want to keep him and offer him a new contract. Otherwise he'll be walking for free like Knocky.
  15. 25M Is he any good?