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  1. Anybody sick of southgate singling out Maddison. We can compete on wages now as they are not now part of FFP and we are LOADED.
  2. Toughest I agree. Our bogie team. But as in the previous post, we need to play to our strenghts and that is to press hard and attack
  3. Hello urban fox. I was there that day also, aged 11, and it was my first ever Leicester game. My dad took me and I remember shedding a few tears myself. Payback time is close
  4. Only ticket I could get was next to the villa fans. Humiliating.
  5. I'm scared we've used up all of our brownie points for the season then realised what an amazing team we have and can we do it every week
  6. If this was rugby we would have 5 extra bonus points
  7. Is their any chance of the game being called off?
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