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  1. I may be being a little cynical but manure suggesting that they are ok with suspending the league just seems to coincide with them getting in the top 5. man city excluded from CL taken into account.
  2. Must be Choudhury and Gray, they were surprisingly missing v villa
  3. Don't forget the prawn sandwiches
  4. Please just leave this young lad alone. What's wrong with you all
  5. With a quarter of the season to go, how do people view our performance so far. I feel if some random person took a snapshot of any short period of Foxestalk they would think we are on the verge of relegation. It's a very knee jerk site. In fact..... 1. 3rd in the premiership 2. Semi final of the Caraboa cup 3. Last 8 of the FA cup so far......
  6. Have noticed that players are cutting inside him a little bit to easily. Like mendy of man city and a guy last night. Needs to step in a bit. Bit picky I know, sorry.
  7. I'd maybe swap Hamza for Ndidi and have Perez in behind Iheanacho
  8. Does anyone know that while the appeal is running does the ban still stay in place or is it delayed until after.
  9. Been thinking about the wingers we've "missed" out on, like Jahanbakhsh , Bergwijn and Ziyech. All signed for reasonable fees from the dutch Eredivisie. Jahanbakhsh has done nothing this season. Will the others do the same. All these players have been around for a while but no one has paid the big money that you would think bearing in mind their goal scoring records. Have we missed a trick or dodged a bullet(s).
  10. What I also find amusing is the possibility that now 5th place may qualify a team for the champions league which could quite possibly help us. Thanks mahrez Thanks man city
  11. What I find really ironic is what if the £60 million pounds man city spent on mahrez is the money that took them over the limits of FFP and mahrez joining them to play champions league football and they are now banned (hopefully)
  12. He... he needs to get out of league one football. Don't laugh at league 1 football. Was supposed to be funny he he
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