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  1. You definitely won't see the press and social media label Man Utd "bottlers" tomorrow morning!
  2. Fantastic season. That FA Cup day was perhaps the second best day of my life. Can't help but think we've totally bottled top4 once again. Newcastle and today were totall implosions. We need at least 5 decent squad players this summer. We'll be grateful for watching Leicester win over the winter lockdown and keeping me sane but looking forward to switching off for a few months. Been a me tally draining season.
  3. How is this not bottling top4? 2v1 up and we just implode like that
  4. Fans have been an absoulte disgrace right now.
  5. Post is spot on. Best one that describes exactly how I feel / felt last few weeks about the top 4 race.
  6. Can't really complain with that. Thought we'd lob the kitchen sink at them. Perez. Not even mad at him for that miss, that's how low my standards are as him as a player at our club.
  7. Really disappointed. Not sure how we can go from the FA Cup win to this half arsed performance
  8. Come on lads show some spirit. The ****ing centre back is show boating
  9. Changes have to be made now. Stop pondering Rodgers!!
  10. I've definitely got a 3 day hangover for the first time in my life!
  11. For my brother who as a glory supporting Man Utd fan took the piss out of me supporting little old Leicester when growing up. Ever since he tragically lost his life in 2014, we've not done too badly as a club! When I've had dark days, this club has kept me going. I'd like to think he has a helping hand in forging these elated memories and telling me he's still there, looking out for me x (Shout out to the Grandma who passed away before Christmas and would always ask "how'arr the Citeh doing?")
  12. So excited, like Christmas day! Let's hope the turkey is cooked properly by full time!
  13. I woke up at 4am and was still fuming for a good hour!!
  14. That was yesterday. Yes, we need to win all are games but let's be realistic. If there was an opportunity and a time for a "must win" game, it was last night.
  15. It's gone. I was very worried when we couldn't even beat 10 men Southampton. Now I've checked out. I'm looking forward to the final! But these remaining games, I'll watch them with but zero expectations apart from us coming 5th or maybe even 6th. If the players can't be arsed and are not relishing this challenge, then I can't. Bring on Saturday, win or lose I'll be having a few!
  16. As for Maddison, a walking waste of oxygen who I'd gladly replace this summer.
  17. Players are an absoulte disgrace. Some of you were having ago at others on this forum saying we were overreacting to that Southampton draw and a draw was a good point against 10 men?. Well, looks like we were worried for a reason. I don't trust this squad at all to deliver when it matters most. Pathetic. Cup final could be as embarrassing as Watford's several seasons ago. How can we have no leaders in the squad? How can any of the players not be up for this and just bottle it? That's beyond me. How can you not relish this opportunity to play Champions League football?
  18. Absoulte disgrace. Where was the urgency until we went 1v0 down? No composure from anyone in front of goal except our CB. Maddison? I honestly don't know what he offers to our team..he is meant to be the one who unlocks defence but I'm not seeing that. Now isn't the time for passengers. Feeling like punching a wall. So frustrating. Honestly think these players are brain dead half the time. Schmeichel's kick at the end summed it up. What a massive opportunity that was and we were lucky to get a point. Embarrassing.
  19. Total rubbish. It seems the players have only just woken up!
  20. Thought that was quite a positive first half but it became pedestrian towards the end. Our right flank looks suspect. I'd take Perez off for Albrighton who can support Ricardo and add some fluidity in the attack. I think we could knick this!!
  21. Is he even that good on set-pieces?
  22. Dead wood who needs throwing out in the summer. Then again, he doesn't pick the team!
  23. A shame as I have been praising Rodgers recently but this one is on him. Two major points. Formation was wrong from the start. Persisting with Perez. Other observations. Is Maddison actually that good at set-pieces? Think it is a myth. Southgate will be thinking, no thanks. No striker = no outlet upfront Defence, all were bad today. Big game against Fulham next Wednesday. If we can't beat them, I'll doubt our top 4 credentials. I challenge anyone to try and convince me why Perez is not a waste of space? Genuinely inter
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