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  1. Spot on with the mentality. That's the point I've been saying recently. His pre match conference for this game was a disgrace. He's trying to cover his arse for his failure. 5th is great. But CL should have been ours. Mentality starts with the manger. The team's mentality is shocking. We had dips with Pearson but he turned them around. Rodgers will be relieved that this was a mini season with the restart.
  2. This crop of players don't have the attitude and right mentality. Go one nil down then we just give up. No one is taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Total bottle jobs. Poor mentality is the manager's issue to resolve
  3. That's what happens when we piss around at the back with crap players. Total procrastination. Are the players aware of the situation?
  4. Dreadful half. Change the system. Get Barnes on and let's ask their full back some questions. Perez has been dreadful
  5. People can call Stringer out on social media, as I have done, for his stupid and offensive "cool" comment. Domestic violence / abuse is not "cool". Will he acknowledge this mistake and apologise? Probably not, but I will ask until I get some acknowledgement from him!
  6. Season over as far as I'm concerned. We can't keep playing football for 45 minutes. Buck stops at Rodgers. This restart has been shambolic. Said it after the Chelsea game we ain't getting top four and that hasn't changed my view. To bottle the top four in our fashion is embarrassing and a failure. Don't care what you say about "you'd take top 7 start of the season". That's a small minded mentality, I'm afriad. Top 4 should have been ours.
  7. Relegation form? or slightly above it?
  8. Think it will be a dull, draw game - which I'll take at this rate!
  9. Massive game for our season and we did not deliver, once again. Over the three games I have seen nothing from the squad or the manager to confirm our top 4 place. Panic button time this is. We ain't getting top 4, no FA Cup semi final and no League Cup final. Well and truly bottling this season. It will be a massive disappointment if we don't get top 4 this season. Can't believe some of us recycle the "but you'd take Europa League at the start of the season" argument. That's not our point. After being in a commanding position for the majority of the season to see this shite (and lets be honest its been shite after Christmas) to see us not making CL can only be described as embarrassing and pitiful. I know its a cup game but those 3 performances confirm we ain't getting top 4. I don't mind if we lose the game, the CL qualification is far more important but where's the hunger, the desire, the slick passing and attacking threat we had before? We looked good first half because Chelsea were so poor. When Vardy is not on it we have no other attacking outlet. Everything Barnes touched today turned to shit. We are resorting to aimless hoof balling as we have zero ideas on how to attack and yet again, we ain't lobbing the kitchen sink in the final 10 minutes. I question the players' and manager's mentality because all I am seeing are bottlers. Let's pray we get a draw against Everton with them scoring an own goal. At this rate Vardy won't get his 100 PL goals this season let alone Golden Boot. Everyone should be worried about how much of a sinking ship this season is turning into. How can anyone be happy with those 3 performances?
  10. Project Research summed up by Kasper's kick
  11. If we win our first 9 games of the season, we could be in with a shout for the title, let alone top 4! We should beat Watford though ...
  12. Whenever Walker played, for me, always seems to be an arse on the pitch. The whole breaking lockdown rules and this pathetic attention seeking statement, make him an utter disgrace. So self-important that he's allowed to break the rules when there are front line works given their lives to save people from this virus. Should never play for England again to be honest. I want to travel back to Leicester to see my family and hug them. I am sure others on here are in the same boat. I want to see my little sister who is in hospital but none of my family can. I haven't seen my two grandma's and won't be able to for her birthday next week. Then he uses mental health card as an excuse and saying the media drove him out the house. Can't believe him and/or his agent thought writing that statement would be a good idea.
  13. Arsenal won the league fairly comfortably in my first season on the game ... I've done several seasons now: 1) Newport County - got promoted via the play-offs 2) got sacked with Newport (went on a horrific 10+ game losing streak) they went down anyway. Was strange. I was doing well then I couldn't work out what was going wrong. I was playing 5-3-2 and making small tweaks but nothing was working. 3) I got the Ipswich job (still in league 1) (don't know how I got that job and was pretty unrealistic). Currently second in League 1 with a 4-2-31 Tika press which is so good. Sometimes I have over 70% possession and over 40 shots on goal (I had one result which had over 60% possession and 30+ shots to Lincoln's 3 and lost 1v0). Think we will get promoted but it is only November right now. Ipswich have great youth players which is nice to breed!
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