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  1. Absoulte disgrace. Where was the urgency until we went 1v0 down? No composure from anyone in front of goal except our CB. Maddison? I honestly don't know what he offers to our team..he is meant to be the one who unlocks defence but I'm not seeing that. Now isn't the time for passengers. Feeling like punching a wall. So frustrating. Honestly think these players are brain dead half the time. Schmeichel's kick at the end summed it up. What a massive opportunity that was and we were lucky to get a point. Embarrassing.
  2. Total rubbish. It seems the players have only just woken up!
  3. Thought that was quite a positive first half but it became pedestrian towards the end. Our right flank looks suspect. I'd take Perez off for Albrighton who can support Ricardo and add some fluidity in the attack. I think we could knick this!!
  4. Is he even that good on set-pieces?
  5. Dead wood who needs throwing out in the summer. Then again, he doesn't pick the team!
  6. A shame as I have been praising Rodgers recently but this one is on him. Two major points. Formation was wrong from the start. Persisting with Perez. Other observations. Is Maddison actually that good at set-pieces? Think it is a myth. Southgate will be thinking, no thanks. No striker = no outlet upfront Defence, all were bad today. Big game against Fulham next Wednesday. If we can't beat them, I'll doubt our top 4 credentials. I challenge anyone to try and convince me why Perez is not a waste of space? Genuinely inter
  7. I'm a massive fan of Maddison but last night was one of his worst performances for the club. He became a liability and IMO should have been brought off. Lost the ball constantly, poor first touches, and was unnecessarily looking for that killer ball when it wasn't on. He hasn't impressed in recent games looking back. Edit: what the hell is going on with his set pieces too!?!?
  8. you'll be disgusted at the 5.30pm kick off then!
  9. Spot on with the mentality. That's the point I've been saying recently. His pre match conference for this game was a disgrace. He's trying to cover his arse for his failure. 5th is great. But CL should have been ours. Mentality starts with the manger. The team's mentality is shocking. We had dips with Pearson but he turned them around. Rodgers will be relieved that this was a mini season with the restart.
  10. This crop of players don't have the attitude and right mentality. Go one nil down then we just give up. No one is taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Total bottle jobs. Poor mentality is the manager's issue to resolve
  11. That's what happens when we piss around at the back with crap players. Total procrastination. Are the players aware of the situation?
  12. Dreadful half. Change the system. Get Barnes on and let's ask their full back some questions. Perez has been dreadful
  13. People can call Stringer out on social media, as I have done, for his stupid and offensive "cool" comment. Domestic violence / abuse is not "cool". Will he acknowledge this mistake and apologise? Probably not, but I will ask until I get some acknowledgement from him!
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