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  1. I would say the opposite. Let the players go off and those who aren't on international duty to have time off. Let's clear our minds and go into the next game after the break with a fresh head. Arsenal 2016 springs to mind.
  2. We all know that the FA is a stale pale male old boys club. Absolute disgraceful. Wayne Hennessey does a ****ing Nazi salute. Declan Rice states he supports the IRA. A terrorist organisation. Nothing happens to them? Clearly, the FA see a minority young man and punish them. I hate the FA they should be strung up by their balls. Absolute disgrace.
  3. Rodgers clearly can't motivate the players before a game
  4. A CM who has vision and can pass 30 yards forward... sign him up!!!
  5. Feel sorry for Puel. Total clowns out there. Miss penalty. Can't clear the ball. And missing sitters. That was miss of the season. Woeful.
  6. Perhaps is we actually had a striker on the pitch, we could be winning!
  7. Faily sure we all saw Puel tell the players to relax and calm down. Then we all go sprinting forward for the win. Who's fault is that? Not Puel's. They ignored him.
  8. Ndidi shocking. Can't help but feel sorry for Puel. Players have shot themselves in the foot. Puel said calm down and the players ignored him. Players snaked Ranieri. Snaked Shakespeare. Snaked Puel.
  9. Simpson is all of the place. Him and Morgan, pair of doughnuts
  10. Phahahaha Morgan has been shocking ! How much longer are we gunna put up with him. He was like an oil tanker trying to catch a Ferrari!
  11. I've had enough of those midfielders and I've had enough of Puel's arrogance. Keep saying we need a passing-midfielder/playmaker more than we need a striker.
  12. These players are a disgrace. It's embarrassing. They should give their weeks wages to charity. Half of them couldn't give a toss about this game. Same players who stabbed Ranieri, Shakespeare, and now Puel in the back.
  13. Iheanacho, Okazaki, Ghezzal, Fuchs all in the bin. Lob James in there too.
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