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  1. It hasn't been though has it? He was superb leading up to December. I watched him at Palace away and he was streets ahead of the players in terms of quality and a real joy to watch. Late November, December and now entering mid January he has been poor. Last night he was, after Chilwell, the worst player on the pitch. He frequently lost the ball, passing was awful, and in the past few months as either a deep playmaker or someone further forward, has created minimal chances. He looks tired and infact overweight. I'm a fan of him. In the last two months he is the Monaco player they got rid of and that is concerning.
  2. 2 LBs to finish the game and 5 defenders. Tielemans needs resting / dropping. No DM (Choudhury/Mendy) starting. Nacho should should have been on way sooner. Very strange that these big games he gets it so wrong. Even the co commentator stated the 3 CBs playing.
  3. Rodgers got it horribly wrong, once again in a big game. 2 LBs on the pitch and 5 defenders trying to beat Villa at home. It's embarrassing. Nacho sub should have been earlier and the formation needed changing. Thank god for Hamza. Tielemans woeful once again. Looks unfit, overweight and docile. His passing was piss poor. Chilwell: cash in next summer. He did zero take ons down the left wing in the second half. It was painful watching him. That's his job as a wing back. Too many times he played it backwards or cut inside. Fear that our Wembley chance may go. That was a massive opportunity.
  4. When I was travelling through Latin America a few years ago I was crossing the Ecuadorian / Colombian border. The border guard in Ecuador stopped to ask more questions about me, in Spanish, about "LI-SESTER". He noticed my place of birth on my passport and we talked about Leicester City for a few minutes. Had similar stories albeit this was in 2017 first season after we won the league but a lot of Latin Americans knew who we were and when I told them I supported them, I often got free beers!
  5. Will Evans be fit? Wasn't he "quarantined" earlier this week in the Northern Ireland squad?
  6. Well deserved from Burnley. We look clueless on the ball. We need to be quicker passing the ball.
  7. I would say the opposite. Let the players go off and those who aren't on international duty to have time off. Let's clear our minds and go into the next game after the break with a fresh head. Arsenal 2016 springs to mind.
  8. We all know that the FA is a stale pale male old boys club. Absolute disgraceful. Wayne Hennessey does a ****ing Nazi salute. Declan Rice states he supports the IRA. A terrorist organisation. Nothing happens to them? Clearly, the FA see a minority young man and punish them. I hate the FA they should be strung up by their balls. Absolute disgrace.
  9. Rodgers clearly can't motivate the players before a game
  10. A CM who has vision and can pass 30 yards forward... sign him up!!!
  11. Feel sorry for Puel. Total clowns out there. Miss penalty. Can't clear the ball. And missing sitters. That was miss of the season. Woeful.
  12. Perhaps is we actually had a striker on the pitch, we could be winning!
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