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  1. Likewise. Finish this season. Everyone has a break (though more pain with England). Hopefully the Anti-Puel's will come back a bit more positive and give him some encouragement for the forthcoming season.
  2. Morgan

    Right you are. Don't think he will be ready. We need someone who can come in a do the job now.
  3. Morgan

    On the subject of Morgan, he needs phasing out. Not good enough and I just know we will persist with him next season. All this captain this and captain that. John Terry got phased out at Chelsea. It happens. We have a quality international sitting on the bench. I've heard it's because he didn't want to commit. I'm sorry we have to show why we want him. We should be trying to persuade him to come to Leicester and play him games. Not drop him from the team when the captain returns. If this happened and he didn't want to sign, then that's life. Either way we are still looking for Morgan's replacement in the summer. When we have the option to buy a very good CB, we should be making him feel welcomed and wanting to stay in Leicester. He's not going to play for us now, is he? Such bad management from Puel. Played Dragovic until the end of the season with Maguire = he stays. CB sorted Played Dragovc until the end of the season with Maguire = he rejects us. We find another replacement for Morgan. Morgan and Maguire = Dragovic rejects us. We find another replacement for Morgan. The other scenario that Dragovic stays despite being dropped for Morgan, I'd find incredible if that happened. We've missed out on a decent CB on the cheap.
  4. Morgan

    Moore isn't on loan. He's Moore or less gone
  5. Football Manager 2018

    Chester - Villa - England - Leicester - Tottenham. Admittedly I jumped ship with Leicester when offered the job. To no-one's surprise when I took over with Tottenham, I think it year 2033ish, they still hadn't won the league! They had won 2 Champions League but not a PL Thank you all for the recommendations. I'm going to find the next Mahrez at Le Havre!
  6. Football Manager 2018

    Unfortunately, my Tottenham save in the year 2038 on FM17 became corrupted. A feel a little lost and all enthusiasm to start another game are lost. (earliest I saved it elsewhere was 2036, I can't be bothered to continue). Not sure what save I could start. Any peculiar recommendations? I had a look at Spanish second division but quickly realised I had no excitement for it. I don't want to go to England again. I would like a team that has a good youth set-up in Europe?
  7. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    Sometimes a bit of luck and an ugly win will do. Happened under Pearson a lot, let's not forget that. Get in!
  8. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    You clearly don't understand what happens in Kremlin press conferences. MH17 and Syria is a good start for you to educate yourself. Let's say we gave them a sample. They hold a press conference and state a different agent was used. Who would you believe? They want a sample so they can discredit the truth. Spread vilifying and mendacious propaganda. The goal is to distort the truth so much so that it doesn't actually become the truth anymore - as we are seeing with Trump's presidency. N.B if you are going to act childish, cry like a baby, post rubbish, and not even contribute anything constructive to this thread, then don't bother posting at all. Fin.
  9. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    Thank you for bringing to my attention a meaningless error which does not affect the highlighted quote. Instead of answering questions you spend your time playing "key-board warrior" .... hmm I wonder who else uses the same stupidity tactics on the internet that you have used throughout this thread? Oh yes, Russian bots! Serious question. Do you think there is any legitimacy in giving a sample of the nerve agent to Moscow, and for it to be never seen again? How old are you 17? Instead of making yourself look foolish in this thread, where you are clearly ignorant to the subject, perhaps I could recommend some reading for you? A Very Expensive Poison - Luke Harding (This one is highly recommended). Red Notice - Bill Browder Winter is Coming - Garry Kasparov Tar xo
  10. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    What's the point? We will waste it on useless shit.
  11. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    "errr yes, can we have our nerve agent back so we can ... errr have a look at what we produced ... and err ... maybe disregard the evidence?" Serious question. Do you think there is any legitimacy in giving back the nerve agent to Moscow and to be never seen again? Perhaps take a look at the mendacious, dishonest MH17 Almazy Antey press conference and then think why we wouldn't hold a joint investigation with them. Countless times the Russian Federation has failed to supply flight radar information the The Netherlands over MH17 (as required by the ICAO). Only years later to hand it over where it has clearly been tampered with. So, why do you not think we would want to hold a joint investigation with them? The nerve agent should be given to the UN branch that deals with chemical and biological weapons. Although that might not even happen if it goes to a UNSC vote!?
  12. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    Well the first step is for the West to realise what the Putin regime actually is. Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, MH17, election hack, murdering of British citizens on our soil, locking up LGBT and political opponents, the list goes on. A tougher stance is needed. Unfortunately, this was Obama's greatest foreign policy failure letting Putin stretch his muscles into Syria. 1) realisation 2) sanctions - people on here saying they don't do much. They do. Putin's kleptocracy is built on corruption and money. Target the individuals who prop up his mafia state, not the Russian people, via Magnitsky Act. The Act introduced by Bill Browder is ground breaking and gaining traction. I am an avid supporter of it. Sanctions made by the EU are yearly come basis, all made unanimously - in 2015 when Alexis Tsipras was buddying with Putin almost resulted in the yearly-renewal of sanctions to be dropped. EU needs to do more, but I appreciate countries such as Germany are in a difficult position, geopolitically. American sanctions are the one. It is why (see my previous posts) Putin's agents are lobbying to remove them from U.S. law. But Trump is Putin's puppet so difficult. On an individual level I, and my family, are boycotting the World Cup. I have said this even with a national newspaper for a couple of years now. I won't take part in an replica of Berlin 1936. R.e the egotistical dictators, yes this is worrying.
  13. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    The UN security council is outdated. Russia vetoes the investigation of chemical weapons used in Syria for the benefit of their international policies. Only one man can stop Syria and he's deciding to exacerbate it.
  14. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    You're correct. The West need to wake up. We are in a second (third) Cold War and those who cannot see this ... well ... you are an ostrich. The EU and London cradles Putin's blood-oil money too much to do anything. As you mentioned over 200 EU citizens were killed by Russian soldiers and all the EU could do was send pitiful statements of condemnation. Putin is laughing all the way. He laughs at the weak leaders of the EU and respects the strength of dictators defying democracy. Still, something can always change.