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  1. Here's a link if anyone wants to try there luck as a tipster at Cheltenham. Myself and another Foxestalk member do it every year so it's all legit. £20 to join and the prize money is usually split 1st 60% 2nd 25% 3rd 15%. So the top prize for 40 players will be £480. https://www.facebook.com/events/2037378643228259/?ti=cl
  2. If anyone fancies joining a Cheltenham Tipsters Competition I'll post the FB link. Myself and Ric Flair do it every year. It costs £20 and there is prize money for the top 3. The prizes in 2016 were 1st £480 2nd £200 3rd £120. That was with 40 players. Anyway if you fancy playing here's the link. https://www.facebook.com/events/2037378643228259/?ti=cl
  3. Nah none of that foreign crap. 100% British
  4. Where do I start 1) Bring back Section 28. 2) Protect all children from exposure to religion. 3) Scrap the NHS and introduce a sustainable long term system to fund our health care. Agrarianism (see below) 4) Clear the national debt by imposing a one off 25% tax on the top 5% wealthiest people in the country. 5) Scrap VAT and our current method of taxation and introduce an agrarian type system of taxation. Use reforms to gradually return the land to the nation with all revenue eventually going to the treasury not greedy investors. A minimum ten fold increase in the revenue currently raised by taxing our hard earned. 6)Scrap party politics
  5. Many of my friends contributed towards this. They grieve every saturday for friends who are no longer with us, Only to be expected when these friendships were built through football. They know the meaning of respect and it didn't take long to find the money for the flags.
  6. A few of my mates recorded this some years ago also as part of GLC they sponsored the shirt below. Supergrassesque tune and a great footy song. Shirt Song
  7. We had two 4th round ties against Oldham postponed in 1979. I seem to remember being en-route when they were postponed. The tie went ahead thirty days after it was scheduled to be played on Feb 26th. We lost 3-1...awful season too!
  8. Hope no one minds me giving this a bump. The free curry will be served from 12.30pm-1pm and there should be enough for 80-100 portions. For those on foot just head towards The Queens Hotel (wetherspoons) and as you are facing it go left up the hill and it's the first on the right after the car park. For those driving. Parking enforcement in Newport was abandonded about 18 months ago as the police don't have the resources for it. So until the council take back responsibility for it next July it's a free for all. Every one ignores double yellows, resident parking and pedestrian only areas. The police do respond to complaints and still ticket poor parking around the ground but if you are prepared to risk it you can park anywhere else. The bar is owned by my mate so it's a family affair and as such it's cash only. If you do plan on coming and want him to get your favourite tipple just pm me and I'll see what he can do. Cheers
  9. I've agreed to take a friends son to a city match. It doesn't really matter which one, but the first opportunity open to me is the Man Utd fixture. So looking for two adult tickets. I have one possibly two tickets (Home end) for the FA cup match at Newport this sunday so could do a swap. Cheers
  10. Well if Puel isnt going to play to Vardy's strengths he might as well go. The fact that clubs haven't really been queueing up to buy him speaks volumes. You have to be a very special player for any manager to do that and usually those special players have the ability to adapt anyway.
  11. Unless they're playing in Italy Germany Spain or for PSG a three or four year contract with a Premier League team will always be more attractive to an agent and his player than the Champions League.
  12. Half my friends and family won't thank me for this but Alfredo Morelos could be worth looking at. Alternatively put an offer in for Arsenal's Reiss Nelson currently on loan at Hoffenheim. This kid just keeps improving.
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 62 seconds  
  14. There's a local brewery called Tiny Rebel and they have a bar next to Newport Market. Opposite is a Sam Smiths pub called Ye Olde Murenger House. The Lamb just down the road usually have a couple of guest ales on cask as does The Pen and Wig around the corner. A 5 minute walk towards the civic centre just over the railway bridge on the left after Tesco is a tiny little place called The Cellar Door winner of CAMRA best cider pub in Wales 2018. Check opening times there though. My local Bailey's will be showing the live footy and there will also be a free curry £3 a pint, it opens at 12 and there is street parking and a car park on the corner. It's a 2 min walk from The Queens (spoons) and 10-15 minutes walk to the ground. NP20 4DJ if anyone is interested. The dozen or so pubs by the ground will be very busy and full of Newport fans, they'll be okay, but on a match like this the idiots will be out so you never know. Plenty of real ale pubs on the way down mind. Monmouth, Usk, Raglan and Caerleon all within 1/2 hour drive of the ground and with the bridge now free you can drive on the motorway all the way down so you have Chepstow.
  15. My local is laying on a pre-match curry got live footy on and only £3 a pint. 10 mins walk to ground. Street parking or cheap car park on corner. Locals pub but in town. Bailey's Pub Bailey Steet NP20 4DJ
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