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  1. Jesus wept, our defending...
  2. Get it done lads.
  3. If Mahrez put the graft in, I don't think anyone would be knocking him, regardless of form or productivity. Maybe it's through being a Leicester fan and watching utter dross turn up for years, but giving maximum effort for the cause is the first thing I want to see from a City player. In eras of low quality, if a player was putting a shift in then they were probably fine by me, regardless of ability. Maybe that has transcended through to now, and is the reason Mahrez winds me up at times.
  4. He'll be our player next season as well then, if £30m is all anyone is prepared to offer.
  5. To be fair, I probably would say Willian is a better player than Mahrez- he's been excellent on a consistent basis for years. On his day, Mahrez is amazing. But when was the last time he had a day?
  6. We'll give it to him giftwrapped again on the last day of the season if he needs a few to win it, don't worry.
  7. Nothing we don't already know... Kasper is happy here, but if United came in for him he'd want to go. The whole thing depends on De Gea going to Madrid and United making Kasper their main target.
  8. Why on earth would we want to bed him in, give him top flight experience, wait for the time when he's up to speed and then watch him go back to Chelsea a more complete player? We're above that lower league loan arrangement these days lads.
  9. That's the bit which caught my eye too. Also- f**k the Wi-Fi.
  10. I didn't have a particularly good tournament there...
  11. I think he will be an excellent addition. Probably not good enough to be a manager at the highest level (yet), but he's well respected as a coach. As for a new era of darkness- I loved Permission To Land, so I'm all for it.
  12. Pretty sure he won both their fans' and players' player of the season awards.
  13. Does he write for HITC by any chance?
  14. I thought it was the start of July that it formally opened?
  15. Maguire is a top signing, so I have a bit more faith that this will be a good window after the last 2 total disasters! Probably all the drugs as well...