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  1. No moaning if we lose this tonight, yeah? Been very good since about 20 minutes in.
  2. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    Even if things do go tits up, we're not going down. We'd have to end up being Derby 2008 shite to get relegated from now.
  3. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    Only 12 points?! Panic stations!
  4. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    I'm sure he'd be 100% responsible if we'd done bad business though.
  5. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    Yes, let's not as he wasn't a Puel signing
  6. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    We bought some quality players. Just not enough of them to sort out our problems. One thing Puel cannot be criticized for is his transfer business.
  7. Ted Maul

    Missing Mahrez

    Another veiled Puel out thread... not had one of those in 10 minutes!
  8. Ted Maul

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    That list is a who's who of managers who wouldn't come here and managers we wouldn't want anyway.
  9. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    Aye, just replace him with any old useless ****.
  10. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    Agree to disagree, I think he's our most polished defender- every defence needs a bit of experience too. I've blanked out the Arsenal game but last week nobody dropped in to cover Chilwell, can't really blame him for that one. I'm pretty sure Johansson did have the best sides after him though, we did well to keep hold of him
  11. Ted Maul

    Time for Puel to go

    Give it Giggsy until the end of the season.