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  1. If someone bids anywhere near £80m, we'd have to accept. I get people's frustrations with him, and I don't know whether his whole 'cut back and take the easy pass as soon as you get past the halfway line' approach is a mentality thing or coached, but if he all of a sudden decides that he wants to run on more and get to the byline then he'll be one of the best full backs in the world. That kid who tore Atletico to shreds is still in there somewhere.
  2. If we're doomed to catalogue templates, we won't get much better than that.
  3. I miss the days when these threads were just full of angry comments from Bristol City & Hull forums.
  4. I know we were always going to struggle to replace his quality, but when was the last time we signed a winger to go straight into the first team? It was probably Albrighton
  5. Vardy isn't the problem- the problem is out wide. We were relying on a kid in his first full top flight season and a lightweight support striker to provide the goals and assists needed to propel us into the top 4- that's ultimately been our downfall. We have had 4 transfer windows to try and replace Mahrez and we simply haven't bothered.
  6. Is it not? We were 12th when Puel left, but plenty were calling for his head when we were 8th. Both started well and dropped off, there are similarities there. I'm not saying we shouldn't have sacked him, the time was right and he wasn't going to take us any higher- but I see people's concerns with Rodgers. This last 7 months has been horrendous. Out of interest, as someone with access to opinions within the game, what's your assessment on Congerton? Think we're in good hands to build in the transfer window?
  7. To be fair, you were banging the Puel out drum after he took us from 17th to 9th...
  8. I might use this tactic from now on, these ABH charges are having a serious impact on my prospects.
  9. First half was fine. We knew Chelsea were 2-0 up at half time though, so why take off the one player who had looked like making something happen? Perez offered nothing and neither did we until it was too late- story of our last 6 months really, dodgy decisions and a lack of intent. And that doesn't mean throwing everyone up front and leaving ourselves exposed at the back, it's more about actually looking to take risks and create chances when we're in advanced positions rather than cutting back and taking the easy option every single time. Whether it's a tactical or mental thing, it needs sorting ASAFP.
  10. We'll never know. All we can do now is wonder 'what if?' and know that the tactics we used weren't good enough.
  11. Is that geuninely the best we can do though? Desperately try to hang in the game against the big clubs and hope to nick a late winner? These were there for the taking.
  12. Maybe if we'd given him more service he would have got more than 23....
  13. If we wanted to play further up the pitch, his error might not have mattered. We had regressed to pissing about with it in our own half again and asking for trouble.
  14. Absolutely. I remember being told by a Burnley fan that I was too negative when I told him we would finish 5th or 6th after that game but it seemed inevitable to me, and we haven't improved since. I'm worried about us taking this form into next season.
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