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  1. Can't see us getting many points. Leeds is probably the most likely, but even there I'm not sure. On one hand, they like to attack and may give us space, but their energy could end up being too much for our passive style of play if we don't turn up.
  2. Can't believe how uninterested I am about a ****ing European game. No fans and our horrendous form this year have really sucked the life out of it for me at the minute.
  3. Back to what we were second half of last season then. Excellent.
  4. Ours is the highest ever top flight away win- it's not tied with anyone.
  5. Amazing that keepers are immune to stuff like that. Hideous challenge.
  6. Happy to give him another chance, certainly gives us a different option when things aren't going to plan. It's good to see Rodgers changing his way of thinking and adapting- I remember him categorically saying that he wouldn't play a big striker as a 'plan B' towards the start.
  7. Brilliant. Even contains a nod towards my absolute pet hate of stripped back, slow tempo, wanky cover songs on seemingly every single tv advert these days.
  8. Hopefully fans actually vote with their feet on this, for once. Absolutely insane to expect people to shell out an extra £15 per game.
  9. At least we didn't lose 1-0 at home to Newcastle with him being the scorer last season. That's about as positive about his signing as you can be.
  10. Gutted about not being able to go to Braga and Athens but that's a favourable draw.
  11. I'd be absolutely gutted about not being able to see City play at the San Siro if we drew them (didn't Southampton get an allocation of about 8,000 there a few years back?!) but there's the opportunity for some really famous results if we draw them.
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