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  1. We'd have to be ****ing mad to offer him a long term deal.
  2. Nah, our current team would stick 5 past Brazil's 1970 World Cup winning side. It's why the greatest ever player argument is so flawed- it was basically a different sport 50 years ago.
  3. Any chance of us getting a bespoke kit if we get into the Champions League? Or are we still contacted to just get stuff out of the catalogue?
  4. I normally buy one about now when they start applying massive discounts. Certainly wouldn't pay full price.
  5. After everything that's happened since, that game is still my favourite since we got promoted. Scenes on toast. That noncey 'Leicester Reds' flag in the away end disappeared pretty quickly.
  6. No worst XI would be complete without Joe Hammill. As others have pointed out, there are a few names there who shouldn't be anywhere near this conversation, particularly Jordan Stewart.
  7. Vardy's goalscoring record simply gets taken for granted. If it was a new signing comfortably getting 20 goals, everyone would be raving about him and he'd be guaranteed player of the season. Outrageous that he hasn't won it yet.
  8. I don't see how that doesn't just end the Championship season- nobody is going to want to play Forest.
  9. Feeling a lot more optimistic about our chances after last night's performance, although it will be a much tougher test. Another 3 points and another step closer to our big behind-closed-doors European tour would be lovely.
  10. I agree that he's pretty limited. We've had 3 transfer windows where we should have brought in a winger and we didn't bother. At least he was involved though- Perez has been utterly anonymous for months.
  11. **** me, we needed that. Took a bit of luck to drop our way with the first goal but you could see an instant improvement straight after- forward players buzzing around finding space, wanting the ball. Hopefully that gives the confidence a massive lift and we can kick on. I'd say Justin and Albrighton more than deserve a run in the side at the expense of Chilwell and Perez now.
  12. How the hell is that a free kick? We're going to finish below this rabble aren't we.
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