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  1. Good stuff. Puel certainly seems like a 'builder', much like Pearson was. Getting all levels of the club to a high standard should negate any of his tactical shortcomings in the long term.
  2. Ted Maul

    Union FS tifo display

    The best and worst aspects of our fanbase on display.
  3. Ted Maul

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    It's crazy- a young lad from our own academy, represented England at every age group, improving rapidly and some people don't like him. If he plays like he did at United all season, he'll be first choice LB for England before we know it.
  4. Ted Maul

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Sounds unbelievable. We're going to have facilities that every club in the country other than around 10 will be envious of. Has anyone else got their own indoor arena?
  5. Some of the marks are on the low side- Chilwell & Gray both deserved at least another 0.5 on their scores. 91% manager confidence is really encouraging. I think this summer has revealed what Puel's long-term vision is- he's talked so many times about intensity and now all of a sudden we've got this youthful side with great energy looking to play exciting football. We'll be some team with another 2 years' development/building time.
  6. Ted Maul

    Wolves.. Score prediction thread :

    2-1 City. Comfortable, then concede a daft goal in the last 5 minutes for a nervy end to the game.
  7. The tradition of English football is what makes it what it is- start messing about with it and it will just carry on getting more and more diluted until nobody gives a toss.
  8. Depends how many feel the same way really. A few shirt sales and Facebook followers won't compensate empty seats at the ground.
  9. No other option but to boycott the PL if that happens. If that means boycotting LCFC, so be it.
  10. Think he will break through properly this season- seems to fit Puel's system, Fuchs is getting on a bit and he's hit the ground running. Hopefully see him in the England set up before long!
  11. Not my kind of place, but I suppose it's not sitting there empty or being redeveloped into flats.
  12. Ted Maul

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Play like we did at Old Trafford and we'll win comfortably. Play like we did at home between February and April and we run the risk of losing.
  13. Ted Maul

    Musa Departs - Confirmed

    Anyone noticed the Saudi fans on social media commenting on LCFC posts as if they've just nicked our best player on the cheap?
  14. Ted Maul

    North American Sports Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 163 seconds