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  1. Ah, missed the part about selling the same regardless of kiosk quality. I agree with you there, it's massively over the top. The point stands about our catering options though- theirs put ours to shame.
  2. Whilst I agree that some of it is over the top, I couldn't disagree more about the bars- I'm absolutely sick of having one shite beer to choose from at the City, the catering is long overdue an upgrade.
  3. There was talk of the Football League pressing for a 12 point reduction- odds probably took that into consideration.
  4. Probably not, I'd guess about £30k. Silva was apparently on £80k though and the majority of those players (with the exception of Benalouane, Jakupovic and possibly Okazaki) would have been on around £50k.
  5. Yeah I don't doubt Youri will be on a fair whack if we sign him- that's no issue though as he'll be a key player. We've been hamstrung this year by having numerous players on £50k+ wages who weren't even featuring in matchday squads- Silva, King, Iborra, Benalouane, Jakupovic, Simpson, Fuchs, Okazaki and Slimani will have been on £400k+ per week between them and most (if not all) of them will be gone this summer. That's a lot of money which can be put towards the wages of players who can make a real difference, starting with Tielemans.
  6. Even if we manage to negotiate £10m off the Tielemans price, it's a result- it would also knock a fair bit off the wage bill.
  7. Silva is the key lads. If Monaco want to keep him (seems very likely, they love him) and we're willing to match whatever anyone else in the market is offering, we've got a good chance.
  8. Christ, imagine putting Eric Dier above Kante in any season, never mind that one. He really hated us winning it, it was glorious watching him having to give us praise with that vein in his temple going mental.
  9. I'd always just consider a goal from someone stood over the ball scoring from a free kick, whether someone has nudged it to him or not.
  10. It's the way it's written- it discounts Ferdinand's 3, despite there being very little difference in my eyes. I'm being pedantic, but it's a pedantic stat.
  11. I just find it strange that they would tweet it I suppose 'scored from a free kick without the ball being nudged to one side by a teammate first' doesn't have the same ring to it.
  12. My point is that nobody would specify 'direct from a free kick'. Surely most people would just say 'scored a free kick', regardless of whether someone had tapped the ball or not?
  13. Well it is, isn't it. Most people would class those goals as 'scoring from a free-kick', direct from the dead ball or not- Ferdinand scored 3, so it's a pointless stat.
  14. I did wonder whether it could have been that. Pretty useless and misleading stat in which case.
  15. Didn't Ferdinand score 2 in 2003/04? Everton & Portsmouth? Possibly Charlton also?
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