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  1. Even he would have been disappointed with how negative we were today. Pathetic.
  2. This basically sums it up. It doesn't matter that the football was boring, he was a bit of a tool and a few of the senior players didn't like him- there was a difficult job which desperately needed doing in transforming the squad and he did it pretty well. In the end, that job was done, he'd taken us as far as he could and we're now seeing the benefit under someone who can take us to the next level. I like a lot of the article- you really get a sense that this is just the beginning under Rodgers. Granted, he's most likely not going to be here in 5 years' time, but we're already in good shape and it does seem like we're only going to improve as the squad matures. The next couple of years could be very entertaining!
  3. I'm sure Palace stuck 3 past us when they were down to the bare bones one year too.
  4. I hate going into games against injury-ravaged teams. Hopes are up but it rarely ends well for us.
  5. Why? He's made them a shitload of money by developing player/squad value.
  6. I'd imagine it will be sung at Old Trafford if we go in front. Still remember singing 'we're all going on a European Tour' in jest at West Brom in 15/16...
  7. I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing our away end, in a weird way. It's going to be hideous.
  8. Anyone who wrote him off is a fool. I had doubts over whether he's ready yet, but he did well today.
  9. Agree that plenty of that goes on these days, but I think people had justifiable concerns about Soyuncu- he's never looked totally assured playing for us previously, lacking a bit of composure and seemed a bit edgy. He was brilliant today though, long may that continue.
  10. Rated the song Union FS were singing- reckon that will catch on.
  11. He's had plenty of opportunities to prove his worth- he's not first team standard, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Probably not buying a decent winger, 3 transfer windows in a row. Next question...
  13. That, and Maddison floating every single one to nobody at the back post.
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