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  1. The bulk of our transfer kitty will hopefully be going on Tielemans, so we're not going to be able to afford a marquee signing on a winger this window. Getting a slightly-past-his-best world-class player for a year is risk-free in my eyes, even if he does miss a few games through injury. If we get him fit and firing, him and Barnes on the wings will be something else.
  2. Rightly so- we'd be laughing at them if they were linked with one of our best players.
  3. Definitely be applying for a few. Managed to get England v Wales tickets for 2016 but I doubt I'll get that lucky this time!
  4. It is- we were Championship at the time and he'd just smashed 30 goals that season.
  5. We're basically where we were with Filbert Street at the end- as long as we're in the top flight, it's going to be full. More and more people are going to the football these days as well, so to not act now for fear of having a few empty seats sometimes would be incredibly shortsighted.
  6. That's up to us to get our scouting right- we managed it last summer and Mahrez was much more difficult to replace than Maguire would be.
  7. As long as it's only 1 player per season and we're reinvesting the money on quality additions, then it's no issue. Look at last summer- we sold Mahrez, brought in Maddison, Ricardo and Evans for the first team and still had change to bring in a couple of the best young CB prospects in Europe- we're in a far stronger position for it. You're right about us not wanting to do a Southampton, but they sold 2 or 3 a season and stopped investing properly. If we essentially swap Maguire for Tielemans and a first 11 standard winger, we keep moving forward in my view.
  8. He's our best centre back- Man United allowed him to leave and are now considering spending £70m on our second-best centre back. Madness.
  9. Didn't Vardy get dropped for one game (away at Spurs)? He wasn't in great form (to say the least) and we tried something a bit different, not sure why it's such a talking point.
  10. Interest might dip, but I'd rather it went down by a couple of thousand from 42,000 than 32,000. It's all about having the room when demand is high, and it is at the moment.
  11. 99 required off 21 overs. Come on County!
  12. Southgate is a big believer in the youth sides and gaining tournament experience at that level- I'm happy with him going to the U21 Euros to be honest. On a separate note, I can't wait for the Nations League- we get to bring out the beers and BBBQs all over again on what should be a summer off. It's been a really good change to the international schedule!
  13. Thinking of the future... in 5 years' time from now (assuming we don't get relegated), we'll be a totally unrecognisable club from the one which got promoted 5 years ago- - 40,000+ seater stadium - One of the best training grounds in Europe - Title winners - Champions League quarter-finalists - A host of new names in the legends/greats category - Plenty of results against the big clubs It would be nice if we could add more trophies/European runs to that, but even if we don't, we've come such a long way as a club in a really short space of time.
  14. Here's the link, contains the full 92 as well: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11713743/sky-sports-ultimate-league-201819-every-clubs-true-standing-over-past-50-years-revealed Love stuff like this- takes a lot of sustained success to move up the table.
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