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  1. They've become everything they ever hated in United- money club, entitled fans, silent home atmosphere. United still turn out decent away ends though.
  2. They were still in European spots, we were certs for relegation. Theirs was far worse, if anything.
  3. Completely agree. 'Not great' will probably get us over the line though- any upturn in form and it will be comfortable.
  4. We're going to have to be seriously shit for the rest of the season for more than one of this lot to catch us.
  5. Nah. I hope we actually try and replace him in the summer though- 3 windows and counting.
  6. Very happy with the point- keeps Wolves at arms length, they will have to go on a remarkable run of form to catch us now. What do we reckon- 5 wins and a couple of draws from our remaining 12 games to see us over the line? It's easily doable, and we might even need less than that. The fixture list will thin out, we'll have plenty of easier games than last night and our form should improve. We've got problems though. Perez doesn't appear up to it, at least not in his current role. He just strikes me as a player who doesn't know how to play in that position, constantly making the wrong runs, finding himself in no man's land and having very little impact on most games. Chilwell needs some confidence. Watching him run into space, check back and pass to a defender every time is infuriating. The midfield seems way too lightweight without Ndidi, hopefully he's back next week. Vardy is out of form but we're creating nothing for him. Hopefully we get it together- all we really need is one run of form and we're pretty much there.
  7. Give him the ball and he will score. Dick about with it around the half way line and he won't.
  8. Good result and good defensively, particularly after going down to 10 men. We've gone to shite going forward though- no movement, way too pedestrian on the ball. Need to sort that out if we want to maintain that gap to 5th.
  9. These struggle against 2 banks of 4. Guarantee we carry on as normal and get hit on the break in the 91st minute.
  10. Perez having one of his 'absolutely no point him being on the pitch' nights.
  11. Nobody's given him a sniff to be fair. Way too pedestrian.
  12. Spot on. When we're on it, we're brilliant. When we're not, we can be easily bullied. We're a young side though, hopefully the mentality will catch up with the ability in time.
  13. Can you even be offside if the ball goes backwards? What a disgrace, you'd be spitting feathers if you were Wolves.
  14. Gone exactly as expected- loads of possession, all fart and no shit. Wolves far more dangerous on the break and at set peices. We've got away with one, but christ I hate VAR. Slowly suffocating the passion out of the game.
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