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  1. utterly absurd statement
  2. This has been one of those home performances where we're so shite from the first minute, you know what's going to happen- see Villa, Fulham, Everton, West Ham. Just can't get them out of our system.
  3. Stage is set for Kasper to win us the shootout and celebrate in a corset.
  4. We'll have them at home. Just need to see this out now.
  5. Qualifying for the Champions League would be massive for us- I think we'd be able to keep everyone together for another season as well as making our usual 2-3 first team/squad additions. Getting a lot of the deadwood off the books this year will also help with new contacts.
  6. It's what they tend to set up for- keep it at 0-0 and try and nick a goal on the counter/set piece. Basically a Portuguese Burnley.
  7. Take a point there. Wolves really are a dull side to watch.
  8. When he's on it, he's world class. Struggled for consistency throughout his career, which is why he plays for Leicester City and not Manchester City. He's still young though and consistency is a problem for the vast majority of youngsters- if we get him playing like this every week then we've got one of the best players in the league. Doesn't seem like the type to throw his toys out of the pram and push for a move at the first sign of interest, but get that contract drawn up now.
  9. Felt very much like it might be another one of those nights in the first half- fail to break down a lesser team sitting deep, concede, then run out of ideas down the other end. Second half was fantastic though, on another day (and with a capable striker) we'd have battered them. How cat flap hands is still England no.1 is beyond me- not complaining on this occasion though
  10. Doucoure and Allan out, Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison all pretty much at the top of their game at the minute... hopefully where the game can be won for us.
  11. These are absolute garbage, could have been worse but that's a shocker. We've hit our ceiling unless we can cut out these frequent performances against the dross.
  12. Hahaha genuinely thought he went off about half an hour ago.
  13. Given our last couple of results, today is about as Leicester as it gets.
  14. Why do we always shit ourselves against these? Haven't even tried to attack them this half
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