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  1. Annoying, but it seems quite early for Liverpool to have to keep digging deep to get these results. Reckon it might start taking its toll as the season progresses, especially with the World Club Cup to contend with.
  2. Why on earth would you film either?
  3. Don't bother filming the opposition's anthem or penalties might be a start.
  4. Our fans are shite, usually as far away from a proper away end as you can get. Doesn't surprise me.
  5. Highlight of the game, and that includes the goal.
  6. I'd love to know why he took Barnes off- the problem was the shape, going like for like was utterly pointless.
  7. Soft penalty and we lost it late on, but it's not like we deserved anything. Take it, move on and hope that Rodgers learns- that was just as bad as Old Trafford.
  8. We didn't deserve the equaliser either, so swings and roundabouts really.
  9. Hideous defending. Probably the right result though, we can have no complaints.
  10. Appreciate they're bloody good at home but we've been absolute dross. Obvious from an early stage that we were set up wrong, same as Old Trafford.
  11. I probably would. We're third and going well, picking up results but we've put in some very average performances already- Wolves and Man United were both really poor. Didn't think much of us against Spurs until their disallowed goal either- an inch the other way and we would have gone down without a trace against a team well out of form (conversely, we showed a lot of fight to come back into it after that). There's a long way to go but I'd still be surprised if we ended up top 4.
  12. Pretty much this. Expect the pits and the rare occasions when we turn out a decent away end or make an effort at home are a pleasant surprise.
  13. Big test today- exactly the type of side we have come unstuck against in recent years. Win this convincingly and I might start thinking that Europe is a possibility.
  14. This is a thread praising our defence- every single one of the 4 players in our first choice defence was either signed or developed to first team standard under his tenure. You might have developed a blind hatred of him, but a lot of our fans can see that he did some good work.
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