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  1. These are absolute garbage, could have been worse but that's a shocker. We've hit our ceiling unless we can cut out these frequent performances against the dross.
  2. Hahaha genuinely thought he went off about half an hour ago.
  3. Given our last couple of results, today is about as Leicester as it gets.
  4. Why do we always shit ourselves against these? Haven't even tried to attack them this half
  5. United following the blueprint to beating us- sit in, wait for us to make a mistake and put ourselves under pressure, go 1-0 up and pick us off on the break.
  6. Which is an insane thing to say- to be that consistent and accurate putting so much power on the ball, giving the keeper no chance, takes far more skill than passing into the bottom corner.
  7. Another real success story for our scouting team- certainly wasn't an 'obvious' signing. Seems to have ironed out his defensive frailties in a very short space of time. If he carries on developing like this, we'll have one (another) of the best full backs in the league.
  8. King Power Centre? Is it that specific building, or is that what they've decided to call the whole complex? Be a bit disappointing if so.
  9. Second half at Bournemouth aside, that's the worst we've been for years.
  10. Remember when people thought he was better than Grealish?
  11. We've been comprehensively outplayed all over the park by a newly promoted side, managed by Scott Parker. Absolute horror show.
  12. Just can't seem to get shit like this out of our system.
  13. Spot on. The double quarter pounder is the only one which comes close.
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