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  1. Ted Maul


    Easily replaceable. Anything north of £40m and I'd sell.
  2. Pretty much this. Although I wondered how we'd dust ourselves down after last season's implosion and we were fine. Slight disappointment to end a wonderful season but we should have plenty of faith in the club to keep us progressing.
  3. It's taken us 137 years to win the FA Cup. We were in the Champions League 4 years ago. Maybe now we've got the monkey off our backs we can start prioritising but that cup win was everything for a good chunk of our fanbase.
  4. Loser of the final always wins the league game when 2 clubs meet straight after, wasn't expecting anything tonight. Won the big one anyway. Perez can get to **** though man, pointless.
  5. We're nicking this 1-0, guaranteed.
  6. Probably just my dodgy maths tbh.
  7. It's a very weird feeling. Just think I'll get more enjoyment out of the day watching with mates in a relaxed environment.
  8. utterly absurd statement
  9. This has been one of those home performances where we're so shite from the first minute, you know what's going to happen- see Villa, Fulham, Everton, West Ham. Just can't get them out of our system.
  10. Stage is set for Kasper to win us the shootout and celebrate in a corset.
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