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  1. Probably more so than the stats suggest.
  2. 7 sub-standard performances in a row at home, not good at all. Chilwell and Barnes need a spell on the sidelines, their heads seem to have gone. Kasper and Ricardo are the only ones who came off the pitch with any credit today. Absolute horror show all round. Credit to Southampton though, they've really turned it around and were by far the better side. Outfought, outthought and comprehensively outplayed by them.
  3. It's not the sole contributing factor to the dead atmosphere- just another nail in the coffin.
  4. Draw not the end of the world considering the state of our performance. Tielemans, Chilwell and Maddison particularly poor. Rodgers got it badly wrong in a big game again, which is concerning. Hamza the biggest positive- class when he came on. Onto Villa Park!
  5. Nobody wants it. Lack of movement off the ball is criminal. Another big game, another totally gutless performance unfortunately. Really need to up the intensity if we want a goal.
  6. I love Tielemans but **** me he's been shite tonight.
  7. Wake up City ffs. Rodgers needs to change this shape ASAP.
  8. Hopefully that will kick us into life a bit. Way too pedestrian so far, with and without the ball.
  9. Very pessimistic about it even making category 3 to be honest
  10. Sounds like quite a few gone already then, isn't the top tier much bigger than lower? Chances of it making it until Wednesday?
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