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  1. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    It's what got Shakey the boot too.
  2. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Yeah, shocking from Kasper but you're tempting fate when you sit back. We had them on the ropes and dropped off, so frustrating. When will our managers learn that we're an immeasurably better side when we're on the front foot?
  3. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Started so promisingly as well, went out there and pressed them high, forcing mistakes.
  4. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    With hindsight, Okazaki would have been far more effective. Still in it though, and going 1-0 down usually wakes us up.
  5. In an ideal world, we would get two quality players in with the money we will receive for him- Thorgan Hazard and Zaha would be great, but I can see Zaha going to Spurs.
  6. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Anyone noticed that Grimes woman who comments on pretty much every LCFC twitter post? Absolutely rustled that we didn't sell Mahrez so she's developed an irrational hatred of the club and, strangely, Jamie Vardy
  7. Iborra - Key Player?

    Mate from work is a Baggies fan- he said Iborra was a class above on Saturday, absolutely bossed it. Has to start on Sunday.
  8. Vardy

    Don't sell. Ever. We witnessed his rise, and we should witness his decline. I'd like to think there's still more to football than selling a club legend for £30m (f**k all in today's market).
  9. A year ago

    We've had some f**king good times in the last 5 years man.
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    They've gone about things in the wrong way, but I can sympathise with West Ham fans. We were unhappy enough with our new ground over Filbert Street, and that was done for the right reasons and we stayed in pretty much the same city centre location. The London Stadium really is awful.
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Career over for Carragher, 6 points and a lifetime of resentment from his daughter for the dad. Both complete tools.
  12. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Them travelling to Barcelona, and probably having a tough and exhausting evening, gives us a real chance in this one. Hopefully we turn up though, because we'll still have to be excellent to turn them over. The passive 'wait for something to happen and then react to it' approach won't do for this either- we will have to be at them like we were at Stamford Bridge in January.
  13. Adidas

    Mine is somehow still intact. It's such a dreadful shirt that I'm actually quite fond of it.
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I don't know, they've got a poor performance in them when the pressure is on. I'd back United to win it.
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    We should finish above Bournemouth and Watford after today's results. Only really Everton and Burnley we need to worry about unless we have another winless run. Just checked Burnley's fixtures- couldn't be much more favourable if they picked them. They've got a golden chance of Europe, and we would only have ourselves to blame for not overtaking them during their 2 month winless run.