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  1. Starting the game with 3 rightbacks and 3 defensive midfielders. It was never going to be pretty. Well played to the lads.
  2. Play Albrighton. Go 442. Keep it tight. Get a draw. Cast...Evans/whoever...Soy... Luke Ricardo ....Mendy....Your... Albrighton Under....Vardy
  3. Mendy for Thomas. Ricardo to left back and let's go win this
  4. Actually excited by this line up. Nacho as a number 10 pivot if he can move the ball quickly. That's the problem, will he spot the runs the front three are making quick enough or will he slow the game down.
  5. I'd be interested to play Nacho in number 10 role. Barnes, Ricardo and Vardy attacking. All guns blazing.
  6. Under playing well....or Under looking the best of a load of s...te
  7. I like Nacho but he needs attackers making runs ahead of him. So I'd be tempted to play Barnes centrally and Madison on the left
  8. My hope would be that Teilemans is playing with Ndidi 4231 formation rather than 4141 to try and not press them to high up the pitch
  9. Totally got played today... Everton were never out of second gear and knew we could not break them down. Tottenham will be the same unfortunately.
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