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  1. My hope would be that Teilemans is playing with Ndidi 4231 formation rather than 4141 to try and not press them to high up the pitch
  2. Totally got played today... Everton were never out of second gear and knew we could not break them down. Tottenham will be the same unfortunately.
  3. People here calling out Mendy... He's playing without teilemans who would normally be closer to him. Where is he? At one point Madison and Under we're back to build play.
  4. Teilemans normally closer to Mendy. Why is under and Madison dropping back instead. Really leaving Mendy exposed
  5. We need to suck them in...suck them in...release the attackers
  6. What are you singing So far I've stood up because I love Leicester. And I've let the neighbors know we're the greatest team there's ever been.
  7. Albrighton benched 🤔 ...excited to see our front three galacticos this could be a classic night.
  8. First of four big games that could define our season a fascinating mix of teams that are horrid to face, good sides and banana skins. Loose this and we put pressure on ourselves to beat spurs, win this and draw spurs puts us in a great position.
  9. Just papering over the cracks.... PICK THAT OUT.
  10. Bitterly disappointed about that. I thought they could have been got at. Couple of off performances which is a shame. But I'm sure they'll be mentioned here. Who I wanted to give a big shout to though was Justin he was great today and I actually think his best performance for us. Did he put a pass wrong I don't think he did. He looked mature. He look a threat and full of energy.
  11. See ya. Let them go play there friendlies together. Don't get me wrong the players and teams in that group are ultimately great players and teams...but god it can be dull. I might be mad...but I'd rather have a bit of fun when watching the Villa game my mate turns to me and says...you know who we're missing today. Schlupp.
  12. No. I'll go back to other ways of seeing it.
  13. Well beaten. A few poor performances or moments today and it was definitely disappointing. But young sides can be inconsistent like Dortmund. Can have some real stinkers...hopefully the break will be a chance to regroup again and not dwell in this.
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