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  1. Fairly gutting to watch the draw knowing we won’t be in the stadiums. Been wanting to go the Braga ground for a couple of years. Tempted to look into Athens just for the trip but 50/50 whether it’s worth the risk/effort.
  2. All clubs are businesses and I appreciate we are customers. However I thought our decision makers across the various levels seemed marginally more in tune in terms of consistent pricing etc than other prem clubs, this announcement makes me think of this article. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/arsenal-job-cuts-your-club-stan-kroenke-kia-joorabchian-572803
  3. The website is noting the season ticket holders/members name will be on the online ticket and is non transferable with ID checks being carried out. What about family or friends who share season tickets and possibly travel a fair distance to games?
  4. The worrying thing is the lack of chances we are creating in Brendan’s apparent preferred formation. Against Wolves, Sheff U and Man U we’ve clearly lacked width and our play has suffered. Chilwell isn’t overlapping as usually there isn’t anyone really near him on that side, so any play on the left simple goes back or sideways. Any team that don’t open up will simply try and stifle us in the middle of the park. Sadly our wide players don’t seem to have much form to change it.
  5. If anyone has a spare, please drop me a message. I’ll be in Manchester ok Saturday so can easily meet to pick it up.
  6. After 1 ticket for Saturday, if anyone has a spare?
  7. Going to be a very tough game I think. Fuchs could struggle with the number of overlaps due to their tactics. If we have hopes of finishing in the top 6, it’s a game we need to collect 3 points from really.
  8. If you’re into your beers I’d recommend Sheffield Tap (At the station), Rutland Arms, Triple Point Brewery, The Cremorne, Beer Engine. There’s not tonnes right near the ground. All may be fussy if you’re wearing colours.
  9. Yep some really good options mentioned also the Sportsman and the Grove are worth a visit, if you’re into your beer.
  10. I’d hope we are looking wider than just the usual managers who have Prem experience ie Moyes, Martinez etc. It’s a gamble but which managerial appointment isn’t a gamble. I’d hope our board are continually scouring the top 5 European leagues for possible future managers like players. However I don’t get the impression they do. I’d consider Gasperini from Atalanta or Giampaolo from Sampdoria. Both keen on bringing through young players and play attacking football. However I worry our players would struggle adapting to a manager from a league where there is much more tactical discip
  11. Can I ask how it’s clear he’s a class player ? I think the fee and his former club totally skews some people’s view of him. I appreciate you must have talent to come through the ranks at city but they obviously deemed him to be surplus to requirements. If say we hadn’t of signed him from city, we signed him from the Portuguese or any other league I’m sure this perception of class wouldn’t be felt. i really struggle to see what he offers to the team.
  12. I was excited when we first signed him. However Nacho really does offer nothing for a team like us. He doesn’t come short to take the ball, he doesn’t hold the ball up and he doesn’t offer to run in behind or down the channels. He seems to literally stand next to centre backs for the whole game. I’d love to ask him what he thinks he does well and what he offers the team. Maybe he can finish as his Man City stats suggest but he isn’t going to get 10 passes across the goal like that with us. We need to sign a new striker, who though is the question.£55 million down the drain with him
  13. There’s around 15 tickets popped up on the lcfc site. Just bought two myself, wanted to tick this ground off for a while.
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