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  1. the new bloke who now owns the building has done this. nothing to do with Mark @Marks Electrical
  2. realistically we need to be over 40000 for it to be worth upgrading
  3. If you know the song it works.. just because it doesn’t ryhme makes no odds..
  4. Okay i get your point 😂😂.. but still its a great song that
  5. Theres something that the blues want you to know he’s the best in the world and his name is maddison our number 10 give him the ball and he will make us shine si senor he’ll pass to vards and we will score repeat.... song that liverpool and riverplate sing (si senor)
  6. ndidi is such a key player. we don't need extra holding midfielders when he is on form. at times he can be kante'esc.
  7. Oh okay, he’s never on the drum anymore or atleast i can’t tell its him... when he was on it L block was brilliant now its very poor... sk1 carries the stadiums atmosphere at the moment, even with that its very quiet almost embarrassing...
  8. Very poor from that side of the stadium atmosphere wise. Ever since jobber stopped coming they’ve lost their voice. Whats going on
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