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  1. What a player.. he was loving out there with the fans cheering his tackles. Is that the first time him and castange have played in front of our fans?
  2. what a goal could watch this a million times i recon
  3. if anyone moans about VAR again they should get an instant ban
  4. fianlly calmed down a bit, what a performance Rodgers is top class. That goal was insane and what a player Youri is just turned into one of my favourite players his interview after was great as well clever guy, the lad is a genius. The saves from Kasper proved why he is world class and a proper club legend, Vardy was in tears and Nacho took got us to the hunting ground. Thanks for giving the fans what they wanted! unbelievable stuff.
  5. shpuld i switch off andd come back or hold on for the ride this is fkin nervre wracking lads
  6. we can do this one goal could win it !!!! get Madders on for perez and lets gooo
  7. good post, I thought we was the better team overall in the end.
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