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  1. Imagine selling Schlupp for £12 million then bringing him back on a free
  2. Chuffed to bits! What makes our club very special is the fact that we continue to exceed expectations. 6 years ago, nobody thought we'd win the Premier League. Nobody thought we'd get to the Champions League quarter finals. Nobody thought we'd win the FA Cup. We've achieved those things in the space of 5 years, which is incredible when you compare us to the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea.
  3. Couldn't be any more proud of everyone connected with our football club. Well done to all!
  4. Disappointed there wasn't 'how not to foksmash my door'
  5. The Sawmill Horde was a real pain in the arse, had to go back to Iron Mike's camp twice to restock on ammo ! Other than that, the game is quite easy!
  6. Feel sorry for Mason for having to inherit a team of bottlers...
  7. Why shouldn't you trust a man with his tools? Because he might screw things up.
  8. If losing tomorrow means winning the semi final next Sunday, I'd take it. We'd still have 7 league games remaining to pick up the points needed to stay in the top 4.
  9. Not had any issues with mine so far. Have you tried going on the Playstation Support website?
  10. Claude got me watching AFTV in the first place. So funny yet passionate, loved his arguments with Ty. Real shame he let himself go over the last few years, he'll be deeply missed.
  11. Mazepin makes Vitaly Petrov look like a world class driver
  12. Didn't even know England had a match earlier. So it's obvious who I voted for
  13. We were absolutely brilliant today. Fully deserved the win and we're going to (an empty) Wembley!
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