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  1. Just a word of warning, if your game freezes while it autosaves, it will corrupt your save data. Loading time trials has been a problem for me, so hopefully Beenox will patch this issue soon. Make sure to back up your data just in case.
  2. Whoever decided the location is off their trolley!
  3. We already have a good blend of youth and experience. What matters now is improving the quality of the squad.
  4. Someone beat the Hoenn League Champion with a lvl 1 Rattata True story
  5. Great effort from Danny Ric
  6. Playing in white shorts again
  7. Well that was utterly dreadful. On the flipside, it's another trophyless season for Spurs
  8. iamafox

    Alex Telles

    Does Alex Telles tales?
  9. Alonso fails to qualify for the Indy 500 McLaren are a joke
  10. iamafox


    We've never had a huge rivalry with anyone imo
  11. Ferrari need to get their shit together
  12. If anyone on here actually wanted Spurs to win tonight, have a word with yourself.
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