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  1. Nothing else to play for other than top 4 now. No excuses.
  2. We look like a team fighting off relegation rather than pushing for a CL spot. Only positive is that we won't go down but even that's not saying much.
  3. Arsenal want over £36m for him And Man Utd are interested
  4. Playing a game called Redout, which is basically a more obscure version of Wipeout but it's still fun.
  5. Yep. It was great to see Trial Mountain back, hopefully some other classic tracks will return too.
  6. iamafox


    Probably in the minority here but I'm most excited about the new Astro Bot game.
  7. At least he wasn't wearing a Tottenham shirt
  8. Leclerc showed him up last season, just like Ricciardo did at Red Bull. No coincidence
  9. Any of the Gran Turismo games, difficult to pick one though
  10. I guess Adda Djeziri counts despite not making a single appearance Derek Fazackerley, Sven's assistant
  11. iamafox


    The new 'DualSense' controller for the PS5 is revealed:
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