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  1. iamafox


    I normally wait another 1-2 years before getting a new console. And I reckon half of the launch titles will be remasters anyway.
  2. We beat a team 5-0 then they beat a team we lost 1-0 to
  3. Great win for Bayern & Hove Albion
  4. Gnabry has scored the same number of goals as Kane at Spurs' new stadium
  5. We wouldn't be where we are without him imo. And with the way things are going, he'll easily get 100+ PL goals.
  6. Yep. And he probably thinks that Xhaka will be their greatest ever captain too
  7. There was also an Arsenal fan who called in a few weeks ago and said they'll win the league this season
  8. I knew from the moment the race started that Ferrari would balls it up, back to their usual ways I guess
  9. Naughty Dog have excluded multiplayer for Part II. I don't know what anyone here thinks of this but for me, I'm quite relieved there will be no MP trophies.
  10. Couldn't have had a more befitting winner than Charles after what happened yesterday
  11. Celtic and European football shouldn't be in the same sentence
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