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  1. I bet you'll still be disappointed What's really jarring is how long it takes to copy a paltry update file on a 100GB+ game. 1-2 minutes to install, 30-60 mins to copy. Hopefully the PS5 will fix that issue. GT Sport is one of the few PS4 games that constantly gets updated, at least once a month. Keep that in mind!
  2. I expect more GPs to be called off/postponed at this rate
  3. Cardiff had such a good team around a decade ago and he was one of their standout players. RIP
  4. The teams were already there preparing for it. Don't know why it wasn't postponed sooner
  5. So typical that this happens as well as the coronavirus on the back of an impressive win on Monday
  6. Talk about a massive downgrade
  7. Thought he was still in his 20's
  8. And it's Foxestalk Foxestalk FC We're by far the greatest forum The world has ever seen
  9. I really hope that won't derail our season. When big games like this come around, we just don't have the mentality to win them, no matter the opposition. And that's what separates us from Liverpool and Man City.
  10. It looked as though he was deliberately passing the ball to the Saints players whenever he gave it away
  11. Ebay sell tons of brand new ones for £3 to £4
  12. The Last of Us God of War (2018) Batman: Arkham City Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Marvel's Spider-Man Detroit: Become Human Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Velocity 2X Guacamelee!
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