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  1. Fantastic news. Now we can put the annoying 'Brendan to Arsenal' speculation to bed.
  2. I remember when we played Middlesbrough and their fans sang that about Victor Valdes
  3. I'm not worried at all. Just another example of the media making a story out of anything.
  4. Should've waited until the end of the season before making a decision
  5. And both Alfa Romeos are in the top 5 as well
  6. Arsenal: From the Invincibles to the Invisibles
  7. And yet, Liverpool's first team only scraped a win against Villa.
  8. REAL TALK FAM. EMERY HAS TO GO BLUD. YOU UNDERSTAND? Edit: Hopefully after we beat them
  9. Things are looking so good for us at the moment. Let's keep the wins coming
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