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  1. With Bale his manager has clearly ostracised him from the squad and also in the media. He was all set to leave for China when Real changed the terms of the deal at the last minute. And he's quite rightly told them to do one and has acted accordingly. I have more sympathy for him than Ozil who could probably get in the Arsenal team if he really wanted to.
  2. It's a very pacific complaint.
  3. Go on gsmarena and search for phones with the biggest batteries. That's what I did for my phone. You'd want at least 4000mah as a bare minimum.
  4. Spot on. We've basically been punished for getting into Europe too soon. Almost like the cartel has patted us on the head and said "let's not get ahead of yourselves eh?" These accounts aren't for this season either, it's for last season and the two seasons in the Championship before that. Istanbul got a similar fine because they've got into Europe sooner than expected as well. £600k would be chump change and n any case. We probably made that by getting through to the QFs last night. Breaking even next season shouldn't be too hard given the TV money clubs get.
  5. Yet weirdly they will still be allowed to use the brake ducts for the rest of the season.
  6. I can't see us beating them either. I think we've run out of steam too much.
  7. Great performance from him. Real steely player and good technique.
  8. Yeah it was a tough second half. They outplayed us once we'd scored.
  9. It's not. There'd be 5 in the CL, 3 in the EL.
  10. Yep looked level to me. Another bullshit armpit offside. Even though it went for us I hate them.
  11. Hmmm. Not sure I like this. We just have to take those inept idiots in charge's word?
  12. I like that Notts County shirt. Shits all over Newcastle effort.
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