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  1. Flashmobs. Just **** off. If I want to see people singing and dancing I'll watch a musical on TV or go to the theatre. This is a shopping centre, I'm trying to get stuff done. Just piss off and get out of everyone's way. No-one gives a shit and it's not impressive you self centred pricks.
  2. https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/tv/the-chases-paul-sinha-calls-gemma-collins-one-of-the-worst-people-hes-ever-met/ Colour me unsurprised. I knew I couldn't stand her and have never even met her.
  3. Judging by his jokes, I'm assuming Wortho is over 65?
  4. Where do you stand on weddings abroad, and the bride/groom expecting everyone to fly off abroad just for them?
  5. Grammar debates And people accuse me of taking this thread too far off on a tangent.
  6. I got 0% via OddsMonkey membership on Smarkets. But that ran out and not sure if they do that offer still.
  7. It's good to start with but can easily become a bit of a grind. And once the new customer offers run out it gets a lot more difficult to make easy money.
  8. I thought they were referring to it being end to end action?
  9. From those options it has to be I (i) or J for me.
  10. Agreed. He's a much better pundit that driver, sadly for him.
  11. I think it's fair and reasonable to expect it to be done within 3 weeks notice. I'd get it done elsewhere then send them the bill telling them you expect the money back.
  12. Or get a pre-game editor and stick Barcelona in the bottom tier of Spain and release all their players. See how long it takes you to get back to and win La Liga.
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