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  1. Because they make it up as they go along. Always have and always will while the PGMOL is run by the ref's.
  2. I remember Nigel Worthington's last game in charge of Leicester was against us. That was last game of the season though. At the Walkers, we won 4-1, I went to that one. We got Lee Jobber banging his drum for us.
  3. This account is brilliant if you're a Father Ted fan.
  4. I actually know him (online not IRL) as he posts on a private Wolves board I'm a member of.
  5. Both games could be close calls tonight. I've had a Buccs/Bills +5.5 double.
  6. Wolves - Robert Plant (honorary vice president and STH), Suzi Perry, Eric Idle, Clint Mansell, Beverly Knight, Kevin Rowland, Jamelia. Take your pick, but Robert Plant is the big one.
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