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  1. A Wolfsburg player got a straight red against Dortmund, after the ref reviewed on the pitch side monitor.
  2. I'm hoping I remember on Wed so I can watch the launch.
  3. That was well harsh. His leg was just going towards the ball when the other guy nudged him and got his foot in front.
  4. Both Germany and Denmark have shown an increased R number thanks to recent relaxing.
  5. Probably because people are going out more because of the relaxed restrictions and the good weather. Which means there's a good chance of a rise in cases/deaths in a couple of weeks.
  6. Agreed. Piss off back to playing rugby.
  7. If you think Brief History Of Time can be tough, you ought to try The Elegant Universe which is a similar book by Brian Greene about string theory. Now that's confusing!
  8. Some of the older posters might remember the Ronnie Barker series called Clarence. That joke was one of my favourites in that series.
  9. Get ta feck!! It's a great film. The Sharknado series fit the bill for this category. Not that I've seen any of them myself but people seem to like how shit they are.
  10. I don't think 21 is a realistic age to leave it until people can vote. It's increasingly clear than teenagers nowadays are becoming more political and want a say on how their country, and the world is run. If anything it will eventually come down to 16. Same age as leaving school.
  11. The hippy girl that Brad Pitt picks up to take to Spahn Ranch is Andie MacDowell's daughter. She probably has more feet time than Margot. You'd think that as its such a well known thing that he has that fetish, that he'd tone it down, or feel a little reluctance to ask the women in his movies to do it. And how do they feel about it? They must feel a little dirty or creeped out about having to do those scenes?
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