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  1. He looks alright from the vid of his I watched. Probably not £40m good though.
  2. Fans are getting nervous, but I have trust in the club. We won't buy people who are just squad filler so it's going to take time to convince players. The transfer window ending 3 weeks before the rest of Europe is surely an issue for all PL clubs. They know we have money and will get desperate the closer to the deadline it gets. They also know we can offer them more money than other European clubs (in general) and will get the best deals off us. It means that plenty of deals will probably go down to the last few days.
  3. We were linked with him last week, but apparently refused to pay that for him.
  4. Burnley's campaign was what it was because they were shit. Not because the Europa League screwed them up in any way.
  5. Paul Smith of Maximo Park is a fantastic lyricist. His stuff is very poetic and wordy at times.
  6. Watching something dubbed in another language should be nothing but a last resort. You don't get any of the nuance of how the original actors deliver their lines, the emotion, inflection, pitch, tone, etc. It's like watching The Sopranos with a French actor dubbed over saying the lines in English.
  7. Well that was the competition it was used in. Just like Premier League patches on shirts. It wouldn't have been released at all unless the demand from fans was there. You're trying to read into something that's not there.
  8. Rory Bremner was doing his Donald Trump on Countdown today.
  9. He's been playing at LB most of last season. With Mendy always injured he'll likely play most games unless they buy someone else.
  10. Laugh all you like. They know people like the shirt, they were asked if it was available so produced a run of 500 at a premium cost. They're not celebrating winning a friendly tournament, they are just listening to what the fans want.
  11. I don't really care where they wore it or what for, it's the fact it has a decent gold coloured sponsor and looks miles better than the official away shirt. I'd still buy it even if we had come fourth.
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