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  1. The FA needs to sack Mike Riley asap and just go with how VAR is used with the rest of Europe. It's getting beyond a joke now.
  2. Gutted for the lad. Where did you hear that?
  3. Racism - All about the LOLZ.
  4. It's all still in your own hands and you have WBA/Palace/Saints/Newcastle to come. I'd back you to get 10 points there.
  5. Dinner and tea are the same thing, an evening meal. Lunch is a light meal you have in the middle of the day.
  6. Now FFP is dust, Man City could do worse than paying £100m for Kane to replace Aguero. They'll get a good 5-6 seasons out of him. Of course they could just spend that on Haaland and be set for the next 15 years.
  7. I can't watch a Scott Parker interview now without hearing Dry Your Eyes in my head
  8. Definitely not Cav. He was busy hugging his old mates. Hashtag was ironic, but yeah I'll take it out.
  9. "Ivan Cavaleiro is in tears as he leaves the pitch." From BBC Text. It was Lemina.
  10. Gotta feel for those Fulham lads to lose like that at the death. Particularly as it helps keep Newcastle up.
  11. It shouldn't be allowed to be in the rules as it is written. They're relying on an individual to decide where the line is drawn based on their interpretation of the situation. There's no black and white involved, it's a terrible grey area that needs removing from the incompetent buffoons who have to do it.
  12. David Coote. The absolute worst official in the league by a wide margin. The bloke is just plain incompetent.
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