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  1. You lot keep wringing your hands about the gap to 5th, but you're too good a team to lose that many points now. You should be concentrating on trying to finish 2nd, not worrying about Europa League football.
  2. His improvement this season has been massive compared to last season. Just his awareness and ability to find a team-mate more regularly now, as well as adding a few goals too.
  3. Shame we couldn't get a 2nd. That's the difference though and why Wolves and Liverpool are where they are in the league. If Jota plays in Traore it's an almost certain goal.
  4. Nah BT we don't want to see all the chances again, we want to listen to Joe pissing Cole mouth-breathing his way through some crappy analysis of the goal. He could have just said "Coady didn't get there in time and it's gone in off his shoulder" and saved us all 5 mins.
  5. We've been decent regards attacking, just not when we get into the box. They've have a couple of good chances that we've had to defend well though. Just a shame we gave them such a shit goal. Jordan ****ing Henderson spagging one into the top corner off his shoulder FFS.
  6. No reason why not. We went there and played 3-4-3 and could easily have gotten something but for a ridiculously tight offside call.
  7. Increasing PV cell efficiency by as much as 50% would be a game changer. Stick them everywhere. On cars, houses, even clothes!
  8. I wonder if Roy Keane still thinks Wally needs another year at least! I'm really looking forward to playing them at OT next weekend. We have both Boly and Jota back fully fit now apparently which is a great boost. Hopefully Podence over the line soon too.
  9. I have TAA captain this week. But not triple. There are a few more double gameweeks to come and they're bound to have one of the top players with two easier fixtures (on paper).
  10. It'll annoy me if he wins it purely because Ronnie couldn't be arsed. So I had a little saver bet when he was 5-3 down at 2/1 to make me feel better if he wins.
  11. I really don't like Carter. He has such a mardy attitude, and always gets riled up when things go against him. Like when he had that foul called against him on the yellow and he immediately said it wasn't. ****. I wish the ref (schwing) had told him where to go on that one instead of changing her mind.
  12. Can't you just take the cable out of one of those and then take it to the tip?
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