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  1. Looks like they forgot to tighten the restraining pins or whatever they have on each side at the front of it.
  2. I'd say it was a bit naughty of Hamilton slowing right down in the middle of a corner where Vettel wouldn't have been expecting it. Still doesn't excuse Vettel's behaviour though. He should have been thrown out of the race for that.
  3. Demolition derby. It's a crap track with too many narrow choke points IMO.
  4. They've officially dropped the "Federation" now because of it.
  5. I was trying to forget that thanks!
  6. Richard Ayoade is always good value though.
  7. I've always thought Hughes "looks good" on the ball but I've never seen him do a great deal with it other than the odd nice assist. £8m seems about right in today's financial climate, but hell have to raise his game in the Prem IMO. Still better than Andy King though...
  8. It's presented by that awful Scouse drag queen. What else did you expect?
  9. That's ripped from a Vine.
  10. I like the new one Tyne-Lexy. Even if she does have a ridiculous name. I wish Camilla could have gone with Harley. They were perfect for each other as the two most dull, dreary people in there. Her getting emotional because they used to have porridge together summed them up to a tee!
  11. Puppys are cute too. Does that make me a dog shagger too you mental case?
  12. Ojo won't. We had him on loan at Wolves and he was all pace and very little skill. He could improve undoubtedly, but not to full international level IMO.
  13. Stroll is absolute mince. The epitomy of a young pay driver catapulted into the sport with not enough talent or experience.
  14. Oh yeah. Even worse then.