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  1. True. Usually people who are a bit thick and feel threatened by anyone eloquent or thoughtful.
  2. Surely there's a driving mode in the lock screen settings, so it stays unlocked during all navigation? That seems like something obvious that needs to be included if it isn't.
  3. Nothing wrong with being more pragmatic away at Leeds who have this swashbuckling triple-espresso style to them. They barely troubled us after 40 mins in terms of chances, and didn't create any clear cut ones before that either. We did our usual safe first half then pushed up a bit and got at them more in the second, and got our rewards. 3 wins out of 5 will do me, especially as we haven't looked anything like our best and haven't had a settled defence yet. We're gonna have to be more patient this season as Nuno tries to morph us into something else other than just a counter-attac
  4. Completely agreed. People are blinded by brand names nowadays. I'm still using my Lenovo P2 which was the best budget phone around when I bought it for £170 a few years ago. Still going strong and still get a full day's battery easily.
  5. Everton fans will be loving Van Dijk's injury. Especially as Pickford got away with it. No doubt the Liverpool fans will be doubling down on their butthurt and crying to the league on all forms of media. I mean look at the state of this. Probably a 12 year old but still, FFS. Bunch of entitled twats.
  6. No the idea is that the line for the defender is wider so that they introduce a small margin to make it clear and visible that he's off. If they overlap then it's onside. At least you'd be able to clearly see the offside rather than it being microscopic and having to trust the technology and framing being perfect.
  7. It's because he's irritating. Asks pointless questions. "Is your victory in the FA Cup going to influence your preparation for this game?" Er.... Yeah obviously you daft twat.
  8. If they took the suggestion of making the lines wider then it would be noticeable at least. Which is what we all want.
  9. We had one of those nose-hair offsides against us at Anfield last season so meh, what goes around comes around. His shoulder was just offside.
  10. So with VAR now can they still retrospectively ban players for challenges like that? Or has that changed?
  11. hamez Rodriguez. HaMeZ Rodriguez. HAMEZ Rodriguez. Yes thanks we get it, his name is a weird way of saying James. You don't have to say it every time.
  12. I read it'll be the guy who wrote the first 4 seasons too, so it should be good. In the comics his kids become serial killers, or that way inclined, so maybe they'll explore that.
  13. Indeed. He was on Room 101 and was very funny just being himself.
  14. Screen technology is probably a lot better. Higher res and OLED on most of them now. Why don't you go into a phone shop and take a look at some of them? If they don't impress you at all then you can at least say you had a look but are happy with your old one.
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