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  1. Bamba said on 5Live last night that Colin told him he's already got another job lined up.
  2. Rumour was he apparently had an offer from Everton last season which he declined. He knows he has almost unlimited backing from Wolves' owners. He's completely built the team himself, and the players and fans love him. Unless it's a massive club and opportunity I can't see him going anywhere. The biggest threat IMO is a really bad run of results and our owners getting impatient with him and giving him the bullet. They do have a really good relationship though so again it's unlikely.
  3. I think we sometimes get tarred with being negative more than we deserve. Our formation and style of play means that we often defend with 5, but we also attack in numbers too thanks to the wing-backs getting forwards. Against better teams we concede possession more, but we completely dominated Villa on Sunday and should have won by a couple more goals. Over the last three games we've had 62 shots, including a record 25 for an away team at The Emirates. For comparison, Leicester's last three games have seen 56 shots (which includes the Southampton mauling). And we certainly weren't negative when we beat Man City 2-0 at their place. Our problem at the moment is converting chances and not scoring enough goals. Something Leicester are a lot better than us at. Someone else mentioned a lack of flexibility. When we first came up we played 3-4-3. That caused a problem in central midfield and results suffered, so Nuno switched to 3-5-2 and that saw us go on a run where we qualified for Europe and were a gnats chuff away from getting to an FA Cup final. This season we had a dodgy start, and we were often too deep, so Nuno has over the last few games gone back to 3-4-3, meaning he has gotten the best out of players like Neves and Traore. And we look a lot better again. We often switch between those two formations in the middle of games too, depending on how we are playing. So again I think flexibility criticisms are a bit unfair. We simply have an identity and style which we never move away from. As for Nuno moving on to improve us, no. He's the best manager we've had in decades. He only needs better players to move us forwards.
  4. The lead they have is massive purely because they look a lot less likely to drop points than Man City do. The fixtures up until the New Year might cause them some issues but that's the only way I can see them losing the title from here in.
  5. Hit his hand but wouldn't say his arm is in an unnatural position. You don't have your arms constantly pinned down by your sides at all times.
  6. They could have made it purely to rule out goals going directly in off the arm, but no they had to make it ridiculous.
  7. You should have lost but for the stupid new handball rule that no-one asked for.
  8. *shrugs* You could say that about the current top 4 too.
  9. It's quite frustrating I can tell you. Obviously the better team but can't make it count.
  10. How tight the mid-table is at the minute is crazy. Yeah I get that. Wolves fans have the same criticisms too. Mainly it's down to 3-5-2 which has him playing too deep, often holding hand with the back three. The switch back to 3-4-3 has meant he's in a more forward role and influencing games like we know he can. Brilliant strike from him, as per usual. Well worked free kick too. Completely fooled everyone.
  11. Our major weakness at the moment. We don't make the most of opportunities or score enough.
  12. Pukki maybe, but the rest have really dropped off, especially Cantwell.
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