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  1. ...I am surprised you are looking at Ayozes' situation in this light!!! Very much being asked to play in a role that does not suit him and struggles every game to give us what we can clearly see Ünder will supply in bucket loads. We can not judge him in this role and playing off a big man is not going to be a plan that Rodgers will be seeking to implement any time soon. We have to admit that we got it wrong and that is down to the people who thought he could fit, in a role crying out to be filled and now find out that they have got it wrong. No blame to be attached to Perez, he doe
  2. ...I thought there was a report of a set back, I believe Rodgers said so himself, as originally it was stated that he would be back in October!!! He was seen on the training ground but obviously he is nowhere near ready at this moment and January at best is more likely.
  3. ..Beerschot will be a tough game, we seem to struggle against them and they have made a great start this season!!! Anderlecht playing Antwerp and Cercle Brugge v Charleroi gives OHL a chance a to push for a top 3 position next round of games. Hard to believe the start we have had so far, total positivity all round and the players are flying.
  4. ...in that scenario, Justin could decide that because players are offside, as he is in effect the last defender, then he does not have to make an effort to get the ball. Technically, Aubameyangs' attempt to ensure the ball goes in when he raises his leg in an attempt to play the ball at the back post makes it offside.
  5. ...just looking at the incident from the view of the assistant ref. and the only infringement he could have flagged for would be Xhaka backing in, the call against Aubameyang would have been a brave call and a great spot.
  6. ...just looking at Xhaka backing into Kasper and Aubameyang half hearted attempt to play the ball!!! Probably not a call for offside just for the initial backing in.
  7. ....If number 34 does not make an effort to avoid the ball contacting him then the ball hits him in an offside position therefore he must be interfering with play!!!
  8. ...yes!!! How many times have we had Vardy in the team and there is no service to him. I would suspect Barnes would have had a better game.
  9. ..got to admit they were the better team in the first half!!!! The loss of Luiz was a massive turning point as he was switching the ball out to Tierney who was causing havoc everytime he gained possession. Castagne had a tough game as he had Sakha and Tierney to deal with and if not for the poor Arsenal forwards we would have been buried in that first half. The Barnes experiment did not work, no support and having to beat three or four to create an opening did not give us the outlet that we needed, this was not a tactical masterclass.
  10. ...it really depends on the style of play, some teams will not suit they way Vardy likes to play and I suspect he picked up on that when he decided not to go to Arsenal!!!
  11. ...he stated it has taken him 14 plus years in order for him to move away from the dogmatic ideals that he had previously followed!!! Being called inflexible was at the time a correct term which could be applied to him and he now understands that going negative in order to gain the upper hand against certain teams is a legitimate option to take. Other teams have learned this and it is a ploy used against us, of which we are at present, unable to overcome. The purchase of Ünder is the way we believe we can get around this, the season now, is about to get very interesting!!
  12. ...the big game changer will be Ünder!!!
  13. ...not until 60 minutes....very good display by our defense but not sure we can put this down to a masterclass!!!
  14. ....they have a front two who needs far too many chances to score!!! For what they have paid for these two, their finishing is so poor and I would not want to have either at Leicester, even at a 50% discounted price. The game plan seemed more like we were playing a high line and led to the majority of our yellows, scrambling to stop Arsenals' counter. We were pushed back and not sitting as a ploy, but because we had to defend deep. The question was asked at halftime, which manager would be the happier and it was obvious Rodgers would have been delighted, not to have conceded.
  15. ...he is not the left footed Right Winger we have been crying out for...thats down to Rodgers not Perez, simples!!!
  16. ...we were still the better team, but I felt the change took the impetus out of our game!!! I felt we were about to hit our stride after the second goal and the change at half time seemed to make us more predictable.
  17. ...did we make a mistake in pushing Barnes up front with Nacho as opposed to the position he originally started!!! He had a very good game but did we take the quess work out of his movements by making him easier to pick up as opposed to the less obvious options he was taking. He was not as effective in the second half and was in his element prior to the end of the half. Perhaps Rodgers wanted to try different options and was looking to the next game, but I can't help but feel he lost something in the change of tactics.
  18. ...Arteta is not as rigid as Wenger and is more astute tactically!!! We could play them on the counter, providing Vardy is available Barnes and Praet will be great support on the break. I can't see them sitting, which might just play into our hands, should Rodgers choose to abandon his usual policy.
  19. ...I am still amazed, that you manage to get away with your profile picture!!!
  20. ...Zorya noted for playing a pressing game....can we beat the press? We will have to try to play out from the back and I do not think unless Fofana can do it, we have the personnel to thread balls into the midfield. Should we fail to beat the press, it will be a struggle to get out of our own half and connect with our attack, this could be a very frustrating watch tonight.
  21. ...is it possible that an independent doctor would assess all head injuries!!!
  22. ...we used Perez along side Vardy in Pre-season last year and had Perez ahead of Vardy and looking to slip him in with short passes at the edge of the box!!! He has good feet in tight spaces and is very good in the area, and with his size and build it is not easy for any contact he receives in the area for him not to go down. If Vardy is out, let Perez get forward of Nacho with Nacho linking the play with Barnes and Ünder either cutting in our getting behind the defense. You can not continually keep a format that is not working and believing that the results will change, providin
  23. ...you obviously did not understand the previous post by @Muzzy_Larsson or chose not to!!! It is his fitness and the subsequent detriment to his game time/development that is the problem not his talent. I have previously said that on the pitch he appears to be worrying if at any time he is about breakdown, he does not look comfortable out there.
  24. ...you clearly have not been watching closely!!! That is the main problem with Rodgers that continues to blow up this forum and you are suggesting that he is in someway adaptable?? Have you not noticed how poor we are if a team sets out to shut us down?
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