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  1. ....this picture will be a very iconic picture in our future.......!!!
  2. ...I do believe getting a result on Tuesday will be much harder than winning the cup!!! It does not matter how much you try, it will be difficult to raise yourself to attain a level to compete, more so that we actually won the cup. It will easier to motivate yourself having lost than to raise your game having achieved especially against the same team. At this moment I am pretty euphoric and unable to focus on the next game, irrespective of the professionalism that comes with the environment that they are in, it will not be easy to go again.
  3. ...it must have been strange for Chilwell to look across and see a player at 19 chosen to play in his position while he sat on the bench!!! Professional and mature performance today and he must be perhaps the happiest Leicester supporter right now.
  4. ....just looking across the way...it is easy to see why he would be thinking a move to us is not a holding pattern for his career!!! Watching Fofana come to us and being involved in the majority of our games and his subsequent reviews and projections makes his thought process even more understandable. Leicester City from across the way I would think are viewed differently than how, we (as supporters) see ourselves. The money we pay, our trajectory our investment in infrastructure and our style of play with the willingness to play young players is now setting us apart from a lot of other P
  5. ...just how many times do we need to remember him!!! Perhaps a precursor to advance dementia....seems contagious.
  6. ....to be honest, if we are suggesting that Evans is available then you would be intimating we are going to play a back three!!! Let Chelsea prepare for that, as we will be playing (I feel sure we will) a back four and it will suit us much better and allow us to settle quicker on the day.
  7. ....the reason why he has had so much game time is due to our lack of first team cover in that department!!! This is not to say that he is not good enough, just he will be better served playing week in and week out for a championship team. I am sure he would be excited to be playing next season irrespective of where we will be playing in Europe, but for his genuine development he should go out on loan. He may view it as a setback and it may affect his loan spell, but if we can only offer cup games here and there then it is the right thing to do.
  8. ....before the start of the season I felt that, should Chelsea sign Havertz, then they would go on to win the league!!! They were underperforming with Lampard at the helm and the change of leadership has pushed them to produce performances akin to their roster. We need to not be overawed by the occasion and the second half of the second half of the game last night felt like the players had knitted together again.
  9. ....that is what I meant in my previous post!!! The subsequent departures of Watkins and Benrahma are prove that there is a pathway to the Premier League.
  10. ....they keep on having bites at this cherry but someway it doesn't seem to taste so good!!! Considering what has gone before, he may not see any positivity should they not come up.
  11. ....and if they lose, their might be a desperate player looking to leave their club!!!
  12. ....in this instance that is not quite true in respect of "it doesn't allow mistakes to creep in"!!! When we play in that fashion, and we do from time to time, any mistake is instantly remedied by a team mate because they are all backing each other up, they are on it!! When we choose to play slowly, it then becomes someone else not doing what they should be and blame is then easily apportioned. Personally I prefer a high tempo performance but at present without the necessary personnel available (that is pace) it is hard to bring that to our game.
  13. ....if we settle down quickly into the game, we have a chance!!! Rodgers notoriously cautious so I would suspect that we attempt to keep things tight and try to play ourselves into the game and be in touch and not out of the game by halftime. Can see a press by Chelsea and us being on the back foot struggling to keep a clean sheet. Praet and Perez could well be a big part of this by being the extra man in midfield where they share the role of matching any dominance of the Chelsea midfield overload.
  14. ...why is there this constant them versus us on this platform!!!
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