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  1. ... is it a coincidence that this poor form has occurred since he has signed his new deal!! There are too many players not performing at the same time and we look like we did under Puel. Are the team making a statement or is it fatigue? I can't help but think that something has changed in the relationship between manager and players and perhaps the Chilwell and Hamza situation could be part of this apparent malaise.
  2. .. so long as Rodgers' nips any indiscipline in the bud, happy days. It is now time to get tougher with the players, he has allowed them to try and play themselves out of this bad run. Let's hope bringing them back in line will illicit better performances!!
  3. .. that is a possibility!! But, who's fault is that!
  4. .. that price is a steal!! We have discussed him before in previous windows and he would definitely be an improvement to our team!
  5. .. learn from past experience!! As @henrik_62 said in regards to Celtic the same thing happened to them in Europe, he needs to go defensive and counter in these situations not go all out.
  6. .. so do you agree he is limited tactically. He obviously did not learn anything after the defeats suffered in Europe and has tried to use the same tactics against Liverpool and Manchester City...
  7. ... why have we allowed a talented player to go to a club we are looking to compete with down the line. Seriously how could we fail to secure him!!
  8. ... we can all understand the difficulties of trading in this window, but there is a very real possibility of the team blowing up. Just looking at what has happened in respect of performances and even with Liverpool and Manchester City taken out of the equation we have been poor and need another option as opposed to the predictability of our existing play. We need a new option, someone to galvanise a demoralised set of players, if we do not commit now, we will have to wait another year. That will be a big ask......
  9. . perhaps the next step is to play players in their proper positions!! Barnes is better in a central position, likewise Perez, so we need to bring in wide players who are wide players. We seem to be overrun with players who fit the number 10 role or a position just behind or with the front man, I really get the feeling that Rodgers will not see an out and out winger but will view a CB as a bigger priority.
  10. .. the poster is just having a rant!! Sometimes people fail to recognise obvious short term emotions, without having to put the boot in. The post should have been taken with a pinch of salt, just getting something off his chest......!!
  11. .. you really wonder about the quality Chan was playing against in that video. Certainly that team was full of confidence and playing for fun. What would he be like with a deep block, the physicality of the prem and the cynicism of premiership defenders. All things considered and if opposition equal to Prem. then we are certainly having to fork out at least £50m to secure him. Most endearing part of that is that he is a team player and definitely the right fit for our team!!
  12. .. just checked him out on YouTube! Great skills on the ball, no end product no composure in front of goal, we need someone who can open a defence and put a teammate into space having pulled their defence out of position. A player like Chukweze can play through the middle and go either side, we need to get this right.
  13. .. I believe Rodgers mentioned the option of the ball being played in the inside forward channel but we did not take the opportunity! If he is aware of this, why would you not instruct your players to do so. Watching the Villa game I felt there was an option to release Ricardo by a ball over the top where there were plenty of space to run into but Ricardo gave no indication he wanted to make that run or tried to move the opposiing player closing him down, around or giving him something to think about. It was playing by numbers passing for passing sake, no urgency or movement within the midfield or upfront. The team has plateaued and their training needs to be shaken up, made lighter or with some kind of new approach to doing the basics. This has now become psychological, I think the constant repetition of intense training is having an effect on performance, like Spurs, they had had enough of the intensity of their training, and something had to give!
  14. .. apparently that was only up to half time!
  15. .. are you sure you haven't got Justin /Albrighton mixed up with Maddison? I really can't understand the fixation with Maddison out wide. He doesn't want to be there and we are adjusting a settled team to accommodate a whim!! nb. Just noticed the display on my phone wrapped the text. My bad!!
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