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    ….I suspect that they always felt, that, if he could push on last season, they had the financial clout to out bid anyone for his signature. In a commercial sense a wise move by them but if you are on the receiving end...…… smug b*****ds!!!!
  2. sacreblueits442

    How City may line up next season ...

    .... Big lol!! Got to believe this is pure banter and not a serious post. With Ben Arfa on a free, can't see the need for a fire sale?
  3. sacreblueits442

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

    ....Sell!! He is at a cross-road at the moment, of which he is ineffective on the left and would need to supply the forwards if put on the right which is not the first thing he thinks about. We, or any future club, need to change his mindset, as to how he can add value to the team. Manchester United use Ashley Young as a fullback/ wing back and that seems to have worked out well, for the player and also the club. Employing Gray in that position might just be what he requires in order to fulfill the potential that he clearly has and the ability to see a situation and supply the pass to put someone through needs to be learned. There has been little or no improvement from Gray this season and the constant poor decisions might be negated by a complete rethink of the way he plays and his relation to the other players on the pitch. Ashley Cole started off as a winger, it is not too far fetched that Gray could convert to a attacking defensive role. If Gray had been at Ajax he would have gone through the program (or at least they used to) play players in all the positions so that they are aware of what is required in that position, we may have saved a good three or four seasons and had Gray in the correct position for him and saved him the anguish of playing in a role he is unable to affect the team due to his role in it.
  4. sacreblueits442

    Patrick Roberts

    ....probably stats wise could match Mahrez!! Moments that take your breath away.........well that's another matter!!!
  5. sacreblueits442


  6. sacreblueits442

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    .....this!!!!!! Very unlucky for Slimani, if Vardy had gone to Arsenal, Slimani's career would have been very different. I always thought he played well when he had the confidence, having scored a goal. The problem was in the next game his confidence level went back to zero and needed a goal to show what he had to offer. Totally different player when playing with confidence, totally chalk and cheese.
  7. sacreblueits442

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    ...... He has to go........ and go now!! Can't be doing with another window of him looking to leave and no one matching our valuation. Drop his price and move on, this towing and froing helps no one!!
  8. sacreblueits442

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    ...... There are always players who like their manager and some which do not, that is common at all clubs. The fact that we went for him now is a pointer to his previous relationship with Puel.
  9. sacreblueits442

    Riyad’s Destiny Bingo

    ....why is he still here?
  10. sacreblueits442

    Ricardo Pereira

    .....sir Jack invested very heavily, in that team!!!!!!
  11. sacreblueits442


    .....BBC Radio Leicester had a journalist on from France and asked about Puels' record in respect of a second season. The journalist replied that there are no improvements in respect of Puels' club managerial history in respect of his second season. That is not what he does!!!!
  12. sacreblueits442


    ....I have always thought what is the point of Everton!!! Year on year Moyes had them in the top eight and everyone saying how good it was that he could keep them there on a shoestring. They rarely had cup runs and did not have Europe as a distraction to disrupt there League form. I can understand the calls for stability and a willingness to be top eight for a few seasons but I am not too sold on that. Unless we are progressing then we are standing still and I would rather have the excitement of pushing for fourth or the striving to avoid the drop than the comfort and banality of mid table. I never looked at Everton with envy whether in League 1 or the Championship. I always felt if we were in the same League we would be finishing above them year on year. Maybe it is how this season has panned out, as I know, there are other teams out there, who would bite our hands off to be in this position but it all feels underwhelming flat. Not too sure how many people feel this way, so could just be me!!!!!
  13. sacreblueits442

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    .....pedantic!!! It was quite clear what he meant!
  14. sacreblueits442

    End of season Puel poll

    ....if you can apply this to Puel then you surely can apply this to Shakey. You could say Shakey needed it more to go for him as this was his first foray into management.
  15. sacreblueits442

    Patrick Roberts

    ...£40m + Roberts. Sure Mahrez price will have dropped and we need to let him go this window.