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  1. ..worried about his final ball!!! Got into great positions driving into the box but poor decisions waste the great openings he had created. Whips in very good crosses and better finishing from his forwards should have bumped up his assist figures.
  2. ...It wouldn't matter if we were at full strength!!! There is absolutely no sign of us, being able to dig ourselves out of this malaise. If we could, we would have done by now. Nothing Rodgers has said, gives me any confidence, that he knows how to get us out of this...absolutely no idea!!!
  3. ..There are options!!! Stengs Benrahma Odsonne Edouard Eberechi Barnes All more dynamic than Maddison.
  4. ..having checked his games this season, he is a walking yellow card!!! Just looking at his record it is not someone we need who can not handle pressure. We really should not be going anywhere near this!!!
  5. ..do you really believe that was the reasoning behind FFP or that the eventual ring fencing of the elite clubs have now become the consequence!!! FFP seems a great idea in respect of teams attempting to adhere to a system which down the line would not lead to their demise. We are aware that a team folding is not just a squad of players losing their jobs but also impacts a community. There is a need for the FA, UEFA to seek a way of mitigating this, and the use of a system which basically said you can only spend a certain percentage of your football income seemed to be a fair and long overdue method of ensuring the longevity of the clubs. As usual most new laws are scrutinised and someone attempts to get around it in some fashion.Without going into the Manchester City case (I do not know the exact details) any attempt to circumnavigate the ethos or the literal meaning of the law should be classed as an offence and punishment meted out as laid down by the institutions.
  6. ...well according to that piece he has only played 13 games this season!!! My only problem is his lumbar injury, if he gets past our medical team then fair play.
  7. ...It is an aspect of the game we should be better at!!! This is something that can be coached or do we need to spend money on players who have the wit to implement this.
  8. ...I think we will really struggle with that budget!!!
  9. ..why are we even crossing into the box!!! The idea of possession football is control and movement so why are we crossing the ball to a striker not noted for his aerial skills. Why are we not driving into the box and keeping the ball on the floor and not continually playing a square ball and cutting it back. There are options in that situation and yet we are so predictable with either floating the ball in or attempting to cross and hitting the first man time and time again. It makes you wonder what the standard of coaching is like as this should have been eradicated from our game a long time ago.
  10. ..so how much have we paid for his services!!!
  11. ..what makes you think he is going to learn anything from this!!! He has been doing this for a long time now and continues to repeat the same mistakes. The one person on this forum who has time and time again espoused his shortcomings is @henrik_62 and yet people continue to write all sort of nonsense regarding him learning lessons.
  12. ..just to be sure!!! You would rather see Saracens, a club that has flouted the "Cap" and was warned, continued to pay their players by setting up businesses in the individuals name, who were fined again and had points deducted, and continued to flout the rules leaving the only avenue to reign them in by deducting sufficient points to trigger relegation, playing in the Heineken Cup Final having been assembled by illegal means as against an Exeter team playing by the rules governing the sport, taking their rightful place in the competition. The only reason Saracens could get in the Heineken was to finish in the top 4 of their domestic league, and if by the means of cheating, by the club, you are happy, to endorse this ethos, then you really need to reevaluate your ethics.
  13. ...that's a strange rationale!!! Why should we be rewarding a team who have broken the rules to profit from their impropriety? Irrespective of a teams ability to progress to any great extent with the CL it should not be a factor who they are. It is as if you were sitting on the CAS board and selecting a team based on their financial wealth than upholding the ethos of the sport.
  14. ..how much do you think we should fine them!!! £5m £20m, ....the revenue from CL is circa £70m, any fine will be a slap on the wrist.
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