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  1. ...we were forced to utilise these options as we had no experienced players to take up these positions!!! Justin we knew could play that position as he had done before and Amartey at RCB was a position he would have played at International level. Amartey was a surprise as he is very much a steady Eddie in midfield and having been out for all this time he acquitted himself well. Playing Perez wide Right has not turned out to be a great success and splits this forum in respect of money well spent. Maddison out wide has not been a success and stifled the team when played in that position.
  2. ...why would we entertain putting a player in an unsuitable position jut to accommodate them in the team!!!
  3. ...his apparent issues with Rodgers has been resolved, so it seems!!! Just seeing the conflict between the two in matches and his substitutions gave the impression of his time being potentially short at this club. What ever was said, has certainly borne fruit.
  4. ...lost 7-1 in 2018/2019 season to these.....!!! Blackburn were just as good then, reminded me how we played in the promotion season from the Championship, every player knew where he should be and played for each other, they were scary on the night. Not a good hunting ground.
  5. ...they are still impressive...we have played first teamers coming back from injury or getting game time before!!! This is a very good setup and they did the same against us last season.
  6. ...we have played these before and they were very impressive!!! The coach of the team moved up and it seems his replacement has got this Blackburn team well drilled following in his footsteps. Very intelligent players and we need to play in this fashion and I can not see us being technically as good and have the football intelligence as these. I suggested we got hold of the Blackburn team running their U23s as we are nowhere near this quality of football. Sam Hughes responsible for two of the goals and looks very poor tonight. We need 3 touches to control the ball and therefore no time on the ball as we are quickly being closed down, hoofing from the back only gets the ball coming straight back and they are picking us apart with great movement but as we are so naive it is too simple.
  7. ...it took him 14 years to accept that his philosophy only tied his hands!!! @Muzzy_Larson has stated that he had not changed or adjusted his thinking in his time at Celtic and thank heavens he has relented. It must have taken a lot to admit there are other options, but being a purist, he found it hard to climb down. Without going over the top, I think we are in for one big season.
  8. ..his mind is probably somewhere else!!!
  9. ..it is not about speed...all about reading the game, no reason for the next two season he can't lead the backline!!!
  10. ...4th!!, until Evans leaves he is the number one CB...he is the one who has held the backline together!!!
  11. ...the player is in shock!...have some compassion....!!!
  12. ..so glad he has now become flexible in his approach to games!!! Wolves gave him a blueprint and he has chosen to embrace a style of play far removed from the ethos he has followed. It is noticeable Pep does not move from the way he plays and dogmatically sticks to his principles, teams if brave enough might just see this as the way to undermine Man. City and unless you can change and adapt then you can only go so far. Having seen the stats, there are many who believe the counter attacking style should have been retained, our only problem was we did not have the quality to continue effectively playing that way. Possession is not everything and we proved tonight that with our "flexibility" we can dare to dream again. This result, is looking for us, like a game changer!!!
  13. ...I was not referring to your opinion!!! My question which I thought was quite straightforward was the use of the word "check" as the spelling for the word "cheques". My question was it bears no meaning to the context in which it is used in the states, but it is used universally in the USA in that form.
  14. ...it also helps to expedite the move should you forego your loyalty bonus!!! In more ways than one it can be a game changer.
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