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  1. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    ......this probably explain the fall off in his performance. I suspect he had been informed of the pending investigation and this has had a massive drain on his ability to play. I wonder how much backing the club will give officially as they are not keen with dealing with the media!!!!!
  2. WTF was Puel smoking at half-time???

    ....... But where did that winger end up!!!!!!!!! Shocking decision with Silva, he seems to only have 30 minutes in him and them constantly loses the ball or endless misplaced passes. Iborra has been off the boil for sometime now and has not reached the heights when he came into the team. Just when you thought we had the players to take this team forward....... Silvas' lack of fitness is a great concern and playing him for 10 minutes here and there is no good. Give him a full 90 minutes in the cup as he needs to be match fit for the final run in of games. Why do people think that any poor decision is Appletons' and not Puel. I have said before, Puel has an ingrained negativity which constantly raises its head. I wish he would stop changing the team!!!
  3. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    So is he playing football to to disprove the teachers that doubted him or is he playing to be the best he can be? At the moment he is going through the motions on the pitch and for as long as his career last he will be happy at this level. Just watching the video of him being interviewed and you can see he still is quite immature perhaps shy to some extent. The answers he gave could so easily have been stock answers but he was trying to be honest in a situation which did not call for, or require any deep and profound reasoning. His judgement is due to his maturity and that will not come from the crowd he hangs out with who I suspects he trusts more than anyone in authority that has been part of his life. I suspect to effect change in his game would require a great upheaval in his associations and I beleive he has greater problems than even he is aware of!
  4. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    I suspect this could be the way out of Leicester he has been looking for, with the introduction of Diabate relegating his chances. I suspect he is looking for a move and I suspect he will be blaming the coaches at Leicester for him not developing. There is no reason we should be looking at Grays performaces and effectiveness on the pitch once again and there has and will not, be, any further developement in his game. It is clear he has not the insight or fortitude to work on his game which will forever be someone elses fault and their shortcomings. A sale in the summer would release funds for a new player and a bid for Patrick Roberts would be one hell of an upgrade.
  5. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    Don't be so sure. With all the changes, this still seemed like a reasonable team to put out and get the desired result. With the formation which we played, it was going to be difficult as Puels' desired formation requires a certain type of player to perform as he requires them to. We are not capable of playing this formation with our best eleven and so I was sceptical we could get the result with these players. Puel inability to motivate these players is a big worry and seems to have little effect on the players from the sideline or to make a sufficient change to affect the performance. Once again the lack of intensity in our play was evident and Puel seems to want us to pass the ball in a controlled and expansive manner but doesn't seem to realise that we can not play at that pace and be effective. Playing Silva in this game was a massive gamble and I will not be surprised if he will have to miss the Chelsea game due to injury. Puel decision making is somewhat strange and I really do not think he has the insight in respect of player/game management.
  6. Liverpool A Pre Match Thread

    Need to play 3-5-2, Chillwell left back and Albrighton Right back. Maguire, Morgan and Fuchs as back 3. Iborra, Ndidi and Okazaki in midfield with Vardy and Mahrez up front. This format will set a tempo which makes us more effective. We know how to play with a 3 at the back, the players understand the format, we are not intelligent enough to play with a 3 behind Vardy. The opposition are at our defence too easily and we are stretched completely as a consequence. We need Thomas on the bench for Okazaki should he not be able to complete the 90 mins. I am sure Slimani and Ieanacho will be moving on as they just do not fit any format which we play with Vardy in the team.
  7. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Same for all teams. Don't think we are fit enough!!
  8. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Playing Hamza Choudry against Spurs was reckless and seem to suggest, irrespective of the situattion, Puel was going to bring him on. Should Spurs had equalised or gone on to win the game, the media fall out would have pointed to Choudry's introduction and would have been detrimental to his progress. A more suitable introduction to the starting eleven should be George Thomas. Playing in midfield or part of the 3 behind Vardy would be a good choice. He can finish, is composed on the ball, can pick a pass and has awareness of people around him. His transformation from attacker to a midfield player has been an eye opener. Unfortunately I still see Puel as an enigma, when he started he was quite demonstrative on the side and made changes and got across his ideas, pulling people into position from the sidelines. Now he seems to sit in the dugout or stand with his arms folded, giving no indication he is trying to influence the game. He has either succumbed to the style of play he inherited or he has no faith in the squad and has decided to wait untill January when he can bring in players which will suit his style of play.
  9. Puel

    We appear to be going backwards. Iborra has lost form and not providing the direction and composure so badly needed in the team. We have resorted to hitting Vardy as quick as possibly with long balls constantly played for him to chase. The concensus seems to point to a lack of quality in the fringe players but I feel it is more to do with Puel negativity which game after game raises it's head. We need to be playing at a quicker tempo, the players play better when we up the level and if you take a look at Burnley, they have adopted a high tempo and press game which going by their current position is clearly bearing fruit. The need to impress your game on the opposition is essential and Puel's initial start to his tenure was a game based on movement,pace and pressing. Somewhere in these games there was always a drop off and fortune going with us. In so many games we looked good for periods but then sat off and allow the other team back into the game when we should have killed it off. There have been some very good performances in games but you always feel that there will be period where it would all go wrong. So far I am not convinced about Puel (if he can't see that we are a team who can't sit and defend) then I fear for the rest of the season. As for deadball situations, for corners go back to one man on each post (it's not as if you would be playing anyone onside). Kasper is, on his day one of the best in the world, he tends to go through periods like this where he looks like he has never played in goal before. He will come out of it, I sometime suspects he likes to get involved more and forget what he is good at. The position of Adrien Silva in the team i suspect must have been worked out and tried in practise, I can see we will be playing Hatem Ben Arfa in January in place of Mahrez.
  10. So...... if Spurs had scored at the end of the game he would not have allowed it? I f Hazard had cleared a shot off the line by diving and patting the ball away with his hands, he would not given a penalty or if he did give a penalty would he disallow every kick taken until Tottenham missed. Wouldn't these scenarios result in the one thing he said he was trying to avoid!!
  11. Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Listened to Puel interview with Stringer, it seems like he actually understand the real Leicester City. I would not be surprised if Appleton has not had a big hand in this. I genuinely feel we are about to go on a great run so long as he does not deviate from the style we played tonight. We got lucky as Spurs failed to take their chances and I suspect they have their eye on a bigger prize, hence their league form. Our second half performance was woeful once again and this surely can not be down to fatigue. We have played this style in the Championship (Saturday,midweek,Saturday) week in week out, we kept a good tempo winning the PL , so why are we so poor 2nd half (unless following Puel instructions). Every single game, we have given up the 2nd half then try to hold out for the win. I do not understand it and the sooner he stops this nonsense the better. Looks like he has discovered what makes this bunch of players tick, sort out rolling over in the 2nd half and no reason why we shouldn't be looking at top 6.
  12. Mahrez v Gray. Gray v Mahrez

    I totally disagree!! Gray and Mahrez lack maturity. There is no other excuse for their behavior. We can continue this thread for another 200 pages but the fact is that they both do not have sufficient respect for their team mates or the people who pay to watch them play. As for work horses I am quite happy to celebrate the part they play in our team and with their pragmatism give a balance and foundation which is integral to any team. The "water carriers" know what they can bring to the team, we need to understand that flair at its best is not defined by Gray or Mahrez, they just need to grow up!!
  13. West Ham post match 1-1

    We were good for the first 30 mins. against Everton, good for the first 30 mins. against Stoke, good for the first 5 mins. against Man. City and good for the first 20 mins. tonight. See the pattern..... The difference between halfs are like night and day. At this rate we need to be 4-0 up at half time to even have a chance of a result against Spurs. Poor decisions by Mahrez and Gray tonight, just need to get that right to give ourselves a chance. I can't agree with the good point brigade, we seem to accept mediocrity as the norm.
  14. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Not a YouTube clip!! A documentary and a very good one too.
  15. The "nonsensical things that Leicester do" thread

    Honestly I thought I was the only person who noticed this. I have pointed this out to people before but no one seems to have picked up on this. This had been going on for years.