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  1. ...Cengiz is a terrific player and I want to see him in the 3 upfront or on the Right Wing!!! He is getting intermittent game time and looks like he has not settled as yet, I know he will be hitting 15 goals + assists this season, I feel he really is that good.
  2. .....most people would agree with your assessment!!! Watching the U23s this week and watching his body language he still seems like a kid on the pitch. Doesn't seem to pick anyone up and gets in position without the ball and is ineffective defensively. I would love to know what position he started out playing when he was about 10 years old. He looks effective and not so much out of his depth when playing upfront and can finish, it is so frustrating so see such a waste of potential, so many crisis situation where an introspective look was needed.
  3. ...I keep saying it, what you have seen in Hamzas' game is not the real Hamza!!! Since he came into the team he is playing like action man, he is not, seen him enough in the U23s and he knits the midfield well, nothing spectacular and definitely not rash. He needs to add a vision, to spot and release a ball to the forwards and take a bit more responsibility with the ball.
  4. ....he stepped out a lot against Liverpool and put us in a lot of trouble!!! If he is playing as instructed by Rodgers then it makes no sense, as Fofana obviously is unsuccessful defending in this fashion. Then if it is a case of not learning from the past and either Fofana needs to curb his enthusiasm or Rodgers needs to roll back his thoughts, in respect of the risk he is looking to take in the defence. Fofana is a quality player and Soyuncu had the same problem originally, stepping in to beat the attacker.,That part of his game has been curbed somewhat and is not so much part o
  5. ...depends which broadcaster you were listening to....!!!
  6. ...the boy was on fire!!!
  7. ...he is just a bit too slow in possession and is closed down too easily!!! Given the time and space he can hurt the opposition but the pace in the Premiership is a lot faster than the U23s. The possibility that he could adapt his game to move the ball quicker could happen, if needed to be but we are never going to find out, unless we drop him into a Premiership game. Set up Demarai's two goals recently and the run and subsequent lay-off for the first was perfect.
  8. ...I really do not think there is much that he can do, to retain a place in the first eleven!!! He is not suited or at least, has not the option to shine in the position we choose to play him in, all he can effectively contribute is workrate. Playing him as second striker will allow him to produce the opportunity for goals and assists that so far has and will continue to elude him, but that is not a frequent formation we play. We just have to admit we got it wrong, what the scouts envisaged he could be turned into has not materialised and at present, squad depth is what he brings,
  9. ...that is something that people keep clinging to!!! If that was the case then the Southampton Team should still be scared to leave their house in case they bump into someone wearing blue. Let us not kid ourselves the Liverpool and United results were the cause of our demise, it is not difficult to pick yourself up off the floor and move on, Southampton did, they took us apart in the return game..
  10. ...so just clearing the first man exponentially increases our chance at an attempt on goal to perhaps a 1 in 2 ratio!!!
  11. ...in that case, we are nowhere near those stats, perhaps someone should have told them players about it!!!
  12. ...not if we stick to zonal marketing!!! Vardy also helps out on the near post and I do not want him or Barnes to be anywhere near our box when we are defending a corner. That will force them to keep people back and with a touch of composure we can counter from the second ball with two flying machines available. Fofana is said to be spring heeled and if you have to do a standing jump instead of attacking space then we have lost an advantage.
  13. ..not his only faux pas when brought into the team!!! Gave away a pen coming on as a sub when the team was cruising on his debut and I felt that was the reason he was not seeing time in the first eleven.
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