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  1. ...he is like a number 50 bus. You wait and wait for it to turn up, afraid to give up and start to walk, incase it turns up, and your caught between stops, when it passes you by. We sit there saying he will come good, but afraid to off load, incase someone benefits, and he becomes the player we thought he would be. Gray's failure is as much the clubs' as himself. We have indulged his style of play, his poor decision making, selfishness, and his lack of awareness, of team ethics or self and exudes an air of arrogance, which his game does not lend itself for us to comprehend. Rodgers will want to work with Gray, this will more likely be to Grays' detriment as it will be his last chance and I really doubt he will take it as every opportunity that has fallen his way has not been taken and it needs to come from him, without the expectation, that game time will resolve his problem and nothing is his fault. After three years we should have got on his case and brought him in line.We have been too lenient, we have allowed him to get there himself, but he does not appear to have the self discipline to get to where he should be. The possibility and likelyhood is, he will be gone next season!!!!!!!.
  2. ... just seems to be going through the motions. The prospect of going on loan having been stuck in the U23s for some time is obviously the next step. Unless he excel on loan we will end up running down his contract. If not for the injuries he should have been sent on loan although Beagleholes' agenda did not help.
  3. .. Layton really need to step up now. I know he has had injury problems but strolling around the park does not help the team and looks like he does not want to put the effort in. I don't want to see him turn into Gray but the body language suggests that is where it is going. Too much on the perriphery, need to be asking and showing for the ball more.
  4. ....said it before, I would rather we had a proper right back with Ricardo playing up the pitch, than have Ricardo in defence. Seems like a lot of goals and chances for the opposition come from his side with players running off him as he is not aware of players around him. Ricardo has more experience going forward than Gray and would have been a better outlet than Demarai. We have been very lucky this season with teams creating chances and failing to put them away, so this was not so much a surprise as I thought we were off it against Huddersfield despite the scoreline. Felt Rodgers kept the team the same to see if they could get to 7th. Hope for some changes, with Hamza coming in alongside Tielemans.Poor performance tonight, they need to address the lack of leadership on the pitch where we lacked composure and footballing nous. I am sure we will be up for the last three games but games like tonight are the ones which gets us over the line to make top 6.
  5. ...I remember when interviewed at the back end of that season, he constantly stated there was too much negativity around the club and we were not going down. It was like a stuck record. He never listened and I think he thought he had fallen on his feet when he came to Leicester. The only time it seems he set the team up to perform,in a manner conducive to getting a result, was against Stoke!!!! ….what a joke!!!
  6. ..to be honest, nearly every poster in the Danny Drinkwater going to Chelsea called it exactly!! Sad to say,it was inevitable. I personally felt this was a chance he felt he could not let pass him by.
  7. ...I always felt he was a bit introverted and needed to come out of his shell. I have never met the guy, but from clips of the players in training, you just get that feeling.Perhaps Pearson felt the challenge was to make him believe in himself more and step up and show some leadership, as in the position he played, he needed to dictate more and pull players in line, if he had to. I still feel the Cambiaso season was Pearson giving him a front row seat in how to run a team as he saw Drinky as a long term fixture of which the team would be built. I am a big Drinky fan, love to have him back as perhaps back up to Tielemans but without the injury problems he has experienced. Obviously not paying the same fee he is currently getting at Chelsea and should we get 7th and qualify for Europa then, this would be ideal for the Europa legs. The fact that he is making poor choices like this suggest that his environment is perhaps not where he needs to be and I don't see Sarri as an arm around the shoulder kind of guy.
  8. .. I really think that Nacho's problem is more psychological and warrant time being spent over the closed season as what is happening at the club is more or less what is going on Internationally.
  9. ..oh they are not getting any better! West Ham are struggling to stay in the league and they bossed us. Steve Beaglehole is really up against it. The players look devoid of structure and any type of intensity, we can't keep this sorry group playing in this fashion. Is it possible that Rodgers could have a say in the style and manager of the U23s.
  10. .....would love to see Gray become the player we think he could be and achieve this here!! Glad we have finally shifted him to the right although Barnes coming on the scene has obviously forced that situation and no one can dispute the impact Barnes has made. Demaris' football education is about to effectively start now, his movement will be natural and with playing consistently, a chance to hone his skills in his right position. With Brendan Rodgers now in charge we will get to see if he can develop his service and allround link up within our play. The need to see an opening and ability to play the pass needs to be worked on as a matter of course and I have said before that he has been over indulged.
  11. ...noticed Beaglehole seemed under the cosh in the most recent games and gave the impression his job was on the line in respect of Puels' wish for the under 23s to play the same way as the first team. The standard of performances has dropped to a very poor level and although some influential players were sent out on loan, it should not have led to the performances we have seen lately.The possibility that Puel could have asked to instigate these loans, over the wishes of Beaglehole, would point to an almost certain change in the coaching set up, in respect of the academy. There were far too many players who had reached a level which required them to take the next step but were being held back through no fault of their own. I would be surprised if Beaglehole is still in his role along with other members of the Academy coaching staff at the start of next season and that would be in tune with the needs of the our proposed new Training Facilities.
  12. ....would not want to play Gray on the left. How about Maddison with a free role behind Nacho and Barnes upfront. I feel that they would gel and Nacho would be inclined to play a secondary role to Barnes direct running.
  13. ... a 4- 4 - 1 - 1, with Maddison behind Vardy. Simpson comes in and Ricardo moves up to play right wing. He is wasted at Right Back and has the intelligence to make the runs and deliveries to the forwards. So long as we do not ask Simpson to play the overlapping full back and holds his position in the back four, Chilwell can bomb up the pitch and we will still have cover with Simpson effectively making a back three. Teams are now sitting and we are pushing more players forward to break them down. When we lose the ball we have had players (taking one for the team) as we have no cover with both fullbacks out of position and unable to get back. Too many yellow cards have been issued and I would like Rodgers to address the back four as priority. I feel the use of Maddison as support to Vardy (the Shinji role) would help Vardy. Dissappointing for Gray but the competition for places in that position is now a major problem for him. With Albrighton out until next season he may still get a chance to impress the new manager.
  14. ..I watched the Forest game for the U23s and was impressed with Dewsbury-Hall. He always seems to be looking for the hollywood ball or scoring a worldie but this time he played a more mature role and was a stand out player in our midfield. Composed on the ball looked to dictate the play and recycled the ball well. I am not certain if it was the fact that Brendan Rogers was in attendance or he has finally matured into a player who should be on the bench for the first team. Tielemans occupies the position at the moment but there is perhaps an opportunity to be used as a replacement for when Tielemans is pulled after 65 minutes. I suspect perhaps the biggest changes we will see with Rogers in charge will be on the bench,Muskwe is a good option with Ndukwu another possibility.
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