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  1. ... I really can't believe we are still saying that! There are players out there who feel they have to score a "worldie" every game to prove themselves. There is much more to the game than that and just doing the simple things would pay more dividends to the team and his reputation. Perhaps Gerry Taggert needs to be out there on the pitch and when he overdo and loses possession, then there will be someone, to grab him by the throat and politely enquire, about what he was thinking!! He needs to take a hard look at what he wants to achieve in this game and find a way of getting there.
  2. .. he will certainly give us options on both sides. Should Rodgers see fit and play him as Right Back and having Ricardo pushed forward might just save us a lot of money allowing us to sign Tielemans and a recognised striker. I maybe in the minority here but I do not see Ricardo's best work playing at Full Back and him pushed forward is a better option. If Justin is as good a Full Back as stated then we might just have an exciting and prolific force down the right.
  3. ....any idea what the budget will be for the upcoming season?
  4. ...I am not sure why people are still calling for the return of Slimani!! Onfield disagreements, Vardy upfront as a single striker, loan spells which have resulted in other clubs reports of poor performances. There have been incidents where his team mates at Leicester have had a go at him on the pitch, either for not making a run, selective in the crosses he chooses to compete for, generally proving to be a divisive element. With his attributes he should have been a success, but his application, is what has negated his use as a player, and his ability to contribute to the team. I would rather have a player from the U23 on the bench as a support striker than have either Slimani or Nacho as part of the bench. Both Slimani and Nacho have problems and I surmise predominantly are off-field issues and both bring nothing to the table. It is time someone sat down with both players to discuss their issues (with a psychologist ) and come to a decision regarding their future tenure at the club. We might just end up having to take the loss....but better than this limbo we have been in.
  5. ....no need to panic buy!!!! I suspect he has already made up his mind he is coming to Leicester. United being a factor might just be a way for him to improve his pay. The fact that Silva is involved muddies the water somehow and agreement of his value may just be the sticking point. Can't see him going to United in view of his experience at Monaco, regarding the hostility from their supporters and Jardim not in favour. A chance to play in an environment where he is supported and he can enjoy the game again , without the scrutiny of a big club gold fish bowl would a refreshing change. If we are the lower bid and he has chosen us then there is nothing Monaco can do so long as it meets an agreed criteria.
  6. ...is Haller really that good!!! Just watched the usual YouTube and not impressed. Seems to be a replica of Maupay and if we are looking to go to the next level, we need to get better quality. I would rather we do not spend the money on players who only do the basic as we need a proper investment of quality. Rumours are Rodgers is about to have a large sum to improve the squad and if so he needs to go for it. We don't know the real figures and the ratio of investment to wages so we are somewhat in the dark with they available budget for this summer. If we are serious about top 6 then lets get the players to make it happen.
  7. ... I really do not see this as just a confidence issue. From the comments from his International coach, regarding arriving late for training his attitude when he does turn up, our managers use of his skills in view of the time on the pitch. Just speculation but I really think he is in a mental dark place and this might be more off the pitch issues and more like financial problems that he has found himself in. Prior to his move to us, the hold up was due to contractual rights in respect of his Image rights which seemed quite dubious as it was claimed to be owned by two agencies at the same time. His apparent greed may have once again led him into a situation that he is unable to extract himself and the pressure is coming from outside the football arena and I just do not see this as solely a confidence issue with what we have seen. If you lack confidence you don't want to be on the pitch, your coach sees this in training, people notice. This club set up doesn't suit him... moreover he has problems and probably all of his making!!
  8. ...he actually qualified his comment!!! The caveat was that not all players see things this way. I think you made want to re-read his comment!!!
  9. ....stay well clear!!! Just watched youtube, nothing short of ordinary.
  10. ...did not say they could afford him, just that Maddison seems to fit a player from that area. He seems like a London boy.
  11. ...always imagined him at Man. U. , Spurs or West Ham...he just seems to fit those type of clubs.!!! Selling for £60m would still leave United with an avenue for profit with any sell on. £80m (if rumour is correct) would really test their will....... and bank account.
  12. ...as a Leicester fan, that is quiet a fickle attitude.. The quest is for a career in football, all those trips by your parents carrying you to games, the only thought is to make it as a professional player. You get to play for the club you support and that is all that you could ask for. There are one club players out there, who had the opportunity to move to a superior club but chose to stay where they are. Not every player see their future as you have described it and thinking that way has led quite a lot of players to poor decisions. To play for the club you support......is everything. I would never want to leave!!
  13. ...really happy for Roberts!!! Still think he will be a success in the Prem. Girona was not a good move as I believe he was convinced he was on the way to us, deal did not happen so only option on the table was Girona. Good luck to him!!!!
  14. ... no way. He has recently turned up in Merseyside and they want rid after a year.... he will not fit in with our players, absolutely NO WAY!!
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