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  1. .. just watched the obligatory YouTube video!! Looks composed on the ball, no real impact in the last third meaning no end product. Love his tackling, going to ground absolutely beautiful to watch and it was always a Benkovic trade mark move. I really could watch him slide tackle all night.
  2. .. he really is going through a bad patch!! He did what he thought was the best thing at the time but it has turned out to be the worst decision of his career. This is more than a football problem.. he needs mental help but he needs to understand and be willing, to make a move to seek it.
  3. ... believe we would not be getting the best from Ricardo should we do that. More easier to mark out of the game, he is not a natural winger. Justin stays left side, the freshening up of the team that the squad had long required. He bought a different perspective to the team and released the pressure from the usual front and attacking players. Dissapointed with the speculative shots and wasted positions at the end and would like to see more disciplined attitude in the last ten minutes. I maybe asking too much, but we kept it together when winning 9-0 and our composure on the night did not waver. Let's cut out the Hollywood stuff and do the basics right. After all, that is what has got us to where we are!!
  4. .. just looking at the run in last season and we were no better!! Strange that Rodgers has not learned anything from last season and as @henrick62 has stated, it is not something he is good at!!!
  5. .. we are getting fixated with his role as an midfield enforcer!! He really is not that player and should he for some reason keep playing that role, he is doing a disservice to himself. The tackling is a small part of his game but it now seems expected of him as if that's all he brings to the game. He is more tactically aware and astute, but one moment in a game, seems to have defined him, and I, for one hopes he is allowed to play the role that he is made for or take the opportunity to go elsewhere to fulfil his potential.
  6. .. glad he is progressing his career!! I always felt he was a quality player but was too over eager and his mind was always ahead of his feet. He knew what he wanted to do and began doing it before he received the ball. Glad that he now has composure, I think he will kick on from here.
  7. .. really can't agree with that!! We were excellent in the first half of the season, therefore his policy worked. So what's the difference between now and earlier in the season, my conclusion is that the goals set before the start of the season has changed and Rodgers has lost cred ability with the players. Now obviously I am speculating and I can not prove either way, that, that is the case but we have seen this scenario play out before and at the root of all this was the players belief in the manager. I believe Rodgers to be disingenuos, the big worry for me was his ability to connect with players and then only to find out it was all blarney. This was my biggest worry with him, he never knows when he has something good, he is always looking around for another shiny trinket.
  8. .. the way we play, passing out from the back does not suit him!! Although Barnes had a more positive approach to the game he was also stymied by our style of play and showing for passes, only to see the ball moved out to the other wing. This is not a, let's give Demarai another chance post, just an observation of his predicament within the team structure. When we pushed him more central and further up the pitch he seemed more switched on and looked like he could cause the opposition problems. I know a young lad who was played on the wing constantly because of his speed and he never saw much of the ball as his team mates failed to utilise his assets and he himself failed to find the space to receive a pass . I watched him play a few times and suggested that his best position would be central as a withdrawn striker as he came to life and was demanding the ball, when his coach had to change things, due to injury. He eventually gave the game up, as he was not progressing in the wing role and finding the games passing him by. I think Gray is the same, he needs to be central up front but not main striker. He made intelligent runs in that position tonight and should he leave, I hope he leaves the wing and come inside. It is a better role for him and he looks like he understands the position.
  9. ... they have got an excellent roster and eventually they will wear teams down with movement and using the ball effectively!! The term plan B is perhaps a misnomer as Ferguson effectively used Solskjaer as a super sub. Making an adjustment to the team when it was called for. Using your players in this way gave your team a different option and added further doubt for your opponents.
  10. .. funnily enough, that was the role he played in the under 23s and was effective as a link from the defence to the front. I always felt he could do more, by taking a bigger responsibility with the ball, by stepping in and powering forward. It seems that players are not being played in their best roles and over time it will have an effect as you question yourself trying to function in a way that is not best suited to your natural style. We are asking him to do things which are not his forte and his initial introduction to the squad led people to believe we had a superstar on our hands. Just reading the post on the forum and the concensus appears to be we don't want him near the first eleven.
  11. .. how do you explain the Carabao Cup semi final performances!! How much more motivation do you need when you are so close to a cup final and a potential trophy. At the start of the season it was let us win a trophy for Khun Vichai as it would be a fitting testament. We failed to turn up in both legs, we were mindnumbingly poor.
  12. ...multiple accounts!!! You really are delude!!
  13. .. Still the old entitled mantra is rolled out!!! We are not expected to beat any team that is put in front of us.... we don't expect to. We have seen what we can do, and we are now, way short of emulating our previous performances and this malaise has lasted too long and suggests a much deeper problem. If you are choosing to ignore this, then it's up to you and you are free to voice your own opinions but stop with the entitled rubbish, we all care about the direction this club is going, some may over react, which may seem disproportionate... probably means they care too much. Not a bad thing!!!
  14. .. probably the best thing that could have happened!! Previously we have had a players only gathering where they have a chance to speak their minds. Time to clear the air and get to the bottom of this!!
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