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  1. ... obviously inferring that being on the bench is a direct result from his two year lack of development. He is now rationalising his position within his team and now applying reasons for his failure.
  2. .... can't say he would have ended up at Manchester City!! Under Wenger the supporters were crying out for him to leave, the team was poor, his signings were underperforming (still are) and he would have fitted perfectly with the under achieving prima Donna's. Yeh, we cost him too years of glory, idiot!!!
  3. ... could this have gone right over your head!!!
  4. ... definitely worth another look!!! Have you considered the style of play and being in an unfamiliar surrounding could have contributed to what you had witnessed when he was with your club. I love his attitude and he has the attributes to become a top player and in my opinion, with time, could turn out to be Vardys' replacement.
  5. .. just been to YouTube to take a look and not impressed!! Seems pretty ordinary, gets involved with players he is marking and appears unable to control himself. Passes back a lot, absolutely nothing special.
  6. ...definitely!!!! Brendan obviously asking him to look at the game differently. Scoring worldies is not what the game is about but for Gray that is however the way he views the game and his part in it.
  7. ... that is technically a yellow card "dissent in words or action". As you have pointed out, this was clear for all to see and yet he ignored it.
  8. ....not sure I get this!!!! A draw would be more favourable surely. We take two points off both teams if we win against Arsenal, and should Manchester City win then we do not gain on them and we would pull three points from Liverpool, one more point than if they had drawn. Better to gain on both than to gain on one!!!!
  9. ...that ref was poor!!! So many decisions he got wrong, the only saving grace was he was poor for both sides. Tends to want to let the game flow but fails to spot obvious yellow cards and puts himself a situation where the players want to set the rules. Not sure how he is reffing in prem games!!!!
  10. ...as I have said previously...arrogant twit, he really felt he had made it and never applied himself to improving the club. All this rationalisation is him attempting to rewrite history.He thought his reputation would be enough to carry him in his position, it just goes to show what a waste of space he was!!!!
  11. ...sliding doors....we could still have bought Nigel in had we stayed up!!!!!
  12. ...he thought he had struck it lucky when he got the job!!! He was cocky, arrogant to the point of being rude. His constant chirping at interviewers that they are being too negative.."we are not going down"..."there are far too much negativity around this place". He never set the team up to perform, he just thought his blarney would galvanise the players to perform, the only time he appeared concerned was the last game where he attempted to set us up and it felt that he actually cared. We have all seen the pictures of him apparently distraught after the game but I felt it was just for show as he did not give a hoot about the poor results that were being played out week after week. I dislike the bloke, his fake joviality and poor attitude in the job. If he really was that good, where is he now!!!!!
  13. ...totally agree!!! He is a confident player, not fazed by the people around him, would be interesting to see him get five to ten minutes at the end of a game to see how he performs. Not a player to suit our style but I really rate him.
  14. ..as many have stated, this will be a tricky one!!! We seem vulnerable when teams counter us and I feel they have the ability to do that all day. Zaha will be a factor but they have beaten us comprehensively without him so we should not get hooked on just what Zaha does. This could go either way, Palace must feel quite confident for this game but we have a good team to compete with them.
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