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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Having checked FIFA's schedule it appears that the likelihood of a decision will be made on 27 October 2017 at the next council meeting. I suspect the reason why we have not had periodic updates from the LCFC is they are aware of this. I do hope that there are no deadlines for an appeal!!!
  2. Gray is amazing

  3. Shakespeare in talks to extend contract

    Surely the delay is eating into our timetable to recruit new players. The owners appear to be in no hurry to make a decision but the potential to pick up your number one target is imo being lost, due to complacency.
  4. Shakespeare in talks to extend contract

  5. Will kasper stay or go......?

    Please not Hart!! So up himself. Plenty of quality keepers out there.
  6. Time to name Shakes permanent manager?

    We played a high press in the Championship................. won that. Pearson did not think we could play the saw way in Premiership.............disaster. Pearson finally saw the light and went back to what we do well in last 9 games....success. Ranieri felt we should keep high press........... Champions. Ranieri thought we had been sussed out and changed the way we play............disaster. Shakey goes back to high press...........success. Last too games Shakey has not employed a press, made Arsenal look good, struggled against at West Brom. Any more performances like this will quash any chance (if not already) of Shakey getting job. We need the manager's position to be resolved in order to identify and put out feelers for potential players. Last 2 games have made me doubt the wisdom of appointing Shakey as I can not imagine there is another manager who understands his players and what makes them tick.

    If you remember,we played great football in the championship. We absolutely walked it. I expected we would finish in the top ten quite easily in the Premiership. Pearson however decided that if you played the same way in the Premiership we would be slaughtered, so he played a conservative style which did not suit the team so we lost game after game. We were on 19 points with 9 games to play. Realising that his options had become limited he resorted to play the high tempo pressing game that this time is built for. Had Pearson stayed and backed his team last season's triumph would have been his. In relation to the Man. Untd. 5-3 result, it was obvious when we went at untd they could not cope with us. I wish Pearson could come back, a more mature,humble person but I can't see it happening. This team can play only one style, it is time they got back to it!
  8. Derby Away Pre-Match Thread

    He's never been asked to! Both Vardy a nd Mahrez are too predictable in their play. They clearly need to mix up their play and that is a failure of their coaches as well as Claudio. Players need to evolve as certain situations do not always present themselves.
  9. Derby Away Pre-Match Thread

    Ok! This thread is winding me up. Claudio going back to 442 is to be celebrated. Take a look at the various formations suggested and you can understand why Claudio is chopping and changing. There is nothing wrong with 442, we just need readjust to what our opponents have done to negate our attacks. Vardy needs to drop off and not play on the shoulder of the defence, Mahrez needs to release the ball earlier or hold up for over lapping full back. This constant derision of Vardy is unbelievable as he gets poor or no supply and it is he I feel sorry for. Our main problem is Claudio's constant "narrow" style which gives no cover to our defence especially the fullbacks. This pulls Wes or Huth out to give cover which creates spaces for the other team. It seems that with every formation Claudio chooses we are always "narrow" which has caused mayhem and the result being the defence being viewed as a disaster when in fact they do not get the protection they should. Nothing wrong with 442, just Claudio's way of playing it.
  10. Albrighton at RM

    Spot on! At one stage was our top scorer when given the opportunity to go forward.
  11. Chelsea Pre-Match

    Irrespective of the formation that we choose, we cannot afford to play a narrow game (as Claudio prefers) as this allows easy access to our right and left backs. It was quite obvious that had Everton had the quality we would have been punished severely. We need to give more cover to our defence especially down the channels.
  12. Lack of Motivation

    The team acheived something last season that should not have happened, but it did! I am sure if you asked the players they would deny that they have not come to terms with what has happened last season. The outcome is the players are going through the motion ( subconsciously the weight of being champions). We are not likely to see the team perform at their PL best until the start of next season. Yes teams have adapted to the way we play but a little adjustment will resolve this. It is the mentality that the players take to the pitch which has been the most stark. From the Charity Shield and all but two games, the players appeared to have just rolled of bed 10 minutes prior to the start of the match.
  13. What an idiot. Gray appears to be retarded in his development as a person and it also reflected in his attitude in regards to integration on the pitch. At this moment irrespective of the content of the balloon, his need, to impress his peers whether negatively or positively is a clear sign that he requires some kind of professional counselling. Claudio alludes to the fact that he lacks awareness and his constant failure to release the ball to his team mates after being told that is what is restricting his place in the team shows a lack of maturity. Let's hope this is a cry for help!
  14. West Ham (Home) Pre-Match Thread

    Looks good to me. It is essential that Mahrez is given a free role as in his current position he is too restricted and predictable. Claudio unable to get the team playing with high tempo at the start is very worrying. I do not agree that Mahrez has lost his form (see Man. City game), he just needs a change of position.
  15. What does Albrighton have to do?

    Not too sure but I believe your understanding of the direction of ball movement is somewhat flawed.