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  1. ....Omar Richards....off to Bayern!!! Nb. Previously answered.
  2. ...not sure how it can be communication problem, Caglar is there to interpret for him....!!! It will be more a clash of personalities that is the problem than anything else, the reactions of Rodgers on the side-lines watching Ünder says it all. He was totally exasperated with him and I wonder why he continues to keep him on the bench as opposed to a U23 player who I suspect he would trust more.
  3. .. totally a fitness issue!!! There have been opportunities where his pace would have taken him clear of the defender but he was unable to out run the defender or beat the goalkeeper to the ball.
  4. ...could have been saving Nacho for Saturday.....!!! Playing Vardy did not work for us and really should not have been on the pitch, he is not fit.
  5. ...probably had agreed to play Tavares and did not have the space to introduce Ünder!!!
  6. ....I was working under our historic use of the lone striker as opposed to our current situation!!! Yes we need a top class striker and I have said in previous post, that this is the moment when the Vardy question is going to be answered.
  7. ...I don't believe that is what we have been looking for!!! We have Iheanacho who we have in reserve, we paid £25m for him and still choose to use him only if Vardy is injured. We have chosen to deliberately play with one upfront, selling Nacho and replacing him with a £50m just to sit on the bench just makes no sense. The Slimani situation so far as I was aware was in case Vardy chose to go to Arsenal and we panic bought a player at twice the price he was originally scouted for. Absolutely nothing wrong with competition but paying £50m+ and £80k per month for someone to warm the b
  8. ...the cost implications regarding building a new stadium at the detriment of the quality of the playing staff would be insane!!! Ignoring the 120k seater (obviously just banter) we have sold players to finance purchases and the infrastructure is the reason for this. Money should already be in place to find the expansion from our end of season revenue depending what position we finish. Next season should require no further sales and available money to bring in the quality we need. Our hands are now somewhat tied by our ambition but we do not build a training centre and expand a s
  9. ..we really could not justify a spend such as that unless we intended to play two upfront!! The problem was always Vardy, playing with one up top meant Vardy every time. It is only now when you can see the difficulties Vardy has in playing, recovery and avoiding injuries that we can now truly discuss an alternative. Bringing someone in for £50m plus and sitting on the bench is not the best use of our finances.
  10. ...seems a very messy, clumsy player..but scores goals!!! Not sure Rodgers wants a player such as that and Edouard is more like the type of forward that would suit his requirements.
  11. ...I think there is a big question mark surrounding him!!! His previous dalliance before Palace and his failure to be picked up by a top six Premiership team in all this time is an obvious concern. Added to that, the price Palace would be asking for what many would view a risk, would rule him out of the equation for me.
  12. .. his "goal" is to get better, but we need him to rest!!!
  13. ...must have a great scouting network, reminds me of Wenger when he first came to Arsenal!!! They were tapping into areas other teams were not looking into or were afraid to bring in. It can't be easy watching your prize assetts being picked off and there is nothing you can do. The untold riches that lies before his defecting players he just can not compete with. Saying that, the keep failing to get over the line.
  14. ....I do not understand that, it beggars belief!!! All that does is encourage the ball coming straight back. You will need to have a player brave enough to pick up the ball on the edge of our area and be prepared to carry it up the pitch with support coming from our wingers.
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