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  1. sacreblueits442

    Söyüncü Signs

    ... just going from the YouTube video, I do not know how he has got away with those tackles. Just hope the PL is as lenient. With the overload of CB's a move to a back 3 would perhaps resolve the dilemma Puel has created in respect of keeping a happy crew. A back five would allow him to play Ricardo in a more attacking role with perhaps, Choudhury, Wilf and Madders in midfield.
  2. sacreblueits442

    Danny Drinkwater

    .. the point is that we know how good he can be!! We have seen him play... I understand where you are coming from...but you can't unring a bell!
  3. sacreblueits442

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    ... we should not be going back to square pegs in round holes! Darnell does not want to play at right back, he wants to play centre back, probably a stipulation in his new contract.
  4. sacreblueits442

    Thank you Riyad

    ..... Enough already!! Do not be surprised if he if he is not back this time next year. £30m should do it!!
  5. sacreblueits442

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    ... I don't believe Nacho can play up front with Vardy as twin strikers. Nacho is better a bit deeper picking the ball up and running at the defence. This way they will not be making the same runs or taking each others space. Just a thought, what if we played Maddison alongside Ndidi, with Gray, Nacho and Ghezzal as the three and Vardy up front. I suspect we could be losing Maddison's influence further up the pitch but we could play through him as this was the role DD played. Drinkwater just didn't push forward enough to influence the game as per Cambiaso. Just a thought!
  6. sacreblueits442


    .... Yes! Clubs inflate their prices when Arsenal come calling. They knew that Wenger would not accept the deal and he would move on. Arsenal have had a chance to sign the best players around in Wenger's time but he would not accept their valuation.
  7. sacreblueits442

    Filip Benkovic

    ... If we sign Benkovic, he will be short term replacement for Evans and long-term for Wes.
  8. sacreblueits442

    Filip Benkovic

    ....how would that work, after Brexit!!!!!
  9. sacreblueits442

    Filip Benkovic

    ... Times his tackles well, great composure in tight situations. Looks like a potential replacement for Wes, good range of passing, love is attitude, I really can't see how we could not go for this. Even if we have to pay over the odds to get him!!
  10. sacreblueits442

    Rachid Ghezzal

    .....I have never seen him play before and perhaps a you tube reel is only there to showcase his best bits. He looks quite useful, seems to be a team player, can pick a pass and has something about him. The feedback on here is poor and I suspect most have not seen him in a full game. Except for Bailey (from the FT wish List), this is the guy I would choose and seems a good fit for this team. I may be way wrong about this....... but I think we could be pleasantly surprised.
  11. sacreblueits442

    Musa Departs - Confirmed

    ....best outcome for all parties concerned!!!! So disappointed at the outcome of this, I guess no one would have believed after the exploits of Barcelona that we would end up berating a player who we chose to play in the wrong position. The mistakes and poor applications on the pitch were borne out of someone trying too hard to impress and not having the opportunity to play in the position that would illicit his full potential. I would rather have a player putting in a shift and givng 100% for the team even when things are not going for you. If Slimani gave as much effort when on the pitch and not be selective about the balls he wishes to make an attempt to play he would be a much better player. We constantly contrast and compare players and as a club forum we select players that meet a certain criteria (worse player ever seen,best player etc) I can't help thinking as these players have worn the club jersey we find another way to describe their contribution in their time here.
  12. sacreblueits442

    Diabate - What should we do?

    ….need to take more responsibility with the ball! Gives the ball away with over- elaborate flicks wasting the hard earned possession gained by his team-mates. His mind appears to have made the move, before he has collected the ball. His only good contribution was when he collected the ball and played it simply. The good thing about the youthful squad is that they are all feeding off each other and Maddison's attitude appears to be the catalyst for this. A good example of this is N’dukwu who looks like he could become the player that some people believe he could be. His attempted lob was audacious and shows a player who has now started to believe in himself again.
  13. sacreblueits442


    I really expected a Transfer List would have been posted at the end of last season. As previously stated the squad is bloated and we need to ship quite a lot out the door. Does this come down to a lack of bottle by Puel or is he taking a common sense approach due to who he has available. Sarri has set out what he wants Emery has done the same and players are in no doubt they need to find another club as they no longer have a future where they are. The fact that players are still here, who should be actively looking for alternative placements, appear to give them a believe there is a chance to force there way into the team. Part of management is to do the dirty bits, Puel's seemingly reluctance to convey this message is a worry!
  14. sacreblueits442

    Danny Drinkwater

    If there was one player I would not have believed would leave this club it would have been DD. Like Pearson I see him as synonymous with this club. Fits like a glove!!
  15. sacreblueits442

    Danny Drinkwater

    ..... I think he would jump at the chance to come and play for us on reduced wages. There is unfinished business with a DD....