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  1. ....if I recall, didn't Claude Puel instruct the under 23s to play in the same way as the first team!!!!! . At one stage, it appeared that we were moving in that direction, but now that has all gone out the window.
  2. .. no contest Neres is worth the entrance fee on his own.
  3. ....we are not looking good recently and the fact that we have sent players out on loan really should not be an excuse for the poor performances from individuals. Derby appeared to have a plan and a style of play, we looked like a park football team as Deby played through us, was first to the 50/50s and looked significantly more technical than us. The loan deals handed out has obviously had an impact and I wonder what is the feelings of Beaglehole regarding losing his players and would this have been a request from Puel or the DoF to instigate the loans. Beaglehole wants to win the league, he is not going to achieve this with this style of play and I wonder if we need a new coach to improve our technique and playing style.
  4. ... I really believe Peter Schmeichel believes Kasper is under achieving being at this club. Just listening to the statement, and it is all coming from Peter's frustration that he did not go to United. Any comparison with his father and Kasper bridles with contempt, as he wants to be thought of as a player in his own right. It is possible that what was said by Peter, was sanctioned by Kasper but a comment such as that would only lead to one decision and that would be a way out of the door. A message to Peter, he is a grown man, he has achieved many things in his career and if it is a case that sometime ago you had a wager that he would become United's keeper one day, you need to let it go.
  5. ...got a feeling Youri Tielemans has arrived just in time to get Puel the gig for next season. Puel's problem is he believes "the end justifies the means", and the dross (square pegs round holes , strange team selections) have led to pretty poor performances especially at home. You can not but see that with the right pieces in place this team could be something with the added bonus of stability within this club. Puel lacks a number 2, someone you feel, who wants the best for this club. Puels has not shown that!! .His dogmatic approach does not lend itself to any sort of empathy with a great amount our supporters. He is neither embraced on the terraces, by the "Puel Outers", and in view of this forum being a reflection of our supporters ..no singing or chanting for Puel by the "Puel Inners" either and it is strange that this disconnect exists at matches. . We all know that the funds for next season will not be a large sums as this years Premiership money is already allocated for the Training ground. It would therefore not be speculation that next years funding from the league will be ear marked for the Stadium expansion. I do not think the Board at this moment would like to risk any changes to their original plans in respect of the vision planned when Puel was appointed. Lets face it. Puel has dragged us kicking and screaming through the hedgerows and the muddy fields of transition. If we stopped to look around we could see that some way off, there was a path through the hedgerow and a bridge which spanned the muddy field..... basically other options!!!!.This would have made this journey longer and everyone could have bought into the plan as it was clear and made sense. The fact that he chose the route he took us on, is what it seems now divides us.
  6. ....I really feel Johnson has regressed this term. I have watched him in the Dev. team and he really seems to have gone backwards.
  7. ....funny you should say that!!! Is it me, or has our passing deteriorated. A lot of our players appear to be going backwards in their distribution and this coupled with the lack of movement does not help. It is all very well getting a new training ground but we need to have someone (or team) capable of coaching these players. The fact that Ndidi has not improved, in respect of his passing, with, what was identified a year ago is a surprise. We need to take a look at existing coaches around and look to bring them in to take us to the next level. Having watched Blackburns under 23 v our Under 23, I was well impressed by Damien Johnson's team and I really think this guy is one to keep an eye on!!! . Damien Johnson Coaching career[edit] Following his retirement from football, Johnson went into coaching, completing his coaching qualifications and gaining experience assisting at various clubs including Everton. Blackburn Rovers[edit] In April 2015, Johnson returned to Blackburn Rovers, the club at which he began his English career, as U14 academy coach.[22] After three months he was appointed U21 lead coach, a post which was redesignated professional development phase lead coach when the development squad began to compete at under-23 level.
  8. ... hopefully the board makes the right decision tonight!!
  9. ... this would be a very good audition for Appleton....Top and the board seem very limited in their knowledge of football globally, and seems to place a lot of faith in the people they know hence the Pearson appointment. I would like to see Appleton back in management but perhaps this is not the job for someone not clued up on football in Belgium. Prior to Appleton's appointment at Leicester, a journalist covering Oxford FC, gave him a glowing reference and what I heard which stayed with me was that even players who he released from Oxford do not have a bad word to say about him. Definitely a man manager and someone the players can buy into. Do not be surprised if the board choose Appleton......
  10. ... exactly! Back in the days Vardy would close down their fullbacks or keeper and Shinji would automatically follow. This tended to galvanise the midfield to push on to help with the press. Catching teams cold placed us in the acendency with the whole team becoming switched on. When we take the kick off and play the pass to the left wing, we are actually playing for territory. Should the ball go out of play we can pin our opposition in. If it stays in and find one of our players then we are in a good position to attack. Vardy has been instructed not to hare around upfront, we do not press at the start and it must be quite clear by now that Vardy is the catalyst as he sets the tempo. We need to play on the front foot with the defence pushed up to squeeze the space..
  11. Blackburn were superb. A full eleven would not have made any difference, we were torn apart by a well organised composed team which had a style of play and knew where everyone should be and everyone was where they should be. I do not know how long it has taken to get them to play in this fashion as according to the commentator they have won 3 og their last four games and are second from bottom. If something has changed, new manager or coach team it might be good to keep an eye on their set up as they were awesome. Reminded me of how we used to play (first team) .
  12. ... could it possibly be that part of the reason for the boos were the fact that Tielemans was not in the squad today. I suspect a fair amount of our supporters had expected him to have role in this team, whether starting or from the bench. We having been desperate for a player of his ilk to give us the creativity in midfield that we are clearly missing. We had the option for such a person to fulfil that role (had he been on the bench) and we proceed to withdraw perhaps our most creative player. The boos was for the manager's decision and which indirectly impacted Ghezzal but it did not appear to undermine his performance. We have booed at matches before during and after poor performances and it was deemed appropriate as a method of showing dissatisfaction with what we were seeing on the pitch. Booing is perhaps the only way a frustrated crowd can bring to the attention that they are unhappy with an individual (referee) or an ill advised decision which would impact the team. Booing can either be debilitating or lead you to stand your ground, it really depends on you character.
  13. .... What price a turn around!! Did notice in the last game the players celebrating Elliott Moore goal and everyone was running up to congratulate him. Just thinking Nige is cultivating a united team where they all cover for each other and are personally very tight. Not sure what price you will get for them to avoid relegation and go on to win the league next season. Got a feeling it could happen!! .... Perhaps just wishful thinking.
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