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  1. sacreblueits442

    Arsenal away next😳

    ... Yeah, missed the keeper out, big mistake but how often do you see a keeper being replaced during a game. A lot of people think this game is a write off anyway so my selection stands for me. Ricardo looks like the left is a more natural position, Ramsey and Soyuncu might just surprise you. Perfect game to put them in, if you can't be up for your debut at Arsenal when are you going to be ready?
  2. sacreblueits442

    The Tactics Thread

    ....from the Arsene Wenger school of management!!! They are cut from the same cloth. Pat Rice was there to keep his company in the dug out. Steve Bould was at one time for a few games allowed to set up the team to be more difficult to beat and be more defensively aware. Arsenal did not concede but they could not score either. Wenger put his foot down and took back the reigns and Bould ended up as just a cardboard cut out placed on a chair beside Wenger. The idea was for Bould to be in place to take over but that was never going to happen with Wenger controlling everything. I recently posted that Puel needs a number 2 who is strong and someone who he could respect. It seems with Puel there is something missing, something you struggle to put your finger on but you know something just is not right.There is a lack of balance with him and as such a reflection of the teams he sends out to play.
  3. sacreblueits442

    Arsenal away next😳

    ....I think the ref. will notice we have one too many!!!! Would like to see: Kaspar Ramsey Soyuncu Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Mendy Albrighton Madisson Ricardo Vardy Bench: Nacho,Armartey,Ghezall,Fuchs, Iborra and Okazaki Ghezall to replace Madisson after 75mins, Amartey can cover at CB or RB
  4. sacreblueits442

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    .....not a Puel fan, but I think a solution could be found with a new number two. I think he needs someone to challenge his decisions and give him alternative options. Once you are the man who blindly follows an ideology you become blinkered to obvious problems (see topic "what is missing......"). There need to be a balance with the head coach and assistant, it was there with Clough and Taylor who when seperated failed to achieve anything of note individually. Ferguson went abroad to get a new number 2 to take him to another level. Perhaps the problems being experienced by NP could well be he has no Walsh of Shakey to reign him in leading to an inability to develop a team ethos and a pattern of play. This league looks open, the amount of finance poured into clubs has changed the perspective of supporters and this league does not feel as daunting as previous years and leads me to believe that we could, with some common sense, be competing for sixth.Three more players in their correct positions should be enough to propel us to the elite places. He needs someone there, not so that he is looking over his shoulder but someone who is strong enough to say no and be listened to. Not too sure what happened with Appleton but I can only assume he challenged Puel but Puel was not prepared to or respected him enough to listen to his advice!!!!!
  5. sacreblueits442

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    ... sign Clyne, sign Mawson or get Keane. Fuch's is in his last year. Post availability transfer list to include the recently purchased centre backs but keep Benkovic. A lot of contracts will be concluding at the end of this season, it would be nice to get a jump on this before it is too late. Not too sure where we are with FFP but should we be within the criteria, let's get it done!
  6. sacreblueits442

    The OH Leuven Thread

    ....Wow....just wow!!!!
  7. sacreblueits442

    Söyüncü Signs

    ...if the language is a barrier for him playing in the first team, how come he play for the U23s!!!! Are we to assume that the U23s all speak German or have they all mastered Esperanto.....we have been lied to. There has to be some reason why Puel has not included him...and it certainly has nothing to do with language.
  8. sacreblueits442

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    ...so once again you are blaming Wes!!! It is quite clear where the problem to this conundrum lies and it is not at the feet of Wes. Something is seriously wrong when the most obvious answer is in front of you yet you choose the avenue of the least resistance. Just to be clear, Wes is struggling to keep his place within the team and there is a call to be made by the manager. He won't make that call, why! He needs to step up and lead, make the tough decisions and that is something that we do not see from Puel. Have you noticed how much he embodies Arsene Wenger and like Arsene he does not like to manage strong characters. Arsene inherited a back 4 that you would want standing behind you in a dark alleyway in the bronx. It was noticeable that their problems started with the decline of their back 4. Wenger never replaced them with like minded players. Puel can't deal with strong characters that's why he goes for youth.
  9. sacreblueits442

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    ….lets look at this from Wes’s point of view!!!! Just turned 34, struggling to deal with quick pacey players. “ This is not going too well this season, got caught out a few times and got pelters for it, but what do you do. Boss keeps wanting me to play!,…..I am so knackered…… does he realise this is my last season?... thought I would just need to keep fit….just in case. We have signed new Centre Backs so might get the occasional game here and there….I feel I need to go to games to support the boys though….even if just in the squad. Boss has put me in again…..he’s moved the new boys around ..what the hell!!... Evans is quality!!…..not sure what is going on here!. Thought this was going to be a light final season……boss is playing me in every freaking game!…I am so knackered…getting ripped apart by the fans….got to stay away from FT. …Simmo got his **** kicked last year, looks like my turn. Well got a few weeks off now…..probably safe to go on FT when this dies down…..I hope?”
  10. sacreblueits442

    Are the losses easier to take since the title win?

    ....I believe when the 4 year project was mooted that was 4 years ago and the aim was to reach the top four by this time. Well we wrecked that timescale by winning the league. The plan should have us aiming and pushing for top 4 but with all the changes this has set us back. People ask the question why do our posters feel so entitled. The short answer is our owners want us to be up there, they believe that's where we should be and who am I to argue?
  11. sacreblueits442

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    ....if I started a Poll, "Should Wes be starting in the first team", I imagine the result would be 90% No and 10% Yes.!!!! We know that when his ban is over, Puel will be playing him as a starter. Now is that a problem with Wes or a problem with Puel?
  12. sacreblueits442

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    ...if he could see it, why did'nt Puel?
  13. sacreblueits442

    One step forward two steps backs

    .....numerous players have been pulled due to being on a yellow and looking in danger of being sent off. The big managers have pulled players just take a look at Clough and Ferguson. It is common sense to pull a player when they have got themselves in a situation where they are being run by the game and they have become entrenched in playing the player and not running the game. There is an irrational argument being put forward as reasoning and it does not hold water.
  14. sacreblueits442

    Are the losses easier to take since the title win?

    ....still feel the same after a defeat.!!!!! Absolutely not happy for a few days, then can't wait for the next game.I remember a story that Martin O'neill will not speak to anyone for a few days after a defeat and I thought I was the only one, weird.
  15. sacreblueits442

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    ....he lacks awareness, positionally very poor, light weight and if he played in that position for Puel how on earth can he accept that quality of defending. People say give him time, time wont resolve this predicament. We may have just got lucky and found that his natural position is LW and the worst we can do is to put him back in defence.