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  1. i don't think that's true, because that's what FFP was designed to stop, the sugar daddy buying the league. Having said that, Villa have a net spend of 214m since being promoted. How is that even possible under FFP??
  2. what's the view on Lamella. I think it was disgraceful that he initiates and gets no punishment.
  3. Let's be honest here. Soyuncu seems to get away with bad performances and no criticism. He was not very good today. The first goal was all him. The second goal was mostly him, even though amartey played the runner on, soy should've looked across the line before stepping up and calling for offside. The third was due to chasing the game and Teilemans falling asleep with a runner near him. As much as i like him, he does seem to have a brain fritz a bit too often.
  4. i'm baffled how he is in the team so often. He literally offers nothing except the odd goal when we're already thrashing someone. Waste of money.
  5. What can you say after that? A game for the ages. Vardy proves yet again he can stick it to the big 6. Wonderful.
  6. I was going by the TV game commentator from Sunday, you may be right. The start is all messed up with the euro delays.
  7. i only saw it up to 70 mins as my recording cut off! The first half was forgettable, same as last season, lots of possession, very little penetration. It was the first game though, so they get a mulligan. Thought Castagne and Mendy and Praett looked very good. Perez was invisible (again). Soyuncu made the back look a lot more solid than those last 3 games. Wilf had a good game at center back. Justin was enthusiastic but his positional play wasn't too good. Rough diamond with plenty of time to improve. Vardy didn't have much to work with but ended up with
  8. we've got till oct 1st to sign a left back if we want.
  9. I've read it twice, and i still don't understand what they are saying.
  10. We got a good price, he's neither rubbish nor a world beater. Not the greatest defender, and very inconsistent end product when going forward, but still a good player overall. The question i have is, since we just sold him and gave Mendy 2 extra years, are we actually signing anybody before sep 12th???
  11. I saw him play a few times as a nipper. I think he worked at the British Shoe Corporation (as did Norman Leet) when I worked there in the early 90's (but i could be wrong). Great player who had a cruelly shortened career.
  12. I know Vardy got the golden boot and was thus a shoe in (pun intended) for POTS, but Evans was my player of the season. He marshaled our defense superbly for most of the year. Solid and reliable week in week out. The NBC commentators over here in the USA said time and again that Evans/Soy was the best central defensive partnership in the PL.
  13. We have' a striker' and a bunch of guys around him who can't put it in the back of the net despite endless shots.
  14. Looking at the stats, it's clear we need more goalscorers and more goal creators. Our defensive stats are solid vardy has more goals than the next 3 highest scorers (perez, barnes, and maddison) combined. tieleman has the same number of goals as chilwell and ricardo, how is that possible for our most expensive signing ever?? I don't want to hear the 'we were found out' excuse for the second half of the season meltdown. A manager earns his corn by out thinking the opposition. We're not a kick and rush team, we played some great attacking football in the first 19 games
  15. The team today looked like it was over-coached and not confident it could do the job asked of it. If we'd played a little more freely, we might still have conceded two but might've scored 3 or 4. this was classic rodgers tactics, and we did what we needed to do in the frst 45, but the second half was baffling, we needed to go for it, and didn't.
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