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  1. Can anybody answer this since i don't live in the UK. Has Sky suspended club TV payments, is it a lump sum or paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly etc??
  2. i doubt we'll see any competitive football before autumn, and it wouldn't surprise me to see the season start delayed, and maybe drop PL teams from the league cup completely to allow the 2020-21 to finish on time, the CL delayed, maybe drop the qualifying games and go straight to a league format. Even that might be wishful thinking.It's no good playing games behind closed doors if the 22 players and the refs can still catch it.
  3. what we appear to have done is reverted to the the Puel Method. Lot's of tippy tappy at the back, and middle third, and little or no penetration in the final third. We just aren't creating enough good chances.
  4. King was never very good. Ducked out of tackles, passes 5 yards sideways or backwards, in his favor the odd goal. He's just a squad player who was happy to pick up some wages once we went above his ability level, which is the championship.
  5. I thought we played ok in the first half, but we went into our shell in the second and rodgers 'negative approach against the big boys' came out again. The few times we got forward in the second half there was literally no support for the ball player except one. i thought kasper, praett, and evans, were outstanding and chilwell was much better than in the reverse fixture.. Maddison and tielemans were largely awol so there went most of our creative attacking threat. nacho was lightweight and Vardy still lacking confidence, his chance was tough hitting it with the right foot to the far post. For their goal it was 4 of them against 7 of us, and they still managed to find plenty of space to pass and score. I'm not going to comment on VAR it's already been said, justice was done when kasper saved the pen. I thought 0-1 was a fair reflection of the game, but yet again, i'm disappointed that rodgers wasn't more positive against a top club, because they were below par, and we could have got at them more.
  6. Over here in the US, you have to buy a season pass for almost all sports the PL is no exception, and you pay up front, then they don't care if or when you cancel..
  7. To nit pick. nbcsportsgold prem pass was $49 in 2018, and they upped it to $64 for this season, will probably go up in 2020-21 again as well. also nbc sports gold can't show all replays as soon as the game has finished, if it's being shown on nbc sports channel, those games are delayed till 6pm on the streaming platform which is a pain in the arris. so on a given weekend day you can watch games shown on nbc sports gold right away, but if they're shown on nbc sports you somehow have to avoid the result until 6pm local time which is ridiculous. Having said that $64 is cheaper than paying for the nbc sports channel in whatever cable/satellite tier you need, so i cancelled my nbc sports channel level and just pay for the app, pays for itself in 2 months that way. also NBC shows sat morning game on it's terrestrial channel locally in 4k, but the app only shows HD at best. ESPN+ is the bargain, you get league cup, fa cup, champ, L1, and L2 (the latter 2 only show a few games per month but still) all replays available immediately for $4.99 a month.
  8. I said i'd take a point, since they are directly below us. shame not to win, but a great game to watch.
  9. Whichever way you look at it, we've either had an easy run up to xmas and took advantage and are now back to normal, or we've had a little dip in form since boxing day from the high standards before. Every team has a rough spot in the season, and this is where the managers justifies the money he's being paid. My opinion is some players have not been up to par since xmas, and we need all 11 playing at their best to stay in the CL positions. We've looked a little flat and lacking around the box, more like under the previous manager, not as incisive going forward, not as quick to open up defences. I hope he doesn't go all negative against chelsea tomorrow which seems to be his tendency in the big games, although i'll take a point. It's easy to turn a defeat into a positive in a tv soundbite, let's see the results on the pitch.
  10. Is this to increase the number of home grown players for CL rules next season??
  11. The bottom line is this. Dean smith did his homework and closed the middle of the park down, Grealish had much more room than Maddison. We didn't really show much nous in that second half despite scoring. The number of times we had a free kick we could've put in their box and we quickly went 5 yards sideways drove me batty One thing I've noticed with Rodgers is that like Pearson, he gets very cautious in the big games. When we played man city and Liverpool we played a different way, and over the two legs it's felt the same. He didn't 'go for it' for want of a better term, just like Pearson bottled the Cardiff playoff by being too defensive. I thought villa deserved it over both legs.
  12. Good old Demari, as poor as Barnes was apart from the goal, at least he closed people down. Gray just ran away from elmo and gave him the freedom of the park to put that cross in.
  13. He's everything Silva was supposed to be, but wasn't.
  14. Won't be CL football (if we get it), it will be rebuilding Ieanacho from pub player with no confidence, to PL striker.
  15. I enjoyed it so much, i made my family watch every minute of it.
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