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  1. Who do you give motm to? They were all shite. Please can Gray never play for us again.
  2. Do the laws of football not apply to McTominay?
  3. One of the most biased refereeing performances I've seen here.
  4. We do get our fair share of thick players dont we? Why do that
  5. So they're ignoring the exact same challenge Lerma made on Evans then?
  6. I'll always love Beckford for that hat-trick though
  7. I've never heard a bigger collective fcuk you to a referee when Beckford squeezed that equaliser home. Didn't NP tell him to fcuk off at half time?
  8. Cheers. Didn't see it on the screen so assumed it hadn't.
  9. Anyone know why the Lerma challenge on Evans wasn't reviewed?
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