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  1. I'm 9-1 atm. Let the collapse begin
  2. Yeah there's one more futswap to go after squad battles tonight. It'll be an sbc this week i imagine
  3. Got the ****ing greek GK from the SBC. Finished the 89 rated squad for Vieira. 100k pack. Best player 84. The rest 82 and less. **** you EA
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one wanting to strangle someone cos of this shite game
  5. Got Laporte in the prem guarantee ffs
  6. Think it's TOTS until the promo is over mate. Will likely be Bundesliga this week i'd imagine
  7. Eriksen and Laporte from Gold 1. I'll take that
  8. Why does ****ing Jermaine Jenas seem to be co-commentator for every game these days
  9. Got the worst one
  10. Brooksy

    Jordon Ibe

    Isn't he shite
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