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  1. Champions League 2017/18

    He did actually and he thought the Llorente shout was a blatant peno
  2. Champions League 2017/18

    Hoddle doesn't think the Real goal was a peno, what a bellend
  3. Champions League 2017/18

    Spurs winning at Real
  4. Carlo Ancelotti

    Didn't Rafa go from Real to Newcastle in the space of a few months, why couldn't this happen
  5. Shakey Sacked

    Anyone think the delay is an announcement is because we've had a replacement lined up for some time and they're sorting it now. Nah me neither
  6. Shakey Sacked

    Who's gonna be the twat to suggest Preki then
  7. Shakey Sacked

    We'll go for Ancelotti and end up with Appleton
  8. Shakey Sacked

    Bet we've got no-one lined up
  9. West Brom Post Match

    We're going down if he remains manager
  10. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    King haha. Do one Shakespere
  11. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Right lets win it
  12. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    ****ing finally
  13. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    We offer absolutely nothing up top
  14. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Jon rudkin apparently
  15. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Slimani to bag a brace