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  1. What the heck is wrong with Danny's hair?
  2. 10 UEFA Champions League Trophies 10 FIFA Club World Cup Trophies 10 PL titles 10 League Cup Titles 10 FA Cup Titles 10 Community Shields And a decent winger
  3. I had to make sure I was on the right site when I read the first word of the title.
  4. I've never really watched David Moyes' teams. Are they uninteresting and/or bad like Pardew, Dyche, and Pulis' teams? I've only ever heard good things about him from his time at Everton.
  5. I want us to finish 2nd place for one reason. Liverpool is too far ahead, so if they are found guilty of match fixing, I'm sure the title will go to the 2nd placed team. Sort of what happened with Juventus in the 2000s.
  6. TBF, the forum has the same colors as Twitter...
  7. Great game and we're still 2nd in the league.
  8. Maddison: https://streamable.com/4fisc Evans: https://streamable.com/l1v58
  9. Watch us beat Man City 8-0 next week.
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