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  1. Kasper Justin . Fofana . Evans. Castagne Mendy Tielemans . Praet Under . Iheanacho . Barnes Win.
  2. Fofana, Justin and Castagne impressed. Defenders.
  3. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
  4. We've been out-worked, out-fought and out-smarted by this lot. Looked lethargic and ponderous. Credit to West Ham.
  5. 2nd half, 4 at the back. Amartey off, Under on.
  6. BT Sport saying it was a good tackle.
  7. Awkward hand shake attempt there. Hromelu ain't interested in shaking hands.
  8. So happy I decided to soften my Flannel this morning.
  9. I went to Turkey when I was 9 and wore my yellow City away shirt, which garnered some occasional attention and nods of approval. I made friends with a 16 year old Pool-Boy, called Tolga; bought my first album from a market (Thriller) and had the shits for 7 days. Memorable.
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