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  1. Yes, 3 so far in open play; 2 volleys and 1 header. Corners are a waste of time though.
  2. Molde did when their first ever Title with Ole in charge in 2011 and won it again 2012. I'm not sticking up for the man, because he is out of the depth and shouldn't be anywhere near the United job; but he has had some success. He'll end up at Derby or some other provincial club sooner rather than later.
  3. 83 Aranguiz is the best card I've packed. I haven't put my own money into packs this year as the reward isn't there IMO. Plus the fact I'm pretty sh*t at the game. Packed an 82 Biglia as the part of my div rivals rewards though so, Woop. Waiting for them fix Career Mode and I'll be hanging up my FUT boots.
  4. I'm a maverick, but that's a line I won't cross. I don't even sing; it's frowned upon in H Block.
  5. People leaving early doesn't bother me at all, it's up to them. However, if you are going esrly then please commit to it. Don't stop at the bottom of the steps to watch an attack or a set piece mate. I pay to watch the game, not the back of your head.
  6. I enjoyed the Dortmund one and the Man City doc is alright. With Spurs, I'm expecting an in depth retrospective on that Dele Alli hand celebration, with several talking heads and many others attempting it.
  7. City 3 - Joachim (2), Lowe Spurs 1 - Klinsmann
  8. We weren't brave enough today. They scored from a penalty had a couple of free kick chances, but nothing much in in open play. We grew into the game, but we just didnt grow enough. Missed opportunity, but I'm over it already. Next game please.
  9. 42/48 Missed Maguire, Musa, De Laet, Hernandez, Lawrence and Dragovic.
  10. Yes, had one come through and then a reminder about a week later.
  11. How much does it cost to get into the games? Specifically the Holmes Park matches.
  12. Schmeichel Ricardo . Evans . Söyüncü . Chilwell Hamza . Tielemans Perez . Maddison. Barnes Vardy 4-2 crazy game.
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