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  1. I don't really get the hate for him to be honest. He's a young lad, living his dream. Probably could do with a few more goals/assists but he's good to watch.
  2. If everyone is fit then it has to be the same XI as before. If Maddison can't start then Praet slots in. Mr Gray has been impressive off the bench so I would expect a similar role for him this time. Not easy but I'll say 0-2 City. Vardy and Perez.
  3. The pints might be expensive but at least you get to queue for 20 minutes to get one.
  4. No. Genuinely unsure where he would fit into our side, other than on the bench. Our midfield 3 + Hamza and Praet makes me moist. I wouldn't mind another exciting forward to join the mix but Lingard isn't that IMO.
  5. We look back at players like Guppy with affection and rightly so, quality player. However, in my lifetime, Mahrez is the best. His behaviour towards the end shouldn't negate his brilliance in the promotion, great escape and title winning seasons. The Algerian Prince would fit very nice in our current side too. Edit: Wortho and Glover way before my birth.
  6. Excellent second half performance and 3 points in the bag. Second highest scorers in the league and joint best defence. Something is happening. I don't quite know what exactly, but something is definitely happening.
  7. See my earlier response where I suggest its unlikely (a dream). Who is Barbara Palvin?
  8. We can dream They're just examples of the type/quality we should be going for. Bowen is of course a cheaper alternative and not of the same level. However, he would fit nicely into our set up. I've been playing FIFA too much tbh. Landed Werner and Gnabry in one day. I probably need to get a grip
  9. I don't think we need to spend in January, barring injuries. Summer though, let's go out and get us a legit Right-Sided forward. Gnabry, Ziyech, Mahrez or Bowen for example.
  10. The short answer to that is, no. The question wouldn't even be asked if the likes of Man City and Liverpool had done it; They'd be drooling out their mouths and down below, over every goal.
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