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  1. Ward Justin . Morgan . Söyüncü . Fuchs Hamza . Praet Gray/Albrighton . Maddison . Barnes Perez Benkovic in the squad too.
  2. Applied. I have just won the Premier League and Europa League on FM mobile with City. Only used the "Sugar Daddy" option 3 times in 3 seasons so... Jovic and Haller up top, Sancho and Madders out wide with Tielemans and Aouar in the middle. Proof that I can spot young hidden talent like nobody else.
  3. I know the u23s are at the KP tonight but, can anyone tell me the cost of entry to see them play at Holmes Park please? Ta.
  4. Quite a bit of negativity about the lineup so I'm interested to know what Line Up we should be putting out today, away from home against a Champions League side? Ok, 2 defensive Midfielders but we 2 attacking full backs, 2 Creative Midfielders and 2 forwards. The reality is, pressure is on Lampard and Chelsea today to play well and win; so as long as we're disciplined and make ourselves a nuisance when they have the ball, we'll do well. Plenty of dangerous players in our 11 today, when we have the ball. Anyway, I don't know what I'm talking about, so I'll stop pretending.
  5. Fuchs aside, this is the 11 I expected. I think we will get something from today.
  6. This my final FIFA before I go full-adult. as I'll be 36 and married this time year and I'm going to have "Do things" with my time.
  7. Applying my vast knowledge of the tactical side of football*, I would line up in a 4321. Width provided by the full backs. A midfield 3 that should offer a bit of everything. Maddison and Perez can float around, go wide and come inside. Youri can push forward and Ndidi and another can cover a destroy. Schmeichel Ricardo . Evans . Söyüncü . Chilwell Tielemans . Ndidi . Hamza/Praet Perez . Maddison Vardy *= FIFA and that
  8. Sky Sports just used that video and Dorset reckons it'll be done. #dejavu
  9. Tricky opener, but I think we'll take the points in the end. 2-1 Schmeichel Ricardo . Evans. Soyuncu . Chilwell Hamza Ayoze . Maddison . Tielemans . Albrighton Vardy
  10. Personally, i think this question is best answered when the window is shut, as I'm hopeful we can get 1 or 2 more additions. However, I think we made progress in the 2nd half of last season and fingers crossed the signings so far will help to continue that.
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