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  1. Would celebrate this more than the end of lockdown
  2. Enjoyed the podcast, half decent insight overall. Was chatting to a mate about it and thought he came across a bit arrogant unfortunately. One phrase got me a bit "some say you cant spot talent that way, I can". Like ffs
  3. Great to be able to make a donation no matter how big or small. Important to help the vulnerable people in our communities
  4. Spaces still available for the night. Will a foxestalk team register
  5. The ideas are harsh truths unfortunately. The variety of songs sang effectively showcase a disdain for singing in general and a "someone else will sing for me" attitude. The thread is full of constructive criticism but the likes of UFS & L1, to an extent, aren't to blame & neither are the older fans solely. There's a big enough group of middle aged fans who in theory dont really have an excuse to not contribute to the atmosphere. It's laziness
  6. The excuse of song variety is always a baffling one for me. There's a solid variety of songs from the 80s to modern ones sang at most games and regardless of the age of the song they majorly land of deaf ears. As for not having an anthem, as a fan base, we've proven on many occasions we all know the words to WYS which is undoubtedly our club anthem. Add to that, we're also more than capable of singing it at the right tempo when fans care enough
  7. Couldn't believe how well this went. The amount it's increased by over the past 3 years is truly astonishing
  8. Think looking around SK1 you can comfortably say the majority are past your 10 year glory cut off then. That's a relief.
  9. Just a shame the club don't have a record of season ticket holders going back more than 6 years.
  10. I find this amusing too. Labelling them 'Newby's' as if they never went to the football prior to starting a group. Not sure what isn't obvious about the fact the lads & lasses were going years & years before they ever considered starting/getting involved with a group.
  11. The group are happy to accept cash donations before Saturday as they'll be doing a shop to get as much as possible. Just make sure you add the foodbank as a payment reference Bank Details: 40-09-17 / 42218275 PayPal: ufsdonations@gmail.com (select friends and family)
  12. Article in the Mercury for this Saturday https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/call-leicester-city-fc-fans-3708911.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Pop it in your pocket and its in. Stewards aren't really thorough 😉
  14. https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/streamers-confetti/magic-fx-sf-2-2-x-0-7-inch-confetti-2-2lb-bulk-bag-dark-blue 👀👀
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