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  1. I have one Under 20 (They wont check anyway) ticket for Chelsea away. Selling a little under Face Value at £20, PM me.
  2. Looking for any 1 for this. Preferably a concession but adult is fine.
  3. Mate, I couldnt even do a fake shot. I reckon I would've preferred a first round game just to get used to it. Ohwell, onto next year
  4. How bad was the gameplay though? felt like a completely different game. Lost against Joey Cosmic, didnt even get a warm up game as I had a bye in the first round so I was just chucked into the quarters.
  5. Might be a stupid question but once you have Clips saved on PS4, how do you get them over to your email and stuff?
  6. Tbf noone really knows yet as they've not released info on it. But better to be prepared with a team in your mind.
  7. Apparently at the club playoffs we'll get unlocked accounts but with only Premier League players available. More fun to watch I guess but did want to have a go at using every player in the game.
  8. Yeah that's me, not really friends just playing for the same team. Think hes played over 90 games of Eprem
  9. Not touched the Eprem for a week, should have more than enough Skill points.
  10. Won 94/120 online drafts and honestly Iv packed fvck all. Stay away from drafts.
  11. Not played all weekend and still in 1st place. I'll take it. @Ross-Kemp Who are you on the ladder mate?
  12. Haha you're a decent player! Gave me a good scare in the last game, 4-0 up at half time and you came back
  13. It's me Just caught up with this thread now. Looking good for me at the moment, 24 wins out of 25. To be fair, my team isn't overly expensive (4 mil) I'm assuming most people who have played the game from the beginning have teams at a similar level or better. Getting hard to balance these games out with Fut Champions Cup Qualifers and Fifa Eworld cup qualifers. Feel like I'm playing way too much fifa atm.
  14. Alisson Van Dijk Kolarov Orban Pjanic Wijnaldum Salah Mahrez Valencia (RM) Sane Kane This is the leaked TOTW.
  15. Good job I got 28/30 this week then
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