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  1. Tunisia are a very good team, them or Senegal are probably best in Africa. They are technically very good and direct in their attacks so counter attacking suits them down to the ground. A lot of England fans will be in for a shock and moan about England after this game after underestimating Tunisia. Reckon it'll be 1-1 which would be a decentish result.
  2. foxes1988

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    2-0 Uruguay. The central defensive wall & tom foolery of Godin and Gimenez will be too much for Mo.
  3. foxes1988

    Spain sack manager

    Crazy stuff Had them as winners as well can't see that happening now. Gunna have to change my prediction to Brazil me thinks
  4. foxes1988

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Yeah i'm sure we will sign more players It was just in responding to the relying on full backs & Silva for creativity. I don't think relying on Silva, Chillwell, Pereira & Iheanacho is worse then relying on Chillwell, Pereira, Gray & Diabate. I think 4 at the back is how we will line up at the start of the season its just a great to have different formations up our sleeve.
  5. foxes1988

    Jonny Evans Signs

    & Iheanacho Whats the alternative? Buy some young wingers like Maddison and Roberts and put all the pressure on them and Diabate/Gray to create like we did with Mahrez? Way to destroy some young players confidence. We've gotta play a different way to the way we have last few seasons.
  6. foxes1988

    Foxes or Wolves....?

    Reckon we will finish 8th atm (other signings may change my mind). Wolves to finish about 14th. Think they will have a decent season but may go through a run of bad results mid way through bit like we did in our first season. Just not as dramatic
  7. foxes1988

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Great signing at a bargain price. Even if he doesn't do too well at 3.5 mill we've hardly lost anything. Would like another CB personally so we had the option of Playing 3 at the back which would really suit Chillwell and Pereira and with Mahrez likely to leave we wouldn't have to accommodate him in a 352/343 formation