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  1. Right, whats the craic today then? If we go into town am I going to get laughed away at every place trying to get in? Or is there some hope?
  2. Does anyone know if you can get into Beacon Hill at night? I know parking is closed but if you park outside there's nobody about stopping people from going in is there? Fancy taking some pics of the city tonight at sunset and can't be arsed going to be turned away when I get there.
  3. Is gegenpress OP again this year or can I play and actually get other tactics to work? Made it so unfun last year.
  4. Ozwin


    My ex has been in touch giving me signals that she regrets her decision and may have dreams of us getting back together in the future. She's essentially apologised for being so cold and for making the decision so quickly. Weird one. Thrown me a bit. Obviously I'm not going to go running back to her but I do believe everyone can make mistakes.
  5. Ozwin


    Thanks for this. I have now officially moved back in with my mum. It's not ideal obviously but I feel like actually being back here has made things a little easier on me. I'm not surrounded by memories and thoughts of happier times. I may be sleeping on the sofa and have no space to call my own but it's something. I have to remember it's not forever either. Monday was the last time I spoke to her too. Because of the house we've had to communicate throughout the last month so it's been bloody difficult to move on really. Hopefully now I can get that peace of mind and mo
  6. Ozwin


    Genuinely don't think things are getting any easier. I'm still in our house on my own for another week and think that isn't helping as I'm just by myself and the house is getting emptier day by day. Thinking of going to the GP but can't work out if it's just sadness over the situation or actually something's wrong with me. I just feel so ****ing low all the time.
  7. Ozwin


    Appreciate the support. 12 years must have been killer. Thing is for me is that there didn't seem to be anything wrong, we lived together we always did fun things and then she goes away, comes back and doesn't have the same feelings anymore. She didn't cheat before you say it but she just isn't the same person. I think she wants to see if she can go at things herself and not rely on me for her happiness anymore (which she definitely used to). It's been horrible. We are on talking terms although I am currently only talking to her about house related stuff and trying my absolute hardest not to e
  8. Ozwin


    Thanks guys. Yesterday was the first day I felt a bit like myself again. Today I've had to pack away some stuff in the house and it's just brought me down a bit. I miss talking to her and feel lonely. It's definitely going to take me a fair while before I feel somewhat like normal.
  9. Ozwin


    Nah it wasn't toxic in the slightest. In fact I haven't really been told what she's thinking, just that she doesn't feel the same way anymore. In time maybe we can talk again but I've basically gone no contact other than when we have to sort the house out because it's just too hard.
  10. Ozwin


    2 weeks out of a breakup of 7 years, living together for 2. She ended it for not having the same feelings anymore. It's been absolutely shit and although I feel like I'm coming out the other side somewhat it has been an absolutely horrible time for me. Maybe the worst I've ever felt. We are having to move back to our parents (at 30 that is pretty demoralising in itself) so having to pack the house bit by bit day by day is making things hard. I don't claim to have depression nor have I ever felt as though I have but if it's anything like this intense sadness I've felt these last 2 w
  11. Signed up to make that post. Absolute state of it.
  12. How likely is it that someone who's not had a season ticket since the Sven days would get one? Guessing there's waiting lists and all sorts now? I do miss being able to pop down to the ground on match day without a worry.
  13. Remember how good this guy looked in the Euros? Thought we'd got a real gem of a player at the time.
  14. I'm sure Rodman's probably done and said a lot of bad stuff in his time but from watching The Last Dance I mad respect his do what I want and give no ****s attitude to life.
  15. I've got it. I suffer with the same problem every version I buy and it's that I never know what sliders to use to make it feel like a real game. The scores/player stats don't match real life which always puts me off.
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