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  1. I have browsed and browsed and am still none the wiser as to what I'm looking for. I want a 24 inch monitor if possible and want the colours to be as good as possible as I like to edit photo and video along with playing games but I don't play anything nearly as strenuous as most gamers out there. I don't want to spend anymore than £150 ideally, that's probably high end and I'd rather more towards the £100 if possible. If you could tell me what to look out for too that'd be great as I feel like in every review I read there's someone moaning about something and I'm fed up of reading pros and cons of something I have little knowledge about! Thanks!
  2. St Margaret’s Pastures has showers right?
  3. He arrived with a lot of apparent baggage, a bit of a bad boy, a bit of a big time Charlie. He leaves a legend.
  4. Legs had gone by 70 odd minutes but with a bit of time and a summer to get Brendan’s ideas in place, I think we’ve got the makings of a class side. I really do.
  5. Does Lamby still post on here? He randomly popped into my head earlier but I couldn't for the life of me remember what was so odd about him?
  6. Scored so many important goals for us. Absolute class act. Will be thought of very highly here for a long long time.
  7. Horrible sod! I barely post on here!
  8. In the nicest possible way, please stop.
  9. Maybe the Benkovic loan was a sly ‘ill join you at the end of the season if you lend us him’ sort of deal. He’s been on our radar for bloody ages. Very happy with this.
  10. You can camp at Rutland water? Virtually on my doorstep haha!
  11. Yeah, just looking for ideas really. Never been camping before so don't know how strict they are on groups of drinkers turning up. We're not exactly going to cause a riot but it won't be a library y'know?
  12. Yes Finnegan! This is what I'm after. The pic on their website looks lovely. You been before?
  13. I mean you're more than welcome.
  14. Looking at doing it with some mates in the summer as a general get together before one of us gets married. Just needs to be in a nice area really, somewhere to get a fire and BBQ going maybe and not too close to other guests so we can play music or whatever, that sort of thing. If there's some bits and pieces to do nearby, be it walks, pubs etc then that'd be cool too. Pretty much the most basic camping trip ever when you write it down! I'm just after some camping site recommendations in central England really but happy to go further if it's really decent. I haven't got a scooby where is likely to be good or bad but obviously don't want to be disturbing a load of children/families if I can help it as six or seven lads on the beer all evening probably requires a more specific camping site, I don't know? I'd appreciate any help!
  15. Lads. Got a 6 or 7 inch crack across my windscreen. Please tell me I can get it fixed and won't need an entire replacement? Insurance says it will cost £100 that I can do without spending right now.
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