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  1. Ozwin

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Lads I am so into Queer Eye. It’s actually really funny and not at all what I expected it to be like. Proper feel good show to throw on for a bit.
  2. Ozwin

    The Car thread

    Right lads, part exchange quotes. Do they vary massively from one place to another? How much can I realistically expect to be bummed for compared to selling it privately? For example other cars seem to sell for £2000ish on AutoTrader so what can I expect dealers to quote me because autotrader seems to think £1200 which seems mad to me. There’s convenience and then there’s s daylight robbery.
  3. Ozwin

    The Car thread

    Right lads. I want to ship my Ford Focus 1.8 2008. What's the best way to go about it? Part exchange prices are actually a con aren't they? Ideally I'd like to get a Swift cos there seems to be a few about on AutoTrader now (there wasn't when I crashed my car a few months ago) and surely my Focus is worth more than one of them!
  4. Ozwin

    Cheap Football Shirts

    Still waiting. Bit annoyed it’s not here yet tbh. Been ages now.
  5. Ozwin

    Questions Thread

    This is really helpful, thankyou! I think, like you say, we just need to break it all down accurately.
  6. Ozwin

    Questions Thread

    So when moving out is there like a mathematical equation you can do to work out if you'll survive or not? Me and the missus will have about £3K between us each month. Looking at renting places at £650/750 a month, she's got a PCP that's about £350 a month (which she kinda regrets now) so she's worried about what she'll have left after all the bills have come out too. I'm happy to pay a bit more if needed to keep us going but we don't want to be living on scraps at the end of each month. We've both never done this before so it's all a bit of a steep learning curve and we're not sure if we're forgetting bills and fees and all that stuff. How much do people generally have after bills come out?
  7. Ozwin

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Get it done. Hardly any risk with this one at that price.
  8. Ozwin

    Anyone use Pure Gym on Walnut Street?

    I'll have a look around. I'm in Glen Parva so there's not a huge amount out there.
  9. Ozwin

    FIFA 18

    How the actual hell do you defend on this?
  10. Ozwin

    Anyone use Pure Gym on Walnut Street?

    There's nowhere nearby to park either is there? I remember needing parking permits a few years ago just to park on the street down there when my gf lived nearby.
  11. What’s the parking like? I went years ago before I could drive and the car park looked tiny. Just wondering if they’ve expanded it or if I’ll be fighting a losing battle for spaces every time I go? They've got a decent offer on at the min, £40 for 3 months if anyone’s interested.
  12. Ozwin

    Jack Grealish

    If we get £65+ million for Mahrez and spend two thirds of it on Grealish I'm going to post a very angry sounding message to FoxesTalk!
  13. Ozwin

    Cheap Football Shirts

    I reckon peterboroughfox is getting some shady affiliate pennies from this. Mine still hasn't been dispatched yet, been over a week. Hoping they're just poo at updating their customers or whatever and it was dispatched days ago but with two weeks left I'm not holding out much hope!