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  1. I think he goes about it all completely the wrong way. If he had a bit of decorum about him he'd not receive half the grief he gets.
  2. Gives me chills man. Takes me right back to the great escape and the love I have for that man. I'd genuinely follow him into battle.
  3. His channel has been removed. Intrigued now.
  4. Barcelona in a few weeks. Any hidden gems on stuff to do/places to eat? Love a good burger so any burger restaurants would be great.
  5. Alright all. Been a while since I posted in a Football Manager topic! Just wanted to point you in the direction of my new website (look at me, ooo 'my new website'). I was bored of playing FM the same way every year but there was no way I was going to stop playing it because I just enjoyed it too much. Decided to try and come up with some new ways to play it, unique challenges, databases and custom clubs and share them on there. There's not many of them on there at the moment but like I say, it's new and a work in progress but I'm really enjoying it. It's giving me something to focus on if nothing else! January is never fun is it? Got to keep yourselves occupied. Would love some feedback or comments on what you think. http://fmideas.co.uk Edit: Oh and if you have any ideas let me know! I really enjoy making these challenges so give me a shout if you've got something I can work with.
  6. I really didnt want this to turn into promotion for the guy. He's an absolute melt.
  7. Does he literally film himself for 90 minutes talking to himself about the game then? Its proper embarrassing to imagine him doing this alongside some seasoned football fans. I'm sure he must have had dogs abuse from our own fans in the past? Unless he surrounds himself with a large group of lads or something.
  8. Anyone who reacts to him is 'on strings,' hes just a reflection on modern youth. Surely he must have family who tell him what a tit he is?
  9. A cause for concern or something we should accept is going to creep in more and more at time goes on?
  10. Didn't want to make a topic but if anyone encourages TheTrueFox you should be ashamed of yourselves. Proper embarassment. Anyway. Got a good feeling about today.
  11. Anyone wanting to buy this you can get it for £26.45 on Voidu.com. Use the code: VOIDUFM20
  12. Ozwin


    If it wasn't on Salah nobody would give a flying you know what.
  13. Thanks. The Asus looks the best bet so far. I think I'm being overly picky with it but my current monitor is so bad and flickering for certain angles that I really want to make sure I get something better. The one Collymore posted for exame has me weary cos of how cheap it is.
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