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  1. Signed up to make that post. Absolute state of it.
  2. How likely is it that someone who's not had a season ticket since the Sven days would get one? Guessing there's waiting lists and all sorts now? I do miss being able to pop down to the ground on match day without a worry.
  3. Remember how good this guy looked in the Euros? Thought we'd got a real gem of a player at the time.
  4. I'm sure Rodman's probably done and said a lot of bad stuff in his time but from watching The Last Dance I mad respect his do what I want and give no ****s attitude to life.
  5. I've got it. I suffer with the same problem every version I buy and it's that I never know what sliders to use to make it feel like a real game. The scores/player stats don't match real life which always puts me off.
  6. Bet he's loving this topic tbf. My bad.
  7. In what sense? I watched it mid 2000s to maybe mid naughties and loved it. I can tell it used to be more physical back in the 80s/90s but I'm definitely interested in jumping back in and watching it again when it's back for good.
  8. From what I can gather: Slandering away fans for assault Slandering own fans Stealing artwork from Redbubble as his own and using it for paid benefits on his Patreon Called himself the face of Leicester and will be at the beck and call of BT Sport 😂 Probably loads more. It's all gone massively to his head.
  9. Solicitors involved now apparently. Not going to end well for him.
  10. Started unemployed, lowest badge/reputation and got a job in the Bulgarian 2nd div with Pomorie. They were absolutely dire and I couldn't get a win in 12 games before they sacked me. Managed to get the first coaching badge course before they binned me though! Holidaying through now after another job. Doesn't seem like my 12 game streak did me any favours. Edit: 6 month holiday has been wicked lads.
  11. Had El Mohamady and Marvelous Nakamba to be booked at 28/1. Stuck a fiver on it. Happy days!
  12. Ozwin

    Corona Virus

    What on earth happened to Lamby? And Ricewind for that matter? Two titans of FT.
  13. Bit shameless this but what do you think? Spent the better part of 4 hours on it but I'm quite pleased with it! Tried to stick to a style and think it turned out pretty good. If there is an art topic I've missed then feel free to move this.
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