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  1. I'm hugely unadventurous when it comes to pubs, but the R&D is probably my favourite overall - decent food, nice atmosphere and, for me, very well situated for a pint after work. Not cheap though. I tend to go to the Bowling Green for a pre match pint. Its OK there - decent value, actually a half decent set of ales. For some reason, my kid, who hasn't really grown up going to pubs, thinks its the most exciting place in the world.
  2. I hear that schools are looking at using GCSE mock results as actual results. If the same happens for A-levels, you may have a more relaxed May than you were anticipating. Assuming you don't get coronavirus.
  3. If the leagues (Prem and Championship) could come to some arrangement with UK TV companies for all games - they are being filmed anyway, and you could have some free to air, some on Sky or BT - I'd be happy. Money means it won't happen, I know, but it would be a good move politically and financially.
  4. Praet is phenomenal at the moment. He's the player we thought Tielemans was going to be, and the player that the media seems to think Maddison is. Should start every game IMO.
  5. Our passing and pressing is too often inconsistent when players are put under pressure. (14)
  6. That's the most disgracefully poor and unfair decision I've seen this year.
  7. I'm hoping we taunt man city's fans throughout the game, regardless of the result. I'm not sure I've got the tune right here but I like... They won't let you play, Baby it's cold outside, You've got two years away, Baby it's cold outside, Peps not gonna stay, Baby it's cold outside, And we're on our way, TO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.
  8. In fairness, despite all the threads we have had started this week about chants, I do think Chilwell really should have one: He's a product of our academy, been playing for Leicester since he was 13, England's first choice left back, scored two goals this season in the prem, etc. He might be having a slightly ropey run of form, but even so... That said, I have absolutely zero ideas for a song.
  9. In terms of performance, the endgame was and is to win the league, to play in Europe regularly, to win trophies, but we have to also accept that we are also destined to fight relegation, be demoted, rise up again, etc, etc. Hopefully not for many years, but football is forever. That said, I would guess that the real endgame for the owners is to turn Leicester City into a global sporting brand with supporters across the world, which can compete in terms of visibility and marketability with Man U, Liverpool, etc. If you can achieve this, then the spending power of the club increases, but so does LCFC/King Power's global reach and influence, in all sorts of ways - and we are on our way.
  10. I sat in the west stand for a change and thought the atmosphere was pretty good! L1 and the Kop put a good shift in in terms of singing, and often drowned out the Villa fans. It was a bit patchy, but that's home support everywhere.
  11. I don't disagree that it was particularly quiet last night - although that big group of kids right on the away edge of the family stand were going for it and put everyone else to shame - but I guess its a midweek game and it was a bit flat in the first half. That said, I was sat much closer to the UFS corner than I usually am, and it was good to hear some new songs that I will take back to the family stand for the Norwich game. (Starman -Youri; the new Cags chant; 'Aint nobody - Hamza Choudhury, etc). Sitting where I was, it wasn't awful. What was very obvious was that that everyone immediately around me was totally silent (in H/G sort of area, mostly middle aged blokes) - not singing at all, but also not really into it or calling out. It was a lot quieter than the family stand usually is.
  12. I'm not convinced we should mess with the midfeild or at the back at the moment, but I'd like to see Nacho start ahead of Perez after yesterday, just to see if he can capitalise on that performance and build his confidence further as we go into the Christmas merry-go-round. (And I'd like to see Gray and Perez on the bench if he can't.) I like Perez a lot but he seems quite easily bullied off the ball and he's always falling over.
  13. I don’t think there is much bitterness towards him at all really, its just that the song is catchy and mischievous - and Soyuncu is an absolute beast.
  14. Lesson for Liverpool - if you dress like a Spurs tribute act, then it turns out you might play like one too.
  15. To the tune of John Denver’s Country Roads: Maddison, James Maddison He’ll put the ball, where it belongs, Something something, something something Maddison, James Maddison Obviously working on the third line here, suggestions welcome. Perhaps not something about his c0ck, but that seems to be the way we are going now...
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