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  1. For me personally the idea of punishment is appealing in a tribal kind of a way, but ultimately I think it's misjudged and unnecessary - UEFA were very clear in appealing to clubs to rethink the decision by telling them that it wasn't too late to change their minds, so then punishing those clubs somehow for coming back into the fold seems counter to that spirit. Also, while we would benefit from a points deduction, it would mostly affect the fans and the players, who have largely resisted this, by all reports. Doesn't really seem fair. What I would like to see is a sustained focus
  2. Available in either extra small or 2XL you say? Monsieur, with these rocher you are really spoiling us!
  3. Just started on iPlayer for me in HD. Mostly establishing shots of lovely Stoke at present.
  4. Interesting article about Fuchs, and Leicester in the Times this morning (I've always wondered how he manages to balance living in New York with playing for us) - but colour me suprised to note that they are directly quoting FT contributors! Christian Fuchs: It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to my kids when they return to New York The Leicester left back talks to Henry Winter about life in America, how his stay in the Midlands was not supposed to last this long, and his goal to emulate former NFL player Toni Fritsch -------------------------------- Christian Fuch
  5. Piece on Rogers in The Times today: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/why-is-brendan-rodgers-so-underappreciated-dglbsd5fm - Not sure there's anything new here, but sharing it nonetheless. Why is Brendan Rodgers so underappreciated? Tom Roddy Thursday November 05 2020, 12.00pm, The Times Sam Allardyce regretted the words as soon as they left his lips. It was November 2012 and his West Ham United side were preparing to host Roberto Mancini’s Premier League champions Manchester City at Upton Park. In the past year, Allardyce had guided West Ham back into the
  6. So can I just cancel Sky Sports and BT Sport, but pay for the individual games? Or do I have to be a subscriber in order to access the PPV? Fundamentally I don't mind paying to watch games, because I was paying for my tickets anyway as a member, but I mind being asked to pay over and over for services that don't ultimately allow me to watch the games I care about.
  7. They are all excellent, but Vardy's is the most excellent for me. The build up was already a sublime passage of play, where everyone played their part perfectly, and then to see it knocked in with that deft flick upwards... Staggering, really.
  8. I don't particularly care about the League Cup this season, and think it's not worth risking players on. While there is part of me that thinks you should always aim to win anything you can, realistically this has to be the lowest priority of any competition we are involved with. That said, I do think it's an early test of our ability to manage squad rotation across the coming season. It's easy to say we should play the kids and the old men because the result doesn't really matter, but we are going to need those kids and old men to drop in and out throughout the season, and we need
  9. I'm desperate for a win, but with the injuries and suspensions, combined with our lacklustre form at the end of last season (and, frankly, in preseason) I think it's going to be a struggle. WBA will be up for it too. We'll lose. 2 - 0. Id love to be wrong.
  10. I certainly think seems in line with the new Chelsea kit: simpler, plain blocks of colour, less busy and textured. Maybe that will be the trend this year. I'll be interested to see if its white or blue shorts, but I quite like the simplicity of it.
  11. I'm hugely unadventurous when it comes to pubs, but the R&D is probably my favourite overall - decent food, nice atmosphere and, for me, very well situated for a pint after work. Not cheap though. I tend to go to the Bowling Green for a pre match pint. Its OK there - decent value, actually a half decent set of ales. For some reason, my kid, who hasn't really grown up going to pubs, thinks its the most exciting place in the world.
  12. I hear that schools are looking at using GCSE mock results as actual results. If the same happens for A-levels, you may have a more relaxed May than you were anticipating. Assuming you don't get coronavirus.
  13. If the leagues (Prem and Championship) could come to some arrangement with UK TV companies for all games - they are being filmed anyway, and you could have some free to air, some on Sky or BT - I'd be happy. Money means it won't happen, I know, but it would be a good move politically and financially.
  14. Praet is phenomenal at the moment. He's the player we thought Tielemans was going to be, and the player that the media seems to think Maddison is. Should start every game IMO.
  15. Our passing and pressing is too often inconsistent when players are put under pressure. (14)
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