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  1. Right now? This year and next? Wolves.
  2. There was a bit too much cheering on Man City, especially in the second half, for my taste - but from where I was sitting the atmosphere was generally good: Decent amount of singing, quite a lot of (relatively) good humoured goading of the Chelsea lot (especially about Hazard going to Madrid, and I laughed a lot at 'YOU'VE NOT WON LEAGUE ONE!' when they did their usual 'We've won it all' guff). Good round of the Vichai song with scarves up on the 61st minute. It was fine.
  3. I got an apron for 2 quid. It doesn't get any better than that.
  4. The reality is, for Leicester to have any hope of challenging for the top six again, let alone consistently, we don't need one club to hit the skids - it'll only happen if theres a confluence of factors. Basically if the power of the top six is destabilised a bit, so they can't hoover up all the points quite so easily, then we stand a chance. I guess if theres a perfect storm of financial issues - if Man City and Chelsea get excluded from the transfer window and potentially suffer other penalties for their dodgy deals, if Abramovich sells, if Spurs are stymied by the cost of White Hart Lane 2, etc, etc, etc - then we could push for a sustainable place right up the table (but so could Wolves, Watford, etc). But the chances of any of this happening are miniscule.
  5. Agree that this won't be as easy as it perhaps should be on paper, and a couple of months ago, I would have guessed we would concede early and struggle to get a draw. Now, I would go for 2-1 to city with moderate confidence. I see no reason at all to tinker with the team. Everyone, including Soyuncu, has been given a good wodge of minutes this season on Puel's merry-go-round. Now we need to stick to developing this very cohesive, functioning 11 that gets us through the run-in in the best possible manner. I'd even start Morgan and keep Harry on the bench.
  6. He was driving out of King Power at about 2pm on Saturday, as I was heading to get my free beer. (He stopped right in front of me and I thought, ‘That’s Andy King.’ His numberplate is KINGY, which was the key giveaway.) Thought it was weird that 1) he was there, and 2) he was leaving just before the match - but I guess that’s his life these days. A shame.
  7. They are absolutely fvcking brilliant, all three of them. I think my wallet just screamed, though.
  8. I thought one thing that was striking was how p1ssed off with each other they were - Chilwell and Maguire had a shouting match at one point about ‘where the fvck am I supposed to pass it, there’s no-one there,’ etc, etc. That occurred a few times. I know how the game works on the pitch and how players speak to one another during play, but for me, what’s missing more than anything else is that sense of connection across the pitch - that players know and trust each other well enough to anticipate where the ball needs go, what sort of runs they will make. And its not just getting it to Vardy. At different points, they don’t work like a particularly well functioning unit, and don’t seem to trust each other enough. Hence the mistakes. Vague stuff, I know, and hard to fix, but, in terms of man management, I think that’s as big a challenge for BR as well as dealing with the balance of power in the changing room.
  9. King Power is such an evocative term, for Leicester in particular. I know the connection to Richard III is inadvertent, but its such a good phrase. Leicester - King Power - Fvck yeah! I’m sure if King Power actually traded in the UK I would feel less keen on it, though - it would be more like having the Bargain Booze Stadium. Also, I never went to Filbert Street
  10. General sale for these tickets opens at 6pm tonight UK time (in just over an hour), and there are several hundred left. As long as you are on the site and ready to go then, you will get tickets with no problems. Alternatively just give them a call - they may even speak to you now. EDIT: if you want to maximise the efficiency of your browsing time and get right in there when the window opens, the only ones together I can see are a cluster of available seats at the very back of G1. Otherwise its lots of singles dotted around. Will be a decent atmosphere there I imagine. Near the drum!
  11. I noticed hardly any booing - there was a little moment of something when Nacho came on, but it wasn't the barrage of boos he has faced in the past - and then I suppose there was some of the usual the usual grumbling at timid passing or mistakes. I try not to do muchof that, because fundamentally I'm there to support the lads, but I think you have to accept that sort of moaning as part of the pantomime of the game.
  12. On the LCFC site, currently being discussed on the pre-match pint. Let's all look out for him tonight!
  13. To win more than 50% of games is pretty much what I'm after.
  14. I honestly believe that now is the time when everything will come together and we will fvcking crush them... ...but I honestly believed that about the Spurs game as well!
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