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    Man City 1-1 (1-3 on penalties) post match bickering

    I was leaning towards Puel out after the Palace game - like a lot of the ‘in crowd’ I admire what he’s apparently trying to do, while not really liking the boring, frustrating way it seems too be playing out on the pitch - but I thought this was a sterling effort. It felt like the first time in a while that glimmers of what the team could become started to show through: The first half hour was pretty much business as usual, but it picked up and then some. They were dogged, they actually pressed, held off Man City, Alibrighton’s goal had me screaming, Hamza was a revelation. I even thought the starting line up and substitutions worked pretty well. Yes, we could have done with Wes over Soyuncu, and Chilwell’s pace (when he’s got it). And the penalties were a rank embarrassment, mostly because the greener players bottled it unbelievably - although, again, I think that’s an experience thing. But the idea that if we had started Vardy we would have won is bonkers. The boy ain’t right at the moment sadly. Anyone can see that. Couldn’t make this last night, but I will be at the Boxing Day game, which previously I had been thinking would be a terrible rout: Now I‘m actively looking forward to it.