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  1. Foxes in Canada

    Any other foxes in Canada? Moved to Canada in 2004, first to northern BC, now in southern AB. Where are all the Canadian foxes?
  2. LCFC Wallpapers/Twitter Headers...

    These are awesome Definitely pinching some of these for my desktop.
  3. Kernockaert

    Stringer has said a few times on the radio that he talked to him and confirmed the pronunciation. I thought it would've been different, but if the lad's confirmed it then Kernockaert it is. I don't care as long as he keeps playing well for us!
  4. Foxes Player is a Rip Off

    I grew up with John Sinclair and Neville Foulger doing the commentary - they were fantastic. Stringer has his moments
  5. Foxes Player is a Rip Off

    I'd take the cheapest , but the last one i got said 42.99
  6. Foxes Player is a Rip Off

    Only 3 e-mails? I got four, the last one being an apology saying that there had been an issue with their e-mail system and then going on to give me the information about the price increase and their reasoning. I didn't read it in full, just skipped through it. I'll be keeping it anyway so I can follow the action in Alberta
  7. Statues

    Banks and Shilton is a great idea, Arthur Chandler (club's all time leading scorer) and Gary Lineker
  8. Introduce myself...hmm...ok. I now live in southern Alberta, Canada, but I grew up in Leicester during the O'Neill years. I follow the foxes faithfully from a distance, always checking for news and updates on my beloved foxes. Stringer and Young are great to listen to via the web (though I do miss Foulger and Sinclair on occasion), and I try to catch every game between work, university and coaching football. Impressed with the way the lads have played since the turn of the year, and looking forward to cracking the play-offs (and maybe even automatic promotion - the dream is still alive!) In Sven We Trust
  9. LCFC fan made kits

    Love all the ideas posted so far. It would be awesome to see that Green one used
  10. canadafox