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  1. Lennon and Izzet were top top draw. If they were training the same in this generation as the current crop they would be as good for sure. If we're comparing like for like, it’s hard as there all different players but what I will say is our current squad/first 11 are probably the best we’ve ever had. we can for the first time, realistically compete for a top 6 even top 4 finish! its incredible really. I do feel, whilst the 1997-2000 team did incredible, there was a sense that they hit their ceiling, we were a good top 10-top 8 team. We did really well and they were top players for sure, but this crop are bordering world class. Saying that, we achieved 2 cups in 3 years and pushed hard at times. This teams ceiling is higher though, Ive never been more confident if this group stays together etc but so far Bar a miracle season, we haven’t really achieved f all!! This next 1/2 seasons is crucial to suggest how good we really are. If we can achieve a top 6 finish and win a cup then we can say this is the best team ever(our PL win had 3 world class players and a couple more good components and a few honestly very average players). This current team has barely a weakness, better squad than 15/16 too. overall this is the best squad in our entire history, we are on par squad wise with Utd Chelsea arsenal, first time ever I genuinely think man to man we are direct competitors. This is why for me this group is better, however until we win its remained to be seen. Top 6(even top 4) and a cup = best era ever. Let’s see if we can achieve something great in the next few seasons!
  2. This is exactly what we should be doing. Remember we won the title because of this very reason. Kante is the best in the world at this.
  3. Were not established but then when is anyone established? We could make 10 seasons in a row and were still just 1 season away from going down. Its always possible with a majority of Premier League clubs. Stoke were established, they were in the Premier League for 10 Seasons, then they dropped and now bottom of the Championship. Its a short term game. Back to the point, making the stadium to 40k is vital, I live 3 1/2 hours away and so cant have a season ticket but literally cannot get a ticket, as often sold out and doesnt make general sale. Were a big enough club to sell out 40k so why not make a more attractive stand, seat more peopl and fill out a stadium and become a bigger club. I used to go to alot more games between 2004-2014 was so easy to get tickets when it wasnt sold out all the time but only managed to see 2 since! If we get relegated in the future and play in front of 24k in a 40k stadium then its really not that big a problem, its worst to prevent people from going by capping the capacity.
  4. Our record at OT is terrible. We have never had a better chance though IMO. Only the 1-1 in our title season have I been confident of winning at OT. However we have still only won once out of 13 attempts in the premier league, so a win at Old Trafford would be a great result, despite their form. We have only once scored more than once at Old Trafford so we will need to keep tight to win. My team: Kasper Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chillwell Choudry Tilimens Albrighton Maddison Barnes Vardy Ndidi or choudry, barnes or gray and Albrighton or Perez are all decisions. I think Albrighton is perfect for this game, bit more defencive and Perez is a bit like a square peg on that rw. LW is like for like but Ill just go for Barnes but this really is either or. Choudry I pick over Ndidi just because he will hassle Pogba a bit more. If we were to take the lead though Id like to have both of them on with Tili in a midfield 3. Press them and dont fear them and we have a good chance to score goals and win. Last season Maddison played great in that pocket behind the striker and think we can control the game again this time but with Vardy on the pitch, more chance of scoring as we had useless Ianacho last time.
  5. No we wernt. We were in the Premier League for 6 seasons 1996-2002. 4 under O Neil and 2 under Taylor. This time we are now in our 6th season so unless we go down this year we are going to make our longest run in the EPL.
  6. The thing is with Puel, we struggled fans were on his back. Then we beat City with a great performance, beat Chelsea at the bridge, then beat Everton away..All 3 we were playing Choudry central and made it horrible to play against. Then he puts Mendy back in and we went sh*t again. Then we got Tilimens and he took Vardy out. He never played our best team, He alianated our best player and consistently played our worst player(Mendy) due to his french connection or something. He was too stubborn and not willing to change his opinion when questioned in the media or by the fans which ultimately led to his sacking. His signings under his tenure were good and hes got us through the clubs worst moment in our entire history with Vichai and helped build us through a couple of seasons of transition from our aging title winners to a new younger team and now Rodgers can build on it. Rodgers is a much better man manager, makes players feel wanted more(Look how Jamie has responded, top goal scorer in England since Rodgers came in), you can tell from his interviews how highly he rates Jamie for example and its not suprising Jamie is firing when you have a manager who believes so much in you. Puel did ok and maintained a couple of 9th place finishes and built a new squad but it was right to move him on and let someone to take us to the next level.
  7. Puel did 2 mistakes, He didnt play Vardy correctly or not at all and he played Mendy. Mendy and Ndidi was painful to watch, said it countless times. Tili and Maddison in the middle is so much more creative and that builds the better brand of football.
  8. Because Vardy plays for Leicester and not a big 6 team, its hard for people to believe anyone is 'world class' playing outside a top 6 Prem club(or Top name clubs in the other leagues). However even If I take off my blue Leicester City goggles, he is 100% world class. A world class finisher, a world class goal scorer and much better than a lazy fan thinks who doesnt watch him about his all round game. He has a world class engine and stamina, lightning speed even at 32 going on 33 and a much better first touch than given credit for, a great football brain and also what people wont see is hes really good at reading the game and getting into dangerous postions. Lets also remember hes playing with alot of average players, some top class players also but the few times he has had a dry spell its usually due to managers rotating him/using him wrongly(puel last season, ranieri 16/17 etc). This proves to me he would score bundles in any top team with top players..Imagine him in city or Liverpool now? 20 goals guarenteed! He is 100% world class by anyones standards..world class means one of the top strikers in the world over an era(5-10 year period). It doesnt mean Messi/Ronaldo level because clearly they are on another planet! Jamie Vardy is world class, one of the best strikers in this recent era of the Premier League. He is clinical and both footed and good in the air. Scored in both knock out stage ties of his only CL campaign. Scored at international level including at a Euros' and at a decent caps to goals rate, despite being a non regular. 1 of only a select few strikers to of scored 20+ premier league goals in 2+ seasons.(1 season wonder debate? haha clueless). Has the best record in Premier League history vs the top 6 and not only this has scored at least 1 goal at every one of the top 6 clubs Away from home(only scores in easy games? Nope another flawed critism). Premier League record 11 Games. 83 Prem Goals in 179 Prem Games. Just under 1 in 2 for a mid table/sometimes relegation threatened team(14/15 and 16/17). Premier League winner, FWA Footballer of the year. Its not even a debate for me..The best player to ever play for Leicester. A Leicester great, A premier league great and a world class striker. If he was under 25 he'd be worth £100 million and every single top club would be after him. Will go down as a great and now we have got, probably one of the best squads if not best squad in our entire history..we could potential push top 6/european place and a domestic cup, maybe this is the season where we can make even more noises?
  9. What about when we wasted £1m on that non league striker Jamie Vardy who wasn’t good enough for league 1?
  10. I think we played brilliantly for the first 20 mins but never really a sniff afterwards. You can’t sit deep from 25/30 mins and expect to get a point. The players were nakard by 60-65 and it’s inevitable we wernt going to last if we’re so deep. The thing is, the best way to defend is to attack and make them bring men back. Also chasing and concentration levels to defend for 90 mins is tiring, the legs and minds get tired. Best form of defence is to attack. Im a bit frustrated because we struggled from 30-45 and got in at 0-0 at Ht and I think the longer it went on in the 2nd half it was going to come eventually. i think around 60-65 when it was clear we were too deep, Brendan should of changed tactics and actually pushed higher up. People would say ‘we would get hammered 2/3-0 if we go for it’ but We would have more chance than doing what Burnley did the week before and trying to hold out. Just felt like we were always losing playing that way. It was coming from 45-55...still 55-65 and this is when Brendan should use the subs and push out. Everytime we got a sniff in their half we caused problems. We have more forward talent than Burnley and currently Man Utd and feel our best chance to cause upset is throw fire with fire around 60-70 and if we managed to knick the first goal could lock up the parked bus after. Anyway all in all though, we were playing one of the best teams to ever play in PL, and we were in a game right till the final whistle, whilst they were wasting time and sticking it in the corner. so a good effort from our boys. Choudry was fantastic, Maddison is a talent on the ball and we worked brilliantly as a team at times. In particular though, special mention to me for Ricardo, he is an absolutely outstanding wingback. We must keep him!
  11. I agree as well with both above. I just can’t see how people think he’s something special. he has a great engine but he’s poor defensively in general and his final product is 90% terrible and his shooting has no power or technique. Ive said for a while now that he has all the basics there and can improve but atm he’s still far off being complete and vastly over rated imo.
  12. I think it’s about setting a points total rather than a position. If you can improve on points and do your job then it’s all that matters. If teams improve and make more points doesn’t mean we fail if we get lower in the table despite more points. Last season we came 9th which is fine but 47 points, considering our form for last few months was poor. Positon wise, I’d love 7th but rather than setting that as our goal I think points target is better and let that take care of itself. I think we should be aiming for 50-60 range. i find under 40 is strugglers. 40-50 is like very inconsistent nothing team. 50-60 good solid team. Potential with this team and a good amount of points to claim that suggests you were relatively consistent in a tough league. 60-75 very good team. This would be an over achieving range, you never know but realistically would be overachieving. 75-90 Potential premier league winners. id say next season we should aim for 50 points and push for Europe. 14/15 was great, we achieved what we set out for. 15/16 unbelievable enough said. 16/17 CL and survived. People expected more but we were always going to struggle after losing Kante . More pressure on an aging back 4. 17/18 Start of a new team effectivly in transition. Still had Vardy Mahrez so enough to be a good mod table team but Morgan aging by now, Huth and Drinky gone, we were having to start a new team and 2 Qfs in the cups, both very close to getting through, we had a fairly decent season. 18/19 we continued the youth and building for future. Relegation never in doubt, another cup run lost on pens. Deceptively close to a good cup chance(Burton and a struggling Chelsea? We had a chance which is so frustrating). Vichai disaster marred the season but we’ve stayed safe and still in a europa league shot with a new manager that fits. Overall providing we finish ok it would be another relatively successful season despite the trauma. So next season kick on, build the points tally to 50+ range and progress. Europa league would be great and hopefully can build for a shot at that! Maybe would be our best way to get into the CL by winning it. Potential to go for this long term Future is bright atm for Leicester City
  13. 1. Dipping volley vs Liverpool. 2. West Brom away left foot over the shoulder. 3. West Brom away 1/2 with Drinky 15/16..outrageous pace. 4. West Brom away great escape. 5. Spurs at home 17/18. 6. QPR in championship. 7. Chelsea away this season. Cracking finish. 8. Spurs away last season.
  14. In order of my favourite ever KP goals: Vardy vs Liverpool Bruma vs Watford Drinkwater vs Liverpool Mahrez Vs Chelsea Mahrez vs Blackpool King vs Southampton King vs Peterborough
  15. He’s the best player in the history of Leicester bar none. He won the premier league for Christ sake being a crucial part. Not only this he has the 11 games in a row record. He also has an unbelievable record vs the top 6. This is under rated imo, proven by Lakaku’s 1/18 vs top 6 record. He also has scored(since his debut) 74 premier league goals - only Kane, Aguero and Lakaku have scored more!(this also includes 2014/2015 season) I can imagine since 15/16 he would be even higher. He has scored at least 1 home and away goal vs all of the top 6 which is incredible to be honest. Arsenal 3 home 3 away Man Utd 3 home 1 away Chelsea 2 home 1 away Man City 3 home 1 away Spurs 1 home 4 away Liverpool 5 home 1 away All this is achieved around a good but not top level group of players. Aguero Kane and Lakaku are playing in some of the best teams in the world. And other than maybe Lakaku, 2 of the best ever in the premier league era! So this just shows the level of our number 9. On top of this you will see that JV scores a lot of 1 goals in games, so unlike others who hit 3/4 often he doesn’t get as many chances or his team doesn’t dominate as many games so he won’t get as many of those pointless icing on the cake goals that others get. Winners at Chelsea, Everton as well as crucial winners vs Fulham and Brighton too get us effectively over the line to safety this season sums him up. If he reaches 100 premier league goals, it will just top off an incredible career for JV. A premier league legend, 1 of the best finishers, and a title and season that will be talked about for years. He will go down as a premier league legend, let alone a LCFC legend. Legend gets thrown around too easily these days but No doubt in my mind JV is a legend. Get to 100 Jamie and crown off an unbelievable career. To think he only made his prem debut at 27 and only at 28 going on 29 did he establish himself makes you wonder how good he could of been had he been given the chance earlier. #JVLEGEND
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