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  1. That isn’t me thinking that, that’s me saying the people who laugh because I’m not nodding along to Brendans flaws have this mindset I feel. There is no one who can genuinely say we’re punching above our weight unless there looking at history/size of club. Currently based on squad and not size of club, 5th is the lowest I’d rate our squad - however with Liverpool and Chelsea problems this year, not getting top is a failure and the biggest missed opportunity we’ll ever get. Finishing 6/7th people here would say that’s good because of our history of being a little club not because of our
  2. Another spot on post. Someone actually sees what I see. He could of played a 433 easily. Praet a bit deeper to control the middle and Marc wide right. He was negative and we tried to win 1-0. Soon as Lingard scored first it was done.
  3. I know because the usual suspects on here(there’s a few obvious ones) are a bit small time and think everything’s perfect because in 2004-08 we were lucky to not go bust and had no money, so now things have changed, they are living in the past. Just like when you criticise(and rightly so as it’s your opinion) how Amarty is one of the worst players to ever play for us and also my opinion how poor Mendy is and other views on Brendan Rodgers not fulfilling the potential of this team, they don’t want to hear that because they want ‘everything’s rosy we’re little Leicester’ mindsets for life.
  4. Liverpool are getting to 68 points at the absolute lowest imo. Its between us Chelsea and West Ham. Looking at West Ham’s fixtures, I think they could quite easily get to 68 points too. Chelsea have some tough fixtures but then have us at the Bridge. I think to do it now we have to get to at least 69 points meaning probably will need to win the next 4 or at the very least 3 of them! Major pressure now. The only positive out of today is that Spurs being almost out of it could mean the last game of the season could be a team needing to win vs a team on their holidays and
  5. We will if we continue to play 5 atb with Big Dan in there. That’s the problem though. I feel we need AT LEAST 10 points out of these games now. Major guts needed and I’m not sure we have it in us. Spot on as usual from what I’ve read. History says bottling it and form says bottling it. I’d be very suprised if we get it from here.
  6. Firstly when I say I almost hope we lose 6-0 doesn’t mean I actually want to. But I knew what was coming , a great response showing AS USUAL that 4 atb we are SO much better it’s painful! If Brendan waits till the games dead to ‘gamble’ and attack, that doesn’t mean he did well, he just had nothing to lose, which EXACTLY proves my point that he’s scared. Easy at 2-0 and 3-0 down but when at 0-0 and we can attack and risk vs an under strength West Ham team or we can play 5 atb and try and knick a tight draw he chose the latter which shows exactly what I’ve suggested, that’s hes scared
  7. He gave it away in crucial areas constantly, not just today either. He also nearly put in Lingard. He’s a awful player tbh and shouldn’t be anywhere near our first 11. Your not allowed on here to say anything negative even if it’s the truth. I agreed with you last week when you were getting pelters about Amarty and I’ve had similar opinions on Mendy that everyone knows about. Some players are not good enough for a team going for the top 4 and Big Dan is clearly not good enough and very limited. It would be interesting if Soyuncu was there today instead because I
  8. Exactly what I said and nothings changed. He’s a decent/ok manager but today is AGAIN why he’s not a great manager. He is scared and doesn’t have the bottle when things get tough. Liverpool in 2014 had won 11 games in a row , typical Brendan great when things are flowing. Chelsea game comes and they ‘only’ need a draw so he gets scared and they lose. Same with last season, same with this season. Today going with a back 5 was embarrassing. Even more so when they have no target man and quick players running from deep in Bowen and Lingard. Moyes out did Brendan today it w
  9. I think it’s more of a case of a 34 year old going on 35 year old simply competing against guys in their prime and he doesn’t have the capacity to compete. Hes had groin problems, hamstring problems and a hernia and he’s just not looked the same. I always go back to it, but he was lightning vs Man City in December 2019, then he got injured the game after and was out for a while then never really got a run of games before lockdown. Turning 33 and getting injured and stop start fitness was always going to take its toll. He’s never been the same since then. Between 2015-2019 he was
  10. It only works when we are against a team with such a weak midfield that Youri and Wilf can boss despite being 2 v 3. Against anyone competent it’s a car crash and makes teams press us high up and we have no out ball. Nacho and Vards are so far away and we can’t break the lines. With no Antonio or Rice today theres absolutey no excuse to give away the goals we did and be so passive. I sympathise with BR a bit not having Barnes Madders and Perez as options but they didn’t have arguably there 2 best players. We should never ever play 5 atb again against any team with a decent midfi
  11. Kasper 5 Evans 5 Amarty 3 Fofana 6 Ricardo 6 Castange 6 Youri 7 Wilf 6 Nacho 8 Vardy 5 Albrighton 8 Thomas 6
  12. He was poor today but it’s not coincidence how good Nacho has been since in a 2! He also had great composure in a huge moment to put a fantastic ball in that Fofana should of rescued a point from. Hes finished at the top level but let’s not go mental on him. We are poor and Icolated up top when we play 5 atb. The 5 atb formation, especially with Amarty who can’t control a football, means we get pressed into submission.
  13. Whilst his form is shocking and he looks well off the pace, if you watch that 2nd half and see how much better we were when 4 atb will show you the reason we always fail when things get tough. BR sets up to not lose and that makes us lose. I said before the game that West Ham’s weakness is at the back but we set up first half with 5 atb with bloody Amarty in there and allowed them to press us. They had no power house Rice and no big CF up top in Antonio and yet we set up like that, it’s absolutely shocking by BR. This is the reason he flops every time in the big moments because
  14. I agree with this. He was actually very slow and was held in far to high a regard than he should of been purely due to his name. Dont get me wrong he did ok and his technique and leadership was there to see, but he was a yard off and knew it himself that’s why he left for a weaker league. Anyone who actually thinks he was a ‘Leicester legend’ is just in a ‘little Leicester’ mind set and wanting a big name to be associated to us as a legend. In regards to staying up, he was a small reason but there were a lot bigger reasons. Mainly Huth coming in, Vardy moving up top, Mahrez bein
  15. Draw would be an ok result and I’d probably take it right now if offered. We would then have 4 games to try and get 9/10 points from or better. Anything other than a win next week though will require us with a tough job in the coming weeks, as I feel a win will allow for a bit more leeway.
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