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  1. If we play the same team we’ll have a great chance, if we rotate we will lose. Simple as that really. We need to do a 15/16 and just play the best 11 every game and watch us fly to the top!
  2. I couldn’t disagree more and I’m genuinely shocked by that opinion but each to their own.
  3. Quite possibly the worst post I’ve ever read! It was arguably the game of the entire season from us and you thought we played ‘poorly’. I really wonder what you were watching or question if you understand football if you honestly think that and arnt trolling? The first 20-25 minutes Southampton were pressing hard and played fantastically and we didn’t wilt. It was a high quality game, played at a fantastic tempo and we fought like lions. Watch some of the games back that we lost and see the difference. Id argue it was probably the best performance of the season and m
  4. Couldn’t agree more, exactly how I saw it at the time ‘2 great teams playing at a high level’. Did anyone really say we were poor first half? The best game we’ve played all season against a team that really went for it early, knowing the best way to beat us is get ahead in the game and sit deep. It was a great game all round and 2nd half we proved how good we could be the way we overpowered them in the middle.
  5. As always if we try and over complicate it we will come unstuck. We are playing unbelievably with the same team. As 2015/16 proved also and our early form in 2019/20, playing the same 11 is key to consistency. Rotation is overrated unless you HAVE to. Kasper Castange Fofana Evans Justin Ndidi Tielemens Madders Albrighton Vardy Barnes If Vards is out, Perez and Nacho straight swap. We look so much better with 4 at the back. Soyuncu was good when he came on but think he shouldn’t be thrown in here for no reason.
  6. The thing is , we actually havnt when we’ve had our best team. Since Wilf have been back we’ve been unbeaten except vs Everton when he was at CB and Mendy was still playing. When him and Tielemens have been together (Castange for Fuchs also), we are actually a title winning team in the making. I mean If we had the starting 11 we’ve had now for the whole season, I believe we’d be 5/6 points clear at the top!! We’ve beaten Brighton, Tottenham, Newcastle, Stoke and Southampton and drew to Man Utd 5/1/0 record with our ‘strongest team’, we lose vs Everton because we had
  7. Absolutely spot on. YT is an incredible player. Him and Wilf are as good as anything in world football right now. Keeping both these 2 in 21/22 is absolutely vital to keeping us competing. Huge contracts for them please!!
  8. Absolutely world class. The guy is on another planet since he’s come back. He can literally win us the league on this form. When he’s in the team, we are horrible to play against. He’s right up there with anything in world football. Absolutely elite level.
  9. Great advert for the premier league that. 2 very good teams. Feels like I’m repeating myself every week but Wilf and Tielemens were absolutely unbelievable again. They are really special special players. If we can keep them 2 fit, in this open league, we can win this league. Concerned about Vardys injury and also he was a bit off it tonight. He ran his socks off and touches were ok but he just looks nervous in front of goal and made some strange choices at times. Reminded me of the game Vs Palace when he got his 100th goal. Hopefully he’ll come back stronger. Might be out for Ch
  10. We just look a class above. Again whenever we play our best team we are just incredible really. We look on another planet to a pretty decent Championship outfit. We can beat anyone with this starting line up(Vardy for Perez aside). With depth like Praet and Madders and Ricardo Soyuncu to come back, we have a really good chance this season. We are an elite team.
  11. Super strong. Arguably our strongest if Vardy was in for Perez. Can’t work Brendan out! Id of liked to rest Evans and Castange due to age/injury comeback. Tielemens has had a lot of football but without him your never sure we can create from deep. If we’re leading Ndidi Tielemens have to be protected as soon as possible. Can’t be getting either of those 2 injured.
  12. 70+ would be absolutely fantastic and shows how far we’ve come if we get above there! Other than big 6 teams, only Newcastle in 01/02, Everton in 13/14 and Leicester in 15/16 have got more than 70+ points in a 38 game season since 95/96. Its incredibly difficult and shows how far we’ve come if we could do it for a 2nd time. With a Premier league medal to add to our 2 league cups, we’d be right up with the biggest competitors to the overall big 6 in the Premier league era. This should be the target and should get top 4. Over 60+ is usually a pretty decent season for anyone o
  13. He does better when he isn’t pressed higher. When we control the middle better , he plays better! Wilf is key to him getting more time to then do what he’s best at. Hes always had the ability to win us games but in certain games where it’s a scrap, I’d rather have Praet over him.
  14. I think the myth that Dyer was championship at best for me is not proven. Yeah he wasn’t blessed with fantastic technique but there have been far far far worse wingers in the Premier League over the years. He would do better in the Prem than Nuge did I think. Nothing against Nuge though as I’d of loved him to get in on the title act too!
  15. I’ve met knockaert and he’s a bit of a pr*ck of a bloke. I loved Nuge but he was limited in the Prem and never really had the ability to step up on 3/4 different occasions. Dyer for me was the key reason we recovered from league 1 so quick. He looked like he was far too good for that level and always believe he could do a job in the premier league. So yeah Dyer 100% for me.
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