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  1. deanolegend1989

    Best X1

    What would be your best LCFC X1 in the EPL era? Mine: Kasper Maguire Elliot Huth Izzet Kante Lennon Albrighton Mahrez Heskey Vardy Or: Kasper Simpson Elliot Huth Fuchs Kante Lennon Izzet Mahrez Vardy Heskey Interested to hear the opinions?
  2. deanolegend1989

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    A few spring to mind: 1 million for Jamie Vardy. Barely scored for us, achieved very little. 1 million is a hell of a lot of money. Awful business. 5 million for Ngolo Kante also terrible, he only stayed for 1 season, very inconsistent and soon was sold on. Achieved very little here, more terrible business from our scouting system.
  3. deanolegend1989

    Vardy 100.

    I don’t see why he can’t reach it. He may of lost a slight amount of pace off his absolute peak but he is without doubt our best striker and we are so much more of a threat when he’s playing, so it’s not a sentimental thing. He has 6 this season and been filled with injury’s and horrible incidents that have made the football second nature for us as a club, and rightly so. However a fully fit Vardy playing can easily get 15 this season which would put him on 77. 1 decent season next year at 32/33 and he can get into the 90s easily. maybe by the 20/21 season he will be a bit part(hopefully not) but his last 1/2 years being a sub and occasional starter, he could get 100. It’s a realistic but challenging target, but would complete his legacy/story. premier league medal and longest scoring run is unreal already, to add 100 goals would put him down as a Prem great and not just a LCFC great, and that would be what he deserves. i really hope he gets it and I don’t see why he can’t. he has at least 1 1/2 seasons where he’s close enough to his peak to be our main starter. we won’t get a better striker in our existence imo so we should remember him and this forever. Vardy Mahrez and Kante will in 100 years time still be our best ever players/team.
  4. deanolegend1989

    Vardy 100.

    After Saturdays crucial winning goal vs Chelsea. Vardy now has 68 Premier League goals...Can he potentially become part of the 100 club? Hes scored at an incredible rate, averaging over 16 goals a season over the last 4 years(this season not ending yet), for a club who barring one season, competes at mid-lower mid table and doesn't create that many chances. On top of the fact that he has an incredible record vs the top 6, both home and away(He has scored at least 1 goal from open play at each of White Hart Lane, Wembley, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, The Emirates. Anfield and The Ethiad) Shows to me this guy isn't just a flat track bully and can score vs the best defences and teams(He scored vs Sevilla and Atheletico as well by the way). Im really hoping he can get there. Doing that would cap off a great career and great for one of our own to get to the milestone! This just follows the page about Vardy wanting to leave and/or our manager not wanting to build our team around Vardy. IMO hes got at least 2/3 more years and we should keep him here until he retires. lets show appreciation for our LEGEND
  5. deanolegend1989

    Which players have improved

    Not sure about improved but in the squad, Vardy, Madders, Gray, Albrighton, Schmicheal, Morgan, Evans and chillwell are all worthy of a place. The rest are either underperforming or not good enough
  6. deanolegend1989

    Missing Mahrez

    Carrick was never ever close to average. Top draw player in his position and criminally underrated. We have 2 donkeys in midfield who havnt got a forward braincell in both their heads put together. Neither Ndidi nor mendy can run from midfield , burst into the box , and or have any kind of passing ability. And even if they had all the above, neither could score a 1 or 1 in an empty net! they both just scrap around look hard working with no purpose. Kante did 2 men’s job as 1. those 2 take 2 positions and barely do 1 mans job!
  7. deanolegend1989

    Roy Hodgson 9 - 0 Claude Puel AKA Palace Post Match Thread.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, until we have a CM who can support that attack we will struggle to score! if Ndidi and mendy start every game we will be inconsistent at best and shocking at worst. Bring Drinky back in January or some kind of midfielder with a box to box engine!
  8. deanolegend1989

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    The main problem is CM. We cannot play ndidi and mendy together simple as that. You need either 3 Cms in a 433 with one a box to box or if 442 need at least one of them to be more attacking and creative. Can’t have 2 sitters and expect to create bundles of chances. keeper and defence we are fine but it’s the midfield which we don’t dominate and create enough. we should try re sign drinkwater and play: Kasper Perrera Morgan Evans Chillwell Ndidi Drinkwater Albrighton Maddison Gray Vardy that way we have pace on wings to get up and down. A clincal striker who would get done service from madders and wingers. Maddison would get better quality from drinks etc and more flow. Lots of energy on both wings to cover as well, 4 players with engines to burn. the problem for me is 100% in cm. mendy offers nothing, as does Iborra, as does any of our back ups. We need a creative cm and another striker to help load of Vardy and we should be good for top 6/7. Were really not that far off. Imo a few draws with Burnley and Fulham turned into wins only and we would be right in the mix! things arnt as bad as they seem but we do need to change the fluidity in the way the teams playing and it starts with the cm. teams with no cms who can get up to the edge of the D will always struggle. Yeah the key is having at least 1 cm who can run with the ball. All our cms arnt capable and just offload it everytime they get it or make a useless long ball. Need to be capable of bursting forward joining attacks
  9. deanolegend1989

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Im not the type of person who has such strong feelings, whether it be for people I know, let alone people I havnt met, and unfortunately I never got the pleasure of meeting Vichai, but he is without doubt one of the most respected guys I’ve ever known. A personal memory for me was on the great escape run in 14/15,(think it might of been Newcastle game) I remember seeing Vichai in the game celebrating, and from afar thinking ‘god we are lucky to have such a great chairman, not only are we in safe hands but he’s a great bloke’. i just hope if Top of any other family member reads this, your dad was and always will be loved and I would not be at all surprised if 1000s and 1000s of others are feeling like me, and that’s not accounting for the people who met him personally! Im a 29 year old man and I can’t even remember when I last cried but I’ve cried so many times today I’ve lost count. RIP Vichai. You will NEVER EVER be forgotten x
  10. deanolegend1989

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Absolutely spot on the money. Not just the best chairman in Leicester’s history, The PERFECT chairman. Quite simply, he’s the definition of what a chairman should be in a dream world that’s not realistic - Vichai made it reality.
  11. deanolegend1989

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    I’ll say this now. I don’t write about this type of things in general but on this occasion , this is such a huge loss and so it needs to be said. Firstly bringing the Premier league to the KP was and probably will be, even after everyone on this planet is long gone, will be talked about for generation after generation. The most incredible thing ever witnessed in professional football, and not just as a biast Leicester City fan. However, I hope this is not how he’s remembered. The reason being is for what he has done for the community, his generosity and passion for the game as a business man and as a fan was nothing short of sensational. He should be remembered for the human, the fantastic man, the LEGEND. If we get relegated to the conference and get liquidated it will all do nothing to tarnish the legacy he created. No one can take that away. Talk of statues? Everyone has there opinion, Id never begrudge anything happening that shows how much he means to this entire city. In my opinion what’s essential is 100% should get the stand he sat in every week named after him for life. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha is Leicester forever. In Jose’s words - ‘He’s the loved one’ 😢😢😢😢 x
  12. deanolegend1989

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Absolute legend for what he did for us. Probably the best owner in the world. Took us over when we were down and in debt. Paid off all the clubs debts and funded recruitment and stadium expansion. On top of this constantly gave free gifts, beers for fans often and donated over £2mill to hospitals around Leicester. Most chairman in it for the money, he was in it for the club community and city and passion for football. Absolutely devastating and shocking news. Whole of my family up there are in bits it’s a tragedy. Essay aside but it’s really hit home hard. Legend is thrown around way to much but he was a true legend and his family have vowed to maintain his legacy. RIP boss and thank you for everything xxxx
  13. deanolegend1989

    Helicopter crash

    Absolutely devastated, I literally feel numb. I cant sleep. The most terrible news in our history. I cant help feeling that if he wasn't board the plane, someone would of rung him after hearing the news and he would respond and then it would be straight in the news hes been heard safe. No news if bad news and if hes in the plane which seems very likely then how an earth is he going to be alive? Its absolutely shocking!
  14. deanolegend1989

    Most overrated City player

    Let’s be honest, anyone who mentions anyone in this list is barking mental: Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Kasper, Lennon, Izzet, Elliot, Heskey. these players were all great players. Vardy has scored 63 premier league goals and scored 20+ in 2 seasons which is incredible really when playing for a team outside the top 4. He’s broke the premier league record of consecutive games He also has an incredible record vs the top 6, including being the only player to ever score vs all top 6 in 1 season. on top of being a premier league winner, and and England international and being loyal to LCFC rejecting Arsenal, this guy will go down as imo Leicester City’s greatest ever player. It’s impossible to overrate Jamie Vardy. He to LCFC is like Stevie G to Liverpool or Cantona to Utd. Ngolo Kante is another one. Impossible to over rate. The guy is a unique talent. What he does on a football pitch is purely unique. Imo he will go down in future generations as a role in a great team - ‘every good team needs a Kante’ The modern day makelele(better imo). Mahrez is the 3rd . These 3 are the greatest 3 to ever play for Leicester and 3 premier league greats imo. Mahrez , unlike the other 2, can somewhat be suggested as overrated but in reality, he is probably the most technically gifted player we will ever see at LCFC. Every great player needs to be unpredictable and frustrating at times but he pulled out moments of absolute genious, from Blackpool to what imo is the biggest moment in our premier league win -(the goal at Watford was outstanding in terms of the quality but also the moment). You win titles in tough away games when you need a bit of magic from a top player, there it was. the players who actually I think are overrated, which means actually haven’t done anything to prove it - chillwell, Silva, ianacho..all of these 3 so far have not shown anything that makes me think they can perform top players!
  15. deanolegend1989

    As a new season starts....

    The feeling at the start of the 2015/2016 for me was the most optimistic I’ve been since we came back up. we had just won 7/9, playing good football in the majority of those games - this wasn’t luck, we had built a good team with good shape. Don’t get me wrong, I was truly stunned how it turned out and still to this day have no idea how it actually happened however I genuinely was not surprised we would do well that season. I remember when we beat Villa 3-2 and were 2nd and remember saying to my mate ‘I told you we would do well this year’.. In terms of the title though: 1st step - winning at Norwich 2-1 Kante looking brilliant was the moment I thought: ‘aye aye’. 2nd step - winning 3-2 away at West Brom made me think ‘were the real deal’.. but to be honest, I could not actually really believe it would actually happen until we gritted a 1-0 win at Watford...that was the day I said ‘we are actually going to do this!!’ Winning 4-0 vs Swansea was the defining moment..pre game was worried we would drop points without Vardy but after that win it was the safety net of Everton at home and no longer needing points away at Utd or Chelsea which made me comfortable! this season though I’m not confident. It always feels like hindsite but from my actual feelings at the start of each season here’s how I genuinely felt: most confident/least confident: 15/16 17/18 16/17 18/19 14/15 This is the most I’ve worried since our first season. our signings are ‘meh’ at best, Mahrez’ loss will be huge. Vardy is aging and I’m worried we might lose Maguire(even if he stays he’s said he wants to go and his head will be turned). I think we could be in trouble. 15/16 I was confident we would be top half. It was the only season I was excited about pushing for Europe. The momentum and Vardy and Mahrez on top of the game and under the radar I genuinely thought we would be a dark horse(similar to Burnley 17/18 was what I expected us 15/16). 17/18 I was confident we would be solid enough, yet not spectacular(similar season to what I expected) 16/17 never expected us to get near without Kante but safe enough.(we ended up roughly where I expected but didn’t expect us to be that bad under ranieri). 14/15 I expected us to be struggling but again I thought we would be ok, we were a lot worse than I expected hovering around 19 points in April. 18/19 I expect us to be 12-17th I’m a bit worried but hole we will be ok. I’m kinda confident due to the amount of ‘crap’ teams in the league, rather than confidence in our own team.