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  1. Probably one of the only genuine world class players we’ve ever had. Id say we’ve had 4 genuine world class footballers since I’ve been born. Kante 15-16 Mahrez 15-18 Vardy 15-19 Ricardo 18-20 Its unbelievable really how’s he’s so underrated. Just shows what people believe by social media and lazy pundits. Reality: Ricardo-Cafu Pogba-Jenas Because of pundits, media and Instagram: Ricardo - Pascal Chimbonda Pogba - Prime Zidane/Gerrard/Keane rolled into one.
  2. He looks like George Michael in club Tropicana in that photo.
  3. I respect your being positive and it’s your opinion but for me, possession that’s aimless means nothing. The Brighton game, we passed it back and forth in a defensive formation, with our most creative guy wide left getting frustrated. Our top scorer touched the ball once in the first 30 minutes and we needed a penalty save to scrape a point at home to a Brighton side struggling for there life, whilst they were happy to sit deep and watch as we flustered about begging for a penalty at the end! Spurs away it wasn’t ‘unlucky’ that we conceded. They had great chances and had a few more than Kasper saved. We reacted fairly positively to an early set back and were a tad unlucky not to equalise, but the 2nd half we only ‘controlled’ because spurs let us. It felt like a boxer whose toying with his opponent, knowing he’s 11 rounds up with 1 to play and he can let some pressure on him because he’s no threat. The reality is we were not good enough by a long shot. Fair play , injury’s and suspensions cost us after Bournemouth. We performed much better than I expected vs Sheffield Utd. Spurs as above , never ever winning that game but with the squad it’s a good effort. Utd we got it spot on first half, 2nd half BR took off nacho which I thought gave a threat first half and killed us, then a stupid mistake by Hamza finished us off. Again not good enough but in the situation , no complaints really. We lost it in 4 games - Watford - we should be beating teams like this and we performed badly on the whole. Brighton - as said, was embarrassing, from the team, BR tactics of 2 DMs and Maddison wide. A mess from everyone involved. Everton - Absolutely chucked the game. Didn’t deserve anything. Bournemouth - A mess from everyone. Bournmouth and Brighton especially were the key. BR arguably threw both by stupid set ups and decisions. He has to take a huge slice of the blame but overall everyone has thrown it away, however I disagree that we didn’t get what we deserved, based on performances.
  4. I have to question this message. We ‘dominated’ vs Brighton did we? Do you really believe that or did you not watch the game? Brighton dominated us first half and 2nd half they were about as comfortable as a fat kid in McDonald’s. We dominated an awful Palace team, played well vs Sheffield Utd and had a good first half vs Bournemouth. Other than that we were bloody pony. Watford we didn’t dominate, we were largely poor and could of gone either way. Watford had a few sitters. Brighton we were absolutely awful. You need to watch that game back and see how blunt we were. Everton we were shocking first half and 2nd half we had a good 20 minutes and then Ancelotti locked it up and we were hopeless again. Palace, good enough vs a team who didn’t challenge us. Arsenal id argue largely outplayed us first half, 2nd half whilst we competed a bit better, we again looked relatively blunt and imo would of never scored vs 11. Bournemouth , decent first half vs an awful team on their knees. Absolutely self destruction of a 2nd half and although it was a combination of huge errors from Kasper, Soyuncu, Evans and Brendan for his stupid tactical changes, we were struggling from half time until Kaspers mistake already. Sheffield Utd , our only good performance. They were well below their best though. Spurs , the perfect example of a game where you could look at the stats and say we dominated but anyone who watches the game again could see that we were barely any threat. We threw the game away with stupid errors, huffed and puffed but ultimately were clueless in how to break Spurs down. Dominating does not mean controlling possession, it’s about causing a threat with the possession. The 2nd half as Spurs was a perfect example of why we are hopeless. Man Utd, first half tactically spot on. 2nd half lost our way, never looked like scoring(there’s a pattern emerging) and ultimately, again a bad substitution by BR taking off Nacho and an error to give the game away. To say we dominated these games is madness. We didn’t dominate any game except the ones we won. This shows why we have not been good enough, we can’t win dirty. We can win when we get the lead and go for the throat, but any game where a team sits deep and asks us a question to break them down, we come up short - WELL short.
  5. Neil Lennon was the key. He was fantastic player for us and it all fell apart when he left. Remember , despite how we fell off a cliff, we were top 4 and in a FA Cup QF in March 2001! That was with Peter Taylor and a front line of akibiyi and eadie. Lennon left in December and our form, whilst initially won us a few games, suddenly plummeted quick. The myth was ‘the Wycombe game destroyed confidence’ etc etc. The reality was our midfield was ripped out, a bit like when Kante was ripped out too. So I have to disagree that we had been taken as far as we could. If Martin has stayed, we kept Lennon and signed a few players we could easily have pushed top 6.
  6. I thought we would finish 4-6th. I thought Spurs would get 3rd but was sure we would get above arsenal and pretty sure Chelsea would struggle. I thought 4th if we could get above Utd , 5th would be ok and 6th minimum requirement. This season however I feel will be tougher for all the reasons I said above. 4th is impossible this year. We should be targeting 6th. That would be a great achievement and to be honest will be harder than getting 4th last season. The top 2 are uncatchable, Man Utd are much better and adding sancho, Chelsea will be much stronger with their signings. Top 4 is locked this year, Spurs and Arsenal have also found form. Spurs will be a much tougher team under Mourinho and Arteta is improving arsenal And have some good kids coming through. To break into the top 6 this year with that competition will be incredibly tough, that’s not negative that’s just realistic. If you offered me 6th now I’d absolutely snap you hands off. In reality we will finish 10-14th I think.
  7. I also recall that we were 14 points clear and in a semi final vs a woeful villa team that we did the double over with 8-1 in aggregate. However we bottled a Wembley visit and then threw away our chance to establish ourselves in the CL. Its very unlikely we will finish above 8th again. Our best player and world class striker will slowly decline, we probably will lose Chillwell, Ricardo will struggle after such a bad injury(I fear he will never be the same) till will tell, Tielemens and Ndidi are key. Lose any of these and we could be dark horses for relegation. Add to the fact with extra games in EL, it’ll be a better achievement to finish in the top 6 this year than finishing 5th last season.
  8. True but time will tell if we’ve peaked. I’ve got a bad feeling last season was the start of the decline
  9. 1. Man City 2. Man Utd 3. Liverpool 4. Chelsea 5. Spurs 6. Arsenal 7. Everton 8. Wolves 9. Southampton 10. West Ham 11. Newcastle 12. Leicester 13. Villa 14. Leeds 15. Burnley 16. Brighton 17. Brentford 18. Sheffield Utd 19. Palace 20. WBA
  10. We don’t want any newly promoted teams or any of the teams who will be strong on a bounce from this year like Burnley Southampton, Chelsea or Utd. Best would be either Man City or Liverpool to just get it out the way with or a team whose not on much form and not likely to be pushing high so Sheffield Utd, West Ham, Brighton or Newcastle would be the best timing.
  11. I think it’s clear that people seem to constantly want to phase him out! He is the best striker we will ever see in our lifetimes, and I highly doubt we will get anyone better. For me it’s clear and I agree that he has lost a yard of pace and hasn’t got the stamina to be able to really get at players anymore like 2015-2018, when he truly was absolutely dynamite. This isn’t new though, he’s looked it even when he was smashing in 17 in 18 this season, he’s clearly not the same as 15/16 season. Hes actually a better all round striker now , through experience, development and tactical awareness with different managers and the experience of racking up 200+ prem games but physically he has declined for sure. His road to where he’s got is incredible really, and it’s clear for me that if he had made it to the top earlier and combined his raw fitness and speed combined with his experience and know how of now then he’d of been a world great. If he was 20-25 over the last few years and coming up to his prime now, he’d be a target for all the top clubs and probably of been snapped up years ago. Hes a legend and still has the quality despite not at his peak clearly now(he’s 33 what do we expect)..however I still believe he’s the only one in the club who still can genuinely finish a chance!! We look so poor near goal, I’m never convinced by anyone bar Vards. Barnes, Gray, Nacho and Perez all look like they need a million chances to score and he really is a top striker who will be super hard to replace. I do agree, we suffer a bit from trying to find him to much when he’s Icolated and he doesn’t have the sheer dynamism to take people on himself anymore. They will say people will work him /us out, but in truth they couldn’t handle him at his peak because he was just too good, but now he’s become a bit more human, they can deal with him a bit easier. So whilst I do agree, we need to utilise him a bit better next year, he still should be a starter , however we need to get him to drop deeper, link up play and get involved more than just hang on the shoulder. I believe he can do this and Rodgers needs to talk to him to change it because he doesn’t do it enough, through lack of doing it rather than because he can’t. The game away at Arsenal recently, he was fantastic, he dropped back a bit more and got stuck in more and got in dangerous areas still but also more involved. Games like today, Brighton, Everton away are the games he needs to drop deeper and get involved. People need to stop writing off though, it’s getting tiring. We were well in the game today and we through it away , again because of stupid passing in deep areas when being pressed on! Causing our own problems!
  12. It’s actually poisoning my ears listening to this sh*t coming out of these pundits mouths. You’d think we were in league 2 and they have over 100 points! For god sakes, it was never that biast with Richard keys and Andy Gray. Sky have employed a bunch of whales
  13. Last week his tounge was so deep up Harry kanes arse it was embarrassing and cringy. I kept thinking of Vardy did that to Maguire the way Kane did it to Bennett, it wouldn’t be ‘forget that defending Vardy is a god’ but more ‘you know Vardy has pace, why is maguire backing off’. Useless biast knobhead pundits tbh, they talk more sense on mute.
  14. Great line up! Exactly the formation and team selection Id of hoped for. Cant argue without BR here, hopefully we can keep it tight, try and cause some problems. We have fire power on the bench to go for it, we just need to set up a position to do this! Can’t concede first half!
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