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  1. I think it’s about setting a points total rather than a position. If you can improve on points and do your job then it’s all that matters. If teams improve and make more points doesn’t mean we fail if we get lower in the table despite more points. Last season we came 9th which is fine but 47 points, considering our form for last few months was poor. Positon wise, I’d love 7th but rather than setting that as our goal I think points target is better and let that take care of itself. I think we should be aiming for 50-60 range. i find under 40 is strugglers. 40-50 is like very inconsistent nothing team. 50-60 good solid team. Potential with this team and a good amount of points to claim that suggests you were relatively consistent in a tough league. 60-75 very good team. This would be an over achieving range, you never know but realistically would be overachieving. 75-90 Potential premier league winners. id say next season we should aim for 50 points and push for Europe. 14/15 was great, we achieved what we set out for. 15/16 unbelievable enough said. 16/17 CL and survived. People expected more but we were always going to struggle after losing Kante . More pressure on an aging back 4. 17/18 Start of a new team effectivly in transition. Still had Vardy Mahrez so enough to be a good mod table team but Morgan aging by now, Huth and Drinky gone, we were having to start a new team and 2 Qfs in the cups, both very close to getting through, we had a fairly decent season. 18/19 we continued the youth and building for future. Relegation never in doubt, another cup run lost on pens. Deceptively close to a good cup chance(Burton and a struggling Chelsea? We had a chance which is so frustrating). Vichai disaster marred the season but we’ve stayed safe and still in a europa league shot with a new manager that fits. Overall providing we finish ok it would be another relatively successful season despite the trauma. So next season kick on, build the points tally to 50+ range and progress. Europa league would be great and hopefully can build for a shot at that! Maybe would be our best way to get into the CL by winning it. Potential to go for this long term Future is bright atm for Leicester City
  2. 1. Dipping volley vs Liverpool. 2. West Brom away left foot over the shoulder. 3. West Brom away 1/2 with Drinky 15/16..outrageous pace. 4. West Brom away great escape. 5. Spurs at home 17/18. 6. QPR in championship. 7. Chelsea away this season. Cracking finish. 8. Spurs away last season.
  3. In order of my favourite ever KP goals: Vardy vs Liverpool Bruma vs Watford Drinkwater vs Liverpool Mahrez Vs Chelsea Mahrez vs Blackpool King vs Southampton King vs Peterborough
  4. He’s the best player in the history of Leicester bar none. He won the premier league for Christ sake being a crucial part. Not only this he has the 11 games in a row record. He also has an unbelievable record vs the top 6. This is under rated imo, proven by Lakaku’s 1/18 vs top 6 record. He also has scored(since his debut) 74 premier league goals - only Kane, Aguero and Lakaku have scored more!(this also includes 2014/2015 season) I can imagine since 15/16 he would be even higher. He has scored at least 1 home and away goal vs all of the top 6 which is incredible to be honest. Arsenal 3 home 3 away Man Utd 3 home 1 away Chelsea 2 home 1 away Man City 3 home 1 away Spurs 1 home 4 away Liverpool 5 home 1 away All this is achieved around a good but not top level group of players. Aguero Kane and Lakaku are playing in some of the best teams in the world. And other than maybe Lakaku, 2 of the best ever in the premier league era! So this just shows the level of our number 9. On top of this you will see that JV scores a lot of 1 goals in games, so unlike others who hit 3/4 often he doesn’t get as many chances or his team doesn’t dominate as many games so he won’t get as many of those pointless icing on the cake goals that others get. Winners at Chelsea, Everton as well as crucial winners vs Fulham and Brighton too get us effectively over the line to safety this season sums him up. If he reaches 100 premier league goals, it will just top off an incredible career for JV. A premier league legend, 1 of the best finishers, and a title and season that will be talked about for years. He will go down as a premier league legend, let alone a LCFC legend. Legend gets thrown around too easily these days but No doubt in my mind JV is a legend. Get to 100 Jamie and crown off an unbelievable career. To think he only made his prem debut at 27 and only at 28 going on 29 did he establish himself makes you wonder how good he could of been had he been given the chance earlier. #JVLEGEND
  5. VAR should only be used for offside decisions. For example at the weekend that ball from tilimens to Vardy. Clearly onside and the lino was right on this occasion but so often they put the flag up and you look back and it was on! they should play on all time, if lino thinks there’s an offside put flag up but continue to play on and if no goal comes of it then play on but if they do score from it, review it whilst the team in celebrating and if it was offside then disallow it. this way it won’t cause long stoppages and would also be a ‘fact’ (on or off is usually clear and not much differentiate of opinions). Back to var on these subjects, it shouldn’t be involved. Firstly because there would be stopping the game all the time asking ‘is this a free kick’ on every free kick.(or if just pens then that’s not consistent). secondly because the opinions are so different so it will never be correct(I think this is never a penalty) so VAR being used for every little foul/handball will just be ridiculous
  6. Schmicheal Ricardo Maguire Evans chillwell Ndidi Choudry Tillimens Gray Vardy Barnes
  7. The reality is, much as I love Ranieri, it was our squad that won the title mainly. We had, perhaps very fortunately, found a winning formula at the end of 14/15. We picked up 22 points in 9 games which was incredible. so going into the new season we had Mahrez, Vardy, Drinky, huth, albrighton all continuing how we were going(which was CL form). Add to that, probably the best signing in premier league history Ngolo Kante, we had a very under repped team of quality that no one would’ve realised, but looking back now you can see the quality in that team, it wernt a fluke. Ranieri did well to make the press laugh and take pressure off players, Dili ding Dili Dong, the pizza stuff etc . Keeping good team harmony and we did very well negotiating every game after the Arsenal defeat to grind wins and he has to take some credit , but I believe our squad and especially Kante were the huge reasons for our success. Ngolo is just possibly the best player in premier league history...Literally.
  8. I would love to see a midfield 3 of Ndidi Hamza and Tili. Hamza gets around the pitch and hassles, Ndidi strong and tackles and tili breaks forward and supports our front line. think that would be a perfectly balanced and strong midfield and a great future for us. Gray Vardy Barnes pace energy and creativity with that front 6.
  9. Gomes has already scored for us though when he threw Kantes shot into the net in 15/16 😂
  10. I mentioned the Barnes one but don’t remember the 2nd Barnes one you mentioned? evans free header was a half chance at best and isn’t in open play so makes no difference to who we play creativity in open play. Demarai header yeah I forgot that was 2nd half just before Vardy came on? but then we could also ask would Vardy score that? I think he would from his history of heading ability. Free header centre of goal, Vardy scores that imo.
  11. Kasper Ricardinho Harry Johnny Ben Wilfrid Youri Demary James Harvey Jamie(Legend)
  12. It’s all just talking after one game though. Lots of variables in any given game. You make some good points, but whilst you say how you feel that with Gray we create more space and chances for other people I have to disagree with. As good as we played in the first half, did we really create any good chances bar Barnes one? We looked neat and tidy but no clinical edge what so ever. We never really looked like scoring in general. 2nd half when Vardy was on we had about 3/4 great chances - Vardy set up Barnes - Sitter! our goal. Vardy had another chance half volley. Nacho has a great chance but scuffed it tamely in side netting. there was a few more where we were in great positions etc. so I have to disagree we looked better without Vardy , however the whole game we looked better in general meaning it’s clear about my other point too - regards mendy. There is potential to playing Gray and Vardy as a 2 which would cause defences to be even more scared. We could play 433 attacking style. either way Vardy has to be in for me. We nearly always look better than without him.
  13. Because Mendy wernt on and Tilimens gave us balance. That’s why we were better. We had a ball carrier in midfield. Not the same rules as Vardy because when Vardy came on we were even more of a threat and created about 4/5 great chances! 1st half, whilst looking relatively solid, we didn’t create any actual goal scoring chances bar 1 for Barnes. Defenders are frightened of Vardy, Spurs were on the ropes at home for nearly the entire 2nd half. ‘If Barnes had taken his chances’...but he didn’t did he? By the way his 2nd and clearly the best chance we had all game was brilliantly set up by who? 🤦‍♂️. Vardy is getting on but his standards remain. He is clinical. He may have missed a few chances this season but we have missed lots of chances in general. We are terrible as a whole at coverting. Gray, Barnes, Maddison, ghezzal, nacho..I wouldn’t trust a single one of those. Vardy , whilst missing a few, has been clinical in loads of other big moments. Watching both Everton and Chelsea away, 2 tough away games. Both we created very little(Especially Everton away).. 1 genuine chance, bang. Clinical. Now no one can tell me in these games we are this free flowing team that has chance after chance? We don’t create much. We play 2 defensive midfielders for most of the season and our creativity from wide is tragic, so Vardy lives off scraps. Im hoping we have finally found the man who has some creativity in midfielder to be more expansive(tilimens). We lost that in Drinky, but still had Mahrez. We then lose Mahrez..no wonder why Vardy has struggled. Gray offers nothing as a striker, he has no end product and doesn’t position himself or make runs that a striker for years at grassroots works on. He offers just a bit of pace to get it and turn back and lay a simple ball. Gray should play wide and make runs up and down the wing stretching defences and giving more space/service to someone who CAN finish. This isn’t a knock on gray, I like him and he offers good to the team but NOT as a striker! Last thing about fans who seem to love the idea of moving people on and bringing through new players..we will not get a better trio of players(Vardy,Kante, Mahrez) in 20 centuries at a club the size of us. It was freak scouting and we are blessed to of witnessed the most golden era we will ever have. I’m all for youth, but to many people just think the grass is always greener with New over Old. I don’t believe in sentimental values either and when I feel it’s just for sentiment too I’d want him on bench but Vardy should be 100% starting because he’s the best player we have, best striker we have and our biggest threat and has at least 1/2 seasons left at the top level. Im excited to see what we can produce with Tilimens, Maddison and Vardy in full flow. Play more expansive and less negative and It’ll certainly give us better chances and more of a threat, at home for sure. The main problem is, Teams know if they score first they can just sit deep and we have had mendy and Ndidi sitting still and Maddison struggling to take on the entire midfield creating space and Vardy marked by like 4 players! 🤦‍♂️. It never f*king works and that’s been the biggest issue that puel has failed to change. Bench’s Maddison benches Vardy but doesn’t see why these struggle, especially at home when there is less space. Tilimens is like a gift that has changed everything just by the sheer mentality and will change it. I know it’s been one game and I’m not jumping on bandwagon already regards to the player himself, but I mean in general, by playing a player who gets forward(regardless of actual talent) will be better than the stupid persistence with 2 DMs. I thought this was common sense and obvious by watching but clearly not by Puel!
  14. I’ll be disappointed if mendy starts. Ill be very disappointed if mendy starts. Ill be absolutely fuming if mendy starts. Puel out if mendy starts. Been saying for 6 months, we will never improve with mendy in the side. First game he’s out we play the best football I’ve seen from us since 2016. It’s not a coincidence. The other issue I have is the Vardy issue. We are a million times better and more dangerous with him in the side. He’s been a bit below par due to lack of service(as above stated why this has been a problem all season). Vardy should start 100% of the time. Tilimens should start 100% of the time. mendy should start 0% of the time. Stick to those rules and build the team around that and we will push for 7th comfortably, whilst playing good football. Simples
  15. If he brings Vardy off for nacho then puel is further out the door. Fed up of this crap. Mendy and Simpson are finished after this
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