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  1. Yeah I get that but what I meant is if they swap Tv camera around to west stand then it would be weird. Away end opposite , kop to the right of camera etc. Would be weird. Has there been any other stadium where this has happened?
  2. What I don’t like is if there building a bigger stand on the east stand then we won’t see it on tv as the camera faces to the west stand.
  3. Let’s hope we get at least a draw , lose this and we are in a bit of trouble with Man City afterwards. a win would all but confirm top 4 imo but I’d take a draw right now. Would also be great for Vardy to get on the score sheet and end his drought. Would love him to get golden boot but I fear he won’t on current form. Hes also scored at every single away Premiership ground except ...that’s right Molineux. Wolves 0-1 Leicester Vardy winner would be perfect 🤪
  4. Yeah it would work ok if we had it with Youri and Madders in the hole too. It only doesn’t work if it’s in a 4 4 2 like under Puel because it’s too static and no forward balls but with Youri there too it would be balanced and with 2 up top we would get space. The only issue might be bit narrow but I feel too often recently we are poor at 0-0. Then go behind and then spend the whole time trying to brake down 10 men on their box. Think with this formation teams would fear us and if they fancy attacking us we would punish them. Too often recently we have not played well at 0-0 and took a kick up the arse for us to try
  5. Next leg Id play: Kasper Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chillwell Hamza Ndidi Youri Maddison Vardy Nacho Think with this we would get lots of chances and bit of everything in midfield, brings the best out of Madders with 2 to play it into up top. it always gives us energy in the middle with Hamza and Ndidi. youri could also get more on the ball and less defensive duty with those 2 with him. If Ndidi isn’t fit for then Praet in for him.
  6. WTF is happening with Youri? He’s been ****ing awful for ages recently and it’s starting to concern me. Seems more than ‘bad form’? Hes the biggest reason we have struggled recently in some games, he’s very slow and lethargic on the ball. We got over run by Man City and Liverpool and he’s the main reason imo. Hamza needs to be starting from now on over praet too until Ndidi is back. The more I see Praet play , the more I think he’s very average and doesn’t offer much. I have to say on a positive note how good Nacho has been this season, he looks like a new player! Absolutely dangerous every time he’s on, brings Vardy into the game more and can always rely on his finishing. I think we should start him up top with Vardy more often especially in bigger games, it would stop the constant flow of pressure and give us outlets.
  7. I’ve been a Leicester fan since the 90s and started going regularly between 04-12 despite living 3 hours away. But since we got back to the premier it’s been near impossible to get seats. Ive tried nearly every game this season and only Burnley at home did I see it reach general sale and even then it was 1 seat alone , which put off me my gf and my friends. I have also seen quite a few Leicester fans recently in my area and lots say the same thing ‘It’s impossible to get tickets unless your a member etc’ Increasing the stadium would get more sales of season ticket holders by a few 1000 at least and get to general sale earlier and more people will get groups to come and not have to worry about not sitting together. 35-38k would happen nearly every week and corporate seats also being sold, I’d be surprised if we wernt far off 40k. it would give potential to getting more through generations coming as well. If we put a nice big attractive stand and modernise it, this would also attract not only more fans but also more players. We would be seen more as a ‘big club’ with a big stadium and bigger fan base and would grow era to era to the point we would have a better chance of establishing. Get a generation of new fans hooked then even if things go badly in a decade or 2 , we would be a sleeping giant with good history and would always have the chance to rebuild. Its a win win for me , I can’t see why anyone would argue. Who cares about atmosphere anyway really, all my Utd Liverpool Newcastle etc loving mates always troll me how bad our atmosphere is and were a small club with a bowl stadium and our ‘tinpot clappers’. End if the day I’d rather have 33k in a 45k stadium than 32k in a 32k stadium. This is great times for Leicester City FC and we can build the size of our club!
  8. No one has mentioned it but Vardys at West Brom. Not the world class left foot volley over his head, not the wonderful run and finish in the great escape but the 2015/2016 one. Great little flick, a slightly under hit return by drinky, but the sheer pace and control and deadly finish was mind blowing. Theres loads of debates of whose the best striker and ‘Only Messi can do this, Ronaldo that, Henry that’, but I can safely say that with that goal , no one in the world could of scored that except JV.
  9. Kasper Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chillwell Hamza Ndidi Tillimens Maddison Vardy Nacho Get some legs in midfield with hamza to help Ndidi and think that will bring more out of Tillimens. Maddison should never play wide ever again, give him a chance where he doesn’t have to track back as much and do what he’s best at, which is creating. think having 2 up top will help JV get in the game more. Bring on Barnes , Gray or Perez to run at tired legs. Must win this, huge game.
  10. What is wrong with everyone on here and some of the pathetic weakened sides wished to be played!? Everton are a good team and have been rejuvenated under big dunc and we’re away from home! Even with our best 11 it’ll be very tough, let alone resting our best players. We didn’t play strongish teams vs Newcastle, Luton and Burton to suddenly leave out JV and Youri. Play our best 11, we need to win this. If we rotate we go out the cup then go to Man City after resting players, they come back in with lost momentum vs a rampant City team, lose that and then play Liverpool 100% out the title race and lose again! Stupid logic. Does my head in hearing this crap. winning breeds confidence, beat Everton and confidently go into the City game. Kasper Perrera Evans Soyuncu Chillwell Ndidi Tillimens Perez Maddison Barnes Vardy
  11. I’d fancy us over 2 legs vs Villa, Liverpool’s reserves or Man Utd so unless we draw city we’d have a good chance to make a final!
  12. Didn’t we have York, Villa, Bristol City, Wycombe? Good little run to the semis there..wait...
  13. I think Liverpool just don’t look like dropping points. We can say ‘they might drop here, might drop points there’ but they are 8 clear! We have to win maybe 15 in a row to get ahead of them on ‘average’. We are playing unbelievably well and in 90% of premier league seasons we would win the league but we are unlucky to be against one of the best 3/4 teams in premiership history(Chelsea 04-06, Utd 06-09, City 17-19). I hope I’m wrong but the most likely outcome will be us failing to beat City and Liverpool increasing there lead, then we play Liverpool needing a win ‘just to stay alive’ and Liverpool play confidently and win/draw at the King Power and effectively ending it. I hope I’m wrong and we go into Liverpool game 5 behind and beat them. Then it’ll be interesting just to see how they react..if we draw vs Liverpool at home we would still have an outside chance to make it slightly interesting. City away will be a huge test. If we do win there it will really show a statement and Liverpool will then go into our game with more pressure knowing they can’t afford to lose now and that creates nerves. If we beat City we can afford to draw Liverpool and just about stay in the race, also if we draw city but beat Liverpool same thing. We probably need to win all 3 but drawing 1 of those we stay abouts in there. Can not afford a loss or 2 draws or its over. Either way top 2 and a league cup would be a great achievement. This might sound crazy but now Brendan is tied down, if we do get top 4 and have CL football, with this squad and coach in charge, I’d back us to maybe fight for title and CL next season! If we can keep the squad together and add a few we would have a real chance.
  14. Haha thats not a good arguement at all. Firstly a 'miracle linesman assisted finish' or a brilliantly created goal with a well timed run and a fantastic finish to break down a stubborn defence? If the linesman actually knew what he was doing it wouldnt even go up in the first place. Dodgy penalty? or dodgy decision to not give us a stonewall penalty in the first half? You obviously got your blinkers on..We wernt lucky at all in either game, Everton we won from purely not giving up and continuing to try and play football. Watford we won because we are that good we can win in first gear against a team with no threat like them, if we needed to pick it up we would. There was no luck in either of those games, you could argue Everton were lucky to grab a lead from their first chance to make the game difficult so stop talking waffle. We only drew to Wolves because we fiddled with the formation putting 2 Defencive midfielders to try and keep it tight and it turned into a game we should of lost with Wolves have chances and a disallowed goal and we created the best part of **** all, which backs my point up to keep a balanced side thats won 7 on the bounce. If we play the same team we will beat Villa, if we try and tinker and disrupt the rhythm or try and set up to stop Villa, we will lose. Dont show any respect, go for the throat..we are far better than them at our strongest.. Same team again = 0-2 again..
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