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  1. Not won away at The emirates or Highbury since before the Premier league era. Last seasons draw was the first point we’d took there since being back(D1 L5). Make no mistake about it , anything other than a loss would be a major shock.
  2. Arsenal 2-1 Leicester Leeds 2-2 Leicester Leicester 1-1 Wolves Liverpool 3-1 Leicester 2 points, in trouble. We need 5 points minimum really out of this. 7+ would be overachieving and a great return.
  3. Only Kanté of those above mentioned have I been more impressed with than Forfana. Cambiasso and Maguire, nothing out of what I expected really. We shipped 4 on Maguires debut and I never thought anything more than, he’s decent, he’s a unit, he’s ok on the ball. Fuchs and Okazaki both decent but again more on their performance rather than the ceiling of their potential. Its early days but Forfana it’s stronger for me. This guy, has the potential to go right to the very very top. As said, only Kanté have I been that level of stunned. Kante when I saw him come on
  4. Vardy is every bit as good as both Torres or Van Nisterooy . They were both playing in top teams, Vardy, as seen today is playing in teams who barely create. The guy is an outrageously good and underrated striker because of his upbringing and pure grit over technical stereotype. The guy is imo in the top 5-10 Premier league strikers. Take away Thierry Henry, Luis Suarez and Alan Shearer , Hes in the next bracket not a doubt in my mind. Theres a reason none of those ‘top’ strikers did it for a team outside the top 6, its incredibly hard to get his numbers in the teams he’s played in,
  5. Vardy Ndidi and Ricardo are all absolutely world class. Was always going to be difficult, we were shocking but if we knicked a point we’d of moved on not moaning despite the same problems.
  6. This is why football is all opinions. Last week I criticised BR hard for his decisions. Today I think he was spot on pretty much and everyone is going nuts at him! Today it was simple, we were beaten by the better team. We fought hard to knick a point but all game I was begging us to get a point. We had no threat, without JV it’s hard, we were overrun in midfield and it was coming all game , especially 2nd half. We have a great first 11 but when a few players get replaced we arnt good enough and will be inconsistent. Mendy, Justin, Hamza , Ianacho, Slimani are not good en
  7. You can file it how your like but don’t be suprised when we get over run in midfield.
  8. I’ve watched him for years he’s not good enough, never has been and never will be. He try’s hard and I’m trying to not be too harsh on him but he isn’t good enough and we were effectively playing with 10 men for a lot of game. Defensively we were superb today but we had far to much pressure on the back 4 due to Tielemens and Mendy getting the run round! Vs both villa and West Ham it was the same. It can’t continue or we’ll get run over every game. Praets energy is crucial to make it work. The thing with Tielemens is for his lack of energy/fitness he makes up for it with talent to ope
  9. Did you not watch the game? Lol. We were battered all game and it was coming. Look how many chances they had where their 3 vs 2 because Mendy can’t get back. It happened against West Ham too when Rice ran him ragged all game. We looked a lot more secure and even A threat for 10/15 mins after he came off then they score from 1 chance. Hamzas not good enough either but I hope he starts over a Mendy next game.
  10. He will seemingly never get the credit he truly deserves from the media, but the guy is an absolutely world class striker and he proved it today by not even playing! Look how bad we were, absolutely no threat, useless. Remember the Norwich away game last season? Probably another one of the worst performances we’ve had since BR(Norwich lost everything single game after that). As I said in a previous post, prime Vardy in a top team would score 30+ a season, the guy is incredible. The only reason we’ve done so well over the years is because of him. Never be touted as a
  11. How could you not notice!? Mendy looked absolutely out of his depth for the entire 2nd half and i was screaming for that sub about 15 mins before it did. It was only for Forfana whilst we were still 0-0 when Hamza came on. Much as I don’t rate Hamza he has to start over Mendy because teams over run us too easy otherwise.
  12. Absolutely disgusting and saw it coming a mile off. Cant fault BR he did everything he could today and Villa totally outplayed us. This just proves how good JV and Ndidi are. Those 2 are huge huge misses. Both Mendy and Hamza are not good enough unfortunately and without JV we are absolutely hopeless and will never score a goal in a million games. We are in huge trouble after the last 2 games imo, not because we lost but because of the manner we’ve lost, utterly hopeless. Only positive is Forfana, wow just wow. 19 years old, the reading he has, the fitness and abili
  13. It’s just something in your blood you can’t help. Can change your job, girlfriend, colour of skin but you can’t change your club if your a true supporter. The football system in general the way it’s going will ruin the game and put me off football probably but I’d still support, it’s in the DNA, it can’t be helped. Growing up in the 90s , I wasn’t really into football until I was about 8, no recollection of 90-96. First memories I remember we’re 97/98. I knew Leicester were in the league and vaguely saw our games, loved Heskey and wanted to see us do well but loved watching th
  14. They might as well name it ’Project Ruin Football forever’. Absolutely disgusting proposal with, aside from helping the lower leagues financially, had absolutely nothing good about it. Trying to manipulate a global pandemic by praying on the weak, offering a money carrot to desperate leagues and clubs in return for total dominance and lining there pockets hugely long term is disgusting and I hope they all rot. Any one in power of football should kick them in to touch because the game is being ruined slowly over the years but this would be the finish should the proposals go thr
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