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  1. Pat Byrne for me 2-1 away win at Liverpool 31st January 1981. Lost 1-0 at home on the day I was born. Missed the FA cup lost 3-1 away to Exeter 28th January Jim Melrose
  2. Mine should be coming today not gonna get a chance until Sunday to play it
  3. I know I’m dreaming but just imagine if they play that video with Bocelli stood in the center circle singing
  4. I’m driving down from Leicester leaving between 9-10 in the morning if anyone needs a lift
  5. Thanks for posting this I managed to get a ticket you have made my weekend
  6. Has anyone’s payment come out? Mine hasn’t yet and as it says 2 posts up I thought today was the day
  7. Sent request my code is 0561 9449 1427 if anyone is interested I also have no friends
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