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  1. Great Boos Up


    Patiently waiting for my first Sinnoh Stone. Still can't decide which of these bad boys to evolve first.
  2. Great Boos Up

    Building your own house on a plot

    Make sure you plan a cheese room then announce a house warming party which is delayed for a year while you live in Audley End.
  3. Great Boos Up

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Probably the best post in this thread. I can't rep it as it would then be more popular opinion. I think you and I could be great friends.
  4. Great Boos Up

    please forgive me

    That was like a big hug on a very emotional day. Thanks.
  5. Great Boos Up

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    It's been emotional but that's done me. I broke.
  6. Great Boos Up

    please forgive me

  7. Great Boos Up


    18 gengar raids Saturday while catching Pinsir, Sunday too. Hours and hours catching Ponyta and Cubone. Nowt. The game hates me.
  8. Great Boos Up

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Taken yesterday. I hadn't noticed the VICHAI in the middle. it's a wonderful smell of flowers and scented candles.
  9. Great Boos Up


    Oh no. that would really get me too. A wild unkown. That is painful. If it helps, the game hates me too. I hatched nearly 60 7K eggs before I got my first regional. cost me £20.00 in incubators. I've spent 8 hours from yesterday to now to catch my first shiny pinsir. I've been at it constantly!
  10. Great Boos Up


    You seem down fella. Change your member title back to resident nintendofile. Remind me of your account number. accept my gifts for a month, pick which legendary you want and will come to you and meet you briefly to exchange. No emotional ties whatsoever. You are a top man on FT.
  11. Great Boos Up

    Which is the best Star Trek series?

    Full of treckies this thread. I'm a trecker! I even write Moogi on my mothers cards. And while I'm at it there is no more Dr Who. Capaldi is dead. 13 generations; end of. Apparently there is some other program now with some woman who must have nicked a timelords tardis. I will never let my eyes see this while I live.
  12. Great Boos Up

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    There seems to be a lot going on. passing around giant banners whilst arm in arm and holding up your breakfast
  13. Great Boos Up


    Well done. I've had quite a few dentist appointments. I do worry that you seem perhaps to tube around London spinning pokestops and are not comfortable with lots of people.
  14. Great Boos Up

    A Message From Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha

    Whatever you decide, whatever your wishes. We will stand by your side. We are all your family.
  15. Great Boos Up

    Helicopter crash

    Now I understand a relevant meaning of "a picture paints a thousand words"