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  1. WOW, you should get one about every 7-10 days
  2. Still have to meet up again when we're lucky friends
  3. Careful. I've been kicked from the Leicester Pokémon facebook group 3 times for having Dual accounts. Hopefully they are nicer in Devon.
  4. I think you missed a spot behind the radiator.
  5. I've appreciated you since you were LinkersPips
  6. Office whistlers. I have two of them. It's impossible to concentrate on reading the Maguire thread.
  7. @Phube This new Pokestop will be live tonight at 6:50
  8. Still reviewed by lvl12 ingress players and not Niantic. If / when that happens the backlog on reviews will be several months and many ingress players will just stop reviewing altogether. Most players are now hitting level 40 and the influx of poor nominations will swamp the OPR. If it's Syston and you let me know where I can add it as I'm local.
  9. Not allowed: Candidates that may interfere with the operations of FIRE STATIONS, POLICE STATIONS AND HOSPITALS
  10. Got rejected I think it's me not placing the stop in the exact correct position. Other ingress players will check this (not Niantic) and I was the other side of the fence. I'll have to try again.
  11. As I was brought up a RAF brat I am generally familiar with some military history. A few years ago I came across some documentation and medals in the possession of my mother in law. Her father was one of three brothers; Southrington from Syston. The family didn't really have much information on the brothers and I don't think they really understood. However from what I read and could put together one died at Normandy, the other in Arnhem and my wife's grandfather survived as a prisoner of war in Burma. This is a real saving private Ryan meets the longest day meets bridge over the river Kwai. I did ask more relatives but apparently Mr Southrington was brutally tortured and never spoke of his ordeal when he returned. RIP.
  12. I'm in the pink camp or camp pink, whatever, don't care, love it!
  13. @Phube I have submitted the portal. Just have to wait to see when/if it gets approved. This can be a week or several. If so this will become a live Pokestop.
  14. I'd have put it outside the stadium.
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