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  1. Pokemon

    Did you go?
  2. How Was Your Day?

    Pick us up a bag of nuts and a Fanta please.
  3. Championship 2017/18

    Yes I do and I'm enjoying this moment. Actually with the Championship has been brilliant this year.
  4. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    It's no where near the worst I've seen us play in 30 years and I'm still coming to terms with best. I don't vote in these things but I do feel a win changes everything. I'm a bit worried though, a relegation dog fight next season will finish me off. Stick or twist? I'll stick.
  5. Legalise cannabis?

    If a packet of fags is £11 plus, those who want to use cannabis should be campaigning to keep it illegal.
  6. Pokemon

    What time, which gym and what colour team are you?
  7. Pokemon

    I've never heard of Monday invite? they are always weekends? but trust me, if so there will be others.
  8. New Statue

    It can only be one thing and I still maintain the answer is to go back to when all this recent triumph started. Something only known and seen by us fans and the owners that will complex all outside of LCFC. I present to you a giant bronze statue of: " The Squirrel "
  9. Pokemon

    It's a 100% catch rate I think so don't waste a golden razz on it like I did.
  10. Pokemon

    There are two (separate) research types: SPECIAL to find the mew and FIELD which gave me the legendary bird Moltres. My next field reward will be on Friday but I don't know what it will give me.
  11. The "do they mean us?" thread

    The expectations of the Burnley fans next year will unfortunately cost Dyche his job.
  12. Pokemon

    These research tasks are a great addition, just got to evolve another magikarp to find my mew. Unfortunately I just evolved a shiny before they started. Plus the legendary raids seem easier than they were first time round.
  13. Random stupid stuff that springs to mind... literally

    You should have posted this in the post match thread!
  14. What grinds my gears...

    Every post office is shit and the Queen should sue the Royal Mail as it's now a private company using her (our) state name to make a profit and providing a naff service at an inflated price.
  15. Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Fantastic! Our owners are great. This will be looked into properly with all aspects catered for, not just numbers. Safe standing, improved press and hospitality areas, and a family stand that actually has families in it and a more impressive façade. It's their brand and they won't skimp on it. Anyone moans about the extra traffic can do one; it wont just be a bolt on of an extra 10K of seats.