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  1. All part of the greater plan to scrape into the Champions league and relegate Villa and win the FA Cup.
  2. In hindsight I wish Brighton put away the penalty and James had been sent off; I think it would have forced Brendan's hand. We just played stick.
  3. Working from home I get to open the new coffee jar and smash that foil seal with a tea spoon.
  4. Borussia Monchengladbach was the first proffesional team I saw. I think I was about 8
  5. When I was a lad in Germany, this actually happened a few times with motorbikes racing noisily through residential areas.
  6. Obviously you want a 0 15 15 Skarmory and Azumarill. 1500 I use 98% Deoxys to take the hits 0/15/15 Linoone and hundo maxed Medicham ~ it's still rock paper scissors.
  7. Lucky friend trades are guaranteed 12 12 12 + General trades are re rolled so your better off trading a 1star. New Loughborough facebook group is going well. I was banned from old for playing ingress and moving stuff about. Although added 77 new stops now. If anyone wants to join
  8. It's been floods, pestilence and famine. Football is a big part of our lives, but there is a line. 1 last game behind closed doors and close season. Pool get their day and others on the line have a chance. (no play offs)
  9. Very poorly and well pissed off, good night.
  10. Yay @Phube lucky friends! we've been like an infertile couple for a year of trying.
  11. I'd have well taken the point pre match on our form, I was entertained; but still feel we weren't up for it. The better performances came from those who I wasn't expecting and vice versa. Good time for a break.
  12. I haven't been to the new Wembley but I bet it's cold and smelly.
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