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  1. Great Boos Up


    It's the dialect of Nerd mate.
  2. Great Boos Up

    Big Club!

    Spurs sold Bale. They now have the "biggerist and bestest" ever stadium but that wont keep Kane forever. The problem with being a big fish is that there is always a bigger fish !
  3. Great Boos Up


    Got a 98% Shiny Lugia at the weekend. #Git
  4. Great Boos Up

    Big Club!

    I don't want us to be a big club. I like the plucky little Leicester tag or the written off who sometimes can turn around and give the big boys a black eye and a bloody nose.
  5. Great Boos Up

    I’m disappointed

    I'm still so disappointed we blew this amazing chance of watching England in World Cup Final. However; from watching the first game with my arms folded anticipating the shame I'm now back in love with England. All singing the anthem every game, no tantrums no celebrities or scandal, just kids trying to perform and working their guts out in an England shirt. It's been an exciting, great World cup watching our own Leicester boys and our travelling few fans have made me proud with their singing and behaviour. Such a strange feeling; low and proud. But I'm Leicester and the highs always outweigh the many lows.
  6. Great Boos Up

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    I miss the random Wenger out banners.
  7. Great Boos Up

    What grinds my gears...

    Our general distain for Spurs has turned from valid to rancid.
  8. Great Boos Up

    England v Belgium

    Haha Vardy really don't want to smash a brace in
  9. Great Boos Up


    Remember, try and clear an egg space before opening the received gift. Here I can see what @Phube received (in the news section) but if you clear (hatch) a free egg space you get a new Alolan egg.
  10. Great Boos Up


    sent. I have a few (lots) of legends but I deleted most. Remember it costs a ton of stardust for a legendary and the traded pokemon resets so a 90IV Lugia could become 30. The more we are friends the less stardust and the less variation. I always have no stardust as I power up bloody everything that's 98%+ You better be BLUE as this is my first friend request as I wanted to see what happens but I remember you stated on who still plays, "yes me everyday, on my own". Likewise. Remember opening a gift gives you stuff but if you leave an egg space free you get an alolan egg. If your not sure it's me PM me as I don't wont to give my username out Any of our Foreign supporters play ??
  11. Great Boos Up

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    The irony of watching all our players perform well at a world bloody cup knowing we will never see our best. I'm in awe. It's amazing. We're massive!
  12. Great Boos Up


    really delighted for him and proud.
  13. Great Boos Up

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    What a guy
  14. Great Boos Up

    England world cup poll.

    Out at half time. VAR red card for a Sterling dive, means a Tunisia win and then will obviously beat Panama and progress. 45 minutes!