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  1. Best day yet thanks. First day I’ve been able to not fall asleep and been in pain. Really appreciate all the messages and support on here. You guys are great.
  2. Just an update, forced myself to get another test- positive. No temperature, no cough, no change of taste or smell. Test and trace call person just kept saying “computer says no”. Now 12 days in bed. Headaches, shivers, deafness, aches in my lower back and down my legs. Fuzzy brain, I can’t concentrate and can only stay awake for a few hours. I’m doin OK. I’m just weird.
  3. Yes, maybe that’s it. Perhaps we had the jab and caught something nasty at the same time.
  4. Ambulance came round at the weekend. Oxygen is good and I have an oximeter. They said tests are only 70%. I may just be unlucky. That’s the weird bit. Both my wife and son have temperature, cough and loss of smell. I don’t but I ache, headache and I m constantly exhausted.
  5. Had my jab on Friday 19th. My son contracted covid the same day from school. We both got tested the Monday. He was positive- I was negative but I haven’t moved from my bed in 10 days. Feel really bad. How long does this thing last. Nobody seems to know
  6. This will blow your mind: when the car nearly reaches the speed of light- time slows down to prevent it from reaching the speed of light.
  7. I spend many nights pondering this beginning. Most thoughts start with no energy is no matter and no time. I then experiment in my head. Given that our universe started by fluke at a single point because the energy formed more matter than dark matter. When I add several other dimensions the concept disovles. Maybe one night I’ll get a cyclical theory.
  8. Really beautiful in the winter night mist. I do stand in Awe many nights. I just can’t believe this is us. (Playing Pokémon 🤣)
  9. Still playing Go. now lvl 40 x3 and an alt lvl 40 (different team shiny only-just for fun) and ingress: made over 100 new gyms
  10. Just lurk now mate. Must be a name sake, thought you played.
  11. Managed to get a covid test last week at Glenfield drive through (my son and I were poorly and showing symptoms - negative happily) 100 car spaces with a few cars randomly dotted about self testing. After 5 minutes the next car comes in and parks right next to me! Its a covid testing site!
  12. Sorry @Phube over 20 in so we were kicked into next lobby and 2 people cut out due to weather. Anyone else doing remote raids PokemonGo? I'm after gold gym badges (lvl40 x3)
  13. I wondered why my water pressure has been a bit low recently.
  14. All part of the greater plan to scrape into the Champions league and relegate Villa and win the FA Cup.
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