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  1. What I love is we are dreaming possibilities but pool fans are brickin it knowing our possibilities.
  2. Lost my shit mate, fuquin disgrace, went into the ticket office to burn my season ticket and went off to support AC Milan. At least I'll admit it, 10,000 other people swear they went to every away game in Div 1. On topic @Bilo mentioned some of mine: "Getting tonked 5-1 at Forest courtesy of an Earnshaw hat-trick" Really low point for me. I don't go much now (went Sunday :-) ) but it made me wonder how many times I've drudged home next to Bilo, who ever he is? and that's made me feel warm and fuzzy.
  3. So far on ingress I've created over 40 new Pokestops, 5 gyms and 2 ex raid gyms.
  4. In hindsight I shouldn't have got angry and put money on us to go down after Nige was sacked.
  5. Lonnie Gordon, don't really have to change the lyrics. Believe mee, then you_ Broke my heart and deceived mee_ when you_said you never could leave mee But its happnin all over agaaain Hoh! Hoh! Hoh!
  6. Only by stardust, which is the rarest commodity in the game. I'd only keep 3* pokemon or one best of each as you will run out of pokemon storage (you can buy more storage) You can find out how good it is by APPRAISE. Tip, there are everyday field tasks and special research tasks. Your best pokemon will come from these. Plus if you look through the special tasks there are a few buddy rewards with walking specific pokemon which you can start on.
  7. A lucky friend or a Ditto ?
  8. WOW, you should get one about every 7-10 days
  9. Still have to meet up again when we're lucky friends
  10. Careful. I've been kicked from the Leicester Pokémon facebook group 3 times for having Dual accounts. Hopefully they are nicer in Devon.
  11. Office whistlers. I have two of them. It's impossible to concentrate on reading the Maguire thread.
  12. @Phube This new Pokestop will be live tonight at 6:50
  13. Still reviewed by lvl12 ingress players and not Niantic. If / when that happens the backlog on reviews will be several months and many ingress players will just stop reviewing altogether. Most players are now hitting level 40 and the influx of poor nominations will swamp the OPR. If it's Syston and you let me know where I can add it as I'm local.
  14. Not allowed: Candidates that may interfere with the operations of FIRE STATIONS, POLICE STATIONS AND HOSPITALS
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