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  1. Great Boos Up

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Inclined to disagree but a great post in this topic at last! Don't feel bad, it's perhaps a genuine unpopular opinion. Thank you! As an aside I feel the same about Buzz Lightyear.
  2. Puel in/Puel out. Pearsonite or not. I love Claudio/get rid. @80's foxhas a good point. We do expect too much and have gained a reputation worse than Chelsea of pressing the sack button. The title winning season was a statistical fluke. A wonderful thing. If it wasn't we would all be millionaires. We are a strange lot. In fact I can't seriously talk about the game anymore to someone who doesn't supported Leicester. We are that...bizarre
  3. Great Boos Up

    So, 5 games in...

    I understand the need to evolve and I'm patient and I'm not scared of being relegated (the owners are) I'm struggling to see past plan A and only plan A under what seems to be perhaps a stubborn manager. By that I mean to win football matches we change things in the game when we are losing even if it's not what you want then go back to training and work on the set up. Even Pep said he should be sacked under his first season at man city. We're not Man City and so my worry here is; can Puel in his quite voice and introvert demeanour express to the players what he wants and is he going to blindly stick with his ideal even if we are not there yet.
  4. Great Boos Up

    What Nationality would you like to be if....

    German. I spent most of my childhood there.
  5. Great Boos Up


    My "baby" second account is 36 but I walk a lot and now trade with myself. If it's a just a fun play account try this: keep your pokemon under 100. It's really hard.
  6. Great Boos Up


    I was probably next to you! I have two of those to send. Did you do the Moltres raids in Loughborough? I’m back in Queen’s Park in the morning if you need anything for your Pokédex.
  7. Great Boos Up


    @Captain... I think you are Bengar? I’ve been in Tesco Loughborough twice today? Saw the gift location.
  8. Great Boos Up

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    You’re wrong and you’re smelly!
  9. Great Boos Up

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    This thread was so much better when people wrote unpopular opinions. Oh F^<K I've just written a socially agreeable mores! errrr..... I often pick my nose at traffic lights because I need to and it doesn't have a self cleaning mechanism better than my finger. Rolling up a piece of tissue paper and swirling about a bit is polite but doesn't do the job.
  10. Great Boos Up


    100% Moltres caught today.
  11. Great Boos Up


    Why are you red? Not a problem. I spend all my revives knocking out yellows.
  12. Dunno why, just always had a soft spot for Paul Kitson and I couldn't even hate him when he went to Derby! So that must be true love.
  13. Wow, that's...... Is it true?
  14. Great Boos Up

    What if watford do a leicester

    Top 6? only 6 teams have won the premier league! We are trying to ensure we don't become another Blackburn who bought the league. Which means a top 4. It's impossible! LCFC have achieved the impossible and that record will stand till our great great grandchildren witness something close. We are immortal and before we did this I would be cheering anyone. But not now.
  15. Great Boos Up

    Do you drink too much?

    So what's worse? Drinking every night in a controlled manner even if it's much more than the "guidelines" or binge drinking for the weekend. Your liver needs a rest which I don't give it but I feel the effects of a heavy session for days.