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  1. Niantic has constantly balls up this great game by pandering to infrequent whim masses while they could have made it more profitable by incentivising the core players who have been putting in their money for a year. How many posts on here say are people saying is this still a thing or are you still playing this. They left it 6 months too late for Gen 2 and the legendary are still not here.
  2. I'm 48 and shouldn't show off to my son how good I think I am on a skateboard.
  3. Dunno really, I moved here with my parents after living all over the place but loved football and just went down on my own one day. ( I stood in the away pen!) (Leicester beat Liverpool in a cup match). ( But I hated David Pleat). I suppose a time came when I'd put in too many hours of watching but can't say a real date. Actually the day Pleat went or more accurately the appointment of Brian Little. The moment when Leicester scored and I went nuts for the first time:
  4. One of my closest friends has no elbows and a cricked neck and he has to clean his house too. I'm so offended that you could possible think it's funny!
  5. I'll help
  6. Just evolved these two
  7. So you had his image rights all along!
  8. How can you sell your image rights twice anyway?
  9. ...and I'll snowball you 30,000 times! But I'm not tasting Rudkin's.
  10. Send both choppers just to safe.
  11. So what's in it for a player to have image rights in the first place? Genuine question.
  12. Can we just unlock the thread please. If it gets too off topic can a warning notice be applied. I'm all for puns and banter but I understand that when actual pictures of faeces are posted it's gone too far but in terms of Leicester City this is very important. Just seen it's unlocked, thanks. I should have looked first. Still; the warning symbol is a good idea. Amend: Actually just read the recent 6 pages; lock it again please.
  13. Booked a week in Bournemouth, got married and came back after two days because our house sold and moved within the same week. Quite stressful.
  14. I really fail to understand why people call for this thread to be locked yet Troy Deeney still ticks over. He is the most appreciated PL opponent player on this forum since we were promoted. Every window it's 15 is too much, 20 is too much ect. Let me expand on the transfer windows 2014 15m 2014 20m 2015 25m 2015 30m 2016 35m 2016 40m 2017 45m and 40m bid! Just pay the money. Yes it's a lot a money but it's a two season PL success story. If you didn't notice, I've been keen on the fella wearing a Leicester shirt for a few years.
  15. I'm not a big one for stats when it comes to Citeh but in this window all good PL players are priced more than our highest ever purchase. I'm just trying to think safer than the unknown. A seasoned dead ball specialist who gets up and down the pitch and can pass now at 27 in his prime. I think Walsh has always been interested and now at Everton he may have more muscle. After the initial shock of the price tag and rating him better than good I still think we should persue him. Or another view is if he leaves Swansea then that's 3 relegated already. Just a thought after the number shock wore off.