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  1. Mahrez having a great game isn't he!!!!!!
  2. Yep..down on GD..caused partly by the beating they had at Accrington last week. But they have been in freecfall for weeks now. Mate supports them so I'm sad to see them down
  3. This is just unrealistic. Were going to struggle to keep Tielemans..what chance of poaching someone from Ajax?
  4. Well you would think so wouldn't you? I posted about an organisation calling itself the FA which fined a small non league club who walked off, with full support from manager and owner, after their keeper was racially abused. Perhaps this was a different FA entirely?
  5. Agreed..but even if we and Monaco are cool, he still has to agree personal terms doesn't he?
  6. The source was the Daily Star - see https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/775379/Leicester-Youri-Tielemans-Arsenal-Man-Utd-Spurs-transfer-news. Possibly speculation (no idea whether such a rag even has a reliable sports desk or not) but some thing of the kind will surely happen. Bit of perspective needed here....we were champions of England and Kante followed by Mahhrez made it clear they were off. Is it likely to be different now?
  7. May 2nd..raise a glass at around quarter to ten with the aid of some You Tube clips
  8. In principle, he has probably already decided re stay/go. We might get a clue from his body language at the last match. Anyone who saw Cambiasso's bow after scoring in the demolition of QPR to end the Great Escape knew that we wouldn't see him again. (He probably didn't want another relegation dogfight and one sees his point of view...but little did he know..)
  9. That's my concern.... Planning next season around him looks a risky proposition. Hence why I hope there some succession planning going on - just in case
  10. Sadly this is a realistic analysis
  11. I thnk Tielemans will go at the end of the season. Reports in Belgium say than Man Ure are now interested to and we would have a bidding war and wages war which will put him beyond our reach. So what is the Plan B? Im sure management have considered the above scenario....
  12. I see he kept the bench warm all today's match!
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