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  1. Would like Cov to stay up after what they've been through. There but for the grace of God etc... The level of meltdown in the Forest forum is entertaining though
  2. Yep...my Dad was at Wembley for the 1961 cup final when we effectively played with 10 men due to Len Chalmers being injured. He said City had looked the better team until that point
  3. and as much extra time as Man City might need......
  4. and he hasn't even got a home crowd to please!!
  5. he is also young and inexperienced at this level. The question is - can he learn and improve?
  6. The Guardian's man at the Emptyhead I’ve never seen Leicester as passive as this. They look like a lower-league team whose ambition is to only lose 3-0.
  7. sounds like there is a lot to moan about though, but TBF I never expected anything here
  8. Soft spot yeah......a swamp in Louisiana?
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