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  1. now, now …….lets not allow the facts to get in the way of things ……...
  2. if maguire leaves then caglar stays. otherwise i think he goes out on loan
  3. it wasn't a fluke but it was something weird. us getting 81 points (compared to season before and those that followed) plus none of the other 'big' sides getting more than 71 which meant we weren't really under pressure in the final month
  4. It does? I read it as saying if the fee is large enough then we will sell (as proven by the mahrez deal) riyad will not come back
  5. 3 cb was hardly an abject failure ?? We grew into the game as the players adapted to the system and BR tweaked some things to help. The team looking most likely to win last 30 was us. we got sucker punched. I doubt this manager will bin that system off like the previous one did.
  6. MOTD highlighting the space that he had on Saturday ..... if teams are going to play two up top then they have a problem with us - who do they make sure they are tight to with numbers.?? Our tactics presumably dictate that it’s not an easy issue to cope with. however, giving us space with ten men was rather odd. It was better addressed after half time .......
  7. Lenny didn’t mean to miss him out of the post match hugs but he did - benko looked a bit like he’d left his high five hanging !
  8. Moreso than rain on your wedding day (which I’ve never really understood to be ironic) the main issue probably being that a large percentage of the peeps on here wouldn’t understand irony ....
  9. Hi ric - are you perfect in your everyday job ?
  10. Your expectations are far too high then .....
  11. Sort of yes ..... the prem is a faster league with more activity in penalty areas ..... I'm concerned what VAR will do to once the ‘professional planners’ at the clubs realise what can be achieved
  12. Wolves are in the July PL trophy in Shanghai you perhaps underestimate the ‘kudos’ aspect of owning a football club in se Asia ......... and fosun is more than fosun international ....... the group estimate their aseet value to be $50 b + the point being that they haven’t come this far to just be happy with 7th place and a good cup run .....
  13. My point being that some are given and some aren’t ..... next season they will all be given
  14. Only lineker (in the pundits) is ........the number of pundits linkable to us probbaly reflects how often we buy and sell players !
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