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  1. he is but despite them having problems with a back three, he still cant get onto the pitch, never mind a start. conte sees him every day in training and doesn't trust him anymore. he will be even older when next season begins.
  2. Howard Webb said on Saturday that if the play has moved on and a goal been scored at the other end then it's conceivable that the goal would be cancelled and a corrected decision made for what went on at the other end. Some of the scenarios may may seem far fetched. It depends how up in arms people are going to get when these do occur as will likely only be every few weeks. Imagine Jose being on the receiving end !!!!!
  3. Wes and slim both out wed (hamstring strain and groin strain) mendy had op and out till next season
  4. One of the reasons that our league is so marketable is the full stadia and the atmosphere that creates. Once you pander solely to the armchair fan and ignore the paying punter completely you are on a slippery slope.
  5. Mike jones reffing with bobby Madley fourth official - would even be better off with a swede but we have a turnip instead
  6. The VAR would have quickly reviewed it whilst the game continued and told the ref no need to change his original decision. And im one of the LCFC fans that doesn't want VAR, even if it meant AM didn't get that first leg pen. no one knows how the game may have panned out after that. Too simplistic to say would have been 0-0. i need to see evidence that decisions will be much faster than happened France v Spain. I don't like the way it kills immediate emotional response to a fair proportion of goals. That's what we go to the game for isnt it ?? At the moment I can glance across for the linos flag whilst I'm jumping up and down.
  7. When you sign for Chelsea from lcfc and get a s/o fee of 10mill and 150k a week contract, you can't demand anything gets put into your contract! if he were to go to real then he can demand things at that point. he was a champion but as an individual, he wasn't even able to hold down his international starting place at that point. different for him now though I still think Chelsea would resist approaches from anywhere. next summer could be different if he has his heart set on Madrid and they want him. Maybe they will wait a season to see his CL performances. Should have stayed here!
  8. NG wins PFA player of the year - a worthy successor to Riyad
  9. He's played the last few months in the championship so I suspect he's fit now col. whether he has regained (or ever will) the levels he had two seasons ago is the question
  10. Don't usually disagree with much in your posts Thracian but really? you can be that certain that we would have won the tie if the pen hadn't been given?
  11. Ronaldo had won the CL and several Pl's with yanited. Can't believe chelski would allow a kante deal to be done. Maybe they will double up with a hazard bid and get one through
  12. watching el Classico and clear that Madrid playing with a more traditional holding midfielder with casimiro. Wonder if they have an eye on kante.? Already shown he is ambitious enough to move on after one season. Couldn't see Chelsea allowing him to go though.
  13. Claudio was clearly frustrated by him. you can see how Leo's attitude changed after CR left. He suddenly appeared smiling on the bench. Happy to be a squad player. Jeff wanted to go in August. He wants to play. Too many infront of him here on the left side.
  14. Rooney and terry are both club captain I think.
  15. Don't suppose he can say but his clapping hands emoji early in the thread could be interpreted in a positive fashion.