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  1. administering the holding of such a huge number of people is currently impossible, especially as the vast majority won’t have the virus. returning travellers can go back home ...... I don’t see the risk ......
  2. Nope - 7 days after your first symptoms unless you are still exhibiting symptoms. In that case it’s best to hang on for fourteen days if you can or until you symptoms are gone . Members of your household should be 14 days after you first show symptoms unless they show symptoms in which case the seven day rules applies to them too.
  3. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing ?
  4. 180 It has also been announced that we will get a weekly update of deaths that have occurred away from hospitals ....
  5. In a national emergency that’s not necessarily true though is it?
  6. Voting intentions a few months into a landslide govt term is pretty odd general voter opinion on whether the govt are doing a good job is not
  7. Er ..... thanks for that !
  8. In this country, most of the evidence is that this has spread from n Italy. Prior to that, the chap who caught in in Singapore and infected half a ski resort in France was isolated pretty quickly. I really haven’t seen anything regarding Chinatown contacts being responsible I wonder if New York is also down to n Italy rather than their Chinese origin population.
  9. @Lionator isn’t far off if you ignore the first bit!
  10. My guess would be the current social distancing rules will be relaxed around mid may, possibly v end April if we’re lucky. (Not those at high risk) That’s not pubs and clubs. - they may have to wait until June I reckon. And that relies on there not being a renewed outbreak.
  11. One would hope that by this time, we would have sufficient availability on testing to jump on any hot spots that flared up and that individuals would show sufficient responsibility to put their hands up and isolate if they feel symptoms oncoming. random test8ng would have to continue to catch ‘asymptomatic’ spreaders ......
  12. Although I got the drift that means ‘relaxed’ social distancing rather than the type we have now
  13. I’ve lived in Derbyshire.......... comfortably likely to qualify on my stupid chart .............. these people should be named and shamed - there is no possibility of any miss understanding here - let’s all see the most stupid members of society in full technicolor and have them recorded for posterity -
  14. Over a 24 hour period - yes. The scientists have said that comparing single days is fraught with risk ....... possibly a straw to clutch .........
  15. Just read some interesting stuff on fevers and the immune system. on the back of that, I’m not taking any paracetemol unless my temp goes above 101F. suppressing the late afternoon mild fever may have been compromising my immune systems attempts to get rid of this thing! Btw, I wouldn’t recommend anyone does anything based on my limited medical knowledge
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