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  1. but we’re Lcfc .... we took 1 point from Norwich this season !
  2. That was my original point although it will be on here ! Of course I want to win but if we have nearly half a team out then let’s make sure we don’t lose - we could nick a late goal and hang on for once !
  3. is this a bit arrogant ? We’ve not looked like we’re capable of converting our chances for a long while away from home .......
  4. I suppose we always play to win but if the line up is a bit threadbare then would a pragmatic approach to control the game deep and draw them on play dividends ? They can’t afford not to go for the win ....
  5. just pointing out that avoiding defeat is extremely important ........ football managers are very pragmatic ......
  6. Do you take a point tomorrow and then bank on equaling Chelsea’s results in the last three games ??
  7. No wonder you’re locked down.
  8. Well a win tomorrow definitely takes back third place .....
  9. Meant Shinji and Macburnie ...... without the beard he’s a spit for him !
  10. if it doubles twice from there then it will get to Leicester levels .......
  11. If basham has any kind of concussion then he can’t play Thursday
  12. Why would you give away a cheapfree kick like that ???
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