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  1. We failed to snatch a late winner .....will yanited show how to sh1thouse three points late on ?
  2. They will go ahead after 55 and finish the game off after 83 ....
  3. Did you post this in the Burnley pre match thread ?? if you didn’t, plenty did and they, like you display some arrogance and entitlement brighton aren’t safe by a long way .....
  4. Did I imagine a post from earlier ? Maybe it wasn’t you ...........
  5. He literally cuddled him from behind ! There are old fat American guys in prison for less !
  6. looked like an old banger pulling vydra down .......
  7. He seems to have done his job pretty well judging by your post ........
  8. not really surprised if Geoff is right wilf dropping into the back three helps us with the long balls lumped in wing backs allows ricky and timmy to play in their best positions hamza and pappy double pivot to cover either side behind the wing backs
  9. I can’t really see how he isn’t but then again, when was demarai last wrong ?? of course, his deal could have had a big up front s/o fee in lieu of a lower weekly salary (but that would be unusual re loading cashflow).
  10. There is a difference between us and Everton now they have an ‘owner’ with billions of disposable income we have an owner with billions of assets You are now seeing the difference played out re expenditure......... their wage bill is going north way faster than most clubs. And they are committed to spending a huge sum on the new stadium. That won’t affect their day to day running of the club. they have been dreadfully underfunded over the kenwright years and they will benefit from the usmanov money now. I expect them to actually become
  11. Agree re Ricky vardy is currently unable to win a foot race with an OAP ...... no point in playing balls in behind apart from getting up the pitch given that Burnley will want to get it wide and back up the pitch ASAP, I don’t think it’s a great tactic for tonight. we need to somehow be brave enough to dominate possession in tight areas and control the tempo. Don’t give away free kicks within 60 yards of our goal and certainly try to avoid any cheap corners. we are capable of winning tonight but equally capable of losing by two or three set pla
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