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  1. I think many of you are going to have an attack of reality if kasper leaves and hart refuses to come here. I can't see hart wanting to come to the KP.
  2. Apparently his talks with Porto not gone well as I understand it, he is a Jorge Mendes man. whoever takes silva on will be expected to give Mendes' players first dibs in recruitment. That won't work here.
  3. Who?
  4. I don't have an opinion on whether walker will stay- I think Spurs are happy enough with trippier playing there.
  5. Just posting what I heard
  6. I heard they were keener on rose than walker
  7. Linked to Roma today
  8. that was the early seventies filbo capacity pre east stand and filbert st end seating conversion
  9. clement is under contract silva is available
  10. According to twitter, Brighton ahead of Newcastle on this loan deal
  11. very positive contribution to the debate
  12. It's not pointless - I'm there on the Saturday !
  13. That's a re hash of the tweets being discussed on here yesterday evening there is no new info
  14. Correct but they are now champions of France and champ league semi finalists. Riyad is 25. He's hardly an OAP. they just spent 25 mill euros on tielemans. That's not pocket change. if they believe in mahrez then they probably feel they can get two years out of him and then sell him at a profit. I doubt we would get more than 35 m from them for him.
  15. All the deals are being done now or have already been done.