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  1. Vards in the squad and should figure at some point (BR)
  2. as they and Newcastle were in dec ……. want to see a good performance tomorrow to show we are on it against a strongly motivated side.
  3. Correct but the people aren’t stupid in the ‘western’ conurbations factories have now been told they can not reopen until mid feb at the earliest, a lot of cities are almost ghost towns with no one wanting to mix with strangers .... I expect the govt intention is to ride it out for a fortnight and see if they can contain it to whoever already has it and their close group. I wouldn’t be travelling there unless it was abs essential and neither would I want to be meeting with anyone headed out of China!
  4. North Korea would probably manage to so don’t hold your breath ........ if we have normal diplomatic and economic relations with a country then why would you expect one of their sovereign wealth funds to not be acceptable ?
  5. Perception is v important ..... Kuhn vichai was a master at knowing what to do and how to carry himself, where to be and who to be with ......... but essentially he was a very good person and if you’re not, people will eventually find you out. have football club owners ever had so much ‘bang for their buck’ as ours ??.
  6. Players signing for spurs tend to stay at the training ground hotel no doubt it was considered presumptions given the current stand off re fee but if he is in London , I expect this will get sorted as he wishes
  7. Latest rumour is boro ....... would get good coaching from woodgate .....
  8. Kasper must have a pretty good idea how good this fella is and he has a pretty loud voice at the club .... if this does happen then I’m not bothered either way .....I just want some cover so the plan to get benko game time can go ahead
  9. The messi/Ronaldo bit? assuming you mean the first line, Smith is quoted in the press end last week that Samatta is training and should be available for the second leg
  10. There is no evidence he has had a medical ..... simply that he has negotiated with spurs before a deal is agreed ( but that happens all the time) sky just said he isn’t actually in the U.K. ......... bit of a mess but generally if the player wants to go to a club a deal is worked out ....
  11. I thought not but apparently they can .... we have until noon tomorrow to get messi and Ronaldo in ......
  12. That’s an ok away draw as no travelling for the squad
  13. Perhaps this was going to wait until the summer but mendy’s injury has brought it forward .....whether we can get it done this month would depend on Brest finding a replacement
  14. Their coach says he has gone to speak to spurs but several sources say no permission given for a medical so I doubt one is under way ..... levy can drag out a deal!
  15. That’s the best way to look at it! shame the nobs on social media are embarrassing us ..........
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