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  1. Big game upcoming for slim and silva ..... Monaco v Marseille !!!!! BT sport - 8pm EDIT: silva on the bench
  2. The player breaks the law in seeking to gain an advantage and his intervention from breaking the law leads directly to the goal - it should have been disallowed - simples! it’s worse than the Newcastle handball a couple weeks ago because that was tough to see.
  3. Emery will do his nut now .....if the gooners fail to win then I’m a bit disappointed I won’t be in the office tomorrow to hear the complaining!
  4. What’s the point of var ? delofeu has a foot inside the box as the goal kick is taken - how do they not check that ?????
  5. Doesn’t make much sense though does it .......he had three months to adapt .. and he already showed he is up to speed with the PL during that period....is it just a drop off in his form or have we changed the system which doesn’t suit him? We played wilf and hamza against arsenal and looked good (before they went down to ten). Brendan has obvs fiddled around and youri’s form seems to have suffered as a result. I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated than many appreciate .........
  6. Weird how you remember exactly where you were when some of these ‘special’ goals went in. (Assuming you weren’t at the game)
  7. thr plan against the ‘top six clubs plus West Ham, wolves and everton’ is not to lose (especially away from home). The plan was to survive the initial onslaught that was likely given the circumstances of franks first home game. Agree that we rode our luck early on. we made tactical changes which gave us forward impetus second half. Rodgers is a pragmatist- he isn’t a gambler. He isn’t Kevin keegan .....he wants to be a winner. In his world, you concede no goals and that gives you the best chance of winning. Worst way you take a point. Against a competitor that’s a bigger tick on the pragmatic side. planning for yesterday wasn’t so easy considering the players probably didn’t all come in for training until Thursday and they travelled up to Manchester fri pm. And yes, Pogba didn’t play but would we have planned for that weak yanited side? V unlikely, especially given what I wrote above re BR’s approach. Small margins again - madders chance early on goes in and it’s such a different game. Cags doesn’t make a silly challenge and that game would easily end 0-0 and there would be far more chances for us to get beyond their lines second half as they would feel the need to push on more. given how little they created, you couldn’t say that Rodgers approach failed - we got sucker punched by a pen and Brendan will really not be pleased about that. We we shouldn’t have lost yesterday ..... most of you think we should have ‘gone for it’ but that simply isn’t the managers style. expect the same next Saturday and again at Anfield.
  8. Presumably he will have enjoyed his week off to get his hamstring right ...........but a lack of a proper break and a preseason will take its toll at some point this season .....
  9. hindsight is a wonderful thing ..... we played a similar game at Stamford Bridge and it worked out .....
  10. That’s the difference between a side deciding they have nothing to lose and one which doesn’t want to concede any points to a side who they feel will be in and around them come May .....
  11. The biggest surprise is that so many are surprised we lost at OT just as we won’t win at the Emirates, so a win at OT is just so very unlikely .... we we could win the bloody league and not get a win there !
  12. Last champions to be defeated by a promoted side ???
  13. It’s a silly challenge - unnecessary and risky - you could justify it if the striker is making an opening but in that context it was a poor decision by cage.
  14. It’s the kind of decision that doesn’t get overturned .... if it isn’t given then it doesn’t get awarded via var and if it’s given then it sticks ..... no clear error either way ......
  15. Could do with son picking up a knock on Wednesday- they are so much better with him
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