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  1. Several ? Isnt it only little wes in the first eleven ? I don’t think cags is fasting. Those on the bench will cope
  2. No way he stays .....if we didn’t find a space for him with a weakish squad then there’s no point in him hanging around ...
  3. I presume stuff like balloons will obvs not be allowed ...... Quick, pop the exploding viral bag !
  4. I wish he would stop blaming ‘young’ players it’s a lame excuse now only Thomas and fofana can use it the rest of them have been playing first team football for a long time and mainly at a v high level
  5. Not been good since the int break ......
  6. Apparently the pcr home tests will be sent to your home address automatically......... this is not your responsibility to arrange on this test event so if you don’t receive them then I wouldn’t worry about it if you’re very socially responsible and you don’t receive the first pcr test then you could sort out the 5 day after one yourself online. Be interesting to see how many actually get the tests as planned ....
  7. Can’t understand why rather than take wilf off, he didn’t drop wilf into the back three and move Timmy to the left and Marc to the right. Take Ricky off instead of wilf to get Perez on. Ricky was going to come off anyway.
  8. You can go further out - somewhere like Croxley where there are no issues re parking. and it will be a much quieter line in and out of Wembley.
  9. I think we all say the same thing when that pops up ......late goals in games that earn a point or more would be relevant .....
  10. But they didn’t really play like that in the first half. They scored and then continued to play with aggression and tried to get forward. It was an open game in that first half. It’s just that we had set out to play against a low block and then didn’t correct that stance.
  11. not unless you’ve been specifically asked to carry out a home flow test rather than attend a walk in centre. I think all the actual supporters attending (the 12500) will be required to have walk in tests. The 9k Wembley corporates and local residents maybe not. I’m not sure how you get a home LFT to generate a nhs text/email anyway. With so little covid around I guess it’s not much of a risk but surely it would be open to abuse?
  12. Given that the link to this move seems dependent on CL qualification, it’s safe to lock this now !
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