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  1. st albans fox

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    blimey - who peed on your parade as can be seen with the England set up, state of the art training facilities etc generally deliver when allied to decent decision making
  2. Which is why we took the 32m from Chelsea ........ as i understand it those charged with making decisions on an everyday basis rejected Chelsea’s approach and the player ended up speaking directly to the owners - I expect a discussion then took place to decide it was better to take the extra 12m
  3. Erm... yes he did Release clause of 20m to champions league clubs only Chelsea were not cl we didn’t have to sell to them but took a judgement that someone else would come in with 20m before end August .....
  4. st albans fox

    Bring back Shakespeare

    Craig had a system ???
  5. st albans fox

    Adrien Silva

    Seems that all sides of this particular transfer merry go round didn’t get what they wanted ....... (Chelsea, us, DD, Adrien) .......... SCP president was chuffed (again!) but karma got him less than a year later ...........
  6. st albans fox

    Leicester City are 'absolutely drained'

    I doubt Evans will be playing ......
  7. how do you know this was during the two minutes silence - the absence of any scarves being held aloft tells me it isn't - he may have got to his feet a second or two after this ………………. it could have been immediately after the two minutes silence and he/his wife sat down straight away whilst others took their time to do so there has already been some nonsense spouted on the Adrien silva thread this evening - khun vichai is still lying in state and people are already being disrespectful to others without any evidence …………… cant we learn from the great man - HUMILITY !!!!!!
  8. st albans fox

    Adrien Silva

    vichai would be proud of some of you ..............honestly, have you learned nothing from the past few weeks ..........
  9. can't say anything stood out to me. remember that nigel is currently working for king power - do any of us know if he has been back to Belvoir drive since he went to leuven ?? i suspect he has been in contact with plenty of the playing staff over the past few years in any case. i dont think Claudio is the type of character to be exchanging text messages since he left the club...……..
  10. Nothing to do with Claudio - look to our beloved recently departed owner on that one - NG appealed directly to him and Top to be allowed to move there (the judgment made that it was better to sell to Chelsea for 32m than have to sell to a CL club for 20m before August was out ) nige and Claudio shared a very amicable public greeting in the directors box The idea that shakey and Walsh ‘abolsutely loathe him’ ....... where do you get that from ??? i think you are looking too deeply into this when there is little to look for - Claudio was very specific to thank all the players when he left - his problem was with some higher up .....
  11. st albans fox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Loftus cheek is an interesting shout - if he wants to play a lot then he must view a move to another ‘big six’ club with suspicion ....... if he wants to stay in London then I guess a West Ham or palace will appeal to him - both would probably meet Chelsea’s valuation and his wage demands. if he is happy to relocate then us or Everton would probably be the options as I doubt many other clubs would be able to lay out the amount required re fee and wages. i think Chelsea will try and talk him into staying and be successful until the summer at least.....
  12. st albans fox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Do you know him ?
  13. st albans fox

    Bring back Shakespeare

    Where is he working ?
  14. I don’t believe Apichet is particularly a lover of the game .......... he is, however, on the executive board - I expect vichai was planning for the longer term
  15. Top was thankfully in Thailand ..... was a difficult one to know because being West Ham, vichai wouldn’t sit in his seat with their directors restored to the front row. Initially, I was under the impression that both of them were at the game - thank god they weren’t. ......