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  1. sadly a thread about Keith always brings up a post about it ....... shame we can’t avoid the unproven accusations, especially on this forum ........
  2. If uefa don’t ban them then FFP is finished then it’s back to the deepest pockets scenario and contrary to general belief in here, that’s not so wonderful for us ..... at the moment .....
  3. In general, I think our fan base needs tk chill out a bit on this I was a bit surprised at tanners’ article re chillwell - that Man City assumed they would just buy him cos they wanted him why would we have allowed that ??? Although we clearly didn’t trust cags to just step into maguire’s shoes initially .... so the lack of left back cover can’t be seen as a reason not to sell.
  4. Oh no - another 100,000+ clicks on a ‘king power’ photo ......:..... which costs ...... zilch!!!
  5. Don’t tell my missus 😉 ............
  6. The kids sizes are pretty small i have an unworn age 7/8 with ‘DANNY 21’ on the back which is too small for my ‘average to small’ sized 8 year old ...... if anyone wants to make me an offer via DM for it then the money will go to vichai’s foundation pink shirt btw
  7. Wolves will be the biggest recipients of the demise in FFP if it happens ......
  8. Missing the point ...... he’s only playing one holding midfielder and mount offers more tackling quality than madders ..... it was ox or madders and the manager clearly thinks he doesn’t want to play madders on his debut with the lack of experience that provides when paired with mount ..... madders will get on later fwiw, Southgate is out of his depth .......
  9. Rodgers name wasn’t a surprise .... but there were a few others knocking about also (Eg I recall abrasive posting that Top was keen on jardim?) .....do we know who in the decision making group at the top of the club was keenest on Brendan?
  10. I would be astonished if we got to the end of jan with Wes as our main backup CB either benko steps up or we sign someone
  11. Let’s see what someone actually pays for Zaha and dunk first ....... unless they move then it’s all hypothetical....
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