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  1. The point today is that some arsehole has fed these lines to sky sports sky didn’t make them up was it Man U or was it maguire’s agent my money is on his agent - so where is Harry’s loyalty ? With his agent or with us ? these ridiculous ‘quotes’ have taken things to a different level - quite honestly, I find them bizarre - what exactly is the point of them? The only thing that occurs to me is that maguire’s team think that the deal may not get done and want their client to stay ingratiated with the yanited fans for another go in the future. They don’t want them to think that Harry didn’t push hard enough for the deal to be done. can anyone give a different explanation for what purpose they serve within an ongoing negotiation???
  2. i don't think he is that bothered if its them or man city. he either wants the kudos of being part of the regeneration of that club or to win stuff - and both with a honking great contract (yanited larger). the point is that if neither will meet our valuation, i would be banging on rudkins door saying that 90m for a 26 y o isn't compatible with 70/80k per week
  3. Alternatively, there are more games to play in the championship......
  4. Why would he do that ? He could still finish the window at Lcfc with a pay rise ..... he won’t if he says what you posted btw, I don’t expect him to be here
  5. No way imo that Harry is that bothered about losing his loyalty bonus. Yanited will likely cover his loss to get the deal done (and a transfer request will drop his fee a little anyway) each week he remains our player costs him 170k in lost earnings ...... i suspect that harry doesn’t want a transfer request on his CV ....... it damages him a little from a PR perspective
  6. In answer to your last question - of course you could but unlikely in two years ....... we we have plenty of examples in our squad of players who have no natural affinity to the cub who clearly do love it
  7. Ooooh - Getting quite defensive Sean ..... and may I say little in touch with your feminine side as a consequence ....., someone explain to the teenagers who heskey was ....... did you know peter Rodrigues was going to Southampton - broke me that ....
  8. He’s coming here just like robben ........
  9. That’s a tad cynical ....he won’t love the club like we do but I’m sure he has a lot of fondness for us. he he wants to play for Man City and win things or he wants to secure his family’s next fifty years + with a forty million quid contract from yanited
  10. I think our actions yesterday have sharpened their attitude ...... whilst we wouldn’t want him to suffer an injury pre season, neither do they .......they really need to sign him to keep their fan base quiet ......
  11. Saw a comment that pedulla is considered to be ‘tier 1’ informative by yanited fans .... can’t think how he would know details of a domestic transfer unless there was an associated deal being done on the back of a maguire purchase (lindelof or Baily going to Italy? )
  12. Nah .....he’s never wrong .....like someone else .....
  13. Indeed wilf will be off for two weeks min, probably three that means he comes back as the season starts so he could be missing until Sheffield Utd game 3
  14. Got the impression listening to Dorset’s that he had done some more digging and that we may allow Harry to leave late on but we certainly wouldn’t buy a replacement at that stage cos we would be rinsed by the selling club
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