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  1. We will have larger disposable income with extra seats ...
  2. One of rodgers strengths is his communication with players. He may be arrogant but he talks to players. If it’s been decided Gray isn’t going to feature then it won’t be because brendan hasn’t tried ...
  3. so peed off with our game management late on and yet we dug out a point
  4. Nearly all good strikers are ‘clever’.......... the ones that aren’t have an instinct for getting in the right place at the right time dimi is struggling on both counts ....
  5. Wilf will possibly play in the Ukraine Thursday...... Castagne too although suspect we want him to play against sheff u so he would only get a brief run out. I get the feeling from today’s news that Fulham may come too early for him .....
  6. If it is, the images we’ve been looking at last couple days aren’t correct .....
  7. Can either of you suggest a strategy that does ?
  8. I was a bit confused by a lot of his positioning second half
  9. On the day of a game after a two week international break? Seriously???
  10. why ? so you can make a nonsense comment about five years time …. unless we're onto covid-22 by then ,...….. anyone who thought they would be in tier 1 today has been living in cloud cuckoo land for the past fortnight (or an island/cornwall)
  11. Away from home where a point will be a good result we’ve been playing five atb for weeks now why do people think we will go to a back four ??
  12. They are ?.- they have been told to avoid it by using the two junctions couple miles north and south so that entry to the complex is always turning left off the A46 headed north and exit is to turn left and head north again and then u turn at the next junction to come back south
  13. amazing - they’ve decided to do what I (and others) have suggested for ages ......just dont use the bloody junction!
  14. well it is early December next week and we were expecting him back by mid December. we included him in the EL squad so we were certainly hoping he would be ready for AEK on the 10th. he is pretty well on schedule
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