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  1. I'm surprised with how bad he's been so far, controversy around him aside he seemed talented just a bit of a danger
  2. Different circumstances though, I could bet that if walker did that in a genuine title decider hed be gone
  3. Bit different breaking them for a throwaway game rather than one of them most important games of the season
  4. Tbf hed been struggle for a while, I think his mother's death really sent him over the edge, he'd gone AWOL a few times. It's absolute gutting though, an absolute genuine bloke
  5. I didn't know about Max, I only saw Ham doing it, I wasn't singling him out it still shouldn't be allowed though. You'd think at this level you'd have to be within the lines and not actively take that as the line. Not even wanting overly strict extending rules, but quicker warnings and a bit of a stern rule on it. Seems to me when they say they're not monitoring it you're basically inviting them to cut that specific turn which is surely against the idea of it. Wouldn't mind it a Sochi though
  6. That system is fine, but that's not what happened, Lewis took that line 29 times in the race lol. I'm not suggesting Lewis should've got a penalty either it just baffles me the stewards let it go for as long as they did and the fact this is the second occurrence. I think it's different if you leave the track through over steer .etc, but Lewis took that extension as his racing line which just seems dodgy to me, I don't understand why that would/should be allowed as it had done.
  7. Oh yeah max should've yielded the position no doubt, I wasn't really disputing that. it just seems mental to me that it was allowed on both occasions, whether he gained a significant advantage or not the white lines are there for a reason
  8. I don't get how Lewis was getting away with that line through turn 4 he did it last year as well, I get leeway but seemed a bit mental
  9. I'm gonna give it a few races before I get too excited but I really enjoyed that session
  10. It's so weird seeing an Aston Martin with JCB plastered all over it
  11. King Fernando gonna kill another career
  12. 17 deaths today what the **** are we waiting for
  13. I'm over half way through now, think it's definitely better than last season. The gasly episode is lovely
  14. Every protest should be allowed, we do not live in the Soviet Union. Deaths are down to double figures and half the population is vaccinated it's time to ease.
  15. Yeah Im already bored of it, didn't know we had some closet Celtic fans in the mist
  16. Kinda hard to be really, I feel like they are trying to invite it a bit more with the race as one thing though
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