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  1. The Horse's Mouth

    Season Ticket

    yeah I'd expect few to sack it off and you couldn't really blame them, i doubt they'll be too many going though
  2. The Horse's Mouth

    Championship 2018-2019

    let's be fair, you can't put that all at Redknapp's door, they'd spent ridiculous amounts on the majority of the squad before redknapp rocked up, most of redknapp's signings they got their money back for like Remy and Samba
  3. The Horse's Mouth

    Khun Vichai in the Hall of Fame?

    Completely agree, stuff like this should be to do with on the pitch rather than who bankrolled it imo
  4. The Horse's Mouth

    Formula One 2019

    The redbull looks great, looking forward to the season can't be any worse than least year, finally rid of stroll, Russell is someone I can properly get behind
  5. The Horse's Mouth

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Joe Lycett was ****ing terrible, him and Mel ruined that series
  6. The Horse's Mouth


    It's not really smart, he might as well fight a bum here because he's surely going to take a financial hit for this fight, America couldn't give a **** about him and he hasn't really got owt about him to be big in America anyway.
  7. The Horse's Mouth


    Confirmed now, at MSG in June
  8. The Horse's Mouth

    Gordon Banks RIP

    Yeah definitely the moment has passed
  9. Nice to see after a defeat people are turning on Vardy
  10. If he wants to be better in the final third don't play a winger up top would be an idea
  11. The Horse's Mouth

    Kasper article

    I think this has probably been his poorest season in the prem, but I don't think i've seen any suggest they'd want to get rid of him. For me, deserves his place at the club until he decides he needs to move elsewhere or just gets too old
  12. The Horse's Mouth

    first city game

    06, it was the FA cup game against Spurs, we beat up 3-2. Was mad, loved every minute of it and basically became city mad since that moment
  13. The Horse's Mouth

    Scottish Football

    Sent off against Aberdeen 3 times in one season
  14. The Horse's Mouth

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    I was reading about the deal when the crash obviously happened, supposedly Sala wasn't interested in leaving but Nantes forced him to go because they needed the money
  15. The Horse's Mouth


    Bet you smiled when Ricardo was at fault for the goal today