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  1. I don't doubt that, but the frequency seems a lot more frequent now and I mean surely talksport is only going down in popularity these days?
  2. If Wilder comes in heavier for the next fight I think Fury is done by round 5 tbh
  3. Wolves kind of remind me of that Ev team in Koemans last year when Ainsworth came in
  4. Lineker is out of touch, but wouldn't we all be pretty out of touch with our own fanbase doing his job?
  5. Huddersfield are quite a patient club at least, I think they're guaranteed time there and their isn't a huge expectation to succeed immediately
  6. That is genuinely ridiculous, if you change party it should trigger a bi-election
  7. Lib Dems is basically becoming the Tory remain party
  8. Feel really bad for him, what do you expect putting a player low on confidence who hasn't been in a matchday squad so far into a game against man united and at old trafford?
  9. Anyone saying that's not a penalty needs to get a grip tbh, was it slightly soft maybe, but he takes him out no question and he doesn't need to either.
  10. People are gonna pile on Gray, but what do you expect from a player who hasnt be in the matchday squad for the majority of the season to come in against United at OT. Controversial, but Tielemans needs dropping for Praet for a few games
  11. RIP the new Barcelona time to get fireman Sam in
  12. Say what you want about Canelo but hes got bollocks with the kind of fights he gets involved with
  13. Our playing style this season hasn't been that far from what we were playing under Puel tbh, I love Rodgers and were happy that puel went, but I think the honeymoon period is clouding people's views so far. I think the major difference though is him getting a tune out of Vardy something puel couldn't do towards the end and a lot more tactical consistency
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