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  1. Calm down mate I didnt say I believed it but if you wanted to go further down the rabbit hole stories like this are very interesting
  2. https://twitter.com/Jkylebass/status/1221065421874397185?s=20
  3. Which was looking into dangerous pathogens and was only 8 miles from ground zero, plus if you want to go any further down the rabbit hole two Chinese spies were caught sending the virus to wuhan last year
  4. Thing that is scary about this is it's blatantly obvious that china arent being transparent about this
  5. this is the only acceptable vlogger at the footie
  6. he put a tweet out on the lines of "now leicester fans are attacking me when i celebrate"
  7. https://twitter.com/TheTrueFoxYT/status/1221084153694867465?s=20
  8. I think Slimani & Greenwood wouldn't be a bad pairing
  9. Hes a wind up merchant,pretty effective I miss his videos tbh, Twitter craic is a bit boring
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