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  1. Silva to Porto have fallen through, it looks like it's Palace or Watford for him unless he waits which i'd probably do
  2. **** me, we really do overrate him a lot if some genuinely think he's better than De Gea
  3. rather get Miquel back
  4. bizarre, retirement maybe?
  5. the video of it with the children screaming is ****ing awful, chills down the spine
  6. are you drunk?
  7. if he's going, just hope it's sharpish. **** this bollocks all summer
  8. love him for staying, shows he clearly has some affection for the club with it being so unlikely to get minutes this year. a good servant who will be fondly remembered for being one ruthless bastard
  9. sorted us out in the worst position in our history and also sorted us out and made pretty much the team that won the premier league. man is a hero and you'll be lucky to have him, you might need to be patient though. Especially in his second spell, first two seasons were frustrating but in the end were worth it
  10. you've got to be a complete nutcase to vote for this utter nutter
  11. I'd love the black and blue strip
  12. wtf you ran over a badger, that's disgraceful
  13. he needs to write a song about not diddling kids to win a few more votes imo
  14. it's a gamble either way, he's had a good short term effect but we obviously have no idea how he's going to be long term. Settling down from yesterday, I'm very open to either possibilities. I think we're going to have another transition year regardless so it doesn't really matter who it is managing the team when it'll be mainly on the recruitment side of things.