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  1. The Horse's Mouth

    What's in the news?

    I think she gets a lot of unfair flak tbf
  2. The Horse's Mouth

    What's in the news?

    She lives to fight another day then
  3. The Horse's Mouth

    What's in the news?

    Mad on a mad day like this you're banging on about the belgrano
  4. The Horse's Mouth

    What's in the news?

    I think it will be very tight tbh, it's clear that Monday did her no favours within the party, majority who vote her out don't want to look like saboteurs and snakes to the public when it's such a crucial time for stability
  5. The Horse's Mouth

    What's in the news?

    I doubt it, the hard brexiteers just want to have a leadership election to run the clock down so it looks as if no deal is the only option. You can't put brexit onto labour now when they've been dealing with it for 2 years, if brexit is a disaster whether a Labour government is the one to pass it through or not it still reflects on the Tories. I reckon it's the other way round, the remainers of the Tory party probably want a second referendum with the outcome being remain because it's the only chance they've got of redeeming the party somewhat
  6. The Horse's Mouth

    What's in the news?

    She shouldn't stand in the leadership election, she's finished and needs to accept it
  7. The Horse's Mouth

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    fairplay to luton, seriously hit the ground running
  8. The Horse's Mouth

    Football Manager 2019

    what's everyones thoughts so far? I've got it, but I'm finishing my 18 save and hoping to get into it around christmas.
  9. The Horse's Mouth

    Bochum - Sheff Utd

    bochum ****ing slags putting it about, disgrace
  10. The Horse's Mouth

    Racism in Football

    yaya was spot on
  11. The Horse's Mouth

    Robert Huth on the LCFC 2015/16 fairytale

    I'd argue the most important signing since we got promoted, Kante won us the league but the Huth signing was the reason we were in the position to do so
  12. The Horse's Mouth

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Doubt it will probably end up like the arsenal game with chilwell having the left side to himself
  13. The Horse's Mouth

    What gigs are you going?

    He was class, definitely recommend seeing him
  14. The Horse's Mouth

    Scottish Football

    Has it? I don't think any expect them to win the league, just a nice little moment for them
  15. The Horse's Mouth


    would love whyte to beat AJ tbh