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  1. The Horse's Mouth

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    can't wait for the video of mike dean being spitroasted by two cocker spaniels to surface
  2. The Horse's Mouth

    F1 2017

    I have fonder memories of 2012, but I've loved 2017, never thought I'd made it to 5 seasons on career but they've finally nailed it. I'm counting down the days really, can't wait to get stuck in to the new one.
  3. The Horse's Mouth

    Most overrated City player

    But he was succeeded, knockaert didnt succeed anyone in that regard, he was very much the first of his kind. A player our club hadn't seen in years, it's what he represents. Deserving of his cult status. 1 season is also harsh as well, all his seasons in the champ he was a top,top player.
  4. The Horse's Mouth

    Most overrated City player

    Knockaert was an absolute geezer, a signing which seen us turn a corner. We finally had someone with the IT factor
  5. The Horse's Mouth


    Won't be long until the Manchester derby is played in qatar
  6. The Horse's Mouth

    The World Football Thread

    If atletico are going to win the CL, this is the season
  7. The Horse's Mouth

    Danny Drinkwater

    Was referring to England smart arse
  8. The Horse's Mouth

    Danny Drinkwater

    I think it was a good move for him, big contract when he was becoming more injury prone. People saying this move costing him his england place is a little naive, when he was probably our best midfielder in 2016 and didn't get a look in
  9. The Horse's Mouth

    EU players after Brexit

    May will probably have freedom of movement anyway so probably won't need to worry about it
  10. The Horse's Mouth

    Formula 1 2018

    Sainz is meant to be going McLaren, they'll probably drop vandorne so could be Sainz & Norris
  11. what do you mean? they offer a pass online to watch it
  12. The Horse's Mouth

    The Football Index

    games gone to the dogs with shit like this
  13. The Horse's Mouth

    Formula 1 2018

    Williams have a good portfolio of sponsors, it shouldn't be a huge issue losing the stroll money
  14. The Horse's Mouth


    It'd be a doggers fight like