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  1. started when we beat Spurs in the FA Cup way back when, big Mark De Vries my man
  2. am I the only one really struggling to get into this one this year?
  3. aye he probably would have it's ridiculous, the only thing it'll stop is a tyre.
  4. bob always talks sense, got good taste in dollybirds too
  5. How is Chris Evans on that salary in 2017? jesus christ
  6. Of course not, are you denying if the roles were reversed that they wouldn't have slapped a grid penalty on Grosjean?
  7. how's he got away with that
  8. he's ****ing bollocks man
  9. I rate James but find it hard to see a place for him, if he stays he'll just end up in King's role and while he's better than King I doubt he'd be happy in that role. I say let him go, but 4 mill is an insult
  10. nah,nah was indoors and the gimmick was that it was legends from english clubs, MASTERS FOOTBALL that's the bastard
  11. is this from the same gimmick as those in door leagues? forgot what they were called like, ****
  12. Always liked Garbine but Venus winning wouldn't be bad either
  13. You'd think the face of British motorsport would attend an event like that rather than go on holiday but ok
  14. hey look at how lazy we are and yer clubs spent millions for these, **** you football fans
  15. F1 live looked amazing, why was Hamilton absent anyway? hasn't he been calling for more fan interaction events?