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  1. Dewsbury Hall sounds like the safest tory seat in the country
  2. do genuinely think we're better off without madders
  3. It's a bit cringe but it's a huge upgrade on the chilly madders bromance
  4. Give hinge a crack, pretty much forces you to get some topics on the board. Everyone seems to be from solihull though
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahshahahahshshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh
  6. There was that predictor that pegged it 99% Clinton after getting 49 out of 50 states right in 2012, I think the big thing Biden has going for him is that hes probably picked the right VP too, Kane was probably the biggest downfall of the clinton ticket and a black VP will do well with the minority vote which they severely underperformed at, even with Biden trying to alienate most of them.
  7. What are we basing that the polling data has evidently learnt from its mistakes after giving Hilary a 99% chance of winning the last election? The majority of trumps base is still there and arent going to change their mind, voter turnout will be a huge factor because I can see more Bernie bros voting after last time but even looking at the swing state data there really isnt that much in it. Biden will probably get the better vote share again but I think Trump will secure the swing states, but I will admit the whole covid epidemic has certainly stopped this from being such a sure thing. Both are horrendous candidates anyway Also, the debates and the FBI leaks were huge in swaying the favour for trump in the end,I think in a debate format he would destroy Biden(if they happen that is, Dems need to make sure they dont for their chances), it's a prediction anyway I'm not telling you how it will go no need to get so sensitive
  8. He'll win anyway, the DNC really didn't learn by selecting a candidate worse than Hillary
  9. I mean not being funny but weve done the exact same thing and we still lose the players, Jiminez and Neves will move on eventually theres no doubt about that, the other two couldn't make a bigger step up I dont think.
  10. ****ing hate threads like this, the article is obviously bollocks but the title gets you excited
  11. He does look the colmans, am worried about his attitude long term though. Saying that though hes at least still playing
  12. That kit would be half decent if they didn't make the already horrendous sponsor look even more disgusting with that Green font
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