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  1. i've had a few about leicester, two nights ago i had a strange footie related one. I was playing for Lazio in the Rome derby score this ridiculous goal (the type pele would claimed to have bagged) and proper give it some to the roma fans, then a brick hits my head and I wake up bolt upright
  2. how's she horrible like? she's autistic definitely
  3. he's proper shot himself in foot there, if he picks yewande he's got a decent chance of winning money and a few more weeks left in villa.
  4. If i'm the FA, I'm on the phone to Nigel Pearson in the morning
  5. I think the one he does on Lando is very harsh, with the kimi overtake he has completely track extended so i can see why they've given that one.
  6. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH that was class, can't wait for next episode now
  7. think I'm officially a cameron women's fan, that was some top class shithousery
  8. 2 5 second penalties , only good bit of racing that race had and it's resulted in being penalised, brilliant stuff
  9. can lewis stay off camera for 5 seconds
  10. jesus christ, following the norris and ricciardo fight and then cut when he gets taken away, is a monkey operating the cameras or somet
  11. need to just scrap this season and start again, gasly is an actual binman like, give kyvatt it back
  12. We're the better proposition, we're held up by the league now how big our club is
  13. Anybody who thinks we're bigger than Celtic is outright deluded
  14. Magny Cours is pretty dogs anarl, don't see the point in either
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