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  1. Yeah Rogue One is the best star wars film & I include the overrated originals in that
  2. Let's get it right, we picked this fisherman up from some dock in France, make him a world beater and he's got ****ing cheek to give it biggun after spending a year on bench and collecting the same amount of medals as Phil Foden. You're the Arab Samir Nasri mate, hows about you pipe down and MIND THE GAP.
  3. Also cant believe hes got a little cult defending him, 'out of context' you dont need context for those quoted ffs
  4. Hes always been a bellend, bloody good player mind
  5. Miracle was the title win,, this is nowhere near a miracle quality recruitment and a thriving youth setup has got us here
  6. As a manager why would you give two ****s if your club has fans in china
  7. Bit convenient when one team is benefitting massively from this "incompetence"
  8. I'm loving VAR, it's really nice to see how rigged football is
  9. gonna make 2 o'clockers more interesting, brighton & villa 25/1
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