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  1. You hear that lads, I've got Bobby Charlton's lucky peg
  2. Because if the league is rigged why would the FA have allowed us to have received such a big gap early doors? Plus theres various decisions like the boly handball and the son offside that come to mind that they could have easily let stand and not intervene and their wouldn't have been much of a backlash.
  3. People saying the league is rigged need to seriously get a grip, if it was rigged we wouldn't be in this position now. Decisions going against you and for you is part and parcel of football, people said the same about us when we won the league so why are we entertaining such crackpot theories? We havent been ****ed over by the league weve ****ed ourselves by not giving shit for the past 8 months and not strengthening in January, it's not hard to grasp
  4. Van der vaart had a rant on him before, did Maguire bone his missus or something
  5. But having a week to review a decision is obviously going to be more accurate than 1-3 minutes, also in this case the player has received a 3 game ban too so I think anybody in this position should be able to appeal regardless. VAR only hands more human error into the mix, it's not objective
  6. Marginally, they're still not worth coming back for though but it's great to see
  7. Dobt really get your point here honestly, any appeal in seasons before this undermined the officials and if you think you have evidence to the contrary then why shouldn't you be able to appeal?
  8. Comfortably is pushing it a bit, majority of seasons they have used the manager bounce to stay up
  9. Momentum is pretty big though and cant be overlooked, we're battling United if we got to the stage where Wolves could have leapfrogged us we had already lost the battle in my eyes whether 5th is for champo or not.
  10. I dont agree with him, but tbf to him he does make some good points. The more clubs continue to expand into pure businesses and are being used in the case of Man City to sportswash an entire country on their human rights issue .etc. it does make you think how far does blind loyalty go are you willing to be a contributing factor in that or turn a blind eye and say i only care about the football. I dont think I personally could ever switch alleigenace though.
  11. They were only a threat if we lose our next 2 games, beating Sheff U is MASSIVE in comparison to wolves being a few points off us, we lose to Sheff u that's pretty it really. If they lost today and lose to Chelsea at the weekend that means our game becomes more of a dead rubber against them, really not hard to grasp
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