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  1. I've stuck 20 quid on sheff u so its gonna be a draw
  2. https://gfycat.com/NewThirstyEidolonhelvum
  3. Fofana dyes his hair and starts playing like Paul pogba
  4. Like i know this is a dead rubber but its genuinely worrying
  5. Its a unique situation, vandorne aint taking that seat and rheyve got nothing to lose giving their hottest prospect a weekend in the car
  6. Yeah im buzzing, gutted no boozers are open but having gym back ill take
  7. yeah feel like McLaren really shafted Vandoorne
  8. Gonna be banter when the replacement beats bottas, id have loved to have seen Hulk get an opportunity as I imagine his chances of returning full-time are pretty non existent
  9. Gutteriez doesn't have the super licence, im not sure about Vandoorne. It won't be russell anyway.
  10. Seems an oddly specific factoid that , but can't be many 3rd generation drivers
  11. Shithousing against Fulham is pathetic though, id genuinely feel worse. Its like knocking out warwick Davis
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