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  1. does seem a bit harsh that leeds always seem to play later
  2. I quite like his current role, he's really quite good the ball so it's great to come on and give us a more composed outlet. If we can break even on him though we might as well
  3. The quality between the two divisions cant be much, but if I were Moore getting to spend sometime in Belgium for a piss up would be all on my mind
  4. We're using Leuven all wrong, the quality of football isn't really good enough to be developing any players. We needed them in their toppest tier before we're going to reap any rewards from these loan players
  5. how's about use this billion or so pounds to actually contribute to positive change in the world rather than erect some tatty old building that go burnt down
  6. I think that adds to it, but the main reason he's nowhere near consistent enough. Pogba returning was meant to be the new United, here come the trophies boys. But thinking of it, I can't remember a single big game he's shown up for in a United shirt, the only thing that comes close is the Man City game last year.
  7. Rose is probably better defensively & Rose overlaps better. Tbf I'll give you Vardy, I was thinking more Rashford. I'd say Lingard over Maddison because of their system, I don't really rate Maddison out wide and Lingard is underrated imo
  8. Liverpool: Tielemans (maybe), Ricardo (maybe) Man City: Chilwell Tottenham: Ricardo, Tielemans,Ndidi, Chilwell (maybe), Vardy (if you're talking currently, what an attack son and vards would be btw) Arsenal: Ricardo, Maguire, Evans, Chilwell, Tielemans, Maddison Chelsea: Kasper, Ricardo,Maguire Chilwell, Tielemans, Maddison, Vardy. Man United: Ricardo, Maguire, Evans, Chilwell, Ndidi, Tielemans.
  9. we're all going on a european tour a european tour a european tour wahey
  10. ziyech and tielemans would be a fantastic window
  11. Again though, Mourinho fits that bill in terms of not standing for shit and failed, I don't think there's anyone out there that would compare with Mou in that regard. Poch is a manager who stands for shit. A wide scale change at the top needs to be sorted out first, because while Poch is great at coaching players it isn't going to matter if the players you bring in are all for shirt sales and not creating a cohesive unit which can challenge for the top prizes
  12. No they're not, they've got a huge rebuilding job and the whole structure of the club is all over the place. While Woodward is still head of doing transfers, United will continue to sign players based on marketability rather than building an actual squad capable of winning trophies again. Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho failed here, both european cup winners with immense pedigrees, the issue is the whole club itself, it's very tunnel vision to suggest a new manager will be the fix. Spurs will continue to out perform Manchester United in the league until they sort their house out, as another poster pointed out they're close to becoming the new Liverpool or even post Busby United.
  13. it's 3 year but if they sack him they only have to pay out a year, so basically a rolling contract. Why would Poch want to go United? he seems pretty loyal to Spurs and his stock is pretty high, he'll join one of the elite next.
  14. does make you think when mourinho said getting these to finish second was his great achievement
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