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  1. I wish the obese lot self isolate permanently
  2. As if hes had his licence suspended, it was in poor taste but he clearly wasnt being serious
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/52091905 hahahashahahahahahhaaha helmut is a.mad ****
  4. China must pay what they owe
  5. Charles has played a blinder here, body the queen and boris and take absolute power in these times of crisis
  6. " NHS workers or anyone else will be able to know if they have had the virus and are therefore immune, which means they could resume their normal lives, no longer having to work from home or keep their distance from other people. It is widely thought that having Covid-19 makes people immune to the disease or that if they get it a second time, they do not transmit it." absolute gamechanger
  7. Why dont they just automatically pause it
  8. Not a fan of all this rishi sunak love in, let's be honest he could be ed balls and youd still want to shag him pouring money everywhere
  9. The gym was the last thing keeping me sane, that bellend
  10. Why couldnt this have happened years ago when MW2 was the peak
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