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  1. I really like the Williams tbh, the back is a bit clapped but I liked the modern retro vibe, the front is just absolutely stunning
  2. I do like that, I can hear the Russian anthem in my head
  3. The Alpine is just superb, one of my favorite liveries in a long time. Aston proper hit it out the park too, some great entries after some underwhelming ones
  4. Absolute headcase going there, they're a big club but they're in a right mess
  5. We can't continue to rely on him so heavily, he has low key had a poor season. We need to go big in the summer and finally get his proper heir.
  6. Celtic fans have severe delusions of grandeur if they think they're getting Rafa, seen some thinking they could lure Martinez out of the Belgium job
  7. That means nothing though, media clout is media clout. Its nothing to hang your hat on.
  8. Works both ways, what practical value is their in happy clapping and burying your head in the sand?
  9. Its not like this is a one off either, we've been in this situation twice in a row now, I think we have improved this season but people just being happy over another bottlejob just really confuses me.
  10. Its all about context though, both seasons we've had a big opportunity and last season we had a 14 point gap, that is bottling. Dont think its has bad this year but not getting it this year probably means it isn't going to happen, at least under this manager
  11. Give it a rest mate, we get it Puel wouldn't give you an interview no reason to keep on going on about him
  12. Its hard after last season, fool me one fool me twice and all that
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