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  1. Certainly fits with our squad of youngsters, may not be a regular starter but like Praet this season and with Euro games as well there will be plenty of opportunities for games, he seems very lively, and confident in his ability, makes things happen. Can we just please hold off and not sign him before my annual Norfolk coast pub crawl, memories are flooding back of being a bit unwelcome when we signed Madison by the pitch forked yocals ("ooo-ahhh, you've soigned oor best player yooo b*****d").
  2. fazzyfox

    Tapping up

    The Maguire transfer had so much newspaper assistance I'm surprised they didn't ask for 10% of the fee after enabling daily dialogue between Solskjaer, Utd board, Maguire and his team. Now it's Chilwell. Chelsea aren't allowed to approach an under contract player yet via the press he knows they want him,he knows the length of contract on offer and the potential salary. Then there's the England dressing room angle. If it's going to happen let's get it done and ovr with, no repeat of Drinkwater leaving so late that we f***ed up the replacement and went half a season a man short (not that Silva really became a regular).
  3. Now they've stuck a pair of glasses on the trophy...whoops, sorry Gary mate!
  4. They're not used to handling trophies bless 'em!
  5. Yep, from the offside trapping one nil-ers through to the Sanchez era, the celebration of their win vs us in our championship year and now this style of play, there hasn't really been a gap. I suppose this season they drifted towards being irelevant and comically poor but now they've got a trophy they'll be unbearable again.
  6. Unless that second yellow was for language / reaction it's a ridiculous decision, if it was the Arsenal appeals that swung it the ref for a final should be experienced enough to see through that. Yet again big game spoilt by incompetent officials.
  7. Earlier this season (and the previous few) Arsenal clearly lacked steel, heart, character etc but what they've become is a catty, annoying, cheating master of dark arts, there's one ref on the pitch and they made sure he was theirs from minute one. Agree with others here, they are set to be very much disliked in the coming season.
  8. To be fair he did let Chelsea kick off one of the halves so it hasn't been all one way
  9. I meant don't be surprised if he intervened on the Kovacik 2nd yellow as people are speculating.
  10. It's my old nemesis Stuart TwAttwell on VAR so don't be surprised if he has made himself the talking point again. Hate him. Just hate him.
  11. Noticed that my membership is usually renewed around now....will it be and at it's usual rate if there's the likelyhood that it won't be as beneficial / relevant as usual? Maybe clubs could give season ticket holders and members access to view all games online for a / the fee instead. Yes I have heard of streams. Of course Sky and BT will object but we can point to what an inferior product it will be without the dramatic tones of Tyler, the big club hyping, the Hoddle / Kane bromance and Carragher going "Aeeer Leshteh" like it's something he's stepped in. Could see them opening perhaps East stand with a one in three capacity of it. Around 3000 fans, one stand to clean, away from squad / benches, toilets still like a cattleshed but with filbert and Birch walking pitch side hosing us down with sanitiser all will be ok. Ish.
  12. Yes that's what I heard, either Fulham or Brentford will get a vote so it needs to wait until after the play off final before we know which is a Premier League club.
  13. Better than we could have realistically hoped for, positives are they look a bit jaded and they're no longer steamrollering win after win. Win one home game and get Champions League. Just miss off the bit that we've only got half a team, confidence is shot, Filbert and Birch are set to be on the bench and Utd are in generally good recent form.
  14. How many more sly ones from Matic before a card? Ndidi gets a yellow for all of those kind of challemges
  15. I've analysed Utds play and have a master plan. We line up 4-2-3 (no stick with me on this) with the addition of Choudhury, instructed to just follow Fernandez everywhere ala Kaamark v Juninho. When his inevitable yellow card comes he switches roles with Ndidi. Kasper Justin Evans Morgan Thomas Ndidi + Choudhury (Here, there, every f****** where) Tielemans Perez Vardy Barnes just call me Bielsa, Champions league sorted 😉
  16. I hear that their left sided CB is prone to errors
  17. Before you make any predictions, factor in the token V.A.R. Soft penalty for them and disallowed goal for us. Will Madison be available? If he is would that influence whether we go with a back four or five unless we go 5-3-2 instead of 5-2-3.
  18. I might not be watching next sunday. I'm a half decent CB and own a full kit, I'll give playing a go!
  19. If there's a case of Covid in the squad in the next couple of days would our final game be postponed for a couple of weeks (in which most of our injuries can recover). Yep folks it's clutching at f*****g straws time!!!
  20. We shouldn't rely on others but ordinarily this 2019/20 Liverpool would beat Chelsea but in hungover holiday mode probably not.
  21. We can't register Toure for the Utd game can we? Please?
  22. I'm sure Tyler was the voice over / continuity guy on the 1960's Bat Man, if not he's nicked his act to a tee
  23. We're missing 4 or 5 players and although the damage is done are playing very well this half. Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water, we're not that bad. That third goal killed our chances.
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