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  1. I know what you're all thinking....Man City slip up today and we're right back in it
  2. I did think that the other day, With Bale starting to fire and Alli getting involved it's like two new signings, two fresh bodies in the squad and on paper a front three of Son, Kane and Bale with Alli behind is frightening. As you say, hopefully it won't last, they'll improve on their first half season form but hopefully it won't be quite enough. That would be under achievement with what they've had available to them but with a bomb scare like Dier at the back the opposition will always have a chance.
  3. Ye Olde Law 87b paragraph 3 "If big six side are behind extend match as long as feasibly possible, see paragraph 4 Fergie Time amendment"
  4. Agree, I think there's a couple of things going on, whilst the front three is pretty stable the rest changes match by match and like an F.A.Cup side with lots of changes it doesn't gel but mainly for whatever reason they haven't got that electric tempo going forward or that intensity of pressing, possibly due to no real pre-season and the back to back games, they look lukewarm (apart from when they played us at Anfield!) and a shadow of themselves. However as you say there's enough names there on paper to be a very good side. Then there's confidence which I'd suggest is shriveled at the moment
  5. Rodgers sees him in training and also knows how closely or otherwise Under has has followed his instructions on match days. Yes, it is hard to get to your best form without a run of games but Rodgers seems to trust either Albrighton or Ricardo more at the moment.
  6. Ye olde "Game of two halves" cliche forthcoming. I actually thought we were good for most of the second half it's just when you're trailing you / we see it differently as you're anxious at the scoreline, played some nice stuff, total contrast to first half. To be fair though the winner was a gift, keeper messes up and it falls to unmarked Amartey a few yards out
  7. Three points at the American Express Stadium - That'll do nicely
  8. Commentator just said it's all Brighton, don't know what game he's watching
  9. I can take Brighton looking neat and tidy, dangerous even, I expected some of that from them, what's doing my head in is as they show the action replay of the last Brighton attack then cut back to the live action they've got the ball back again, WTF are we doing with it in those few seconds to give it away? Kaspers early kicks can work well but maybe he needs to mix it up when we've been under the cosh for a few minutes, just keep it and let everyone settle down a bit.
  10. The Black Boy was one that got that Darth Vader "Noooooooooo!" response from me as I dropped to my knees in horror. "Oh well at least 70's bar is still (turns round)....Noooooooo!" It's not just buildings it's the atmosphere's and memories (when memories are possible - not from every night out!) Can't wait to resume pre-match banter in the Kings Head ASAP, though the thought of being packed in like sardines anywhere after so much distancing seems surreal at the moment.
  11. What we really need is a resident Foxes Talk mathematician to help us through all of the mathematical permutations
  12. The dressing room unrest begins, look at their fixtures, Olly's wheels better be screwed on tight it's going to get bumpy...... OK it was one passing verbal disagreement but capitulation has to start somewhere
  13. Great graphic thanks, just spotted that WHU in Man U row needs to be bold as does LCFC in Chelsea's row
  14. If you consider games vs Arsenal and Wolves to be particularly tough too then Everton and Spurs have a lot to do, probably too much, leaving 5 fighting for 3 places. West Ham have 4 top 8 plus the two I mentioned but end on a nice run of three easier games and look at Liverpools last 4! I think best hope is that it's us, Utd and Liverpool and that Liverpool, Everton and West Ham beat Chelsea but falter elsewhere. We certainly need a cushion before those last three games, that 2nd last game with Chelsea could be their make or break fixture of the season. Man Utd's run in is actually
  15. Think it'll be different at Palace next season one way or another, a lot of contracts up in the summer, Zaha is in last chance saloon if he wants a decent move and Hodgson may consider retirement. Could see Eddie Howe (if he doesn't go to Celtic) going there and making them a similar neat, tidy but petty and annoying side to his Bournemouth sides. Whatever happens I think it'll be a new-look side.
  16. Exhibit "A " is the Palace v Utd result, there are many twists and turns to come. Utd not getting a Penalty for a couple of games is a massive f****g twist!
  17. Thanks Hodgson for preventing them from getting the thwee points
  18. Was that on the Burger stall or the turnstiles?
  19. Who's that coming out of the mist. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Schlupperman! Come on son, do us a favour or at least see out the game as it is
  20. To be fair the Utd players can't pick each other out wearing that Zebra kit in the mist, Fergie would be calling for a shirt change.
  21. It really is going to come down to the finest detail for whoever makes it, we start with our buffer then every result for all involved and every week as the games remaining total reduces the picture will get clearer, maintaining the same points buffer any given week is a step closer to achieving top 4 but things like who meets each other shouldn't be overlooked, Liverpool and Chelsea can't both win all their remaining games - they have to play each other etc so when you factor that in it's not a case of we have to reach "x" points because our rivals could achieve that unless you make those adj
  22. I think the only argument for having Amartey stay on and finish at RB when we reshuffled is that it gives us the extra body at dealing with set pieces. Unfortunately he sees the football as a hot potato going forwards but like Simpson was he acts like an extra CB (when he's at RB) when defending set pieces in that he's more dominant in the air than most RB's would be. But do I want someone to play at RB who gets a nosebleed if they cross the halfway line or looks panicked at the very thought of being involved in having possession - no I don't. I think Rodgers likes this perceived adaptability
  23. Wes back, hopefully no new injuries to anyone, a point, only goal conceded was gift wrapped, didn't look as s*****d out as Sunday.....hopefully a small turn back in the right direction
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