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  1. Not that I'm particularly sympathetic to the strategies or message of ER, but I read that they had an internal vote which went against action on the Underground, and that these people have gone ahead with it regardless. Any diverse group will tend to have some form of sub-group that uses bad tactics; it's a shame that the whole movement will be judged by this tactic (if indeed the group did vote against this action) EDIT: The group seems to be publicly supporting the action so perhaps this sympathy is unwarranted
  2. Time to put it back to the people and see if it aligns with what they voted for in 2016
  3. What the ****ing hell was Albrighton thinking
  4. I don't think you can watch MOTD expecting any genuine sense of the flow of the game, the quality of the overall performance, or anything other than key incidents really.
  5. He clearly got a rush of blood after the scissor kick and tried to nick the ball too high, got pulled out of position and never caught back up with Kane who eventually scored. That error aside, he was absolutely immense. I think one of our best bits of business in recent years was investing in two promising CBs the season before we sold Maguire - I was disappointed that we seemed to be sniffing round the likes of Dunk and Tarkowski which suggested a lack of trust in that investment last summer. It's clear to me that he needed a run of games to iron out the flaws and the lack of composure in his game, and he has grown to be more and more imperious by the game. He reminds me a lot of Wasilewski - I love a front foot defender who is positive with their challenges, doesn't stand off, and really seeks to dominate the attackers. He was a huge part of the victory yesterday and he and Evans complement each other very well. I genuinely think we have both gained £80m and improved on our starting CB partnership.
  6. A booking can be reviewed as a red card offence. Anyway, wasn't even a foul for me, superb tackle.
  7. Would love to see Dan Lawrence given a go, but he may need another season or two before he is ready.
  8. When does a player ever score when they're not meant to be taking the penalty
  9. It's cheating if he says it in a different bit of the article
  10. He's taken 8 wickets in 6 innings at 33 - his batting has been heroic but I'm not convinced he's a great spinning option for us. Admittedly the seamers have left him with little work at times, but he needs to prove he can bowl a team out in the fourth innings.
  11. For me this is one of the most frustrating batting displays of the series - the Aussies haven't been on fire, batsmen have got in and then got themselves out, and we should have been comfortably scoring 350+ on this pitch.
  12. I can't remember that slogan from the campaign? Vote Leave - we won't have food shortages for that long!
  13. I get a huge kick from a team making a desperate, speculative review (not what DRS was introduced for) and it coming back to haunt them. Who did that happen to in the WC?
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