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  1. The lack of any proper preparation for Leave or any real consideration of what the terms of exit may be was far less forgivable than holding the referendum in the first place imo.
  2. I've gotten a bit lost in the midst of everything - what are the reasons that Brexiteers oppose May's deal, and it is not getting through Parliament? I am aware that the backstop has no option for unilateral withdrawal, and that forms a large part of the opposition - I would be pretty confident that the EU would not keep us trapped in the backstop in perpetuity and it's worth having that trust rather than the absolute gridlock alternative we face. Other than the lack of a unilateral withdrawal mechanism and the fact it means we will leave the EU, are there any other significant objections to her deal?
  3. knew that would happen, Alisson's fault though, why would you not just catch that??
  4. Van Dijk is an absolutely sensational footballer, snuffs out all threat with minimal fuss, so calm and composed in everything he does. Liverpool look a class outfit with him leading. I'm aware this isn't anything new
  5. If you believe in the total independence of the nation state what do you think of the WTO, the IMF, the UN, the ICC?
  6. I think they'd probably be signing him because they've been mostly playing without a recognised left-back for the best part of two seasons.
  7. I don't like how he goes about raising his points but I thought he ignited a discussion about an important point.
  8. There's a big debate on Twitter at the moment prompted by David Lammy's comments about Stacey Dooley's work in Uganda and her Instagram of her and a young Ugandan child. What do you make of Comic Relief, the use of (mainly white) celebrities with these kinds of images to tug on the heartstrings, the portrayal of Africans as victims in need of saviours? Do you think this kind of aid is based around making us in the West feel good about ourselves and pat ourselves on the back? Do you think the West has a debt to places like Africa for the legacies of colonialism and slavery? I agree with some of what David Lammy says and disagree with others: I don't think that celebrities and aid workers go to Africa with the mentality of a 'civilizing mission', and I think Comic Relief inevitably rely on celebrities raising the profile of the problems they are tackling to increase donations, however cynically that may be done. I do think that there is a tendency of this kind of work to make it about the celebrity and the 'saviour' riding in to save helpless victims, rather than an empowering message that recognises the real progress being made by people all across Africa and the continent as a whole. I also think there is a debate to be had about the effectiveness of aid and whether it promotes dependency in the long-term. Finally, I think the teaching of the history of colonialism is quite awful and we'd benefit a lot from knowing more about the darker side of our history such as the Bengal famine and the suppression of the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya.
  9. I like Hardtalk generally, I know it's a TV show but the episodes are on the podcast app and it's good to hear politicians from all over the world being grilled on the domestic and international issues that are affecting their country.
  10. I reckon, from today's evidence, he could start for a few of the top 6.
  11. I wrote about Leicester in 2 questions of a General Studies exam at A Level, can't remember the context but it was something about Pearson and Vardy.
  12. You can get the receipts from contactless payments on the TfL website.
  13. Absolutely embarrassing booing a substitution and no doubt the best thing for the confidence and performance of the players... pretty good substitute anyway I thought.
  14. Scored 2 in the first innings and 5 in the second innings of the defeat to the West Indies.
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 88 seconds  
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