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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure you will get your celebration - our uni is talking about postponed graduation ceremonies so hopefully we get a chance at some stage! Every year there is a week where there are lots of fancy balls and garden parties and stuff which is the highlight of the year, so we're all a bit gutted to be missing that, but obviously one glance at the news puts our hardship into perspective!
  2. One upshot is that my university have implemented a safety net policy for final year exams, meaning you can’t drop below your second year classification - providing I pass my (now online) exams - 50% of which is coursework - I will be graduating with a first! Not sure it makes up for missing the final term of uni and all of the celebrations but it takes a lot of pressure off and it’s one good outcome from an awful situation. Maybe only good news for me 😀
  3. The Caliphate is pretty decent. Watch it in Swedish rather than the shite English dub.
  4. Presumably if the antibody test says we have had it then we are free to see our nans, go to work, get on public transport and lick all the surfaces in sight?
  5. Good news so far on the mutation front - albeit early days. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/the-coronavirus-isnt-mutating-quickly-suggesting-a-vaccine-would-offer-lasting-protection/2020/03/24/406522d6-6dfd-11ea-b148-e4ce3fbd85b5_story.html?fbclid=IwAR3J75hX9b_MVUNK5HF8fPIeP_FHWumkvEb_snVPQievp2aly0N6e6HX60U
  6. Not on Netflix but the Aussie cricket series (the Test) following the team through a few home and away series including the 2019 World Cup and Ashes is excellent.
  7. Surely, surely they didn't actually play football like that?
  8. Best wishes to your dad mate.
  9. Sunak not saying an awful lot on help for the self-employed in the HoC - still working on it.
  10. It’s not about a lack of leaders, the WHO or any other body simply don’t have the jurisdiction to be making decisions on behalf of governments around the world.
  11. The previous stage of the government strategy was premised upon avoiding a huge second spike in winter, at a time it would cripple the NHS particularly badly, hence the lack of strong social distancing measures at that point... is that not still a worry? Obviously it depends on what happens in China etc over the next few weeks but even if we entered the 'high growth' phase earlier than expected, surely the concerns about a second spike over the winter persist?
  12. If you're elderly and you come into contact with a moron you're naturally selected out
  13. Is there literally any reason to have any hope at the moment? Seems like the world is absolutely ****ed for a long time
  14. Pretty gutted that my last term at uni has been all but cancelled - it's obviously minor in the grand scheme of things and a lot of people have a great deal more to complain about, but for 3 years at uni living alongside dozens of friends in a college, seeing people every day, going through exams together... for all that to end overnight is pretty sad. Exams will still go ahead but remotely, and we have about 10 weeks to be preparing for them at home - major cabin fever incoming. It's also likely that 'May Week' with all of the post-celebration exams and 'Grad week' where we all relax and enjoy our last time together isn't happening anymore - again, something we have all looked forward to for the last three years. It's crazy how life everywhere can be turned upside down so quickly - I don't envy school/uni administrators who have to organize remote teaching and exams especially.
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