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  1. Why the hell have Villa played Drinkwater when he’s clearly a million miles from match fit?
  2. It was outside the box so the double jeopardy rule doesn't apply - only a yellow card if it's also a penalty
  3. Fabianski's was a penalty. You can't be sent off for a foul in the box that denies a goalscoring opportunity when you're making an attempt for the ball.
  4. perfect set of results for us, and great to see Nige smashing it - 10 points from 4
  5. Perfect few days - 6/6 away from home, showing we can win without Vardy, using the depth of the squad and breathing life into a few squad players’ seasons, as well as trying out a different shape. We are showing we can win in different ways with different players which really bodes well - admittedly we’ve played two god awful teams. The perfect reaction to two tough games against Europe’s elite, and delighted for Hamza too.
  6. Great ball from Tielemans, Perez just offside anyway I think
  7. I love that we all have faith in Nacho to step up now and no one panics when he’s in for Vardy
  8. Let’s loan him to Nige at Watford for free
  9. Perfect outcome, first team rested and got the 3 point, doesn’t matter who we played. Back on track
  10. Pretty sure Gray won’t be playing in central midfield
  11. Praet is the weirdest one for me - resting the fullbacks makes moderate sense, Hamza can do Ndidi’s job, the wingers are relatively interchangeable and Vardy unavailable... if it were Kasper Justin Morgan Evans Fuchs Praet Hamza Maddison Perez Nacho Albrighton It would’ve seemed a lot better and still have been 7 changes
  12. Quite entertaining really, Mendy looked decent a few months ago
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