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  1. If I don’t see Big Sid tonight I’ll be raging, those subs are ****ing shite
  2. I oscillate between thinking Rodgers is a genius and an absolute fool, very much the latter at the moment
  3. Not a bad idea from Clinton Morrison, wouldn’t mind seeing Mendy and Tielemans sitting deeper and Ünder in the 10
  4. Would an assist be enough from Sid or are we only accepting a goal?
  5. I really like Hamza but he’s just not very good, even aside from the error he doesn’t offer much in possession when he takes up a number 10 position, doesn’t have the ability to open them up. No idea if Sidnei does but he might
  6. Would anyone actually mind us just tapping our corners out for a goal kick and resetting?
  7. Hate to say it but Big Dan is worse than Big Wes on the ball
  8. Good run from Hamza, pretty difficult finish but got in a poor body shape
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