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  1. Yeah thank you, I skipped the waiting list for Monzo because of a link on moneysavingexpert. I looked at Revolut too, but Monzo had a higher withdrawal limit per day and was going to get here on time - I left it quite late!
  2. Update: looks like Monzo is my best bet, seems like a very very good service.
  3. I'm going interrailing round Europe soon and we will need 4 different currencies; Euros, and those in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. What is the best way to carry money around, especially given the need for currency changes? There have been suggestions of debit cards, travellers' cheques and special cards for cash withdrawal abroad. Also does anyone have any other tips for interrailing? Eg we'll be mainly wearing shorts but I guess we need jeans for clubs, whether hostels generally offer laundry, anything else we may have missed. I am also asking Google all of these questions but if anyone has been that would be much appreciated.
  4. Haha yeah, I just looked it up, I think that's a bit out really. I'm usually going far too slow, I never even considered I'd be breaking the speed limit, but I guess if I want to be able to drive that's one of the many things I have to be aware of.
  5. I was accidentally speeding in a driving lesson the other day, my instructor said that if he got done then I'd get the points and pay the fine surely it's his responsibility?
  6. Yeah I agree, there are various forms of PR systems which are used in different elections around the UK. The Electoral Reform Society outlines many of them:
  7. In response to my own point... The fact that the equivalents of Labour and the Tories (kind of) have been in a coalition and survived the length of the term does indicate a very different political culture to our own, this article is quite positive about how it has fared (for the third time in Germany's history).
  8. Just listening to Heidi Allen on Newsnight talking about cross-party agreement and consensus-building; does anyone know much about the likes of German politics, or any other system with a much more proportional system? It seems our whole political system is designed to be two-party, adversarial and often opposition for the sake of opposition. It seems to me that multiparty systems in the likes of Germany appear to be much more capable of building consensus and much less adversarial, I was wondering if that's how it plays out in reality?
  9. Thank you, and to others who replied, I will bear it in mind and probably switch over summer. Hopefully I'm off to Cambridge! 3 exams left, and I couldn't have asked for much more so far.
  10. I am going to uni next year, and so need a student bank account with a 0% overdraft. Should I visit my current bank (Santander), to get it changed, or would it be best to switch banks to one with a larger 0% overdraft limit? And how easy is it to change banks?
  11. Just thought I'd chip in and say that this is one of the most vibrant and diverse political discussions I have read/heard in a long time. I said on here a while ago about the simplistic and superficial nature of much political discourse in the UK, so it is nice to read through a proper debate from a range of ideological perspectives about not just certain single issues, but the very values and ideologies in our society.
  12. Seems like exactly the type of signing which laid the foundations for our 15/16 flash in the pan, to me.
  13. *guy in a yellow Ford Fiesta, keep the rest.
  14. Gonna pretend that I'm not currently a learner and absolutely what you describe...
  15. I thought May was trying to form a government, why's she in Paris?