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  1. When I mess up a couple of corners I lose a bit of confidence and pass them off to someone else, does Maddison not feel the same?
  2. Lovely from Maddison. I liked how happy Albrighton was for Thomas
  3. I don’t fancy us creating much down either flank, Albrighton does his best but just doesn’t pose a threat
  4. What’s Schmeichel so pissed about? 😂
  5. Barnes and Ünder? Is he taking the piss?
  6. It would just take 5 minutes for me to sit down with this commentator and teach him how to pronounce our players’ names.
  7. Should hopefully be: Kasper Justin Fofana Evans Thomas Hamza Tielemans Maddison Ünder Vardy Barnes That should have enough for a couple of goals.
  8. Albrighton off for Maddison the next change hopefully
  9. BT don’t fancy telling us the subs?
  10. I didn’t mind the 5-4-1 as a makeshift solution, not the main option.
  11. Ref puts his body in nicely there, makes sure he draws the foul
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