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  1. I’d throw up if we spent any more than 10 mil on him
  2. So Pickford is better than Messi? John Stones better than Ramos?
  3. Jesus Christ he’s the best player I’ve ever seen
  4. Great cross from the Brentford left back, sign him up
  5. Probably not a very novel opinion, but Ollie Watkins looks excellent and I’d look at getting him through the lens of a long-term Vardy replacement.
  6. I think he’s exactly the kind of character and mentality we need at the club - hopefully he progresses more next season but he wouldn’t have settled for how we finished this season if he was on the pitch, I think he’d have injected some urgency earlier on and grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck.
  7. Obviously this goes for any manager, but it seems particularly noticeable that his first priority is protecting his own reputation and advancing his own career prospects. Every manager wants to advance their career prospects, but he seems particularly careerist and concerned about how the end of the season reflects on him, rather than its ramifications for Leicester City.
  8. That bloke on twitter seems to think it’ll be: Kasper Albrighton JJ Evans Morgan Thomas Ndidi Hamza Tielemans Nacho Vardy
  9. The worry has to be that they put 4 past West Ham and then a single goal win won’t do (assuming Chelsea beat Wolves)
  10. Watford are absolutely toss, can see them dropping
  11. If it emerged that we had been embroiled in a match fixing scandal in this game I wouldn’t bat an eyelid, it was that bad. I’m so irritated by anyone in the media giving Bournemouth an ounce of credit, they were hands down the most inept team we’ve played since we returned to the top flight and we absolutely imploded and gift wrapped them three goals (I didn’t see the fourth).
  12. I genuinely think I’ll struggle to get up for a football match again - we reached the summit in 2016 which was a freak, now this was our best ever chance to take us to the next level and build sustainable success, retain our best players and attract new players with the draw of CL football. I really don’t think we’ll get the chance again to be this close to Champions League football - Man United seem to have built a more balanced squad, Man City are exonerated and will keep their best players, and Chelsea are making decent moves in the transfer market. I really think we’ve blown our best chance of establishing ourselves as a club at the next tier, and it’ll take an extraordinary set of circumstances for us to be in with a chance of these heights again. That along with VAR, whiffs of corruption both in refereeing and with FFP, really is turning me off the sport.
  13. Why would UEFA bother banning them in the first place?
  14. They had some poor results but they didn’t blow a 14 point lead and they never self destructed as much as we did in that moment. They came third just because they gave up on the last game of the season and got battered by Newcastle.
  15. I don’t think I’ve seen Spurs choke as much as we did last night.
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