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  1. Surely to make up the 16% hole in public finances, there would just be higher income tax anyway, so it amounts to nearly the same thing?
  2. Maddison the only one really standing up and being counted.
  3. Newcastle have an absolutely terrible squad but they are playing us perfectly.
  4. Never a pen, the handball decisions seem to be a significant downside to VAR imo.
  5. Hazard has been insane today, Chelsea looked really good first half I thought.
  6. Probably the fact that our players who have been linked away/moved to bigger clubs have either been a.) young, talented English players with lots of years ahead of them and high resale value (Maguire and Chilwell) or b.) genuine standout players who have proven that they are outstanding in the Premier League (Vardy, Mahrez, Kante) - Wolves have fewer who fall into either of those categories but have a very well coached team with a few very good older players and imo operate better than the sum of their parts.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-no-deal-science-erc-funding-scientists-eu-dominic-raab-a8783166.html Not a new article but details some of the implications on science funding of a no-deal Brexit. Quote at the end: "Given that the future of the UK’s economy should lie in jobs from science, innovation and technology, Brexit is clearly undermining the very fabric of our future wealth, before we even start the thing".
  8. Chilwell is coming along very well but Robertson is miles better at crossing, he's a better passer, good at switching play, great at defending the back post and defending one-on-one, best LB in the league by a distance.
  9. Chilwell is nowhere near Robertson by the way.
  10. Salah celebrating that own goal with a kiss to the floor was sickening to watch.
  11. West Ham midfield is painfully slow, their wingers aren't tracking the Everton fullbacks and Rice and Obiang are being outrun by the Everton midfielders every single time.
  12. The lack of any proper preparation for Leave or any real consideration of what the terms of exit may be was far less forgivable than holding the referendum in the first place imo.
  13. I've gotten a bit lost in the midst of everything - what are the reasons that Brexiteers oppose May's deal, and it is not getting through Parliament? I am aware that the backstop has no option for unilateral withdrawal, and that forms a large part of the opposition - I would be pretty confident that the EU would not keep us trapped in the backstop in perpetuity and it's worth having that trust rather than the absolute gridlock alternative we face. Other than the lack of a unilateral withdrawal mechanism and the fact it means we will leave the EU, are there any other significant objections to her deal?
  14. knew that would happen, Alisson's fault though, why would you not just catch that??
  15. Van Dijk is an absolutely sensational footballer, snuffs out all threat with minimal fuss, so calm and composed in everything he does. Liverpool look a class outfit with him leading. I'm aware this isn't anything new
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